Now this is why the Penang state government should not go ahead with its plan to install CCTV cameras in crime-prone areas. The only people to benefit will be the camera and equipment suppliers.

The UK has the most CCTV cameras – but it has been an utter fiasco as this report from This is London: reveals:

Billions spent on CCTV have failed to cut crime and led to an ‘utter fiasco’, says Scotland Yard surveillance chief

Last updated at 11:22am on 07.05.08

The billions of pounds spent covering Britain with CCTV cameras has been an “utter fiasco” and failed to slash crime, Scotland Yard’s surveillance chief has said.

Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville said a Metropolitan Police pilot project found just three per cent of street robberies in London were solved using CCTV images.

He claimed the vast swathes of money spent on cameras had been wasted because criminals don’t fear the cameras.

But Mr Neville also castigated the police and claimed officers can’t be bothered to seek out CCTV images because it’s “hard work”.

The comments from Mr Neville, who is the head of the Visual Images, Identifications and Detections Office (Viido) at Scotland Yard, will further cast doubt on the spread of surveillance in Britain.

Britain has one per cent of the world’s population but, incredibly, 20 per cent of its CCTV cameras – the equivalent of one for every 14 people.

Last year it emerged the £200m spent on 10,000 crime-fighting cameras in London had had little effect on reducing offending.

A comparison of the number of cameras in each London borough with the proportion of crimes solved there found that police were no more likely to catch offenders in areas with hundreds of cameras than in those with hardly any.

Speaking at a security conference in London, Mr Neville claimed the use of CCTV images for court evidence had been very poor so far.

He said: “CCTV was originally seen as a preventative measure.

“Billions of pounds have been spent on kit, but no thought has gone into how the police are going to use the images and how they will be used in court.

“It’s been an utter fiasco: only three per cent of crimes were solved by CCTV.

“Why don’t people fear it? They think the cameras are not working.”…

So please don’t waste public money on CCTV cameras. Rather, get to the root causes of the rising crime rate and tackle them.

Meanwhile, hot off the oven:

Question #47 – Mei 2008

Liew Chin Tong (Bukit Bendera) asks the Minister of Housing and Local Government to state the direction and time frame to establish local council elections to start a new chapter of democracy in Malaysia.

Minister’s Response:
The Government does not plan to conduct any local council elections.

Well, we can’t wait for the BN-led Federal Government, which is so out of touch with the people’s aspirations. The Pakatan state governments must come up with a quick road map to push through local government elections.

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  1. Donplaypuks has the right answer to our social problems. It will take a generation or two and the right government to fix that.

  2. I agree with Callum. Has happened in my case where they see the culprit but the face is too blur to convict him.
    But I actually post this to say to Anil, please stop taking just one instance of something that doesn’t work in UK and applying a broad brush to the whole world. Get more info from other countries.
    You did this with the free wifi for Penang, where you took some uninformed writer’s post that said ‘wifi could harm an individual with radio waves’. All the gullible people just took the same position that you did without fact checking.
    You have to stop this. You’re an educated man, are you not?

  3. The problem is and always has been image quality. with new content analytics can be applied to both live and recorded video, with multiple detectors and unlimited detection rules per camera, as well as offering increased functionability with analytics on edge devices. Megapixels is simply the horizontal dimension multiplied by the vertical dimension in pixels. If your size image is (resolution) a 3,235,428 pixel image rounded to 3.3 Megapixel. Mega means million. This is the high quality IP megapixel security camera for your most high importance needs. Quality is the amount of compression applied to the image in the camera. The higher the quality the larger the file size will end up being, but in terms of recognision, the courts will be thanking you delightfully.

  4. Surveillance has become an important method of detecting conspicuous person that has a potential danger to everyone, and preventing such of doing their goal toward terror. Such surveillance will be impossible without the help of high end CCTV cameras, that’s monitoring non-stop around the clock.

  5. CCTV works in london against litter bugs and some potential criminals.its the police force who refuse to make effort to use cctv. when population increases every year crime is bound to increase. snatch thieves will be caught if cctv installed in KL

  6. Thanks mr.anil for passing throu my comments in your blogs.

    But just passing throu my comments doesnt make any solution.I need your feedback and also whether you can do so,to set up the trust fund.

