A columnist in the Philippines has accused several Malaysian politicians of protecting pyramiding scam suspect Manuel Amalilio, who is wanted in the Philippines.

This is a report from today’s Philippine Star, page 15:

Philippines Star, 1 February 2013, page 15

Philippine Star, 1 February 2013, page 15

You can also find the same report online in the Philippine Star website.

Philippines Interior Secretary Manual Roxas has alleged that Sabah CM Musa Aman gave the order not to let Amalilio get on the plane back to the Philippines, according to this report in the Philippines Daily Inquirer. The report goes on to describe the rising tension at the airport when Malaysian police stopped the Philippines officials from escorting Amalilio back to the Philippines to face justice. (What happened to the spirit of Asean cooperation, eh?)

But Sabah police have dismissed the claim that Musa stopped the deportation, reports Free Malaysia Today. Police claim they stopped the deportation as there had been no deportation request by the Philippines.

“It appeared that the Malaysians who had also fallen prey to Amalilio’s supposed pyramiding scheme were alerted when they saw on television that the head of the Aman Futures Group Philippines Inc. was set to be deported on Thursday, prompting them to seek the help of Malaysian authorities in holding Amalilio so they could get their money back,” said the Manila Standard in a report.

Why is Amalilio wanted? See this report in Philippine Star.


I trust the MACC is hard at work(!) investigating these allegations in the Philippines’ press so that the Malaysian personalities mentioned can be cleared if they are innocent.