Batu Kawan land: “Cheap sale”


The Chief Minister has revealed that 750 acres of land in Batu Kawan was sold at between RM3.05 and RM4 per square foot in 2004.

The information was contained in a press statement released by Guan Eng yesterday.

This would be prime land on the mainland next to the site where the second Penang Bridge begins.

Another incredible deal by the BN administration, at a time when Abdullah Badawi was Prime Minister. Again, this deal needs to be looked at again thoroughly.

Along with the sale of 980 acres in Tanjung Tokong at RM1 per square foot and 325 acres of Jelutong Expressway reclaimed land at RM20psf, that adds up to a breathtaking “cheap sale” (as Guan Eng puts it) of over 2000 acres of public land!


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  1. Gerakan K and tungalng can jointly apply to BN for a unit each at the Taman Manggis estet by saying ‘kita bukan sahaja jiran yang baik, tapi macam adik-beradik’ to demonstrate their 1M4U and 1Malaysia spirit!
    They can later be featured in ‘I Pilih’ campaign poster!

  2. Gerakan has been a disgrace in all aspects. In Penang – ADUN Pantai Jerejak has done & is doing a great job. However ADUN Batu Uban has messed up big time by not cleaning up the chaos here. Haphazard parking, (certain people) continue to build & expand illegal roadside stalls. Told him several rimes to put paid parking lots along Lrg Sg Dua and in front of McDs and Pelita to control haphazard parking, but nothing done. Plenty of old abandon cars around too hogging the roads.
    If PR does not put up another candidate – I may just end up spoiling my vote rather than voting for Gelakan

  3. We are counting on bloggers like Anil to report those press conference from Pakatan that is not covered in the mainstream press and media.

    I was at DAP JB’s Stulang last Saturday where there was many reporters including The Star at the press conference. i noted the Star reporter taking lots of notes but no report was published in The Star newspaper in the next 3 days on this event. In that press conference, a malay DAP member (a lecturer) told the reporters that he joined DAP because he was not happy with Umno that constantly accuses DAP as anti-malay/Islam.

  4. GELAKAN/MCA/MIC must be responsible to the Rakyat! Not to their big boss!

    Tell us GELAKAN/MCA, you have been making too much noises on the sale of 0.24 acres here and 0.4 acres there, tell us about these mammoth sales of land belonging to the Rakyat of Pulau Pinang.

    Who are the beneficiaries? How could prime land be sold at such prices? The latest reclaimed land at RM20 per sq. ft? Repayments in 10 years? Just who are the beneficiaries? We want to know!

    Instead of making noises on the Pakatan Rakyat government, we demand an explanation of such huge and irresponsible sales. Tell us!
    GELAKAN/MCA/MIC and their taiko, all masters of sandiwaras, all trying to mislead the public.

    If at all there is corruption in Pakatan Rakyat, MACC will pounce on them. It really make those politicians from MCA/GELAKAN look so foolish. Everything they try to incriminate the PR Government, they got hit right back and so badly!

    The “I’ll be more assertive” BN Chairman, tell us, perhaps you were not aware of the sales?

    And while you all are portraying DAP of supporting HUDUD, UMNO had come out to announce your support for HUDUD for ALL! Do you have no ideology, no backbones? Why try to hoodwink the Rakyat? The announcement were made by UMNO Islamic scholars, surely you cannot deny you do not support HUDUD? You are quiet as a mice as usual! What a shame!

    We sitll remember, MCA being the big boss, bashing Perkasa, but, secretly, who helped to arrange Perkasa’s Chinese New Year open house? It was MCA!

    We are sick of seeing all these stabbing behind the backs.

    The Rakyat of Malaysia must realize the backstabbings, and those in Penang in particular must send UMNO/MCA/MIC and the useless GELAKAN into political oblviion come PRU 13!

    Pakatan is not the best, but compare it with UMNO/sycophants ruled states, surely it is head and shoulders above those corrupted states!

    Selamatkan Malaysia!

  5. With inside news that the bridge would definitely be built near the 2nd bridge, cronies line up to grab at RM3 per sq ft.

    Remember only to cronies.

    Wow 750 acres = 32.7 millions sq ft x RM3/ === only RM98 millions .

    At current price of RM25/= per sq ft @ 32.5 millions sq ft x RM25 === Wow a whopping RM817.5 millions.

    Didn`t I told all of you. Times will never be hard for the BN UMNO cronies only the RAKYAT

    This is only a tip of the iceberg compared to Tab, Masa, MMkaty and the cjeat Scorpene



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