    Raj RAman.I can afford the fund but cant afford to take the harrasment.So pls pls do something for others.

    (An idea worth considering, Raj – but just too bogged down with so many different things at the moment. – Anil)

  7. MR.anil,

    i know you are the corrupt buster and pennies play a save game.

    may i borrow your space for my other have the rights to moderate my opinion.(I HAVE ENOUGH SHOUTING THIS MESSAGE IN OTHERS BLOGS BUT NO COMMENTS FROM THEM)



    1.Why the donation drive of accounts number is not make available by malaysiakini?

    2.I have to take a risk to donate throu from bloggers who gave the accounts number.

    3.Based on goodwill and trust many donated but its have some flaws-the blogs owner never mention to wish accounts to donate.

    4.Its very unresposible of blogs owner to allow bloggers to put in the accounts number until the owner of blogs themself confirm.(luckly its a correct accounts).

    Your column does atract alot of good readers and your supplement blogs in malaysiakini also contribute to their readership.So why malaysiakini never come out the banner to whom we must donate.

    Finaly,RPK case is testing ground for the goverment to start harras blogs owner and the bloggers.Do you all prepared to face this harrasment?

    If yes,please start a campaign and create a trust fund for blogs owner and the bloogers who pass throu the moderation comments.
    In event there is urgent need of fund,the will be some kind of fast action to be taken to bail them out.


    raj raman-please do something about this trust fund.Maybe you,me and others will need the fund to bail out from this political motivated charges.RPK IS FAMOUS SO THERE BIG HO HA-HOW ABOUT THE OTHER GUY WHO CHARGE TOGETHER?DONT HE ALSO NEED SUPPORT FROM US?


    You have the moral obligation to provide free space when the trust fund is created, because not all your news comes from your reporter,the blogs owner and bloggers need to be protected.

  8. Dear Anil

    I too came across this article about this debacle in UK today.

    Of course CCTV works in UK. For whoever got the fat supply & the more lucrative maintenance contracts! Likewise in M’sia.

    The fact is, hanging, electric chair, lethal injection, gassing, caning/whipping, life sentences with hard labour, all have one thing in common – overall crime rates in the world have not decreased! Even with amputation in the Middle East!

    If anything, they have increased, especially sexually violent rapes and killings. Do we not all weep for every Nini or Shalin?

    If CCTV has not worked in the UK as a crime deterrent, then it is unlikely to do any better in M’sia. The answer is not to treble or quaruple the number of CCTV’s and herald the arrival of the dangerous ‘Big Brother’ and the completely Dictatorial and Police States of ‘1984,’ ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ and ‘Gattica’.

    Like prostitution, few enter the world of crime by choice. I am not an apologist to the likes of robbers, killers, rapists and child molesters. Nor to do I readily subscribe to Freudian theories of Oedipus, mother and sexual repression as universal causes of sexual crimes.

    But endemic problems like this that circle the Globe usually have their roots in:-

    1. poor all-round education system with over-emphasis on paper qualifications
    2. poverty
    3. wide disparity in national income distribution
    4. rapid urbanisation, with huge migration of populations from rural to urban areas
    5. failure of policing infrastructure to keep pace with urbanisation.
    6. over emphassis on materialism and acquistion
    7. institutionalised racism, especially in Government

    I am sure there are many more fundamental reasons why an ordinay straight-thinking person will drift towards crime.

    I will tell you though 2 things that used to work in preventing crime:-

    1. When you knew the cops by name. You know, when we had Malay, Indian & Chinese neighbourhood beat cops! AND

    2. When Rukun Tetangga was in force.

    What has clearly happened in M’sia is that :
    (a) we have substituted quantity for quality
    (b) made Polis DiRaja into an amost single race profession
    (c) and cops react to rather than prevent crime, from the comforts of air-conditioned souped up fancy cars and plush high-rise offices.

    Somewhere in there, the fact that we pay peanuts to our police, like we do teachers, must also be a significant contributary factor to declining standards.

    One thing that really puzzles and got me winded up recently was news about the killing of an MP…. The IGP is quoted as clarifying that they had one of the suspects (pro hit man), the gun (also used in another killing) and matching bullets, but had to close the file (NFA) as they could not rely on hearsay.

    Huh? …

    Perhaps, someone can explain or was the IGP misquoted… ?


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