Aduh! Nik Abduh trounced in Pas divisional polls; Husam makes waves


Pas youth leader Nik Abduh Nik Aziz suffered a crushing defeat in his bid to wrest the number two post in the Pengkalan Chepa Pas division from incumbent Dr Izani Husin.

The 47-year-old former teacher polled just 37 votes to the 209 bagged by Izani, who is the MP for Pengkalan Chepa, a Pas stronghold in Kelantan. The top post in the division is held by Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, the Kelantan MB.

Meanwhile, Chempaka Adun Ahmad Fathan Mahmood, who succeeded Nik Aziz, the late party spiritual adviser, as the rep for the area, finished tops in elections for committee posts with 205 votes.

Nik Abduh, who studied at Nadwatul Ulama in Lucknow and Al Azhar University in Cairo has been an outspoken supporter of Pas president Hadi Awang’s private member’s bill, which could pave the way for hudud penalties. (Hadi’s bill is now expected to be taken over by the government.)

The Pas youth leader, who succeeded Ibrahim Ali as Pasir Mas MP in 2013, has had a higher public profile than Izani, more recently meeting with KL Archbishop Julian Leow for a dialogue. So his crushing defeat suggests there is some kind of rift or discomfort within Pas over its rapprochement with Umno.

During his lifetime, Nik Abduh’s father Nik Aziz had warned his party against any cooperation with Umno, following a bitter fallout between the two parties after a brief stint together (1973-1977) within the BN.

Meanwhile, a political journalist told me sacked Pas vice-president Husam Musa, now with Amanah, has been drawing large crowds at ceramahs in the East Coast. Husam has been working hard behind the scenes in ceramahs with Mahathir.

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  1. I am sad to know if anyone believed him.I wondering what a big deal for Malaysian Indian gets when MO1 meet an actor from India .Its looks like big deal for Malaysian.Even a temporary promotion for Customs officer a big deal.

    Anyway DAP and PKR also same.I don’t see any Indians appointed in any of their GLC as decision maker.Champion of Dead bodies,body snatching his their job.They only appear for this cases and publish in online media.
    Economy ? still economy class or no class.
    Please Anil i want to say this and i beg you to approved it.
    Phuui to the Indian MP so call represent Indian rights and economy.
    Both 2 x 5 saja.

    rajraman.Anil – once you change your template of your blogs follows up comment no longer works for me.

    • Have you tried the notify feature at the top of the comments? There is a drop-down box with a couple of options you can choose.

      • Thank you very much Anil to approved the above comment.
        I have tried all.Top and also down.You have top and also down after posting comment.
        2 posting i did and tried but both no follows comments send to my email.

        rajraman.Any way thank you again.All updates still about this topic only.

      • Were there any replies to the comments you made that you were not alerted to?

      • Yes
        There is replies about HADI bills.
        Without reply also iys always updated new comment via email.

        Your voting system can be rig either old or new version.Same individuals can votes as many times as possible.I have tried few times. ( just to test) .Never voted for myself.Just exit your blog and open back your blog and vote again the same person.

        rajraman.Well this is a blog to view our view but some used this blog to rig votes like Political Traders.
        You have change the new version back to old version.Will try later by posting and update you.

  2. Anil please give your assessment on the new Harapan with Bersatu in it.
    Also Anil should start discussion on the next General Election.

    • Also interesting to see how PAS members react in their coming election having seen Hadi snubbed by Najib in RUU355.

      Some say Bersatu is a Trojan horse in Pakatan. Hope to hear the assessment from Anil on this matter as it is said that Muhyiddin is keen to be the next PM if Pakatan win in next GE.

  3. Aduh! for SingLand:
    US judge grants Amos Yee’s asylum request

    CHICAGO: A US immigration judge in Chicago on Friday granted asylum to a Singaporean blogger, saying he was persecuted for his political opinions in the South-East Asian city-state.

