A horrific crash during a drag race in Putrajaya which injured 17 people on Saturday night marred a five-day event touted as the ‘Million Youths Gathering 2012′.

Four of the 17 were seriously injured.

I can only hope those injured make a quick recovery.

In the first place, what were the safety precautions and were they adequate? Did the organisers have enough personnel and marshals on the ground to ensure crowd control procedures were enforced. Who will be hauled up for this, if at all?

Second, why are the government and the organisers promoting street car racing on open streets among youths?

We already have the Mat Rempits around that are a danger to road-users. Do we really need to add street car racing to the mix?

Finally, in this era of global warming and fossil fuel depletion, we shouldn’t be promoting oil-guzzling races. Malaysia is on the verge of becoming a net importer of oil. So it would be best to promote sustainable transport (including cycling) among the young.

As a side-note, I get the impression that the ‘Million Youths Gathering 2012′, just like Umno’s anniversary celebration at Bukit Jalil, was hastily organised to show that Umno and the Umno-led federal government can also pull in the crowds while raising morale among the Umno faithful, which must have been badly shaken after the massive turnout at Bersih 3.0.  Iin the end, however, both events failed to convince.