Rumblings within Umno?


We have seen Mahathir firing broadsides over 1MDB. Of course, he may have his own motives. After all, it is not as if there were no scandals during his administration.

Then we saw Batu Kawan Umno deputy chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan lodging a police report calling for a “detailed and comprehensive” investigation into 1MDB.

Now, former NST group chief editor Kadir Jasin has written a piece which suggests that discontent about the country’s leadership is brewing in certain circles.

He points to falling rubber oil palm and rubber prices which are hurting smallholders, and also mentions losses in FGV. Then he asks why Ibrahim Ali has a notable following when he his not that wealthy and has no BR1M to offer:

Kalau Tok Him satu duit tak guna, pasal apa puluh ribu Melayu ikut dia? Dia bukan ada kuasa. Dia pun bukan orang kaya. Dia tak bagi Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia. Tapi orang totok serta profesor, berduyun-duyun ikut dia.

Cakap Tok Him orang ramai peduli. Sebab dah tak percaya YB dan Menteri. Jadi jangan dok asyik nak perli-perli. Silap-silap YB hilang kerusi sebab rakyat tak undi.

And what is all this speculation about Mukhriz that Kadir is referring to?

PM pun kenalah berhati-hati. Jangan dok asyik nak pergi bercuti. Sambut tahun baru di luar negeri. Ada orang dia kata, belum tentu PM bercuti di luar negara. Masih berfikir dan berkira-kira. Sebab blogger dah mula tanya.

Berkenaan Mukhriz saya tak terkejut. Jawatan dalam MKT dah kena lucut. Dengar cerita di Kedah serabut. Sesama Umno depa dok berebut. Tapi orang PM kata, cerita itu fitnah semata-mata. Dalam MKT Mukhriz masih ada.

Mukhriz rampas Kedah dari Pas. Takkanlah jawatan dia mereka nak rampas? Kalau Presiden buat juga, nampak dia cari bahaya. Silap-silap Kedah Pas tawan semula. Jadi fikirlah sebelum buat apa-apa.

Di Selangor lain pula cerita. Dalam PRU BN menderita. Cakap besar tak terkata. PM percaya sangatlah “gumbira”. Bila bilang undi tinggal 12 kerusi saja. Mohd Najib kata dia malu tidak terkira. Tapi kong kali kong sama saja. Noh Omar tetap ketua.

KLIA 2 berlopak-lopak. Semua yang tengok tentu nampak. Inilah akibat pilih kontraktor haprak. Tapi jangan buat apa-apa. Dalam lopak boleh bela keli dan tilapia. MAHB boleh buat untung segera. Extraordinary income kata jurukira. Semua orang bertepuk gembira. Itulah standard KPI kita.

Banyak lagi yang boleh dicerita. Tanah runtuh dan mala petaka. Yang kena tangkap pendatang dan pekerja. Tauke besar bebas juga. Pegawai kanan buat macam biasa. Rasuah dan salah guna kuasa tetap berleluasa. Tunjuk simpati di bibir saja.

In September, Kadir Jasin had supported Mahathir over the latter’s controversial “Malays are lazy” remark.

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  1. The regime has lost the non-Malay votes and never to get it back. Incessant broken promises and useless rhetoric are the hallmark of this power-that-be. Hence we are doing them a favour that a change is required in order to slap and wake them up to a new reality of the world today. We, the Rakyat can do it !! Jom Ubah !!!

  2. Why park the 1MDB funds at Caymans island and not Labuan?
    If UMNO is the guardian of ketuanan melayu, then why not support your own financial institution?

    A sovereign fund parking its cash in Cayman Islands is strange. It is even stanger to call it a sovereign fund when it is essentially a commercial company but owned by so called taxpayers (read UMNO). It still has not answered the question – how does it benefit the ordinary Malaysian like me?

    The Edge in its investigative reporting had reported that the 1MDB funds in Cayman Islands were managed by Hong Kong fund managers (allegedly associated with those) who had served jail time for cheating offences. Ahmad Maslan had earlier said all the funds will be brought back from Cayman Islands by end 2014. Now that the deadline is here, we hear another excuse that the funds will not be brought back because of ringgit devaluation. What nonsensical explanation is this?

    Also, why was it necessary for the government to create 1MDB when the power plants were already privately owned by YTL Power, etc.? Why can’t Najib just utilise Khazanah?

  3. Last nite Malaysia Harimau Malaya was leading 3 goals against Thailand at Bkt Jalil Stadium and Ah Jib Kor was about to prepare his tweet and blog declaring special holiday for the Suzuki Cup success, but unfortunately the game did not end at 70th minute when the Thais scored late goals to snatch the cup on aggregate results!

    • Bad omen for Najib. The final reflects that the last moments of his reign he would let in 2 goals; 1 scored by Mahathir and the other one his 1MDB own goal?

  4. Dr M is responsible for what is happening to the Malays today, He had always portrayed Malays as weak from the day even before he become PM. He had never encouraged or helped the Malays to believe that they are no weak and would be able to overcome whatever weakness they have, but he had encouraged them to depend on the Government for alms so that he could remain at the helm forever. That is why he never groomed his successor properly so that the Malays would always relay on him for advice. To defend his stand he always make others the scapegoats.

    The only obvious danger to the dominant race is from within its own race-the few corrupted leaders who continue to mislead them in order to stay in power and enrich themselves and their cronies which include selected rich non-Malay too. The majority of the silent and good and respectful Malay must rise up to lead and save this nation for all Malaysians.

    • Lim Kit Siang has challenged Tun Dr Mahathir to a public debate following the former prime minister’s claims that the Malays’ grip on politics was weak due to disunity, prompting them to beg support from other races to remain in power.

      I hope the debate ca take place andbe shown live on TV3 and Astro Awani.

  5. A few individuals rumbling is a small matter. Pakatan DAP,PKR and PAS rumbling is even worse. Hudud and Kajang move. … while DAP is rumbling with PAS on the hudud rumble while PKR Anwar and gang is keeping quiet. Anyway what can we say when DAP CAT, DAP acun like Dyana & PKR Anwar and leaders have said they they are not oppose to Hudud but …………………..


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