1 person dead, about a dozen injured in Bukit Bintang bomb blast


So terror strikes close to home now with a bomb blast outside an entertainment outlet in Bukit Bintang at 4.00am today.

Please focus on the real criminals out there and those who incite violent acts through hate speech.

Seorang mangsa insiden bom Bukit Bintang meninggal dunia
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Beberapa buah kenderaan di tempat kejadian, termasuk kenderaan mewah, turut mengalami kerosakan akibat letupan bom berkenaan. -Sumber Instagram nasrulezzad

KUALA LUMPUR: Seorang mangsa insiden letupan bom di kawasan Bukit Bintang dilaporkan meninggal dunia di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

Ketua Jabatan Kecemasan HKL ,Datuk Dr. Abu Hassan Asaari Abdullah berkata, senarai penuh mangsa insiden bom yang dihantar ke HKL masih belum dapat disahkan kerana beberapa maklumat masih belum diperolehi.

“Seorang mangsa yang kritikal sudah meninggal dunia, kita masih menguruskan maklumat mangsa-mangsa yang ada di sini.

“Kita akan memberikan maklumat susulan sebaik sahaja mendapat pengesahan,” katanya ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

Pada Khamis, seramai 14 cedera dan dilaporkan seorang parah, dalam insiden letupan bom di sebuah bangunan di kawasan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur kira-kira jam 4.00 pagi.

Timbalan Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Kuala Lumpur, ACP Khairi Ahrasa mengesahkan kejadian ketika dihubungi Astro AWANI.

Beberapa buah kenderaan di tempat kejadian, termasuk kenderaan mewah, turut mengalami kerosakan akibat letupan bom berkenaan.

Khairi berkata dalam kejadian kira-kira 4.20 pagi itu, sebanyak dua bom dilemparkan dari aras dua tempat letak kereta bangunan itu, lapor Bernama.

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“Suspek dipercayai membalingkan bom dari tingkat atas bangunan. Satu daripada bom itu meletup di hadapan kelab malam. Satu lagi tidak meletup dan berada di bawah kereta Toyota Camry, yang terletak berhadapan kelab malam tersebut,” katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

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  1. Homicide, like road accidents, is coming to be an almost daily occurrence in this country if one were to follow the news aired on local TV stations. Many a time, dead bodies have been stumbled upon in some isolated places such as plantations, rivers, dumpsites, drains etc . Gang styled assassinations are also becoming increasingly common. There are even a few cases where murders were executed with explosives sent in parcels. And now we are seeing a murder case in which military weapons in the form of hand grenades were used. Instead of putting more attention into this deteriorating security situation, the police seems to be putting much of their attention into police reports concerning frivolous sedition claims that are clearly political in nature.

    • PDRM has already engaged NYPD to learn public image branding and cut corruption. Next they will engage NCIS, CSI, or even Hawaii 5-O. They should fancy lawatan sambil belanja at New York’s Fifth Avenue and hang loose at Maui island!

      But we actually need Serpico in police force. Remember Infernal Affairs?

    • Malaysian Muslim parents should enrol their kids to study in Chinese vernacular schools.
      Good moral upbringing, better quality teaching, opportunity to learn 3 languages at young age will be advantages.

  2. Talking about that BB area, it was previously one of the most seediest red light area in KL but it has since been cleansed if not all. What about other places like Pudu with the majestic and grand Richmoore Hotel (Ace) still standing tall and infested with prostitutes? A police station is only merely less than 100 meters away. Raids are frequent but … What is the government doing about this? The place is an open secret.

  3. Hi Mr Anil, below comments not relevant to topic but you may want to post it elsewhere :

    Gerakan Penang wants the State Gomen to preserve Siamese village at Pulau Tikus as a heritage ground. The public wants to know if Gerakan Penang can contribute some fund (via Federal Gomen) to compensate the owner(s) who want to develop new buildings over the land. If so, it can be called Little Phuket now that Penang & Phuket cities are “married” as friendship cities on Sep 18 this year ?
    Sawanikap Aroi Pinang !!!

    TMP (Transport Master Plan) to be the new buzzword after CAT in Penang ? 27 companies involved in Project Delivery Partners (PDP) to solve traffic congestion woes to be implemented till 2030 at an astronomical cost of RM27 BILLION ! Appear to many anilnetto.com die-hards that TMP takes priority over the unveiling of Local Plan ? TMP too focus on building highways/tunnels instead of minimising usage of private vehicles and maximising/optimising public transport system ???

