Haunting images as Kugan is laid to rest



kuganfuneralPhotos and report by [email protected]

We take off from University Malaya Medical Centre, at about 2.15pm.

1430: Embedded with the ‘Barisan Rakyat’ group, we are to meet at Puchong before proceeding to the burial ground. A convoy of about 10 cars makes it way. Word has it that there are about a thousand people near the Taipan Subang police station but no way of confirming it. A helicopter is hovering above.

1530: We arrive at the main T-junction towards the burial ground, which is about a kilometre away. Many people are gathering there and a couple of policemen are visible. The sense of anticipation mounts. Groups of people gather to talk about the day’s news. It is strangely quiet though. The scorching sun is drenching us with sweat.

1645: Just got into position; suddenly everyone is gathering as one big group near the main T-junction. No police or FRU personnel are following the procession, which is the only way into the temple.

As the procession comes into view, I cannot make out where Kugan’s coffin is. Perhaps it is in one of the cars. The crowd is large: people, motobikes, and more people. From this point, I reckon we are a kilometre away from the temple. Suddenly, my gaze is transfixed onto a group of people carrying a coffin. They are actually walking in! Never thought I would experience anything like this.

1656: We are just 10 minutes from the main junction. And then the weather changes. The rain catches us by surprise. I tell you, it’s not just the usual rain we experience: this one is pelting down. Within minutes, I am drenched. I don’t mind getting wet, but I had to tumpang someone’s umbrella ‘cos of my camcorder.

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It’s a new experience for me and my umbrella partner. Everyone who walks past us can’t help but flash us a thumb’s up sign for coming. Why? Because, both of us stand out! We are Chinese, surrounded by Indians. We feel like part of a big family of hundreds, perhaps thousands, on this day. A friend of mine gets a lift from a motorcyclist and as he passes me, he shouts out my name and grins from ear to ear. We didn’t realise we would have to walk this far, braving the elements, but it is worth it.

1712: The procession ends at the temple for prayers and Kugan’s coffin is finally laid to rest. Behind all the chanting, wailing and prayers, an irritating sound is heard. Yes, it’s that out-of-place clattering helicopter. It’s not neccesary for this chopper to continually irritate the peaceful crowd since morning.

kuganfamilyFamily stricken with grief

1745: Kugan’s parents return to the temple from the burial ground. His mother appears grief-stricken. His father gazes into my camera lens as if to ask, “Where is the murderer? Have you got him yet?” It is a powerful, haunting image. Not sure who the other lady is, but she is weeping uncontrollably.

Another young man is standing next to me, filled with tears and anger. He throws down his cigarette in disgust and walks away in resignation. I can’t take it either. I quickly turn away.

Several people are now being interviewed by the media. Lawyer Gobind appears visibly moved and demands answers from you-know-who. No one has reportedly been apprehended so far for Kugan’s barbaric murder.  The injustice remains unresolved.

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A sign of hope that justice will be served

We finally leave the place, although many are still walking in. I am so engrossed with the walk that I don’t realise the rain has stopped. The sky clears and as I look up, I snap a picture of a fine white cloud suddenly forming as if to say, “Hold on to me; tomorrow will be better and justice will be delivered.”

I sincerely pray and hope it will.

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  1. Anyone have any idea what happened to the 2nd autopsy report? The drive to uphold human rights for all and call for ethical behaviour and accountability of police have sizzled out? Have we forgotten?? BN’s engineered quite a good distraction in Perak, but this is still important!!

  2. INDIAN,

    The word “Indian” is not a “criminal”. All races also have their black sheep. Don’t jump to conclusion.

    Not all police are bad, but only those who abused the suspects and subsequently costing his life is similar to those Indian who rape, kill and rob mercilessly.

    Kugan is a victim, he is not a hero. He is a victim of (abuse). You still remember the girl who was asked to squat naked, and one month ago an Indian was tortured when hot water was poured on him. Police have the right to shoot him when he refused to be arrested but not in custody when he had no where to run.

