Mahathir, Anwar exchange greetings after all these years


Eighteen years, three days ago to be precise. That was when Anwar was unceremoniously booted out of government on 2 September 1998.

Mahathir turned up in court unexpectedly today to witness Anwar’s legal challenge against the draconian National Security Council Act, which gives Prime Minister Najib and an unaccountable council enormous security powers.

mahathir greets anwar in court 5 Sept 2016 top view

So it looks as if we have come full circle: both former adversaries-turned-allies-turned-adversaries – who formed a formidable team in the 1980s and 1990s – seem to be burying the hatchet and, who knows, joining forces once again, this time against Umno-BN.

Never discount these two. Just when mainstream media analysts had practically written off Mahathir and his new party, he pulls something out of the hat.

The realignment of political forces against Umno-BN continues to evolve. Things just got a little bit more interesting.

But we must insist on something different this time around from the entrenched system of neoliberal, crony, rent-seeking capitalism that privatises profits and socialises costs.

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  1. Najib Razak may be inclined to call for an early general election (GE14) in light of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (PPBM) formation, a political analyst with a Singapore think tank said yesterday.

    According to Ooi Kee Beng, PPBM, led by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin, may look like further dividing the Malay votes but they instead pose a more real threat to Umno than Amanah, which did reasonably well in twin by-elections held in June.

  2. Malays must wake up!
    Umno is bringing us to bankruptcy with huge debt, mismanagement and corruption. Also sacrificing Malay culture by adopting Arabic practices.

  3. Remember, Anwar supported the Mad Hatter fully until he was booted out. He has never listed out all the policies that must be reversed, except for half-hearted statements on reversing racial discrimination. As “opposition leader”, the only subject that elicits his attention is taking over the government.

    Here is an article giving a good slap to both of them:

  4. Umno sudah nyawa2 ikan apakah nasib najib seterusnya..???

    Sumber terdekat dengan Tun Dr. Mahathir memaklumkan bahawa bekas Perdana Menteri itu bersedia untuk membawa usul pembebasan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dalam pertemuan dengan YDPA tidak beberapa lama lagi.Pertemuan asal bertujuan membincangkan tentang Deklarasi Rakyat yang sekian lama tertangguh itu, akan turut membincangkan tentang soal pembebasan Anwar.Dibawah pentadbiran Dr. Mahathir, pernah seorang bekas Menteri Kabinet yang didapati bersalah dan dijatuhi hukuman mati kerana membunuh seorang ahli politik lain di Negeri Sembilan, diberikan pengampunan diraja pada tahun 1991 dengan sokongan Dr. Mahathir.Itu kesalahan membunuh, pun boleh lepas, apa sangat nak dibandingkan dengan kesalahan fitnah meliwat.Semoga dengan sokongan Dr. Mahathir, Anwar akan berjaya mendapatkan pengampunan dan seterusnya bebas lebih awal dari yang sepatutnya.Pengampunan diraja juga kalau tidak salah akan membolehkan Anwar bertanding dalam PRU14, seterusnya menyaksikan Anwar-Dr. Mahathir kembali bersatu dalam kempen politik untuk mengalahkan musuh bersama mereka iaitu Najib.

  5. These two chaps should just fade away and retire and allow the younger ones to take over. One is a racist anti-democrat and the father of cronyism. Another is the immoral politician with flexible principles. To paraphrase Churchill loosely, “never so much damage was ever caused to the nation by so few” . No one has done so much to damage the country than these 2 old timers.

    Unless PH allows some of their younger and untainted leaders to lead the party and challenge BN, I don’t see any way the current status quo will be changed. As I see it, PH is just another version of BN in all intents and purposes. Just that it has sleeker leaders who are more adept at peddling their snake oil.

    • The NYT report posed the question as to whether this handshake could alter the political balance in favour of the opposition. It quoted Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah as saying Mahathir’s conciliatory gesture was a “good start”.

