From the Scorpene inquiry in Paris


Suaram director Dr Kua Kia Soong, Malaysian lawyer Fadiah Nadwa and lawyer Joseph Breham at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris after meeting Judge Roger Le Loire, presiding over the Scorpene inquiry.

According to Fadiah, the Suaram team confirmed their complaint to Judge de Loire regarding alleged corruption in the purchase of the submarines.

They briefed the judge on the political context of the case.

They also elaborated on how the court in Malaysia in the Altantuya murder trial had not delved into the issue of the ‘commission’ or payment that Altantuya was asking for, the flaws in the case, and how the MACC had apparently failed to address the issue.

The proceedings in Paris are not open to the public, but Fadiah said the plaintiffs are able to brief the public.

Judge Roger Le Loire

Incidentally, Judge Le Loire hit the headlines in 2001 when he issued a summons to former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to appear as a witness to answer questions about alleged US involvement in Operation Condor during an investigation into the death and disappearance of five French citizens in Chile, then ruled by General Augusto Pinochet.

The summons was issued by Le Loire at the request of William Bourdon (who happens to be the other lawyer acting for Suaram in the Scorpene inquiry). Le Loire had in 1998 issued an international arrest warrant against Pinochet.

Kissinger was staying at the Ritz Hotel in Paris when he was served the summons. He bolted from Paris the same day.

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  1. President Nicholas Sarkozy himself has been implicated in other shady DCN-related arms deals. So Najib will be more worried if Francois Hollande is elected teh new President of France?

    • NTV7 Seekers (local version of Ghost Lab reality tv show) can check out.
      Cuba berkomunikasi dengan dia.
      Surely box office ‘meletup” movie in Malaysia !

      • I think about time for Finas to explore such paranormal theme since the local movie producers are already dead on creativity.

        Currently there is this Thai horror movie about the spirits in a commercial jet plane.

        Finas can use the Melaka submarine for location shooting to save cost and help the Melaka Governement to raise some fund to ease its debt situation. Imagine the story of a Mongolian spirit in the submarine – sure meletup on local box-office. David Teo please get the movie rights fst before KRU gets it as KRU has the special effect studio to show in slow-motion how a huan body is explodd by C4!

    • The killer will now know, the Monglians are fighters, even after death, they will keep fighting till they get the culprit…

      Sometimes we think we can always get away with things… nah ! definitely not this time ya?

      I will not be surprise if the killer suddenly drop dead…

      P/s Mr Anil, i didnt mention any name ya? TQ!

  2. And this song by a beautiful Mongolian songbird dedicated to Altan’s eternal happiness & passage to Heaven:
    天路 索朗旺姆 (A Road in Heaven)

  3. Enjoy this ethereal yet beautiful Mongolian song, better still meditate deep, fly & offer serenity to Altantuya’s wandering soul:
    Inner Mongolia Song – 青海湖 Qinghai Lake

  4. I heard they say (someone) is now wearing pampers because … Altantuya is everywhere now !!!

    Anil, nothing to delete right? TQ!

      • Besides dubious submarines, Najib has hammered in a slew of mega-deals that pundits say were obviously over-priced and aimed to help Umno-BN and its cronies cash out. Recent examples include a RM7.1 billion 60-year toll road concession and the sale of Maju Expressway for RM1.5bil, reaping its owner an RM1.2 bil profit as the majority of the costs were financed from government grants.

      • Flip-flop Najib going the same downward path as Badawi ? One day the PM shouts to his UMNO members that they will guard Putrajaya even if it has to be over crushed bones and bloodied bodies. Then another day he says BN apologizes for its past mistakes. What kind of trade-off politicking is this?

        If only the two prime ministers – Pak Lah and Najib had abandoned the ‘Mahathiristic’ mantra of divide and rule, threaten and conquer, fabricate lies and banish opponents, today BN can sail to yet another victorious mandate. But knowing full well the price that will have to be paid, BN has already set the climate for treason against nationhood. As so to save the nation from a great fall, the rakyat are bracing for Bersih 3.0. This is not the opposition parties’ doing; it is all BN’s fault.

        Anil, True?

  5. Altantunya died in M’sia, kick-back alleged on m’sian, trial concluded in Malaysian court. Unfortunately many M’sian (me included) put high expectation on French judiciary to reveal some truth about what actually happened in my homeland then. Yet, we still celebrating 55 yrs of merdeka this Aug for whatever reasons it justified.

    Mr powerfull’s palm is big enough to cover the sky of m’sia, however big and fat the palm Malaysian allowed it to grow over the sky, it will not reach France. Let’s wait for the sunshine of Paris, see if they glow differently.

  6. Let this yellow submarine case surface with the truths and not be hidden under the deep blue sea of untruths.
    Not even the Blue Ocean Strategy of misinformation can perpetually render this case to RIP like the ‘Titanic’ of glaring greed, murder & corruption.

    • Truly hope justice can be seen and done on earth and not always after death…

      Truly hope judges at the other end cannot be bought but with righteousness and conscience…

      p/s i watched the documentary @ goodtv, Taiwan channel.

  7. This is the grand standing that will torpedo any effort to find or prosecute corrupt acts or practices by Malaysian politicians as alleged. To have gone to a sitting judge sitting in a matter that is not yet complete is to compromise the integrity of the court and the tribunal. The audacity of ignorance of Suaram director Dr Kua Kia Soong, Malaysian lawyer Fadiah Nadwa and lawyer Joseph Breham is only matched and dwarfed by their ignorance.

    The tribunal is now tainted for the judge (if as reported is true) entertained the complaints and reports by these individuals outside of a competent hearing of the matter. The integrity of the hearing and of the three are now necessarily shot by their actions.

    If it is acceptable in a French court (a court with no jurisdiction in Malaysia) then whatever may have come out of its findings are now not admissible as evidence or carry much weight as evidence against anyone in Malaysia found to have been implicated or tainted with the so called Scorpene submarine affair.

    This is the effect and the calibre of a half baked self righteous opposition of idiots.


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