    Kugan case is not a racial issues. It becomes racial issues because
    the government came under heavy attacked by the rakyat so they (appeared to) camouflage the whole issues by playing with racial sentiment hoping that the issues will be subsided.

    You love Malaysia. Good for you but watch out on which country you wanted to compare with Rwanda, Somalia, UK or Greece?

  3. I agree that Kugan was not proven guilty. Any criminal undergoing interrogation will never speak out unless being tortured. If the police had asked Kugan politely, “Hi Mr. Kugan. Can you please tell us whereabouts of the stolen cars”, the 15 cars wouldnt have been recovered. So, some light tortures needed to make him tell the truth.

    Eventhough if Kugan is still alive and pleaded guilty, what would have he done? Serve some years in jail and come out. After that? Become Mahathma Gandhi? Haha… He might go back to his dark part of life. Number of criminals becoming innocent & good after released from jail is damn low.

    But polices’ mistake is (allegedly) torturing him till death. It could be unintentionally done. Could be a mistake. Police is not so stupid to jump into deep s*** like this by killing a criminal. If they really wanted Kugan to die, they would have shot him at the time he never stop his car when chased by police. Police has the rights to shoot whoever flee away from police. But why they didn’t do? Just because they wanted Kugan to live.

    Actually police doesn’t care what race you are & whats your status in the society. All the criminals are being treated equally. For instance we can take Dato Seri Anwar as an example. What happened to him after he got arrested? Had been treated the same like other criminals.

    I would like to remind you all of one incident happened in Johor Bahru. A chinese lady & her daughter was kidnapped by a car thief together with her car in Petronas by an Indian guy. He then brought her to his friend’s area and gang raped them. Whole night! The next day dropped them in a shopping complex and flee with the car. So, in this case his intention was to steel the car. But he got a bonus idea of raping her after stealing the car.

    Another incident. 2 indian girls were riding back home from work. A lorry hit them purposely and a gang of indian guys kidnapped one of the girls. Then gang raped her whole night. All the 5 guys were caught by police the next day. In the gang, the youngest boy’s age was 12 years old. What the hell is this? In which category do you want to put these guys? HUMAN BEING?

    Hello INDIANS! Wake up! Before you blame Malaysian Government for racial issue, look at yourself first. If wanna take example of a multiracial country with close bond, then choose criminals. Especially our Indian Criminals who rob, rape & murder multi racial people mostly of their own race, INDIAN. I see them co-operative when fighting for Indian rights in Malaysia. But in real life? Are they co-operative enough among themselves? (For some), an Indian’s happiness is a fall of another Indian. Its my real life experience over few hundreds of Indians that i mixed with.

    Kugan’s death is a jackpot for HINDRAF to provoke people to go against government. I dont think members of HINDRAF is really concerned and sad about Kugan’s death. They are happy that they got a bonus point to create more problem for the government….. They dont care how many headcounts of death, either Indian or other race. The only thing they want is to … create racial issue in the country.

    So for our future and our kids’ future, please stop fighting for your luxury rights in Malaysia. The rights you have right now is more than a enough for a migrant race. If you all open your narrow mind & compare Malaysia with other countries, then it would be a heaven for you. I Love Malaysia!!!! Cheers…

  4. chandra,
    it will take a few years before he can be found guilty by the court. So, in the meantime, can Kugan be your adopted-son and mingle with your sons and daughters ? Pls ask your sons/daughters.

    you are way of tangent. i strongly believe that your comprehension ability is a suspect. maybe your low level of education/food contributes to your sub-standard argumentative ability.
    pls continue your name-calling. thats what morons do. nincompoop..

  5. well he was not proven guilty so l dont call him a criminal yet.
    this country is suppose to be an democratic country.WHERE IS DEMOCRAZY? whoever is responsible for his death will pay for
    their crime.l have faith and believe god very strongly then in
    human beings. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL SOON.

  6. (Better English version to suit you “SI HAM” taste.)

