Aljazeera interviews Wan Azizah on opposition’s prospects, cooperation with Mahathir


What do you think of the new Pakatan, which includes Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new party Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia?

Is Mahathir a changed man now who believes now believes in democracy, the rule of law, and human rights? Or does his interest lie solely in removing Najib?

Wan Azizah says she is prepared to stand in as interim leader for the jailed Anwar Ibrahim if Pakatan wins power – provided she has the confidence of the majority of MPs. But she thinks Anwar would make a better leader.

Azizah is put in a bit of a tight spot when she is asked to state her stand on RUU355, etc.

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  1. Penangites please give full support to Pakatan to deny Umno in Penang. Every votes counts. Do not ever be deceived by Huan of PCM.

  2. PKR still cannot walk out of the shadow of DSAI.

    They should utilise Nurul more for GE14, not grandmother Wan Azizah.

  3. Don’t treat us like brainless school kids, riled comedian tells gov’t

    Well-known comedian Afdlin Shauki has hit out at authorities over reports that it is barring those who ridicule the government from international travel.

    “Today I read that if we were to chastise the government and its lack of transparency, we will not be allowed to leave the country.

    “Does the country belong only to the government? What about the inherent rights of the rakyat?” he asked in a Facebook post.

    Freedom of expression is part and parcel of democracy, Afdlin reminded the government.

    “I am sorry, but doesn’t democracy mean that the rakyat has the right to speak out if there is something wrong with the powers that be?

    “Isn’t that part of our universal rights as human beings?” asked the comedian.

    Afdlin also took offence over the statement by Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed (photo) that the passport is a privilege and not a right.

    It sounded like the government is saying that Malaysians have no right to hold a passport and that it is something granted to them by the government, he said.

    “How is it, that it came to this O! YBs… why do you insist in making the people hate the government more?” he sniped.

    Afdlin wondered what else will come next from the government which he argued is a democratic body enacted to care for the welfare of the rakyat, and not do the opposite.

    “My dear sirs, you (the government) are all working for the rakyat, and not supposed to be an organisation to terrify and oppress the rakyat,” he lambasted.

    Expressing his total disagreement with the government statements, Afdlin appealed for the government to do their duty and help the rakyat instead.

    “Help us instead! Do not oppress (treat) us like we are a bunch of brainless school children, dear sirs,” he said.

    “If I am wrong please correct me, I am after all just a comedian,” quipped the comedian in conclusion.

  4. Well-known comedian Afdlin Shauki has hit out at authorities over reports that it is barring those who ridicule the government from international travel.

    “Today I read that if we were to chastise the government and its lack of transparency, we will not be allowed to leave the country.

    “Does the country belong only to the government? What about the inherent rights of the rakyat?” he asked in a Facebook post.

  5. In politics, one may have to work with the devil.
    Esp. so if the devil is cleaning up his bad legacies thro’ proactive actions for the better future.

    The same for international politico-economic practice.
    Too much of allied alignment to western (or US) political righteousness may have one digging his own grave – in this case for Singland. And too much of Politico + Economic Kia-Su after riding 2 decades of prosperity & economic leadership should not be self-deception of perpetual invincibility. There will always be someone (or nation) better than any of us along the way.

    Read: Singapore Out in the Cold as Southeast Asia Chases China Cash

    • At least PAP gomen is not kiasu to blindly chase PRC cash. Anyway, how to build any 1 Belt 1Road infrastructure on the red dot?

      • If SingLand wants to be a Lone Ranger in Asia, be prepared to be left out of the wider world of trade + connectivity linking to the largest market in the world.
        If SingLand thinks Trump is Santa Claus of world trade to its US allies, be prepared for more protectionism. To Trump, nothing is free. And Trump doesn’t always keep his words.
        But the global paradigm shift (since late 90s) in world trade & opportunities & maybe a one Asia currency i.e. the Renminbi is gathering speed towards The Red Dragon.

        Maybe, Lee Hsien Loong missed or preferred not to read the book:
        Big Dragon: The Future of China: What It Means for Business, the Economy, and the Global Order by Daniel Burstein.

        Cooperation is the key word to global survival.
        No one is an island, much less The Little Red Dot.
        SingLand should learn the Art of Guanxi & thrash the self-defeating Kia-Su Syndrome.

        In global business, you can no longer eat all the cake at the Port of Singapore.

        This is just one wake up call:
        The world’s 10 biggest ports
        Seven of the 10 biggest ports in the world by cargo volume are in China. The remaining three are in Singapore,the Netherlands and South Korea.

      • For China, Singapore is a key offshore RMB trading and clearing centre which China needs because Tokyo, the other major hub, can’t be tasked with its long-term strategic objective of turning the RMB into a global reserve currency. Two, China is a recipient of more than a $100 billion in foreign investment from Singapore. Singapore has benefited but so has China, gaining expertise, global connectivity and intellectual property, some of which it can now export to developing countries under the BRI.

        This flow of financial resources, expertise and know-how is not disrupted. In fact, former DPM Wong Kan Seng – whom the Chinese respect – was at the World Cities Summit Mayor’s Forum in Suzhou. While Singapore may not be seen as an active participant in the BRI or court China for investments, it is deeply involved in upgrading China’s western region, which is critical for the BRI to succeed.

        If Singapore had bent to the US over the years, there would be a permanent military base in Changi and there would be a treaty-level relationship like the US has with Japan, Australia or New Zealand. If Singapore didn’t sell out to the US, why should it sell out to the Chinese? It’s strategic balance – tough to execute but necessary because the cost of “alignment” for Singapore is too high a price to pay.