    Old 120 years old (since 1987) Penang Hill Train track of 850m from ground to mid-level have been refurbished at cost of RM400K; to become tourist attraction & back-up system should new train service interrupted. The nostalgic anilnetto.com readers must be very happy with this colonial tracks back in shape ???

    Penang Botanical Gardens : RM7 million allocated during Rancangan Malaysia ke9 (2006-2010) to build new ‘façade’ at entrance, Dataran Garden Mall, Eco-Stream Walk & Bambusetum; while State Gomen spent RM1.5 million via annual budget to maintain the garden.
    Some said the lotus pond is dirty with algae growth after irresponsible people throwing food to feed the fish and turtles released by the public etc.
    Do you feel “syiok” visiting the revamped Garden in the midst of high rising concrete buildings ???

    Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera carpark : formerly infamously called Kancil carpark demolished to make way for new one supposed to be ready this month. Controversial kancil carpark built at cost of RM5 million by Federal Gomen via Tourism Ministry but lack of supervision & monitoring btwn PDC & Tourism Ministry led to demolition and rebuilding costing RM11 million. Some now calls it 4WD carpark, what say you ???? I say where’s the shelter to park my 30 year old Rayleigh bicycle ?

    MoU for Aspen Vision City at Bukit Kawan signed by Aspen Group with Ikano to develop the phase 1 IKEA warehouse/sales centre ready by 2018; phase 2 commercial offices/international school/hotel over the next 10 years. All happening at Bandar Cassia of Batu Kawan (Penang Lang, hav u ‘chope’ rumah mampu milik there ?).
    While many Penangites still groaning about high home costs on the island, they may have overlooked the potential to move to Batu Kawan while the areas are still relatively affordable now. Otherwise the same group of people may still “kau peh kau poh” at Batu Kawan 10 years later on anilnetto.com about the affordability there and eventually may have to be displaced further outwards of the mainland (getting closer to the forest reserves).

    • What and who are you trying to blame or distract from the current trend of development in Penang?
      The real issues of unsustainable development are what Penangites are concerned.
      People have the right to kau peh kau boh when the gomen of the day did the opposite of what it promised.
      You think we cheap ah?

      • Please enlighten me which state other than Penang that has sustainable development. If there is one, why wait now and not migrating, and spare us your kow peh kow bu?

    • Good points by Henson. We need more readers like him and Don who can bring out relevant points, unlike those cat bashers.

    • Like reading Benson’s input ~ do much refreshing from those many which use your blog as punching bag for their frustrations ~ need to depend won perseverance to survive and not be too dependent. Today these folks punched LGE, tomorrow they punch Teng or MAh just like what they have done to poor Kph.

  4. TV2 noon news reported it as the work of Secret Society Gangs. Secret Society infiltrated by IS extremists to leverage & create more chaos after the local conservatives who created the hoo-haa first ?

  5. When the citizens of Penang took the initiative to help the police ease their burden of duty
    by forming the PPS to look after the security of their own neighbourhood they were
    arrested and to be charged. Now what happen? We don’t feel safe anywhere anymore. We
    hope the police would do their utmost to investigate and apprehend the perpetrators. Our
    condolence to the victims.

    • The PPS is helping the DAP to ease their burden during ceramah not crime fighting. In fact they are helping in scare and violent tactic as in the case of OES

  6. This is just the beginning …

    the shiite muslims in Malaysia have been … persecuted for long enough.

    One cannot try to cover up or fight fire with paper and that is what the … tenants in Putrajaya are trying to do.

    Especially when now that they are getting support from the west and bombing the IS … from becoming a threat to the world, out of existence. Please reassured that when all that is done, they (may) extend their ‘influences’ to this country and also to stop (some people) from becoming or joining the terrorists in the middle east.

    To prevent these from happening legalise the shiite muslims, permit the Christians to use the word Allah and also to return to them the bibles … sized from them. Also don’t forget to stop demolishing the hindu temples. Please do all these while you can …

    • I think the government should (avoid sending) malay students on scholarship to Western universities (USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand etc) as there is a beer culture in those countries that could influence them into drinking liquor. Also malays should be (discouraged) from visiting Munich in October for the same reason.


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