    What do you mean by “(some of you) are idolising “criminals”…”? killing a suspect is tantamount to criminals. In this case police became the crinimals.Do we have the right to torture the police (in this case “the crinimals”) until they confessed that they kill Kugan by using excessive forces and consequently causes their precious live?

    Police who protects our families does not have the right to kill any suspect for whatever reasons. Please get your head right.

    By the way, have make appointment with your psychologist. Niamah Char Keuy Teow. Hahaha… please be angry


    What do you mean by “(some of you) are idolising “criminals”…”? killing a suspect is tantamount to criminals. In this case police became the crinimals.Do we have the right to torture the police (in this case “the crinimals”) until they confessed that they kill Kugan by using excessive forces and consequently causes their precious live?

    Police who protect our family does not have the right to kill any suspect for whatever reasons. Please get your head right.

    By the have make appointment with your psychologist. Niamah Char Keuy Teow. Hahaha… please be angry

  8. I’m proud that we still have a sensible Indian who says that a criminal is a criminal. The rest should wake up !

    – Police detained him after an action-packed car chase
    – After he was caught, the police managed to recover 15 stolen cars
    – Police didnt detain him out of nothing
    – If the Police want to kill him, there are better/easier ways
    – Worshipping criminals dont do Indians any good
    – Successful indians (academia, engineers, experts) should be role model, not criminals

    Dont commit crimes, Live peacefully.. That what every Indian in this country should do.

    Even Padayappa and Rajnikanth dont like criminals.

  9. some of the guys missed the point (citizenn, CKT, Victor Lam , Johu), the killing itself may be a cover-up.

    dead man can’t talk mah. who knows what Kugan knew.

  10. Just a min here, Its always tempting to be the judge and prosecutor.I can’t help but to point out that some of you have miss the point entirely.

    The question here is not about Kugan only. Yes,its about you, me,our children, including Kugan. Its about the entire nation, all its rakyat, above all this, its about the sytem (Law) being carried out in this land by our authority.

    While I can understand those who have been victimised by ‘thugs or bad element’ we still do not know what Kugan’s exact role was. Therefore, if people who ‘immortalised’ or ‘criticised’ Kugan at this point, are of no different because they are based of assumptions and already being pre-judge.

    Please do not have shallow opinion about Kugan being treated like ‘Hero’ thing. Its more than Kugan, its about the human Law in this land. Was it carried out according to procedure? Yes, most of us wants justice, no one wish to be a victim of ‘thugs’ neither do we want to be a victim of the police. You have to weigth which is more damming for you.

    Whatever differences in opinion here, generally, all rakyat are for peace and justice can only be demonstrated by actions that are in-line with laws which accompanied with proof, agree? So, wait for report and proof.

  11. I support johu in this case. I’m on of the victim of a f****ng idiot like kugan. So, i know the pain. The rest who support him will only know the pain if you face such iincident. Our country never loose a Doctor, Lawyer, Minister or what, but just a cheapskate criminal …. If I’m one of the victim of Kugan, this is the ending which I wanted to happen.

    Hello Citizens Of Malaysia!!! WAKE UP!!! Police have saved you & your children from being robbed, raped or murdered in the future by such a criminal. I dont see any racial issue in this matter. As an Indian, I’m glad to born in Malaysia and I’m living a peaceful life. Unlike other countries with War and bomb blastings. I’m proud to be Malaysian Indian!!!! Cheers!

  12. So ppl,

    Police is not perfect, esp Malaysian Police . Thorough enquiry is needed , although its transparency in Malaysia is doubtful,

    Kugan deserve a day in court, no doubt abt it. He deserves a fair trial so his criminal lawyers can break the cases against him, he will work out with ‘naik pangkat’ among his members.

