Anti-AES protest outside Kong Cho Ha’s Lumut office


Hundreds protested this afternoon against the Automated Enforcement System outside the Lumut parliamentary office of MP Kong Cho Ha, who is also Transport Minister.

Organisers estimated the crowd at 500. The protesters marched after Friday prayers from the An-Nasyirah Mosque in Sitiawan to Kong’s office in the same town. They wanted to deliver a memo to Kong but were disappointed when only a clerk at the office came out to accept it.

Among the politicians in the crowd were Perak PKR rep Chang Lih Kang, Perak Pas Youth rep Raja Ahmad Iskandar and Central PKR rep Siti Aisyah Sheik Ismail as well as NGO reps. The memo was read out by the Bantah AES coordinator.

The AES uproar could turn out to be a major issue in the coming general election as it is typical of the way lucrative concession agreements are entered into with obscure but politically well connected firms.

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    • 831 cameras to be installed nationwide at accident-prone areas means RM16 x 831 x 50 average summons from each camera per day = RM664,800.00 per windfall everyday!
      Annual Windfall = RM242,652,000 (equals to 242 Boleh millionaires per Malaysian year!!!)

      Fatt $$$$ Tat $$$$ Choy, Fatt $$$$ Tat $$$$ Choy.
      Chan Hai Fatt Tat Choy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

      • Don’t forget our ‘Housing’ minister Chor CH has proposed to fine RM1000 for littering. Maybe BN can extend installation of AES on streets/lorong to catch litterbugs to enhance the enrichment scheme?

  1. gelakan,

    no worries. go back to dark ages and use your bullock carts. no summons below 30km per hour.
    another MONEY-SAPU project by BN.

    • mmc: no worries. go back to dark ages and use your bullock carts.
      Where can? All cows will be roped for transportation leaving no cows for Barang Naiki Condos, the super-expensive ones that moos the obvious! We need cows for moo-whistle-blowing.
      FYI, only in BolehLand can condo cows whistle loudly!!! Correction, must include SingLand condos!!!

      • tunglang,

        oops i forgot. these days cows stay in bangsar condos. dont pull bullock carts no more.
        my apologies.

      • Ha, ha, ha!
        But in Penang, Indian cow-boys still breed cows for pulling bullock carts! Go to Farlim & see. Penang state gomen must preserve this rare breeds of both cow-boys & bullock cart cows!

  2. Khalid Ibrahim seems to imply that the saman, depending on where, is ILLEGAL because the structures that issues the saman is illegal – did not receive municipal/state approval.

    Anyone knows?

  3. This is a good ceramah:

    Nga Kor Ming: Kita Boleh Bagi BN 55 Tahun, Apa Salah Kita Bagi Pakatan Rakyat 5 Tahun?

  4. By my calculation, AES is worth BILLIONS in profit. Its 3X overpriced. It has a return close to 20%p.a. meaning in reality they get their money back within MONTHS and then its all gravy. At the end of 5 years, just when maintenace cost goes up, the state takes over. The deal can’t get any better.

    No way such a big piece of meat just go to anyone – these days it will go into top people’s pocket only and it (allegedly) goes into (certain party’s) coffer – ‘donation’..

    These Ah Bengs and Ah Peks in MCA don’t get it or won’t say the real problem is NO ONE TRUST UMNO/BN anymore..BUT they KEEP INSISTING ON DOING THESE THINGS THAT DENY THAT VERY FACT..

    They think they will simply able to be more stubborn than the average Malaysian..A GROSS insult to think the average Malaysian cannot be more cynical than the average UMNO/BN politician..

    • During installation they priced over 3 times and get the profit.
      Within a month they gets the profits.
      Any which way they get it all

  5. Hi everyone,

    The Transport Minister and other BN leaders are spinning to ask why people object to the AES which they claimed that the system would help to reduce the occurence of traffic accidents!

    The people are not disputing that the AES could reduce traffic accidents! What the people is objecting and protesting is the appointment of 2 private companies to install the system and then profit-share in the traffic fines collected! Another case of cronyism to enrich cronies at the expense of the public?

    Why can’t the Federal Govt have an open tender to appoint company/companies to install the AES, and the traffic fines then collected go to the govt with NO profit-sharing with crony companies?

