MediaRakyat has come up with a video of a BN ceramah in Malacca.

It says this ceramah took place at Taman Bahagia, Bukit Baru in Malacca last night.

In the Bukit Baru state seat, Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam polled 7644 votes in the 2008 general election defeating a Pas candidate by a 2708-vote majority.

Bukit Baru falls within the Bukit Katil parliamentary seat. Here, Md Sirat Abu of Umno polled 30975 votes, scraping past PKR’s Khalid Jaafar by a 1758-vote majority. This one was close, especially considering that 1173 votes were spoilt.

The BN won five of the six parliamentary seats in Malacca, four of them by large majorities ranging from 12000-15000 votes. The remaining seat, Kota Melaka, was bagged by the DAP.