Quick poll: Do you feel safer with the Penang Voluntary Patrol Unit (PPS) around?


Here’s a quick poll for you readers to see what you really think about the Penang state government-sponsored PPS.

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  1. MACC is quick to respond to Umno Online’s allegation that PPS is funded RM1.5 billion by the Penang government.

    However, I would urge MACC to study the below incidents before study PPS

    1) NFC 240 Million
    2) Goverment audit report scanner worth of RM 200 bought at RM14K
    3) PKFZ scandal dnt know what happen but fund vanish on the air 12.5 Billion
    4) Submarine scandal
    5) Langat 2 contract
    6) MAS – Brahim’s catering contract
    7) Sarawak chief minister Scandal

    I believe none of the above got culprit caught and charged.

  2. No need PPS anymore.

    Last month my house almost break in by Indonesians. That same nite my neighbour house kena n tenant in house was tied up.

    Bull… PPS.

  3. Good comment on Mkini:

    JKKK (Village Security and Development Committees) is perfectly legal because it is an Umno’s initiative and certainly pro-Umno. PPS is illegal because it is the initiative of the DAP-ruled Penang government.

    PPS is very effective in discharging its duty diligently and has irked Umno’s feeling. The IGP actually appreciates the work of PPS for lowering crime in the state but Umno is very uncomfortable with it. As said earlier, this country is getting rotten by the day.

    • Zahid: “We allowed them (non-malays) to be indebted to us without needing them to pay it back; they are now insulting Islam and the Malays under the pretense of democracy, freedom of speech, and globalisation,”


      Is this statement not seditious?

      We rakyat must not allow ourselves to be caught into this trap and instead, Rakyat of all races should stand together and demand accountability from this government: Leakages, inefficiencies, deficiencies and poor governance is probably at its worst, country’s debt at its highest and people’s purchasing power at the lowest, with GST looming.

    • Zahid Hamidi made a racist statement, calling non-malays arrogant and ungrateful. Now he is trying to deflect it to DAP supporters, using the same odl Umno cliche excuse of being quoted out of context!

      What is wrong being DAP supporters. Isn’t this is a democratic country where Malaysians are free to choose who we wish to support? Is Zahid Hamidi trying to say supporting other than UMNO is an offence. The world has move on. Malaysians have move on. Only those UMNO leaders still living in their cocoon. Supporting opposition does not make Malaysians any different. In fact we are exercising our right as Malaysians to choose the right party and leader to lead our country.

      What Zahid Hamidi has done is to show to Malaysians who have voted him that they made a wrong choice. He is an embarrassment to our country. Nobody took his comment out of context, he, himself, is trying to save whatever dignity he has left by taking his own comment out of context. If you can’t finish it, don’t start it in the first place! Malaysia would be more peaceful, harmonious and progressive without the likes of him.

      Non Malays mean the Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Kadazans, Dusun, Orang Asli and Eurasians. DAP is known as DAP and not non Malays. Zahid Hamidi must admit he has been acting like a gangster and he must not now twist his own words to mean the ” non Malays” bashing referred to the DAP. Every single Malaysian felt Zahid Hamdi was not suitable to be a minster at all least a minister heading the Home ministry.

      • At least one Gerakan guy dare to speak up against Zahid.
        But MCA swallow their pride as usual to remain silent.

        Zahid’s statement has created unease among Malaysians, so what is the point of celebrating diversity on Merdeka Day?

      • What is wrong being DAP supporters. Their problems is they have foul stinking mouth

      • Ananars, foul stinking mouth reflects badly on himself.
        But this foul mouth has the face to question other’s religious conduct.
        Is it any different from the Cat master?
        Namo, Namo, Namo.

  4. I am more of a silent lurker here, but I feel the need to voice out an opinion in this poll : Yes, I feel safer. Staying in the seedy high density flats around Batu Lanchang and Jelutong and having these “purple ah bengs” riding on motorbike “patrolling” makes a big difference at night. Is it psychological and subjective? Maybe. But from conversation with the members, some of which are quite rough and fierce – gangster style, it is better than them hanging out and possibly getting into trouble – or causing trouble. I get a personal feeling that the PPS gives members who are outcasts of society a chance to actually contribute something meaningful back. It is sad if the PPS is deemed illegal. What to do?

    • Has IGP ever take action agaisnt the gangster like the Komtar madman that send black cake and coffin to CM, disturbing the peace….?

      • Pekida is often referred to as Tiga Line, as a symbol of the colours of its official flag – red, yellow and green. In August last year, the Tiga Line group was one of 49 secret societies released by the Home Ministry after a crackdown on illegal groups.

    • Areas around Batu Lanchang and Jelutong and with areas best known as Teluk Au were once infested with criminals, gangsters and drug addicts. From the 70s onward when the Gerakan govt start to redevelop the areas with building of affordable apartment and developing into a bright and enterprising commercial areas, the place has somewhat become clean and with criminals, gangster activities down to a minimum. As a results prices of low cost and medium cost properties prices here have surged up into one of the highest on the island.

