Bala’s death leaves quest for justice unresolved


The death of PI Bala, who suffered breathing difficulties while having lunch today, leaves behind many unanswered questions.

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  1. You do your readers and yourselves a service to expand on the situation Bala found himself in from the beginning to the end.

    Bala was a man of limited education and not a sophisticated individual who understood the full implication of what he had been led into.
    In law there is a test for the concept of voluntariness. It requires a person to be informed of what he is getting into sufficient for him to understand the full risks he is also exposed to in doing what Bala did.

    No one says nor are we suggesting that the country does not need an opposition or that government whoever they are and of whatever persuasion should be unaccountable. But the general conduct of the opposition in Malaysia leaves a lot to be desired. Remember that if these people are to rule we would likewise require them to be accountable. And are they? they too ought to be subject to scrutiny at the highest level. And to that extent what’s been discovered of Bala and the lawyers behind his problems who he fell out with ought to be put up for your readers to scrutinise.

  2. Senior lawyer Americk Sidhu dropped a bomshell on Saturday, revealing that it was Najib who had (allegedly) instructed another prominent lawyer Cecil Abraham to draft a second statutory declaration for the purpose of overturning a first that had implicated Najib …

    More to come? Perhaps after Najib dissolves parliment?

  3. Bala, a great Malaysian Indian, a national hero. Your unfinished journey of fighting for justice will be carried on from us. Your untold truth will be spread over to all the Malaysians, all the Indians. Bless us in heaven for victory over the devils.

    UBAH !!

  4. If you know, confess or embrace the TRUTH,
    you will be freed from all negativities including lies,
    forgiven (of all crimes by proxy or by intentional purpose)
    & / or also be saved from eternal condemnation.
    For now, there were some who knew the truth but unfortunately were snuffed out (on purpose).
    RIP till Judgement Day of confessions without a lawyer, good or utterly bad lawyer.

    • Ya i agree altamtuya c4 herself!!! Najib is a saint and real pity I think too much of curry didn’t do you good, obviously !!!

  5. It my offend many of your readers but Balasubramaniam was a liar and a patsy for a group of lawyers beginning with the lawyer who prepared his Statutory Declaration.

    The matter is far from over. The conspiracy to apportion blame for the death of Altantuya to the Prime Minister is probably one of the most outrageous conspiracies hatched by the opposition in Malaysia, led by Anwar Ibrahim and further advanced by Guan Eng as head of the DAP. The Malaysian Bar has a lot to answer for and they will be met and called to answer for their shameful criminal conduct come the elections. By Ambiga seeking a set in parliament she will not like her other cohorts in this matter receive any parliamentary priviledge against prosecution.

    Bala lied through his teeth. read the analysis of his SD on our blog and although not agreeing with every element of it, in a private phone call last year admitted to us that most of it on our blog was true. Balasubramaniam had agreed to meet up with us to come clean last September in a private phone call.

  6. Who was an accomplice to a crime? What comes to light is the second SD of P I Bala (who made an about turn from his first SD) was prepared by Cecil Abraham not under the instruction of his client Bala, but someone else. As a lawyer he was at that moment (allegedly) acting against his professional ethics because by (allegedly) acceding to the instruction of a third party, his client was not a willing person to sign on the second SD but signed under duress. Cecil Abraham now stands accuse of an accomplice to a crime because the purported second SD carried no truth. Worse, he was (allegedly) a party to a crime to conceal the truth that the truth was spelt out in the first SD. Najib has plenty of clarifications to do, about his role in the case, the interest he derived from the change of SD.

  7. Cold this may sound but the upside is that Bala is now a Martyr for PR. Like it or not the Indian community is NOT going to let his death be meaningless and PR will be able to capitalize on it.

  8. Alta died mysteriously. After just back a few month and now dead, Is not that as mysterious as Alta death


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