Gangnam twist for Malaysian elections


As a pivotal general election looms in Malaysia, online social media tools are playing a prominent role in challenging the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition’s overwhelming dominance of traditional print and broadcast media.

Election campaigning took a Gangnam Style-twist on February 11 when popular South Korean musician Psy staged a live concert in Penang. BN Politicians who hoped to gain a popular boost from the global singing and dancing sensation, however, lost more face than they gained, underscoring the growing power of social media to influence public opinion.

Seeking favor with youth and ethnic Chinese voters, the BN coalition invited Psy to perform during Lunar New Year celebrations held in Penang. The concert was strategically held at the Han Chiang College, the same venue where the opposition Democratic Action Party held a mass rally just days before sweeping to power in the state at the 2008 general election.

Federal level BN politicians likely thought they had pulled off a local electoral coup by securing Psy’s presence at a free open house event organized by the Malaysian Chinese Association, a BN component party. Both the open house celebration and PSY’s performance were advertised widely on BN-aligned television stations and newspapers. Elections must be held by June but have not yet been officially called.

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  1. What is the turn out rate for Penang DAP chinese new years open house celebration? Compare to the last 4 years, this year where the election is approaching, the turn out of about 3000 people at Time Square should be an indication of the supports towards Lim Guan Eng. If Lim Guan Eng still remain the candidate for Penang CM, you will see a real gangnam style twist for UBAH! Alert by the poor turn out rate in majority of the CNYopen house celebrations, DAP now start to disassociate itself with all the cybertroopers that went all out to attack anyone who seem to be critical towards DAP. It is also a gangnam style twist that come a bit too late. If we fail to defeat BN in the coming election, please remember this, it is not my fault, it is Guan Eng’s stupidity. Blame it on Pakatan which fail to control and to act as watchdog, allow Guan Eng to screw up almost on any occasion. Allow Guan Eng to perpetuate and to fast track the implementation of BN’s bad practices and bad policies. The coming election will see a Gangnam style twist that will see the collapse of Pakatan state government, if those who wish to vote for change still refuse to force Guan Eng to withdraw from Penang politic. Vote for change not Guan Eng.

  2. @Jen: Malaysia need less enemy than everyone. Do you want Palestine vs Israel style or WTO 911 style ??? Please grow up. Not everything anti-BN is correct and good to pakatan or any Malaysians.

    We need transformasi and not reformasi + baling kerusi !!!

  3. Do you know why the government is so friendly to the gunmen from the philippines?

    Answer: because BN need their votes in Sabah!

  4. Najib’s advisers certainly did make a mess of things by failing to inform him that the name of the concert venue was the Han Chiang Chinese school ground and not “Han Yang”, thus causing him to be booed several times by the crowd due to mispronunciation.

    Failing to get Psy to come on stage for the “yee sang” do was worst as it was obvious for all to see because the master of ceremonies had called Psy’s name several times.

    And of course asking the crowd whether it was were ready for BN was certainly a bone-headed move because it opens oneself to attack. Najib had to sheepishly become the master of ceremonies to conceal the faux pas thereafter by inviting Psy to come onstage for his performance to sing his famous hit “Oppa Gangnam Style”.

    • Yee Sang must be conducted on round table to signify togetherness. BN is ill advised or possibly sabotaged to have that ceremony done on rectangular table which will not promote any good vibes. Gerakan is too dumb to forgo chinese tradition in its effort to please Umno on stage.

    • I have to disagree. I think that Najib’s advisers have done a splendid work by diverting Pakatan and supporters from the real issues. The poor poor turn out rate at Pakatan CNY open house celebration.The last 4 years especially in Penang more than 10,000 people turned up to celebrate with their idol. Now 3000 only and you are not even worry! People are fed up with all the stupid politicking which bring no benefit to them. They are alert by the way our money are being used to bribe the voters whether by BN or Lim Guan Eng. Lim Guan Eng now seem to be the biggest liability for Pakatan. With his big mouth unable to shut up, more voters will turn against DAP in the coming election. Vote for change not Guan Eng.

