Sarbani inquest rules its “misadventure”


The inquest into senior Customs officer Sarbani’s death at the MACC office has ruled that it was a case of misadventure.

Ho-hum. Right. Sure.

Did you expect anything else after the Beng Hock findings?

We still don’t know how the cctv recordings were deleted.


  1. Least we forget, our resident clown Gerakan K is a self-declared rent seeker. It’s pretty obvious he is still having a hard time getting used to the open tender system.

  2. Gerakan K- … Lets not talk about PR. Lets talk about if you and your family is the receiving end of this kind of evil administrations…. dont you fear for your family? I do.

    I am however glad that I have alot of friends – Muslim, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi. I thank God that my friends are all brothers and sisters of Earth, not like THAT GROUP of evil incarnated.

    I can only wish the late Sarbani’s family well…..

  3. Walau eh Anil !!!

    LGE threaten mau resign[1] you tak report. You bikin ini Sarbani punya cerita buat apa ??? Nik Aziz cabar Dap keluar Pakatan[2] you tak report, you buat Old Penang: Weld Quay ???

    Tutup satu mata kah ???

    Eh, Dap leadership to cede office = LGE mau resign itu CM post kah ??? Siapa yang pandai English sila bagi tau maksud kenyataan itu.

    [1] DAP leadership to cede office if hudud law part of Pakatan agenda (

    [2] Nik Aziz: “DAP Can Leave Pakatan, I Am Firm About Implementing Hudud Laws” (

    • Gerakan K, You bodoh atau ignorant. Anil pun tak repot pornstar CSL mau keluar Barang Naik. Mooyidin kata saya mahu hudud dan kata pornstar CSL tak tahu dengar atau bodoh

      • Bukan. Dia di dalam Peter Pan mode. Dia fikir dia muda tetapi dia kena lupa selectif.

      • Hello, our Penang CM mungkin mau resign lah. CSL itu hal Johor. Siapa bodoh sekarang ???

      • Loudmouth talking without engaging his brain (if he had one). Did you read the full statement?
        DAP leaders said they would leave pakatan if Hudud law is included in the PR common framework/policy. Has that happened? Has the other 2 parties agreed?



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