    Amos Yee, 18, who had been jailed twice in Singapore, qualifies as a political refugee, according to a 13-page opinion by the US immigration judge.

    Yee (pic) is immediately eligible for release after having been held in US immigration detention since Dec 16, 2016, according to his attorney, Sandra Grossman, who is based in Bethesda, Maryland.

    The Singapore Embassy in Washington could not be reached for comment after business hours on Friday evening.

    Judge Samuel Cole ruled Yee’s prosecution, detention and maltreatment at the hands of the Singapore authorities “constitute(s) persecution on account of Yee’s political opinions,” and called him a “young political dissident.

    “The evidence presented at the hearing demonstrates Singapore’s prosecution of Yee was a pretext to silence his political opinions critical of the Singapore government,” Cole wrote.

    The US Department of Homeland Security had opposed Yee’s asylum application, claiming the Singapore government legitimately prosecuted Yee.

    Grossman said the judge’s decision supported the right of individuals to criticise their government.

    “The right to free speech is sacred, even when such speech is considered offensive,” she said in an email. “The decision timely underscores the vital need for an independent judiciary in a functioning democracy.”

    Yee had been held by US authorities since arriving at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, seeking political asylum. He was initially detained in Illinois, but is now being held at the Dodge County Detention Facility in Juneau, Wisconsin, Grossman said.

    Yee has been jailed twice in Singapore for online comments.

    His trials, which have been closely watched by rights groups and the United Nations, have fueled the debate in Singapore over censorship, the limits of free speech and political correctness.

    In September of last year, Yee pleaded guilty to six charges of deliberately posting comments on the internet – in videos, blog posts and a picture – that were critical of Christianity and Islam. He was sentenced to six weeks in jail.

    In 2015, Yee was convicted on charges of harassment and insulting a religious group over comments he made about former premier Lee Kuan Yew and Christians soon after Lee’s death. His sentence at the time amounted to four weeks in jail. – Reuters

      • All b’cos SingLand leadership cannot swallow some plain truths of itself.
        So to get even with this kid!
        So much for a leader of an advanced nation to boast itself for all people.

  4. Aduh! The term Alibaba in UMNO context is very different from Jack Ma’s vision.
    Jack Ma should watch P Ramlee’s AliBaba to know how UMNO loots !

    • If only P Ramlee patented his Ali Baba trademark, his descendants would have strike rich from Jack Ma if Jack wish to operate this name here in Bolehland.

    • Najib is getting Jack Ma and Richard Branson to publicize his TN50 vision?

      Jack Ma has he received no money as a consultant for Malaysia, but soon Malaysians will use Alipay for mobile payment to enhance the wealth of Ali Baba. Richard Branson is eying some Virgin venture here?

      • Obviously Jack Ma is smart to give in to Najib first, soon his Ali Baba group will control the e-commerce and web purchase in Malaysia via Alipay. Wonder why Ismail Sabri, Ali Tinju, Jamal Yunus or Ibrahim Ali and that UiTM Misai guy still quiet about it as it will make all the effort by MARA irrelevant. Maybe they thought Alipay sounds innocent?

      • Jack and Richard must have advised Jibby not to support RUU355 as the path to more Islamisation will deter foreign investors?

      • Jack Ma’s vision is to make China a cashless society in 5 years, using Alipay. Bank Negara (could) soon promote Alipay under the advise of Jack Ma and Najib.

    • Speaking at a global business forum in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, Najib did not mention the 1MDB scandal or the Wall Street Journal report, but accused his political opponents of creating “false propaganda” that the country is on the verge of bankruptcy.

      “This running down of Malaysia is nothing less than economic sabotage for selfish, personal political gain,” he said. “If it affects perceptions abroad, it won’t be opposition politicians who will suffer. It will be ordinary Malaysians.”

      Global investigators from about 10 countries believe that billions of dollars were extracted from 1Malaysia Development Bhd, set up by Najib in 2009.

