The scene around court


This was what it was like outside court today when Anwar Ibrahim turned up for his defamation suit against Foreign Minister Anifah Aman.

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  1. Umno Youth is embarking on a road show to explain the verdict on Sodomy 2 in the hope of rebutting accusations that Umno leaders had conspired to bring down Anwar with the trial. However many are sceptical whether Umno Youth would be able to change people‚Äôs minds about whether Anwar was guilty or not. Many are still believing that Umno has engineered for an innocent man to be convicted and are now trying to character assassinate that innocent man again via the roadshow. The roadshow could even create a backlash towards Umno if it did not stick to just the facts in the judgment, as in the case of Shafee’s interview on NST/Utusan and a talk where he attempted to buttress the verdict by providing material that was not evidence in the trial.

  2. As long as MCA and Gerakan are under the command of UMNO the slide and fall will continue. Its more practical for both to join DAP and form the 1 sjkc alliance. Its much better for both Mah and Liow to receive orders from the emperor instead of Najib.


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