Sarbani inquest rules its “misadventure”

Sarbani inquest rules its “misadventure”

The inquest into senior Customs officer Sarbani’s death at the MACC office has ruled that it was a case of misadventure.

Ho-hum. Right. Sure.

Did you expect anything else after the Beng Hock findings?

We still don’t know how the cctv recordings were deleted.


  1. Least we forget, our resident clown Gerakan K is a self-declared rent seeker. It’s pretty obvious he is still having a hard time getting used to the open tender system.

  2. Gerakan K- … Lets not talk about PR. Lets talk about if you and your family is the receiving end of this kind of evil administrations…. dont you fear for your family? I do.

    I am however glad that I have alot of friends – Muslim, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi. I thank God that my friends are all brothers and sisters of Earth, not like THAT GROUP of evil incarnated.

    I can only wish the late Sarbani’s family well…..

  3. Walau eh Anil !!!

    LGE threaten mau resign[1] you tak report. You bikin ini Sarbani punya cerita buat apa ??? Nik Aziz cabar Dap keluar Pakatan[2] you tak report, you buat Old Penang: Weld Quay ???

    Tutup satu mata kah ???

    Eh, Dap leadership to cede office = LGE mau resign itu CM post kah ??? Siapa yang pandai English sila bagi tau maksud kenyataan itu.

    [1] DAP leadership to cede office if hudud law part of Pakatan agenda (

    [2] Nik Aziz: “DAP Can Leave Pakatan, I Am Firm About Implementing Hudud Laws” (


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