GE13: The real reasons for going into ‘extra time’


Martin Jalleh summarises Ambiga’s debunking of The Star’s four reasons for the delay in the general election while blog reader Stephen suggests the real reasons.

Ambiga-Rubbishes-Star reasons

Blog reader Stephen sends his own four-point response below:

1. No elections have been announced to form a new government after the (Negeri state assembly) term naturally lapsed. (Elections must be held within 60 days.)
2. Political history in the making.
3. If you listen to the ruling party, they say they are confident of winning and even 2/3, yes we believe you. Then dissolve parliament-la.
4. The summary of the situation is:
(i) no confidence of winning with a good majority
(ii) making hay while the sun is still shining
(iii) weak management team to make decisions
(iv) unreadiness or interference of third parties.

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  1. What this … woman fails to understand is that it is the sovereign right of any government to spend as it sees fit. Thats a reason why it is given a mandate of the people. Whether that mandate stretches into a period of emergency or caretaker mode it remains government. Ambiga’s analysis of politics is about as sharp as her interpretation and understanding of the law. It will fool some people much of the time it won’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    As for the other reasons she is meant to have debunked again it is demonstrative of the abject ignorance of how the system works and how government works. Ambiga attempts to inject into the debate her own brand of … morality. She is terribly deficient in her understanding of government, politics and the law. And she wants to lead a government? I ask you is this not the arrogance of ignorance?

  2. BN’s election fraud:
    In the 12th 2008, Pakatan Rakyat won the prized state of Selangor since 2008, the Selangor electoral rolls have ballooned by 22% (over 340,000 voters) to more than 1.9 million, compared to a national average of 16.3 %.
    Up to 90 % cent of ballots cast through postal votes is believed to support the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition
    31,294 voters have (allegedly) been transferred out of their 2008 state and parliamentary constituencies without their consent, including the incumbent Chief Minister of Selangor.
    42,000 voters whose status as citizens cannot be verified by the National Registration Department are still on the roll.
    The electoral rolls carry 65,543 voters who are 85 years of age and older; and 1000 voters aged more than 100 years.
    15,855 voters on the roll have NRIC numbers showing they are of a different gender from that listed by the Election Commission.
    4500 voters who are spouses of police officers are registered as postal voters in breach of the law.
    Over 400,000 dubious voters are (allegedly) on the electoral roll, enough to swing 35 federal seats either way and decide if Pakatan Rakyat can capture Putrajaya or Barisan Nasional (BN) reclaim its customary two-thirds super-majority in Parliament, according to a polls analysis.
    Gerrymandering in 55 years enables BN to win 51% of the seats in parliament with just 15.4% of the popular votes cast. Up to 1 million Malaysians residing overseas denied their right to vote by the Electoral Commission of Malaysia.
    No scrutiny – Malaysia has refused access to international election watch groups (outside the region) after the 1990 general election when polling was observed by the Commonwealth Observer Mission.

  3. The real reasons:

    1) it is the winner RIGHTS to dissolve the Parliament or state assembly until its mandate expired as long as it’s permitted under the state/federal constitution. Why no pakatan state until today has dissolved its state assembly ??? The point here is that there is no ‘extra time’ in mandate. Do not bring your football idea to our democracy system. People do not understand our state/federal constitution and then try to spin. The funny thing is even lawyers also do the stupid thing. It could be KOPI-O lawyers !!!

    2) BN’s messages to people need time to deliver and be absorbed. Like any advertisement, the longer and frequent you put it across, the better the results.

    3) As a responsible federal gomen, BN waits until our nation armed forces operations against Sulu incursion ended. Do not underestimate Sulu’s guerrilla warfare tactics. Nation safety first before politics as long as BN mandate given by the people is not expired.

    4) BN needs time to examine each of its candidate background to ensure all of them fit to become ADUN/MP. Remember MP Ibrahim Ali that contested under PAS ??? Remember ADUN Hasan Ali (PAS) that support illegal beer confiscation ??? BN under 1Malaysia PM Najib, will only pick candidates that are acceptable to the people.

    • 1. First scare stiff or boo hood
      2 Final manipulation of the electerol roll to their advantages(?)
      3. Grab as much as possible in case it loses
      4. Internal strife among UMNO and BN component parties
      5. The RAHMAN prophesy.

      I see the RAHMAN prophesy coming true

    • Yes he has the right to wait and want to transform but is not 55 years more than enough. Or for Najib should he not have done that in 4 years.

      Or do you want another 5 years of BN UMNO decadence.

      In fact Najib wanted more time to buy out all of you. Are we so naive with that 500 or so. Don`t you realize that if you continue again with UMNO and Najib you will have to pay back ten time what you received. With GST 4% plus the increase of almost every goods we are all as good as half baked meat. We are more than half way to Cyprus or just like Indonesia in the 70s.

      Let us make the right choice. 55 years is more than enough.
      Let us all make the CHANGE.
      Change for a more transparent and uncorrupt govt.
      Change for a govt that is not racist and religiouscist

      Remember a vote for BN UMNO & their sycophants MCA, MIC and Gerakan is a vote for Perkasa or a vote for bible burning, insulting and belittling Hindu and Chinese custom
      or a vote to cover up scandals like the Scorpene and Cowgate
      or a vote to cover up murder like the Alta
      or a vote for Najib INCOMPETENCY AND INDECISIVENESS that cost 8 precious livesof our brave Malaysian soldiers.


  4. Najib was hoping to score a ‘sudden death’ goal in extra-time (football analogy) but he has leaky defence (C4 case, NFC scandal) and no more substitute (all tricks used up already) to launch a counter attack. Also, some of his own players are (allegedly) ‘on the take’ and listen to other coach (Tun M). He may end up conceding an own goal (if certain parties continue) to frame DSAI with sex videos!

  5. GE only after bn finish sending out money to overseas banks. Then hand over a bankrupt country to Pakatan Rakyat.

  6. It’s the final round of the welterweight bout and both fighters have taken a beating from each other. However, the defending champion is in danger of losing the bout and hence his world title, and is not confident of staying upright for the last 3 minutes. Final seconds before the bell signals the start of the last round, the challenger is up on his feet, ready to battle to the last, however the defending champion is still seated and looking apprehensive…….


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