Protest in Penang against deaths in custody


A protest against recent custodial deaths was held outside the central police lock-up in Bayan Baru on Mothers’ Day, Sunday, 11 May.

Outside the Bayan Baru police lock-up - Photograph: Suaram
Outside the Bayan Baru police lock-up – Photograph: Suaram

Among those attending the protest were representatives of Suaram, Aliran, Bersih and relatives of victims of custodial deaths.

Suaram released a memorandum after the protest. The memo contains the names of nine recent victims of custodial deaths – six of them died in police lock-ups and three in prisons.

We continue to call for the Independent Police Misconduct and Complaints Commission (IPCMC), a key recommendation of a royal commission of inquiry.

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  1. This is what the Malaysian police is famous and good for instead of protecting the very people they are supposed to. Now you know why the Malaysian police are giving the excuse that the Chinese Malaysian do not like joining the police force. If that excuse is true why are so many Chinese Malaysian in the Singapore police force ?
    Another valid reason is just look at the top ten police personnels in Bukit Aman, is there a non Malay amongst them or look at all the CPO of the 13 states in Malaysia, is there also one non Malay as a CPO ? Likewise how many non Malay Director General or non Malay Ambassador are there in this country ?
    Most of all why is it the civil services are occupied by 96% of Malay when the country’s population of non Malays not reflected accordingly ? These are only examples of the kind of marginalization of the non Malays in this country, even President Obama who is thousand of miles away is aware of what is going on said of this marginalisation that is happing in this country during his recent visit to Malaysia.
    The recent disappearing of MH370 is also a good example of this practice by the Umno schmucks, in all the press conferences pertaining to MH370, how many of non Chinese were there ? Paraded every time were only of one race and just look at them and most of all at the kind of performances and speeches and answers given by them pertaining to MH370. Some of them were just disgraceful to tMalaysia, to say the least. Also a true reflection of Malaysia, as though this country cannot find better civil servants amongst the population and above all Malaysia consists of almost of one race.

    May be the excuse they are giving for these shambles are that they are unable to find the no Malays with the right qualification and that is why they have Talent Corp going round the world begging the immigrated with talents and skills that are needed in this country to return to serve the country. I might add to say with lots and lots of incentives and without much any success and only can bring home those who cannot move on further in lives. The one thing that these Talent Corp people did not or ‘forgot to tell them is they would still be reporting to a moron … that is with one kind of complexion of the skin !

    Now the world knows why the country, in spite of the wealth the nation is blessed with, it still remains in the third world and worse of all heavily in debt ! Everyone is able to understand why ? When most … the wealth, are (allegedly) in the private foreign accounts of the Umno schmucks.

    Individuals like the sons of egregious Mahathir or like Syed another Umno made Malay who have billions. Try asking these billionaires to venture and invest and make their fortunes outside Malaysia just to proof that hey have the business acumen to make a million not even the billion they are supposed to have. (Much of) the millions or billions they have were being to then on a golden platter.

    But these schmucks are still trying or pretending to project the image that by 2020 Malaysia will be a high income nation and will out of the third world before 2020. After all talks and illusions are not free,

    just keep eating more radishes, one thing or sure they are halal and they now need the GST (Government survival tax) to try and get them out of the hole they dug for themselves if they can !


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