Security Bill and the all-powerful Executive


Just as the Emergency (1948-1960) was replaced by the ISA in 1960, today the ISA neared its end with the passing of the Security Offences Bill 2012 in Parliament.

Nazri says nothing can guarantee that a law won’t be abused, as even the effectiveness of built-in safeguards depends on whether the sitting government and its chief executive will play by the rules.

What is he telling us between the lines?

That our judiciary is powerless to prevent laws from being abused?

That laws that violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (no detention without trial) can exist in our statute books?

That the Executive is all-powerful with no institutional checks and balances at all?

That the separation of powers is a myth?

Thanks for clarifying that, Mr Law Minister.

We now have the ISA assuming a new name, the Security Offences (Special Measures) Bill 2012, as the bill winds its way to law.

The position of the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) is clear: the ISA must go and it should not be replaced with other laws, especially the new Security Offences (Special Measures) Act.

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  1. mahathir messed with the judiciary and we lost a pillar of our checks and balance. He will rue his long life smelling the … from his action.

  2. Facing ISA before & the new Security Bill is akin to facing the devil & the deep blue sea. What good choices do we have?
    So much, so deep for Blue Ocean Strategy!

  3. It was reported on Chinese press that Nazri admitted that Tun Razak had assured that ISA was to be used agaisnt communis insurgents and not those with different political inclinations, but somehow the later PM had abused ISA in the Operation Lalang arrest. However, this is not reported on NST or Utusan/Berita Harian.

    I guess it is just another ‘blue ocean trick’ by Najib to win the Chinese votes who are dead agaisnt Tun M. If he is sincere about this as per his father’s assertion, then he should apologize openly (ala Lee Hsien Loong before election) and compensate those Chinese educationists who were jailed wrongly. He should also openly censure Tun M for such abuse of power.

    As usual, BN is taking rakyat for granted, hopefully they can forget the incident just like the NFC case (incidentally swapping a ministerial position for RM250 million is a good deal).

    Another insider talk is Najib’s revamped ISA is to protect those Umnoputeras should Pakatan takes over and may subject them to the draconian ISA detention. Certainly we should question more the real intention of such ‘blue ocean’ strategy.


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