31 March voter registration deadline



  1. Facebook generation talks alot about their frustration on cyberspace but never bother to register to vote in order to effect the change.
    That’s why BN will continue to rule.

    I hope all readers can help to urge their youngters to register to vote.
    Every vote counts as we need to counter those bogus ones.

  2. Mari mari mari ~

    Mari check status pendaftaran kamu dengan SPR melalui sms. Sms


    ke 15888

    p/s: 1 sms = 20 sen. Ingat pangkah BN disetiap kertas undi.

    • Ya, Yang, if we cannot take Putrajaya this time, it will be never… and i will give up too because there will not be any chance any more.

      Actually, it is fine with me if BN wins but i really pity the younger generation…

      If really the stupid Rakyat still want to vote for BN because BN throw some crumbs at them comes every general election there is nothing much we can do. So, let them la if this is what the stupid Rakyat want.

      If the Indians and Chinese ALL unite and vote out BN, no matter how much tipu helah BN do (postal votes, etc etc etc as you can read from Malaysiakini ), BN will not win especially when we have the Malay votes supporting Pakatan.

      My best wishes to Pakatan !!!

    • Ya, otak Gila itu 3suku dan hati dia banyak busuk tapi saya ingat dia tak sebodoh macam itu unless he is someone from the sudah mati Gerakan …, otherwise his main objective is to make fun here and get attention from the readers.

      Kesian sama itu Gilakan have to find entertainment at Anil’s site !!!

      Come to my house minum kopi la !!!


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