      • Sultan Johor is worried about ‘lies’ on Forest City.
        Najib is concerned about ‘false propaganda’.

        Interestingly the Malays have been fed with such diet of lies and propaganda on TV3 8pm News Buletin every night!

      • Trust you instinct.
        Lots of things are not real. Now even have augmented reality in the form of dedak. Once receiving BR1M dedak, can khayal and syiok with BN.
        TV3 is no different from CNN, serving its master.
        Even Anil is serving someone, could be more than Penang Forum.

      • When a PM alleges that there is attempts at economic sabotage this is a serious matter and generally the public almost always share empathy with the PM. If there is admissible evidence of sabotage for a litigation/ criminal offense then a referral for appropriate action should be consider as he has the legitimate power of governance. As to his public reference/address on the immoralty of this issue , given that there already is a biased perception about his leadership considering the 1MDB scandle engulfing his administration, any intention to allude along those benchmarks may not prove too convincing, one can imagine.

  5. I wish more “ADUH” willl happen in next election.
    I want UMNO and PAS “ADUH” the next election.

    rajraman. I also want Tokong “ADUH” in next election too.Two terms enough lah.

      • So you don’t have confident the opposition without Deity can’t win the next election?
        It’s means DAP only can win with one man show “THE DEITY”
        rajraman.I like PSM – peoples oriented party.When “UMNO is ADUH” Gerakan ,Mca and most of their macai headless.

      • This is the problem of idol-worshipping.
        No alternatives in life. Fixated to an entity, no matter what happens.
        Hopelessly knee-jerking the moment a dissent or doubt is heard or read.

        rajraman666, I believe you also believe in a one-life.
        Live to the full, never fear an idol, no matter how many worshippers.

      • Correction
        I like PSM not PCM although PCM i have a soft spot for PCM who provided shelter,legal assistant for Karpal Singh driver.
        rajraman.Tunglang, I don’t worship human or god .Life to the fullest? At this moment i still searching for it although i have everything but i missing something in my life the last 10 years.My journey start last month to seek the “LIFE TOO THE FULLEST.”
        I hope you and others have found it.

        For once i call the name of GOD – please help the human from greedyness and selfish attitude.

      • The labour party of Australia so call represent workers are infact taking advantage of workers. The socialist left are infact enriching themselves. The former pm worked in a law firm on labour laws and will represent workers for industrial disputes to claim compensations. Of course, once not in Gomen, they retired with big million dollar properties. So call representative of the Australian labour movement when many people are jobless and unemployed. They give jobs to their own mates.
        Others don’t twist but zoro twist the words again? deCaprio talks about global warming but travel in private from NY to LA 5 times in 7 days. How much carbon footprint left behind?

      • Brother Raj (and possibly Anil too) please help to maintain the original spirits of Hindraf for the sake of our community. PSM still talks socialism which is no longer relevant in this century. Also it’s leaders are busy protesting to get in and out of jail and no time for us. PSM think it is big and want to go solo, please ask them the percentage of Indian folks (minus MIC and PPP folks and the Hindraf folks on Dedak addiction), think PSM can garner support outside the Indian circle?

      • Don’t worry Bro Mutu.
        Hindraf is well alive although 2 brothers choosen their part but their goals still the same.
        rajraman.Indians must be grateful to Hindraf.Not MiC or so call DCM of Penang.Only talk Ramasamy.I didn’t hear much what he do for Indians economy pie.He just knows to pick a fight with hopeless MIC.
        Remember one thing – The Indian Malaysian surviving their own way.No dedak at all from both side.

      • PCM’s Huan is hoping for such ‘twist of fate’ in his favor, because Certain Penangites prefer local Bangsa Penang candidate.

      • To Raj and Mutu,

        Do not just imagine what your future will look like. Create it! Have the Can Do attitude!