  6. See how stupid some of us as well as some politicians from both divide are? who the hell cares who makes money or how many millions they make. Only the offenders are punished right? Then why all these ruckus? Let them enrich themselves by milking the pockets of law breakers and speedsters who doesn’t give a hoot about other road user’s safety, they deserve to be punished ! Politicians ? They are trying to capitalize on this issue for their political gain. Do they care about us ? No..! If they do then they would support this AES to make our roads a much safer place for us and our children. It may take so time to be effective in educating the public but then……it all about politics !

    • I am just as saddened and angry about the needless injuries and deaths due to blatant disregard of traffic laws. Cameras have been around for a long time. Why another set? I have seen how well motorists behave when policemen are stationed at traffic lights during rush hour in Penang. Maybe setting up police pondoks with tinted glass will be more effective.

    • Everything is a question of cost. The amount of death and accident reduced IN TOTAL is NOT high – at a price where the majority of people who have good driving record are PUNISHED for it. Its no different than say lets not drive and everyone take public transport (that crony charges a high price for) so no one gets into an accident. Is it right?

  7. Ah.. Kong Cho Ha, MCA, just what do you expect? He won Lumut by the skin of his teeth in 2008 and that too through postal votes. His majority if I am not mistaken was less than 200 votes.

    But, it will be much more difficult to defeat him in PRU 13 as allegedly 9,000 postal voters had been added to this constituency, where there is an army base.

    Even with the political situation as fluid as it is, these MCA guys has the guts to quietly install these ugly looking cameras in many parts of the country. Just imagine if they are in total power, 2/3 majority and what not, will the cause of the Rakyat ever be heard?

    We should be thankful for Pakatan Rakyat Selangor to clarify that rolling out these cameras is unlawful, without Pakatan, how would we know it is unlawful?

    On the part of Pakatan Penang, well, I am afraid to say, their approach is not professional. It was LGE who announced that they were not agreeable to the installations in Penang, and then a couple of days later, he added they can only abolish AES if only Pakatan wins Putrajaya? I guess this is a little too much. Either yes, or no? It is like stoking the fire and retreating, and now even UMNO lawmakers are against it. LGE, where is your leadership? Do not flip flop and do not fool the Rakyat.

    When Pakatan Kedah, asked Rakyat not to pay summons and will provide 100 lawyers to represent them in courts, LGE said, he does not encourage to break the law? Just what is LGE trying to do? Just what is it that he wants? Just where is the coordination? Where is the cooperation? Who are LGE’s legal advisors? Or he is acting all on his own, without consultation? Is he trying to create discord in Kedah?

    So many contradictions on one simple issue, Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan, Penang? Really, Karpal says one man one seat, which is the correct thing to do, LGE said another. It really looks like DAP is in a mess. It also showed that materialism has got into the DAP, but, it is the petty way, wanting to be given to contest and to make more money.

    While PAS has been convincing in their opposition, PKR Selangor, very professional, making statements and voicing their stand only after consultation with their legal advisors, Penang, is indeed a let down. Just what is Pakatan Penang’s stand? Or LGE’s stand? Bosan lah, want to oppose and want to cooperate? Certainly, it can do better, and we look forward to better coordination between all Pakatan parties to take on UMNO/sycophants come PRU 13!

    Selamatkan Malaysia! Takde mood nak comment! Bosan dengan LGE kali ini! Tak de direction lah!

    • Is there any truth that DAP will join the BN after thrashing MCA/GELAKAN/MIC in PRU 13?

      Like they say, there are no eternal friends or enemies in politics, will we be fooled?

      The latest actions of LGE is very unassuring. Will he dump PKR/PAS, after using them?

      • KM LGE has done it again! This time selling the piece of land at Taman Manggis twice.

        … Why is he putting his credibility at such risks? It is really shameful indeed. Hopefully Penangnites will vote in some Opposition, but, then again, the Opposition is even worse.

        LGE has proven himself to be very unreliable, just what is his motive in the current land controversy? Surely, this guy has gone too far, … and had taken the Rakyat’s support for granted.

        Fair Malaysians, will you condone such acts? Without talking about political affiliations? This guy is horrible, politicizing everything. Like the AES case, first to object and also first to chicken out. Stoking fires and running away! Utterly irresponsible!

        Shame on you LGE!

      • LGE, Cocky, Arrogant, Tokong! How true!

        A real let down … LGE is only human!

        Tukar KM Pulau Pinang! Sangat sangat memalukan!