  5. It was reported that 7.2 million Rakyat qualified for BR1M 2.0. Taking into account that some of them have dependants, the total beneficiaries will be about 12 million Rakyat or nearly 50% of Malaysia’s population! You mean BN delivered over 55 years 50% of Rakyat earning below RM3,000 a month?

  6. Blocking an Aussie Senator, an observer for fair election. This is outrageous! Why hasn’t someone call for arrests to face charges, arrests of Dr MM, PM, Home Minster, MACC Chief for (other wrongdoings) for decades. They are destroying the Country, undermining the people, their wealth & well-being. Come on Malaysians you have more brain and brawn than this! Don’t be a laughing stock to the world.

  7. Yes yes pure entertainment but politicizing. Are you with BN. Come on why BN when its only for entertainment. You thing we are all fools. The cheap and Teng has been taken for a ride and become a fool by the psy now they want to use that to fool the people of Penang.

    According to the Chinese say, if GilaKAN Teng and Wong has just keep quiet nobody would have thought they are dumb. And now we know they are really all dumb just like Ah Cheap Kor

    • If Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow is not capable of being honest in the imminent threats of Psy’s life, he is not entitled to make any public statements as he has lost credibility. it’s no surprise that Psy wasn’t willing to share the same platform with crooks, lairs. Even he can see through the hypocrisy of the Umno/BN leaders. What a pitiful sight to see the PM having to wait for a good 10 minutes on stage only to be declined.

    • The one who is real dumb, is proven to be the cyber-troopers. Now DAP want to disassociate with the cyber-troopers. Why wasting your time laughing at bn WHEN YOU SHOULD BE ALERT BY THE POOR TURN OUT at MAJORITY OF THE pakatan’s CNY open house celebration. The Bangsar’s CNY open house only had less than 300 people attending. Wake up and be serious for your own survival. You guy seem to think the election will be coming next year, plenty of time to waste and fool around. I really have no eyes to see. Vote for change not Guan Eng.

  8. Gk : Just like the Cheat & Cheap and their sycophants from Gilakan, MIC, MCA and PPP you are in a state of denial and keep on coming out with lies and deceits. Yes, Psy was here purely for enterianment purpose but the cheap … was trying to use the occassion to politize Are you with BN but back fired. And they come out with lies after lies and deceits after deceits trying to deceive the people that it was Yes and not No and that Psy was in danger but he was dining …. after that.

    So Psy was in danger but why was the emcee keep calling for him and all the idiots keep waiting for him like a damn fool. A nice try in lying but too bad its not good enough.

    Just put it this way, BN the Cheap and Gilakan are all simply incompetent and stupid and a big big LIAR and DECEIVERS after that.

    Whoever win does not matter as we always move forwards and carry on with our lives. But to BN UMNO and you, you are all in desperation. Beside using lies and deceits, BN UMNO the Cheap and their sycophants are now using violence and thuggery.

    GK the way you write shows you are in real desperation just like…& BN UMNO together with their sycpohants

  9. I have read the article and my responses below.

    Anil: “lost more face than they gained”

    GK: During emergency also care for face ??? Saving your life first !!! There was life threatening situation as reported !!! Still want to toss things kah ???

    Anil: “Seeking favor with youth and ethnic Chinese voters”

    GK: so racist in you, anil. I saw multiracial in that event. What you say ???

    Anil: “Gangnam Style dance is actually a parody of the high-flying ways of the wealthy elite in Seoul’s Gangnam district”

    GK: Anil, you have assumed too much. Psy invited just because he is famous with more than 1 billion youtube viewings. Psy was there for pure entertainment perspective. To jazz up CNY festive mood. Why so jealous of BN good works ???

    Anil: Questions were quickly raised about whether public funds were used to bankroll the performance, though the private company that managed the event later said it was neither engaged nor paid by the government.

    GK: A self answer to your question. Stop confusing the public. It’s straight from the horse’s mouth. You can’t twist and spin here. It’s free show involving no public money.

    Anil: To many observers, Psy had partially heeded the call of his fans not to be used as a political tool ahead of what are expected to be hotly contested general elections

    GK: Anil, you have repeated the same point. During life threatening time, everything must be halted. Still want to toss things kah ???

    Anil: But opposition politicians and supporters continue to outflank the BN on social media platforms

    GK: Please stop talking to mirror. You will not see any good words for BN in LKS blog. The world is bigger than that !!!