      • The truth is always painful Ray.
        The Indians brought in as bonded labourer and exploited by British.After British left the Chinese and UMNO use them as cheap labourer.The Chinese came freely and they excape the cycle of poor pedatang like UMNO says. MIC just (hoodwinks) Indians. MCA fights openly with UMNO for economy pie.

        rajraman.It’s took me 4 years to break the cycle of powerty after form 6.Low salary not even enough to cover my dinner.Just enough for lunch and bus fare.
        Than its takes another 4 years to survives.By age 38 make my first million but the price i paid for it is too painful to mention and lost almost all in share market (this i never regret and took it as a lesson).I learn from it and make much more by working harder push me into sleepless night. By the time i count my money in usd millions i no longer enjoy it. I had to pay to sleep every night. Its cost me average 1k a month to sleep mere 3 or 4 hours. I don’t have a dream or nightmare since i sleep artificially by inducing my sleep by pills.

        I now travelling to find my lost years of hapiness but its elusive.

        The last few posting i am not in Malaysia.This posting also i am somewhere some peoples call paradise but for me its just another journey to find my lost life.

        THE TRUTH – or true stories of me as Malaysia Indian.
        I predicted or felt 25 years ago (some) Indians will be small time gangsters which replace the Chinese and lawless youth because they try to excape the powerty by easy means since the goverment neglect (many of) them.I also thought someone will rised and Hindraf was is the one.Few of my friends really pour in some $$$ under different names.
        I never attended any of Hindraf Rally or their talks.
        We keep our distance because we know UMNO will after them.
        If anyone think i am racist i dont give 2 hoods about it because as far i concern its the truth.
        The next wave i don’t know but if this continue Malaysian Indians youths (could end up) trouble maker for this country. Its will take another generation to rectify.

        At this moment INDIANS MP good of championing dead indians and body snacthing only.

      • Correction Ray,
        RM millions excludes properties.

        rajraman.I have seen my past and present.If i play safe the $$$ enough for me for my future.
        I more concern about the Indians youngsters.I even concern about other races too.Too many barang naik without salary naik.

        If your neighbour doing well and all Malaysian doing well i am happy.

      • To escape the cycle of poverty, poor families must practice family planning. Do not take procreation as recreation. Fewer family members will mean better quality of life which include good education. Remember the Indians are no longer living in estates (Felda hires Indons) producing kids as cheap labor.

      • Indians no longer producing babies in estates to supply cheap labor.
        The Indons produced its but with honorary titles “Bumiputera”

        rajraman.The percentage * data*shows producing babies nowdays with titles Bumis either by Malays or Indons to challange Malaysian Chinese population.The data also shows Indians population droppings in Malaysia.

        Next time Doughlas read carefully whats others wrote.Google yourself about population of ethnics Malaysian.Indians no longers in Estate and also they are struggling in township with lows pays.The cycle will continue.
        The Bumis comes with titles Melayu either Indon or Malays.They are Malays as long they are same rumpun with same religions.

      • You will be glad to learn that Najib (inspired after visiting Rajinikanthat his home in India) will set up a blueprint to develop (nambikei?) the Indian community from education to housing. See page 2 The Star today 1 April (hopefully not an April Fool joke).

      • and with this titles Bumi carries alots of weight calls as Malays from Bugis land currently is MO1.
        rajraman.The next generation of Malays will outstrip the actual Malays and they are the Indonsian.Once one Indian became PM of Malaysia and now a Bugis warrior.
        rajraman.In so called Paradised my sleep time over.

      • 666Raj knows the plight of his community. Yes Indian is a small minority but it should need a good leader without Maika DNA to prevent gangsterism getting into the community. How about 666Raj standing as an independent candidate vs Ramasamy in the next GE?

      • Honest
        If everyone not happy the way Political Traders betrayal,lies and their free saliva talks stand for election they will loose their hard earn $$$.
        Organised Political Traders and Organised Religions consist of powerfull peoples.My skin is too thin compare to proffesional Political Traders skin.

        rajraman.Just posting as observer you can see how many negatives votes i get.Anil should stand for election against the mighty Deity since his posting all about unhappiness of over development.