        It is different scenario for others. Some of Asean countries court China because they need the investments and the deeper political ties as they also do not have the deep international economic, political and military ties that Singapore has. They have their own interests, different from Singapore’s. In fact, if Singapore were to bend, some in the same countries would conveniently sneer: See, Chinese Singapore sold itself to the motherland. Singapore is not dependent on China and can afford to take an independent line, articulating and advocating its own interests – sometimes forcefully.

    • …many leaders of some 65 countries which lie in the area covered by One Belt One Road are salivating at the prospect of multibillion dollar projects into their country, seduced by all the attendant opportunities for money-making it entails through easy financing, over-pricing, corruption and patronage. It is manna from the Heavenly Kingdom!

      Some like Malaysia and the Philippines, which had in the past criticised China heavily for its militaristic adventures, have seen the enticing light that money shines, substantially muting their rhetoric, now welcoming China openly as the saviour of economic growth and development.

  6. MACC chief explains delay in pursuing politicians

    Let me illustrate this scenario:
    There is this bad, bad boy who steals big time in a school. Everybody (including those from outside of school) knows what he did. Even the prefects, the disciplinary master & the parents of this bad, bad boy know without denial.
    But the disciplinary master decides to announce in the assembly he is not taking action on this bad, bad boy b’cos the exam is coming.
    “No disciplinary action on this bad, bad boy. Give him a chance to take the exam to be ‘fair’ to everyone. Now, nobody can look at me as if I am discriminating against this bad, bad boy. Just to be ‘fair’ in rule of discipline”
    Then one student asks: “What if he runs away after taking the exam???”

    • Why is MACC so concerned if politicians are arrested before the GE? Ikut perintah?

      Get them now! At least the corrupted ones could be caught & we can save time & money, if they are nominated for the coming GE.

    • Being rude or being corrupted, the criteria needs to be defined at least from TN50 concept for the young Malaysians to understand.

      David Teo may be more upset that the major ethnic group not able to appreciate his company creating movie related jobs past decade, instead being accused as agent from opposing political group.

      Wanda group may think hard to invest in Bolehland now with cultural sensitivity matter dividing the nation?

    • The #1 Rule of TN50 era: Respect the Ketuanan in all your public behaviour or expressions.
      Or face public slapping not unlike The 3 Stooges. Serious!

      • The #2 Rule of TN50 era: Never proclaim your faith in your autobiography as it could shaken others’ belief.
        Or face university basklash not unlike shakened lecturer. Serious!

  7. Wan Azizah may be a nice grandmother, but she is not the Opposition Leader we need. She fumbled badly on the Hudud issue; it was never the agreed stance of Pakatan Harapan that Hudud may be possible when Pakatan wins Putrajaya. She expressed her own personal stance in my opinion, but tagged it as Pakatan’s. She had no right to do that.

    I’d wager that Anwar would never have failed like that. Nor would Izzah.

    There are other leaders in Pakatan who have far better political savvy and wisdom. But Azizah may be the only one who could be Opposition Leader as a compromise. Anyone else will result in a possible (likely?) deluge of all sorts of accusations and even backstabbing.

  8. PKR is famous being parachutte ground for aspiring ordinary folks to become politicians. That Batu Uban doctor is a classic example, a former NGO guy who can hardly solve people issues.

    • Yes, PKR rep in Penang is just filling up the quota. No constructive development coming from them. They appear to be at odds with reclamation matter, yet not able to come up with good executable plans to assist islanders like housing or street hawkers matter.

      • I heard that Batu Urban PKR doctor (allegedly) recently gave away free motor oil to motorcyclists to win their hearts to support him, so pathetic!

    • Pakatan must screen its candidates for GE14, must avoid those with dual citizenship, already bankrupt and in debt or associated with money game operators or Ah Longs.

    • PKR can field it’s current Alor Setar MP Gooi Hsiao Leung in Penang in the next GE since he is living in Penang despite being elected in Kedah.

      • Alor Star MP Gooi live in Penang… If so, Gooi better comes over to Batu Uban or Tanjung Bungah then for GE14.

        Mrs Gooi can join Mdm Jenkins to watch Hokkien movies to pull in support his husband for hot seat Tanjung Bungah!

  9. If Kak Wan is over focus on after life matter and not concentrate on progressive matter at stake in present life, then PKR is no different from PAS. This is the view of many urban folks.

    PKR Penang should voice their opinions on GBS concept as new Penang industrial roadmap. However, I doubt they can do so as PKR Jerejak/Bayan Baru state adun hardly active and can’t even ensure proper sheltered bus stands right in front of Spice as if they kowtow to SPSetia?

    • PKR try to appeal to all races, yet its Muslim leader still afraid to lose Malay Muslim votes thus try not to distance themselves from hudud, and still hope to reconcile with PAS.

    • Amno can spend billions on mrt in kl but rapid pg cannot spend a money on pondok bus stop? Yet our cat basher is meowing.

  10. Sadly Wan Azizah still does not discount hudud and stoning as a sentence.
    She needs to update her ‘Operating System” to align with the modern progressive world.

    • She need to mingle more with G25 moderate folks to understand the reality of modern world.
      Maybe her daughter Nurul could help her.

    • PAS fastrack hudud, but PKR is on slowride to hudud.
      Whatever the case the country as it is now is surely moving towards more Islamisation as Umno (appears to be) having Zakir Naik as its spiritual advisor.
      It is up to us to dictate the pace of Islamisation with our votes in GE14.

    • Patrick Teoh in his FB sums up the Wan Azizah’s stand on hudud in the interview as a tragic comedy, worthy of Niamah mention.


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