      • Public perception can change overnight! LGE, Penang is yours to lose.

        What you had done is unacceptable by any standards. And you talk so much of how well Penang had done, no corruptions and so on?

        This deal smells … round and round!

        Ubah! Tukar KM Pulau Pinang. LGE to contest Bagan only, or, go back to Kota Melaka, but, Kota Melaka does not want you?

      • Sobri, RU sure?
        Last night, Captain Francis Light didn’t tell me that!
        He will definitely turn over in his grave if he knew!!!
        (You see, Captain so loved his RIP, he has a phobia if there’s another change of state gomen that may have his grave relocated! He’s already so fedup & nauseated having his statue moved from place to place for stupid anti-colonial sentiments).
        Time for Kopi-O kau kau to keep my head above ground!

      • “Tanya sama DSAI,
        Mengapa kau goyang,
        Nanti jawap DSAI,
        Penang sudah hilang!

        How appropriate! 50% of electorates are angry, why,a KM whom they trusted so much, someone whom they say are so clean, can kept the truth away from the Rakyat for so long!

        PRU is near, this is cannon fodder to BN, big time scandal, man! It is just like someone promising you to marry his daughter, collected the dowries, all expenses paid for, but on the eve of the wedding someone else turns up, this guy just cancel the wedding and marry off the daughter to the new suitor!

        LOL! Buruk Siku, orang kita kata!

        Boleh kah kita caya sama orang macam tu? Tak kan?

      • Just curious, by the way, did Najib bring Rosmah and allow Rosmah to sit behind him in Parliament? Najib did not abuse his power as Prime Minister, did he? Someone surely did?

        Folks, the KM whom we trusted so much had clearly abused his power, he knows it is incorrect, but, he still did it. Why must his wife sit behind him in the State Assembly which is clearly wrong?

        It is really an PR failure at its best. I think Penangnites has a right to ask this couple not to treat the Penangnites as their own property.

        They are intelligent people, how can they abuse their positions like this? Remember, LGE, the Penang State Government does not belong to Lim Guan Eng & Wife Sdn. Bhd.

        To save Penang/DAP Government, please resign. Position in high offices carries it with it high responsibility, and in this respect, you failed, and you failed badly.

        LGE, please resign, will you? Save DAP! Just wonder how your dad feels?

    • I just want to see how they are going to spin this issue.

      To ordinary folks like me, this is a clear cut case of breach of trust!

      To save Pakatan Rakyat and DAP, LGE must resign. Just like him asking MCA leaders leaders to resign over the AES issue, he should resign over this issue.

      Selamatkan Pakatan Rakyat! Lim Guan Eng please resign. There are lots of capable local born, honest Penangnites who can take over the DAP and be our Chief Minister, whose words and deeds we can rely upon!

      If you are sincere, please do the needful! Or a public apology to all Penangnites is necessary, perhaps you will be able to placate them.

      Just like my bro Yang, you see, he is a DAP supporter through and through, even so, he is keeping quiet over the whole issue. He is also unhappy, I am sure.

    • Regardless of Pakatan’s position which is disallowing installation of AES cameras as this falls under local council responsibility, the bill on AES had been passed by parliament and it is thus lawful for the private company to collect fines for a split between it and the government. So Guan Eng’s position is very clear. Pay the fine if you are caught by the cameras elsewhere because that had been made legal by our federal legilators. Pakatan can only promise to reverse the law if they can assume power in Putra Jaya after the next general election.

      Bernama reported, quoting Karpal, that Penang sold Taman Manggis twice. Once must be an idiot to swallow news from Bernama hook,link and sinker! Had BN been as gullible, they would have immediately made the full payment and see the Penang state government removed by parliament for such impropriety.

      • The words from Karpa’s mouth, “Yes, the Government of Penang had sold the land, monies collected. The purchaser reserves the right to sue the Government”.

        This is what I read from online news NOT Bernama.

        If what Karpal had said is false, whose words are true? From Lim Guan Eng & Wife Sdn. Bhd.?

        What is your take on Lim Guan Eng allowing his wife to sit on in State Assembly in a seat reserved for elected representative?

        Perhaps that is agreeable to you? Just where is the decorum? This issue may be petty, but, just where is the class? … Shameful, embarassing, NO?

        So, Najib should bring Rosmah to Parliament and let her sit beside him, infront of him or behind him?