        What you say Anil? I sponsor you to stand against Deity but if you loose you pay me back the deposit.If you win you can keep the sponsorship.

  6. Just testing Anil.Well my hp phone also same.No longer have follows up comments to suscribe.
    rajraman.Can you explain why i don’t receive follow up comments and new posting not available?

    • Rajraman can always amuse yourself with the readers’ comments even if there is no posting from Anil. The tunglang vs zoro saga is an ongoing battle of wits/stupidity (depending on which side you support).

      • Well Ray,
        I more amused with ZORO comments twisting his words when he or she can’t anwser.

        rajraman. I hope you knows which side i am Ray.
        Anyway Anil your – is back.After this posting i will know whether its works or not.
        Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
        Notify me of new posts by email.
        It’s works again Anil.Thank you

      • Maybe a live debate forum on btwn Tunglang and Zoro, pay per view format, to generate fund to sustain Anil’s operating expenses with balance of 20% for T & Z ? Raj666 can be the moderator?
        Topic : Penang 308 & 505 realised and unrealized promises to Penangites?

      • Its a good idea Puspha,
        rajraman.but i can’t be the moderator since i am always siding Tunglang view although he donated rm10.00 for the Deity charity box ( Deity dicounted house.)
        You must understand Tunglang and me want a better governance by Deity/opposition.I am sure Tunglang won’t vote UMNO macai back.We just want better ,humble and peoples interest put first.Deity not doing that.
        Deity must be “ADUH” like PAS AND UMNO the next election.

      • everyone is twisting his word for self interest. one only thinks his point. if goes to down under aussies thinkthey are centre of the world. same with tunlang keep quiet when cant answer…

      • This this what pasar mlm traders no different from political traders. You scratch my back and i scratch yours. What better governence? Everyone like you want to stay on the island a finite resource and expect everything perfect? When ask you to take over and stand for election but yet you will not take tunglang’s word that 80% will not vote tokong. You do not believe your good friend tunglang and tunglang himself twist his word and action when he proclaim 80%will not vote tokong. Why not stand for election when protray a deep enemity against tokong? How sweet when taste the defeat of tokong under your hands?

  7. Really ADUH.
    rajraman. Loser always think they are rights and winner always thinks the are always right.
    Decipher the meaning – readers

    Anyway Anil – why i don’t receive update via email your new post? Two of your new posting not updated into my email.
    i only came to know the new posting by you until i open your website.Time stand still for me

  8. Mahathir vs Nazri debate many hope Anil can carry live reporting, and we expect Awang Selamat Ori or Celop to sponsor Anil for this event.

    • Who know, someone might put live online video streaming. Let’s wait and see if it really takes place.

      • What the topics of the debate?

        Is it Bersatu vs Umno? Or are they debating as individuals? Will it reach the targeted rural malay audience?

        Why RTM or TV3 or Awani is not showing it live on TV?

  9. Nik Abduh is perfectly entitled to his views and opinions, even when they are diametrically opposite to those of his much-revered father. I imagine that Nik Aziz may well have allowed such differences, even if they disappointed him, in the spirit of maturity and freedom of beliefs. Still, I am glad he did not live to witness his son’s vocal, nay rabid, support of Hadi’s ultra-hardline Islam and vile friendship with Najib’s UMNO.

  10. Mr. Anil, from my personal point of view, the longer the delay in calling for the PRU, the better it is for Bersatu. There is no denying the fact that they are growing stronger by the day. The longer the delay will be bad for DAP.

    Hopefully, Bersatu will gain enough muscle to oust ” penghianat rakyat” PAS and if they are successful to nullify PAS evil intentions, I don’t see any reasons why Malaysia’s attempt to elect a new government should not succeed.