    His death is unfair, truly is unfair … BUT HE DOESNT NEED TO BE LABELLED HERO like HIS SENIOR BENTONG KALI.

    i am wondering why all the parents of samsengs are very proud of their children, … but once the samseng is dead.

    and dont imagine Tamil movies over here, (many) Indian;s mind are corrupted with scenes from Tamil movies

  13. Maybe the police force should enquire the ‘hardcore’ criminals by giving them a good meals such as briyani, KFC, etc. And proivide them with beers, comfortable sleeping beds till those criminals admit their wrong doings or lead the police to solution of any cases they have involved.

    A 22 years old teenager has been acquisted with crime, while others at same struggling in varsities, starting decent life , but some ppl are proudly suspected for theft cases invloving expensive car. If he is, ( the police will not arrest for no reason in this cases ), I wonder how is this guy when he is 32, 42 or 52 ?

    The parents , relatives and friends are cursing the police, where was the curses when the gangsters hit someone on road ? Are they proud ? Where was the curses when gangsters such as Bentong Kali hit and kill ppl on road. Do this ppl deserves a decent , respected kind of funeral ?

    I believe, this is typically an accident kind of case, for sure the police doesnt want to kill him in jail, if they wanted they would have better ways of doing so. Who has seen how the deceased ‘co-operate’ with police. FOr sure they dont co-operate when requested, they will fight back, ( gangsters maa )

  14. The real issue that the Hindraff… must discuss is how can they weed out crime from being a culture among Indians. …

    The question is: Why do (many) Indians take up to crime so easily? Is it a hobby or a pastime activity to them….
    While we keep thinking what shop we want to open, or what kind of business is viable, (some) Indians seem to think ‘what kind of criminal that they want to be’.

    If you screen the crowd attending the procession, you (may) need to re-open Pudu jail to accommodate (some of) them. Okay we give them spa, jacuzzi, astro, and free flow beer as some of us here insist.

    And the robbery victims dont have any right..

  15. I dont have even an aorta of intention to stir up racial sentiments. But some of (you) are turning this into a racial issue. They know that Kugan is a criminal. BUT THEY WORSHIP HIM.

    Criminals should be treated as criminals. But (some of you) are idolising “criminals”…

    Do you expect the Police to give a heavenly treatment complete with spa and jacuzzi to criminals like Kugan ?

    How many men in blue had been killed by the criminals ?…

    I do have an utmost respect for the LAW, but the Criminals like Kugan don’t. And i even never receive any speeding ticket since i got my licence.
    Does Kugan respect the LAW ???

    I do defend human rights.
    But does Criminals like Kugan has respect for OTHER HUMAN’s right ?
    Isnt it our right to have our propery (including cars) not to be stolen ?
    Why is it that Criminals like Kugan don’t have proper RESPECT for other human and MALAYSIAN’S RIGHT ??

    1. No one is guilty unless proven in a court of LAW, and EVERYONE must respect the spirit of the LAW. The investigation process needs to be carried out to prevent greater damage to te society.
    2. The criminals do not have the right to abuse civilians, including your mother and me.

    Hey.. he was detained after a brutal car chase, and lead the police to where they keep the 15 stolen cars….

    Makkal Sakhti !!!
    Down with Criminals !!!

  16. Kugan was only a human being. Any human being has a right to live. He was not an animal where anyone can torture. He may be a theft, why we have police and courts. Mr. Hamid albar said dont take crimial as hero, we are not taking him as hero but as an human being….

  17. Kugan had the right to trial as an alleged criminal. This is a serious miscarriage of justice and duty on the part of the cops.
    There was no neccessity to torture him to death. Sick cops!

  18. What we wanted is the truth . Did the polis torture Kugan?
    And why no charges made against Kugan and why non notification of arrest to his family and why kugan was without a lawyer during the time he was in lock up.
    This is no longer a question of what Kugan did, as now the tables are turned and it is clearly against the polis for breaking all the Standard Operating Procedures.