    Anil: while independent news websites like Malaysiakini have capitalized on the eroded credibility of BN-friendly newspapers and broadcast media to expand its audience.

    GK: Again, anil can you stop lying to public ??? Everyone knows that malaysiakini and are PRO-PAKATAN sites. Please be honest to your self. Be careful, because you have to face your god someday.

    Anil: Yet its clear that BN is still playing catch-up among highly coveted younger voters who are known to receive and exchange their political news and views over social media like Facebook and Twitter.

    GK: Anil, you are one of fine example of “katak di bawah tempurung”. You think now pakatan is ahead than BN in terms of youth voters support ??? LOL, youth voter need $$$ and BN give them cash RM250 plus smart phone rebate. Who wins now ??? Please ask around before writing nonsense.

    Anil: Listen listen listen

    GK: Please lah anil, there was no real issue in “Listen listen listen” apart from pure entertainment perspective. One rude dungu vs another one.

    Anil: Anil Netto is a Penang-based writer.

    GK: Anil Netto is a Penang-based bias pakatan supporter only write GOOD things for pakatan. You never see any non-constitutional + bad policies by pas to non-muslims in anil articles, period.

    GK SUMMARY: Anil must be so short for money, so anil is so desperate to churn out a piece of junk targeting to foreigners who don’ t know a thing about Malaysia. You know lah, mudah spin and no question asked !!! So gooood, money comes in !!!

    GK prediction for 2013:

    1) Anil will be part of pakatan team either as candidate for state or Parliament seat. Worse still, as a free online campaigner for pakatan = buat kerja FREE yang bodoh !!! Buat lah kerja lain seperti penulis yang adil dan tidak BIAS kepada sesiapa. Anil sudah berubah menjadi pro-pakatan. Sedih ~

    2) BN will win GE + Selangor state

    3) Pakatan pact no longer there due to each blaming each other for their losses in elections

    • Teng Chang Yeow has demonstrated that he is better than KSK in spinning lies in the death threat story. He should apologise as police has denied such thing.

      Teng cannot understand the Gen Y, as he admited he did not know who Justin Bieber was. He is really outdated in thinking and is not current enough to lead Penang, let alone Gerakan in Penang.

      Any remaining trust in Gerakan has evaporated with Teng spinning lies.

    • Wah, long comment from doctor spin and fortune teller. Pay increase ke?

      If Anil was pro pakatan, you wouldn’t agree with him when he reports negatively on Penang. Even the Star sees fit to publish his entries when it suits their agenda.

      Face it Gherks, everyone who is anti bn to you is pro pakatan.

      Some of us have brains. The question is do you?

  10. The voting public would have decided by now who to vote for, the corrupted to the core, arrogant and racist UMNO/BN or the Opposition parties vying to change the political landscape with a more vibrant, people oriented, transparent and accountable government as has been proven in Penang and Selangor by Pakatan Rakyat.

    Pakatan Rakyat has its flaws and shortcomings because some of the leaders have their roots with UMNO/BN. They are tainted but whether they have changed for the better, redeemed their integrity and are willing to totally sever all their ties with UMNO/BN is yet to be seen. It will be apparent once the GE13 results are announced. If there is no clear cut majority, then these exUMNO/BN guys’ moral fibre will be tested.

    Najib and his UMNO/BN has shown time and again they are all sloganeering and only capable of buying votes with money or goodies. They are not sincere. Their only goal is to win the election by hook or crook. These … will not and cannot change their modus operandi. It is already ingrained in them especially after M Kutty’s 22 years of abuse of power which destroyed the integrity, honour and stature of the PDRM, Judiciary, MACC, the AJ’s chambers, EC, the Civil Service and other government agencies.

    Malaysia deserves a better government. Malaysia needs change. That CHANGE can only be brought about by a NEW government. A new government that is caring, transparent and accountable can be brought about if we the voters decide rightly and vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT.

    Let us not make the same mistake made over and over for 55 years. Let us show UMNO/BN that we are capable of of booting out dictators, tyrants and miscreants in the coming 13th GE. Let us kick out UMNO/BN. ABU ABU ABU.


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