    First, Malaysian must get rid of mediocre leaders like Lim Guan Eng. Honestly, what has he done for Penangnites 8 years down the line? Yes, we see Penangnites made to pay parking every day of the year and some I understand till 12 am. The amount of bullying by this administration is telling, only Penangnites know! Outsiders still think how good the Penang Government is. Personal charisma will only carry you that far and it had stopped. DAP Penang will not be able to match its performance in 2013 where it won nineteen out of nineteen seats it contested. Penangnites had enough of this joker called Lim Guan Eng.

    Lim Guan Eng must to go. He is too engrossed with big developers forgetting the very people that elected him. He had betrayed the trusts of all Penangnites, changing the housing density to 128 unit per acre quietly. Mind you, under Koh Tsu Koon it was 30!

    Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely! Thinking back, comparing Koh Tsu Koon and Lim Guan Eng, we now see the Statesman in Koh Tsu Koon. To quote a mighty developer, ” He had tasted the good life, do you expect him to work for you?” How true!

    Abdul Malik in Batu Maung will be vulnerable this time. A thousand five hundred hard core UMNO voters (approximately ) from N35 Batu Uban had been (allegedly) moved to vote in this constituency. This, he has got to check to verify if what I said is true. Pity to the Gerakan candidate for the pending PRU, Dr. Kang a dental surgeon who practises in Sg. Dua. His office is on top of Pelita Restaurant, corner units. Dr. Kang enjoys much support in Sg. Dua.

    All in all we are eager for change but we are not going to vote for sleeping and lazy incumbents! Lim Guan Eng has got to go for young Penangnites to have a chance to own their first homes. Today, its a pity to see young professional not able to own a decent home. It is all due to the pro developers policy by this cruel admistration! Lim Guan Eng had single handedly made it (almost) impossible (for many) to buy a home in Penang.

    While he buys a bungalow in prime land at RM275 per sq ft our children had to fork out RM400 to buy an apartment in hilly and outskirts of Penang!

    I hope the MACC will focus more on corruptions in Penang….

    Go home Lim Guan Eng!

    • Awang S – many oredi paid min RM400K for a home. If you get Dr Kang in to lower condo prices, many more will curse and swear for their investment using 35years loan to go down the drain?
      Awang should propose poor nonbumi to also enjoy 7% house discount ?

      • For the spirit of 1Malaysia to be relevant and believable, housing discount should only be offered to low income rakyat regardless of race, the rich bumis should have the pride not to take the discount if they considered themselves ‘arrived’ and competitive. But it will never happen under Umno-BN for reasons we all know.

    • It all starts with the Merc Brand.
      When a person tastes a MercS300Lansi, the whole persona can change as fast as a chameleon.
      All the salivas washing the 308 Talks were evaporated at the steering wheel of Merc.
      Flying Economy Class was anything but a cheap stint that is now malu in the classy ambience of Merc.
      One example of saliva talk is Cleaner Greener Penang. We see more environmental carnages like botak-ed hills than the entire Gerakan period starting from the 60s. Gurney Drive mud-balls clean up was just a smoke screen which also slowly evaporated to show a Guantanamo Fencing thro’ which one can see an opposite of mud-ball promises.
      In a Merc-addicted mind, housing is not a social need of the majority (whose monthly household incomes is less than 3K averaged out). It is a fantasy business of developers some of whom have a say in the swap-deals (a beholden spell on those who hunger for swap-deal money). Outsiders cannot see what is the under-current of political-economic tango going on but salivate at the superficial HK style of glitzy property development, which from a far looks more like multiple giant joss sticks sticking out for worshipping what?
      There are more insidious exemplary of Cat to write about, but it is much more revealing for outsiders to come to Penang to see first hand, to hear from ordinary Penangites, to experience the socio-economic harbingers of things to come.
      Awang Selamat, I don’t see yours as frustrations (as some knee-jerks would label), but a sincerity to speak out the truth of the matter.

      • I think our leaders deserve to be driven comfortably on Mercedes, not Proton Perdana, so that they could arrive at destination fresh for action, not shaken and stirred.

