Stadium roof collapse 2.0: How to build nuclear power plants?


If the roof of the stadium in Gong Badak in Terengganu can collapse for a second time, what can we expect if the government goes ahead with its plan to build nuclear power plants?

Malaysia boleh?! Good grief!

The steel structure of the stadium roof collapsed this morning and pinned down workers. Five were pulled out of the rubble, three of them seriously injured.

The stadium cost RM292m. Its roof first collapsed in 2009, a year after it was opened for the Sukma Games in 2008. The roof was being repaired at a cost of RM15m (according to Bernama) when it collapsed again.

Check out some (unverified) photos here and here.

Will anyone be hauled up and held accountable? Don’t hold your breath. And how safe are the rest of our stadiums?

Is this a sign of things to come for Terengganu at the polls?

Ho-hum, another day, another public relations disaster for the BN.

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  1. nuclear power plants are dangerous. i’m sad that people still want these things after chernobyl and fukushima… and Lynas… even after Bukit Merah… shows that people will never learn!

  2. High speed train between Singapore and KL in 55 minutes?

    I do not trust the rail road if it is built by Umno’s ali-baba contractor.
    Safer to take 4-hour ride by Konsortium bus!

  3. If the roof of the stadium in Gong Badak in Terengganu can collapse for a second time, what can we expect if the government goes ahead with its plan to build nuclear power plants?

    Another Chenobyl

  4. Sheikh Muzaffar got what, so don’t worry, he will be controlling the nuclear plant. Way to Go Thunderbolt Sheikh.

  5. sam sung, well said.

    When we drive around, please take note at the road shoulders.Nowadays, we cannot find road shoulders, where we can move over trying to avoid an accident.
    Town councils engage contractors to build water run-offs in both sides of the road.
    These water run-offs, in the form of a concrete drain, start right at the edge of the road, into the main drain, 3 meters away.. I have seen some with 20cm in depth, 30cm wide. I have also seen some with 20cm deep and 50cm wide. In Seremban Jaya, and in Rasah jaya.
    Imagine if a motorcyclist were being squeezed out of the road, he is dead for sure.
    There is no space left, although the road is 3 meters from the main drain.

    • Apart from these gutters, there are also deeper drains without proper raised “guard edges” (I don’t know the proper term). There are a number of other anti-human aspects and waste relating to roads I could mention, especially in urban areas. All this arises because
      – towns are built to cater for cars and not humans, as promoted by the motor car, road and petroleum industries.
      – our servants – political and civil – get away with spending our money against our interests. In effect, they get away with manslaughter on a vast scale.

  6. Gerakan K, transfer your mini market/ supermarket/hypermarket & your HQ to be “next door neighbour ” to Lynas. This move will attest your loyalty and beliefs towards the G’vnor insistence that Lynas, its products and by-products are safe. Lynas staffs can buy your products too, isn’t that a good ” Killing 2 birds with 1 stone “

  7. Tens of thousands of Malaysians die prematurely because of (a) poor road maintenance (b) licensing untrained drivers (c) bad road design (d) people breathing in various poisons from roads too close to buildings (e) lack of clean water and sanitation in rural areas. Corruption kills.

  8. Actually as greedy and corrupted as UMNO/BN is, they won’t give the main contract of a nuclear plant construction out to a local company. The problem is the maintenance which even if they start out with an expensive foreign one, inevitably, they will insist on using a local one which will end disastrously almost for sure- it may take years but it will..

      • And who is going to get the contract for the high speed train between Singapore & KL. Its so obvious and (perhaps) none other than the … closest crony … who will (probably) do nothing but in turn passed it over to another crony … and get the benefits…

  9. Its not because of the collapse that kill. Its corruption that kill
    And it start from the govt that is corrupt.
    And that govt that is corrupt is from the party that the people elect.
    Make the right choice. We cannot have the cheat and cheap as a govt

    • Why are you so dumb? You only import the uranium and technology. The infra you have to build using local contractors and raw materials. If you are not smart but keep quiet…..nobody will know at all.


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