They embraced not once but twice. Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his uncle Rahman Ya’kub buried the hatchet five years ago.

Photograph: The Star

Rahman described Taib as ‘yang saya sentiasa sayangi’ – Photograph: The Star

They patched up their purportedly strained relationship in a public display of affection in front of 1000 guests on the occasion of Rahman’s 80th birthday.

See the full report in The Star back in 2008. (The report also noted that one of Rahman’s family, Khadijah, married Tun Razak’s son Nizam.)

Yesterday, in response to a journalist questioning him about the Global Witness sting video on shady land deals, Taib had said: “You know that cousin (one of Rahman’s daughters)? Find out what was the relationship between the father (Rahman) and me. Is it friendly or not? We were fighting at one time. So that cannot be my most trusted … but (it’s) up to you (whether you believe it or not).

In the Global Witness video, one of Rahman’s daughters was filmed as saying that both families were close.

See the video from 1:20