      • our friend tun lang who make noise about green and clean is driving a 4wd with bull bars in front for protection to car around heritage city can envy someone driving a merc.

      • Anuskha, you still don’t get it.
        An excuse to get Merc for a discount! Which also means Proton Perdana is not good enough for a politician who flied Economy Class but for a ‘show-show’.
        I still believe an Economy Class still renders one’s travel dull for action, shaken and stirred. Unless one justify a politician chameleon.
        Proton, can you give all Penangites a big discount since a Mercs300L with a discount is as good as an Economy Class in MAS? We are not asking for more but to emulate a leader.

      • it is entitlement just like a worker who take sick leave if doc allows. if you question about high moral what high moral when you buy a 4wds and drive around heritage pg while you proclaim yourself as green man. you even boast you have good contacts with tow operators and garage owners. how often you go to belum just another pasar mlm trader selling snakey oil. just like dicaprio travels from ny to la 5days in 7days in private while proclaiming a green man. of course others are always morally wrong and i am pure. so is the same with religious person imposing his moral on others. others are always right and zoro twists his wrong. god should have create man of same height to avoid seeing different views

    • Awang proposed ‘back to the future’ for Penang to be pre-308?
      Should tell this too to Johor Bahru folks where housing is equally, if not more, expensive unless you are a bumiputera.
      If Awang is a true bumiputera, should quickly adopt Bangsa Johor identity to enjoy 7-15% discount/rebate for Rumah Rakyat Jauhar, or even in Forest City? The housing Exco (the new cleaner one?) of Johor should be able to help since many bumi lots have been converted to non-bumi lots due to ‘poor demand’.
      As for parking fees in Penang, it should be increased to curb car ownership to promote public transportation.

      • The holy-purpose of having parking fees is to discourage driving & parking in cities during peak periods (7am-7pm). However stretching the parking time till 12am (midnight) screams of excess greed of state gomen which should have been 308-mindful for Penangites, many of whom casted their votes not for insidious charges like this till-12am parking fees.
        Penangites are not fools as CAT would believe on the eve of GEs.

      • Ever cask yourself why parking extended to 12am?
        If only charge high for peak hours, it would be too high for Penangites to bear. Anyway, need to have parking fees at all time if really want to encourage people not to buy cars and use public transportation.

      • Anuskha, are you reasoning that parking hrs that are cut back to normal 9am – 6pm should be charged at higher rates (to compensate the loss for CAT Gomen), so to justify your fear of too high fees for Penangites as a spin???
        Be honest with your reasoning. We don’t need to read such spinning ala zoro for your political masters.
        The present rate is AOK, not the stretch of parking hrs till 12am. Paham kah???

      • tun lang you talk about green and public. why worryif you do not own a car and practise what you preach. if you can drive a 4wd around heritage why so kiam siap.

      • anuskha. some one also spin and dobek for his political masters. times are hard for him and must perform more. of course his views are always right and opposing views are met with black tea sessions with a gee or resort in kamunting hilton.

      • Quote: 9-12am no parking fees to allow ‘Jaga Kereta’ syndicate to thrive? Paham?

        Firstly, pls read & paham comment before knee-jerking like a spinner (who ask for 9am-12am no parking fee?)
        Secondly, What is MBPP doing after 6pm of no parking fee?
        What is the meaning of enforcement inclusive of monitoring jaga kereta menace?

        Joss sticks business is never better these days!

      • tun lang must be away from home from 9pm to next morning otherwise why complain about parking fees? Where will most people go at this hours? Family men will be with wife and children at home but others go clubbing. clubbing people cant pay parking fees but at still want to enjoy and have fun?? Another silly comment and reasoning from me??

      • Many families have more than one car per household, and the condominium only provides one parking lot per household. So many hope to park their cars free of charge on the roadside parking bays hoping not to pay after 9pm till the next morning?

        If so, then parking should not be made free from 9pm till next morning to be fair to all tax payers.

