He delivered justice in the case of A Kugan, who was brutally tortured and found dead in police custody.

Justice V T SIngham

Justice V T SIngham

And he spoke up for the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, which is what many are clamouring for.

Justice V T Singham retires after delivering a judgement that stunned the nation.

Blog visitor Hamid Ibrahim adds:

I knew Singham from 1966 when I was the Town Council Secretary in Teluk Intan. He was Judge’s clerk and he was very keen on learning the law. He was with Cheang Lee Ong – Advocates & Solicitors.

When I started the CLJ in 1981, he came to work for me as legal editor in Kuala Lumpur; very studious, meticulous and hard-working person.

Later, he was a first-class criminal advocate.

When I was in London on business trips, he used to visit me and he was studying at the Buckingham University together with my son Nasser.

He is very courageous and forthright; it is hard to understand how he has been overlooked for promotion while … other junior judges were promoted.

He joined as a High Court judge and left as one.

Very sad indeed.


(Actually, he joined as a judicial commissioner in 2000 and was elevated to the High Court in 2002.)

Well done, good judge. Malaysia needs more judges like you.