Penang’s a happening place!


It’s all happening here in Penang in the coming days:

Sunday, 25 October

Noon: Himanshu Bhatt on the meaning of Deepavali in Penang’s dim and distant past

Venue: Upper Penang Road


2.00-3.30pm: Kee Thuan Chye reads from his latest book “March 8: The day Malaysia woke up”

Venue: Upper Penang Road.


10.00am-3.00pm: Exhibition on people’s movements pre- and post-Independence

3.00-5.00pm: Forum

Venue: Caring Society Complex

Organisers: Persatuan Persahabatan Abad Ke-21 Malaysia, Persatuan Kawan Karib Pulau Pinang, Persatuan Persahabatan Phoenix Malaysia and Suaram.

Tuesday, 28 October

8.00pm – Mass for Justice and Peace in our land, including prayers for the release of all ISA detainees and the repeal of the ISA

Venue: (Catholic) Church of the Nativity, Butterworth (next to Sikh temple), about 1km from ferry terminal.

Saturday, 1 November

2.00-5.00pm: Interfaith dialogue: Women in the Eyes of God

Representatives from the various religions taking part.

Venue: Hotel Seri Malaysia

Organiser: Jamaah Islah Malaysia

Contact Cik Ramlah 016-4222142 to make a reservation; limited places

Saturday, 8 November

2.00-5.00pm – Forum: [email protected] (to address issues relating to the proposed state-wide wi-fi project)

Venue: Komtar Dome

Organisers: Penang state government and MCMC

Meanwhile, a new group calling itself the Penang Wireless Campaign Group, concerned about the possible health risks of state-wide wi-fi, has set up a blog.

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  1. btw, this ‘penang wireless campaign group’ if they are against wireless penang, then why is their name ‘penang wireless campaign group’? shouldn’t the name be ‘penang anti-wireless campaign group’? oh i see all their posts were cut and paste articles taken here and there to support their stand on wireless posing a big health risk.

    any supporter of wireless penang wanna start a group/blog and get hard-working sourcing for news/info/articles that support wireless does not pose danger/health risk? πŸ™‚

    i’ll join the 2nd group. πŸ˜‰

  2. haha. so true anil. penang is such a happening place that all my weekend are tied up. so much to do, so much to see, so many place to go – sometimes overlap too… dunno where to go. wish i could be at 2 places at one time.

    well tomorrow sunday, first i’m going for the pictorial history exhibition, then to little penang street for kee thuan chye’s reading, and after that to d’space for free movie screening on recycling! (check my blog later on info about this recycling film). see, whole of sunday taken up.

    btw at little penang street market, lots of other activities happening apart from kee’s reading. er… i think kee’s reading is at the foyer of the garage. that’s the info he sent from email – at the garage not beach blanket babylon.


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