    • What’s wrong with development in Penang?
      It is part of urbanization.
      Which advanced city in the world is not dense?

      • Sustainable development a big word and no one understand. You want sustainable? Then pg forum should act on tunglang’s black tea and support mppp to clear hawkers from street. How can pg sustain with roadside hawkers and coverted shophouses into kopitiams and nasi kandar shops. They constantly pouring oily water and left over food into the roadside drains and sewers and the water from roads all go into the sea where we want pg fishermen to catch fishes eating the wastes from roadside hawkers. To sustain development did pg forum ensure oily water and leftover food do not go into the roadside drains and eating shops install oil interceptors.
        Raj and tunglang think i am twisting my comments again. They are only good in ranting complains and no solutions or suggestions.

      • Why not The Deity instruct the town council to install oil traps,maintain it and charge the hawkers.

        rajraman.The Deity can think so far ahead of time for greedy developer but can’t think this simple solution?
        Talk is cheap Zoro but can’t even think a small solution.Big $$$ friendly but small $$$ want to kill the small trader rice bowl.
        You was known to manipulate words when you can’t anwser.
        Golden is silence when to reply all of your silly comments supporting Deity.

    • Ori or celup, selamat or not, this Awang is likely a product of BTN and offshoot of Utusan clan.
      The way he writes smacks racism. He might as well contribute his writings to Utusan to get some pocket money. Certainly out of place here.

      • Tunglang is a cyber bully, think his opinion is above all.

        Please be gracious to accept others’ point of view.
        Do not launch personal attack with name calling.

        If you despise LGE, write to his Komtar office, no need to vent your frustration here.

      • You tell that to Anil: Just ban me. I am ready for that.
        Don’t be … retaliative … Freddy Kruger!
        Is asking for constructive comment bullying???
        Pls stop being lording others to be apologetic to your Idol, who can do no wrong(?). Otherwise, it is no different to SingLand.
        Pls understand the real mission of this blog, not to solely just to curry-favour CAT & Niao Kong.

      • MUTU said i am a referee.
        Its will be my pleasure if you are ban Tunglang ,Anil should ban me too.

        rajraman.What lime lights i am looking for in this blog? None seen me or i going to get rewards in $$$ or going into Politics.We might be harsh sometimes but we try to tell the Political Traders is wrong sometimes.
        Even Anil posting all about abused of Power and greeds.
        I can post comment if allows or i might not post comments as i wish.
        Its a social obligation to remind what’s wrong.
        I have reads many comments of mind supported by others by different ways but they gets the votes more than me.Some even mention movies names get more votes.

      • No traceability? Sure or not?
        Once taken the bait, likely be blackmailed to be Umno friendly.
        Umno could not influence PAS until the death of Nik Aziz.

      • Umno is not ISO certified, so traceability is not mandatory as far as how money (however black) is moved around without any accountability. But not so sure about AmBank where the USD2.6 billion s deposited to Jibby’s personal account.

  11. The problem is Hadi’s PAS is delusional and so are many of their supporters stating he wants 5 states in the next GE when they will be wiped out. STILL, even if Hadi’s PAS votes falls into teens percentage and they lose all their seats, they will still do enough damage to Pakatan that BN wins.

    • Please lead the PH parties to greater heights & correct path with your knowledge & experience Tun Mahathir. You are the best man at the moment to wrest the country from” Ali Baba & his forty thieves”.

      As it is, our country through the “hopeless leadership” of Najib & his colleagues had made our country “broke”. Their “integrity” is at stake & is left to be questioned by many ordinary citizens.

      People don’t “respect” these leaders as they had “misled” us to believe that they are good in” everything”. Alas they had let us down miserably with their “divide and rule /race & religion polices”.

      Tun Mahathir, please help us to bring back our love, peace & harmony towards all the races & lead the country back on the right track together with the PH parties. In this way we could still regain what we had lost & maintain our credibility.


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