      Ibrahim Suffian of the Merdeka Centre was quoted as saying while Anwar’s base was urban, Mahathir was popular among traditional Umno voters in rural areas. “Partnering with Mahathir could enable the existing opposition to get more votes from Malay voters than they have been able to in the past 60 years,” Ibrahim said.

      • Also now many people losing jobs, business facing tough time, you and me finding things expensive. All this point to the collapse of UMMO and gangs.

      • Wishful thinking from PH as usual….Mahatir is not popular among the Malays as the recent by-elections have shown. This incident only showed one thing – that in politics there is no such as principles or permanent enemies.

  6. Financial and economic damage to the nation (because of
    our kleptocratic ruling elite and their hangers-on) and its
    hard-working, tax-paying and law-abiding citizens will be significant.

    Actually the damage is already showing — accelerating inflation, with prices
    going up rapidly. Compare what you paid at the local kopi tiam and supermarket
    just a few years ago and today.
    Job losses and business failures (take note of the
    number of shops closing in the shopping centres) are also rising.

    • Najib will likely increase the BR1M payouts for next year to consolidate his position among his fixed depositors. Possibly GST rate could go up?

      • Pak Lah gave civil servants 5.5 day working week.
        Ah Jib is trying to be better by giving them only 6 hour working day.

  7. Unless MadHatter asks for forgiveness & admits to all ills of his legacy to start anew on the alliance path to save this nation, nothing is going to happen as many have wished at the Langkawi wishing well.

  8. Just a meet and greet handshake though I feel everyone here is was over speculating with wishfultheories though no deals allegiances or any statements of policies or even beliefs about the current status of politics or the country has been made or even speculated or hush ly spoken of don’t get me wrong I hope and pray this will bring an alliance of change though as I’ve stated its currently all just wishful thinking without any solid or even rumoured plans or even just thoughts yet by either gentlemen until then keep praying for the gushing falls or river of change that you hope forMake(put Malaysiaback on the path to being great againsoon close to2020especially

  9. Everyone’s reading way too much into this just a meet ad greet you two politicians no real plans allegiances or policies made or even announced that currently just wishful speculation in my mind

  10. Umno must be very afraid now. Muhyiddin has said Umno will lose 45 seats in the next GE. Ayuh Melayu Bersatu menjatuhkan MO1!

  11. MAHATHIR – ANWAR,BERSATU – PAKATAN.80-90 kerusi parlimen dalam genggaman pru14 nanti.ini belum campur parti shafie afdal yg di sabah nanti.parti shafie menang 10 kerusi parlimen sabah pun dah cukup dah bantu yg semenanjung tubuh kerajaan baru malaysia.PAKATAN BERSATU vs BARISAN NASIONAL.Saye yakin bn tumbang pru14,tengoklah nanti.

  12. Desperate times call for desperate measures?
    Karma has a way for a progenitor of a nation’s ills to clean up his legacies!

  13. Mahathir cannot depend on scandalized Myhyddin (affair alleged with Chinese woman despite his Melayu first Malaysian second call) so now Bersatu with Harapan? Bolehland twist even Chubby Checker cannot match!

  14. The current pair of Double Trouble in putrajaya are truly stressed now as the former Double Trouble pair are re-grouping.
    This is exciting. As exciting as viewing the Olympic badminton finals.

    • Exciting to watch just make sure no more public fund exit the nation to create unimaginable troubles to the rakyat!

  15. moral kami yang jatuh teruk sangat rendah akibat nafsu serakah najib, rosmah dan konco saka mereka kini kembali membuak buak melihat anwar dan mahathir berbaik semule selepas sekian lame.ayuh gempur ayuh tumbangkan … najib bn umno pru14.

    • Ayoh orang kampung bersatu dengan orang
      bandar demi masa depan yang adil, beranamah dan berdemoratik kalau tidak habislah semua rakyat tak kira bangsa agama dijahanam oleh yang tidak bersih.

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