        Khalid should bring his wife in Selangor, Nik Aziz in Kelantan, Azizan in Kedah?

        Kalau boleh diterima, tak apa lah!

      • Ahmad Sobri.
        Which on line news did you read? Can you please quote the source?
        The one I read on Malaysiakini which mentioned Karpal having said that the Taman Manggis land was sold twice attributed the source to Bernama.
        Go ahead and advise BN to believe the Bernama report and make full payment for that piece of land. If true, they would have nailed Guan Eng for good.

        Guan Eng’s wife did not sit at a place reserved for elected representatives. She was seated at a place reserved for civil servants. Since interpretation of the rules of the legislature is the prerogative of the Speaker, perhaps the Speaker did not find it improper since there were empty seats in the civil servants row some 3 rows behind where Guan Eng was seated.

      • Wira,

        Please refer to news from Malaysian Insider a couple of days ago.

        I am absolutely sure of what I read, if it is from Karpal, I will surely read, this guy does not mince his words, he calls a spade a spade. I like him.

        LGE should only contest Parliamentary seat. Let Karpal contest in Air Putih, if PR wins, Karpal ideally should be CM. After LGE has learn his trade, he can take over next PRU!

      • Wira,

        For your easy reference.

        Do you think what LGE did was correct? Go down the streets, the people are unhappy.

        We commoners treat this as a breach of trust, we do not know about law, but, we do know, a highly regarded leader should not abused his position to spew lies, should not betray the trusts of the Rakyat.

        It is only 4.5 years, just see what had happened? Another term? God Bless Penang!

        Please correct me if I had read the reports incorrectly.

  8. What ??? Only 500 ??? I thought it must be over 500 000. What lah pakatan. Losing momentum so much or no more money to import supporters ??? No problem, more diner seats selling please, ha ha hee hee ha ha hee hee ha ha hee hee !!!

      • He’s trying to copy my long laugh, the way his political masters shamelessly lifts PR’s ideas and tries to pass them off as their own. Now all Gherks has to do is find someone called Ha to katak.

      • P.s. remember that video game with the frog trying to get to the pond on the other side of the busy highway, Anil? Probably trying to slow down the cars.


      • Last night after consulting Captain Francis Light, went to check Lily Pond @ Botanic Gardens but couldn’t find ‘Hee’ frog species. But there were some toads willing to turn into ‘Hee’ frogs if not for Penang’s proposed anti-hopping law.

      • Try buying votes. No that won`t do anymore.
        The people are smart, they will take the money and still support PR. Only the gullible will continue with the Cheap and Cheat. Any which way that is also our money and which we will have to pay back 17 times.

  9. It is a pity really that something like AES which, on its own, will be beneficial to road users has now turned out to be a devil in disguise, milking money out of the Malaysian motorists. Now the people view that anything offerred on a plate by MCA ministers will invariable involving making money out of the people. Someone mentioned about the third brake light introduced years ago and car owners were literally forced to install a set that was initially sold for hundreds of ringgit. The same set would cost a little more than 20 ringgits a year later, after those companies giving the initial right to import and sell them. A more intelligent minister, with the MCA President backing him up, would test the water before actually implementing it. When the “scheme” involves hundreds of millions of ringgit, any sensible man (this will not include the present Minister of Transport and his MCA Master President) would do a lot of marketing to change people’s negative perception into a positive one. Chua Soi Lek and Kong Cho Ha may be too optimistic and arrogant.

    • Please also remember ling liong sik’s Black Box installation on all lorries thereby milking money from lorry operators throughout malaysia. The system eventually failed but umno’s and mca cronies laughed all d way to d bank!

    • AES = Apa Erti Saman!

      When a few get extremely rich while the Rakyat who break traffic rules, purposely or unintentionally get poorer?
      It smells solution-to-problem leeching in this type of privatisation of traffic law enforcement.

      Why not impose a suspension of driving license for 3 months after 2 demerit points & jail for one month for not following the no-driving sentence?
      This way no one gets to ‘untung $$$’ from this stern traffic enforcement based on evidences (from camera or video). And it keeps all on their toes since no driving license means a lot of inconveniences. Of course, many makan gaji, naik gaji-kerajaan will have to do some more paper works for the sake of our nation’s road safety. This will save the nation’s coffer from itchy hands of spending like no tomorrow.


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