    Found it hard to imagine as to why some comments still insist that Kugan is a criminal. His record is clean and do NOt have a single case that implicates him. But he is dead, he cant defend himself.
    But his body tells a different story. What happened to KUGAN could (have been) cold blooded murder…

  19. f***ing idiots … we are well aware that Kugan is a criminal suspect and it is not hailing him as a hero … hellooooo … it’s about basic HUMAN RIGHTS …even criminals – proven or otherwise HAS ONE … the issue here is the ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS and EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE i.e GUANTANAMO BAY not hero worshipping kugan … what a dumbo this Victor and Johu…

  20. Hooray !! Fully support Johu and I am sure he will support same action towards another menace Mat Rempits. This hazard must also be eliminated once and for all. After all hailing them as patriots havent worked and they are brave enough attack PDRM as well. I will fully support similiar (methods on) Mat Rempits.

  21. Ultimately all the blame must be put on the Kollywood movies, where heroes like Vijaykanth take the law into their own hands and beat the living daylights of out anyone he suspects is a criminal. Judge-Jury-Executioner!
    Maybe H-Albar is watching too many Tamil movies on Astro.

    I have also noticed that crimes in Malaysia are getting more violent, especially among (certain) Indian mobs.

    Even then sanity must prevail. We cannot have a Ajith, and Vijaykanth in our police force, and let alone Albar becoming one in-proxy.

    We have adopted the Legal system both Syariah and Civil, which clearly states, Innocent until proven guilty. The Enforcer cannot be the Judge, Jury and Executioner! And that is the bottomline how ever SICK anyone feels.

  22. There is nothing to be proud of our so-called cowardly act of the police to brutally kill a youngster who is not even proven guilty of his conviction at the moment of death. And, he was murdered while under police detention. Police should go and bust those high time criminals like the murderers of Altantuya for example.

    Only Hamid Albar and his UMNO has to be proud of his police… How can a person arrested under suspicion be labelled a criminal? Hamid you better quit… While MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and PAKATAN RAKYAT called for a thorough investigation on this matter, UMNO is keeping quiet. WHY?? Samy Vellu, Why UMNO don’t give a damn about this matter?…

  23. Kugan is a criminal. One of the worst and most notorious. If the senseless criminal can be so brutal at such a young age, you can imagine how he had treated the police while in custody and how the police would react. The parents must be responsible but judging by the way they had immortalised Kugan The Criminal, and stormed into the hospital, you know how they had raised Kugan.

    Police keep us away from criminals like Kugan. And while we sleep soundly at home, I don’t care how police did it. If I had been Kugan’s victim, this is precisely what I wanted to happen to him. Court procedures is too lengthy that it only upholds justice to the criminal and not the victim. Kugan had shown every single criteria of an evil criminal. Detained after brutal car chase, showed the police to 15 hijacked car and (allegedly) admitted to traumatising victims with crash-and-rob style of crime.

    An innocent would have been cooperative and there should be no reason the police can be forceful. It’s not everyday that criminal in police custody died, Kugan must be a very disgusting one.

    Police is the hero in this one, …

    Even one of those detained in the procession was a murder suspect. I don’t know who else would the police uncover if the whole procession was detained and screened. Procession of criminals for a criminal?


  24. i have lost all hope
    that the polis will ever reform
    mahathir has 2 bear the cross
    for transforming d police
    from one protecting d rakyat
    2 one serving his political needs
    2 one that shows no remorse…
    i c only one way
    change from umno-bn regime
    2 a pakatan rakyat govt of d people

  25. How could Botak Syed Hamid be so insensitive making statement that will further anger the rakyat. Has he, ever given a thought to the grieving members of Kugan’s family…especially they are still coming in term with his death and searching for answers. He is really a …., to keep good people more determined to remove this evil UMNO-BN regime.

  26. In buddhism and hinduism when there is a brief shower it is always a good sign. Truth will pevail.

    Condolence to the family.

  27. Anyone who looks to the skies to capture the melancholy and the hope that follows speaks the truth.

    It is truly the time one is with God.

  28. My prayer goes to Kugan’s stricken parents. I pray that justice for Kugan will be served. Those responsible will be punish, if not today, tommorow.


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