      Despite the area being an opposition stronghold that have been held by the DAP who have done nothing to upgrade the people living, the Gerakan govt without any bias continue to develop the areas into an active and viable commercial areas. With so much efforts being put in by the previous govt to make these areas into such a lovely and livable place, can we afford to allow the areas to once again degenerate into ghetto and gangster like with PPS outcast, addicts criminals and gangster roaming the areas as if they are the enforcer using strong arm tactic. You have just said it right from conversation with the members, some of which are quite rough and fierce – gangster style. NO WE CANNOT HAVE SUCH GANGSTER STYLE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. THIS IS NOT THE ERA OF SHANGHAI TANG

      like like such as in the 70s as before

      • Shanghai Tan / Shanghai Beach
        Long ban long lau
        Maan lei tou tou gong seoi wing bat jau
        Tou zeon liu sai gaan si
        Wan zok tou tou jat pin ciu lau

        Si hei si sau
        long lei fan bat cing fun siu bei jau
        Seng gung sat baai
        long lei hon bat ceot jan mei meow-meow

        The Bund 1980 theme song

        ananars, get a cat lady to sing along!!!

  5. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for your nice respons!!!
    I agree with you…there is a lot to celebrate!!!
    No need of this PPS…independence doesnt need control

    Have a nice day…

  6. There should not be any RELA in the first place, as the police force should do the job they are paid to do.

    • And there should not be unregistered patrol units running loose with independent anger-unmanagement. Perhaps, those YBs should learn Tai Chi for on-stage self-defence against mobsters or black cake merry men as well as to blood-regulate their brain>mouth synchronisation of proper words dealing with BN.

      Perhaps, CAT Deity should learn a useful thing or two about Karma.

  7. Hi Miami,

    Thanks for asking.

    I like to celebrate my independence from oppression, my independence from want, my independence from illegitimate authority, my independence to express myself, my right to be wrong, and so on…you know normal things of which there is much to celebrate…

  8. 250 PPS men detained after Merdeka parade

    So if the CAT said it is not illegal go and fight for them in the court of law. Let the court decide whether they are an illegal or legal entity and that will be the end of the case. No more arguing. I bet the Pakatoon will say the court is not fair when the verdict is not in their favour.

  9. It is all about controlling…evidence exist in the so called EU and US
    Today is Merdeka day…what independence are you celebrating?

  10. I do not understand the need for Malaysia to have all these quasi -policing units, and security guards in uniform. Not sure what their purpose is. Lets take a stab at guessing their purpose:

    To lower the unemployment statistics

    To keep people occupied

    To put fear into people walking to an event/ at an event/after the event

    To maintain respect from the common people for authority figures (you know the respect that comes out of the barrel of a gun or a whack from a truncheon)

    To keep the riff-raff out of ‘important occasions’ or at least behind the barriers.

    To keep the riff-raff out of guarded communities

    To give the pretense that those guarded in their secluded enclaves are special people

    Can anyone help me here?

    • To ‘use’ innocent Penangites as political pawns in an emo-game of Confrontational Chess.
      When problems arise in incidents like PPS illegality, the hero will emerge quickly like Arch Angel Michael with all available means to ‘save’ the pawns from the grip of the Dragon. Never mind if one or two pawns are collateral losses in this struggle between absolute good & absolute evil.

      This sordid episode of cunning politics of confrontation is as old as Merdeka. The protagonists knew well ahead of the ‘time bomb’ – consequences of not registering the volunteer unit in spite of all the implications forewarned. In spite of an apparent ‘snare’ (it’s AOK to go ahead with PPS) laid out by those waiting for the right time to pouch at the slightest incidence of violence. But worst of all engaging those with questionable backgrounds to play trusted roles of security surveillance units.
      It is like employing Botak Chin (a notorious gangster of 60s & 70s) as Bank Negara security guard.

      Mass euphoria is the magic oil of some irresponsible politicians used to rub on the minds of those easily led to the confrontational fields. But it temporarily rewards a bravado feel, a false reality of collective victory in situ but the fact after is a hard time down the slippery road.

      The political ‘time bomb’ of PPS has exploded. The stress & anxiety of family members of some PPS members (the pawns) will never be erased from memory, much less emphasised by many. But the collective bravado feel will magnified certain politicians with a selfish ego as huge as Genie. All they need to do like Aladdin is to rub with the euphoria magic oil & wish for another ‘time bomb’ from Genie.

  11. I think you should ask @Ong Eu Soon for personal experience. For me, it is dangerous to have such PPS on the road.

  12. Sun Tzu’s Art of War:
    If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
    If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

    Add to that: if you make enemies at every confrontation, no sincere gestures can win over a single foe.

  13. A journalist was wallop including an activist. Many who were threatened may not have made a report. Could we be safe with such hooliganism. If you point the finger at Perkasa, is not PPS the same. At least Perkasa vent their frustration against the adun and CM but PPS do it against the common people. And they are an ILLEGAL ENTITY. The Cheap Minister cannot simply just said it is legal without giving proof. Was it registered. Even a govt agency need to be registered. And the Cheap Minister ..
    now want to go against the police. It seem that they are now bent on breaking the law….

    Penang to (challenge) any police action against PPS. Look at the rocket flags and we know that they are (allegedly) using the rakyat money for their party purposes.


    • Did anyone read the Kwong Wah. PPS now (allegedly) threatening another journalist. The newspaper is now going to publish the recording for the people to see the true colour of these PPS. Continue to look for update in the KW newspaper.


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