Shocking images reveal extent of deforestation


Are you surprised by the floods in the East Coast and Sarawak? Don’t be. Apart from climate change resulting in almost double the rainfall in December in the East Coast, the extent of deforestation is breathtaking in its sheer audacity.

Take a look at the video above and the photograph in the front page of theSun, reproduced below:

Where have all our forests gone?
Where have all our forests gone?

It is no good pointing fingers only at the Kelantan state government, which has been fighting for a share of oil royalty to boost its revenue, instead of having to rely on logging as a source of revenue. Last September, the federal government announced that the Kelantan state oil royalty was expected to be disbursed equally between the Federal Development Department (JPP) and the Kelantan Islamic Council (Maik). Why is the royalty to be given to these particular agencies and not the state government, elected by the people?

And we all know about the rapacious greed behind the deforestation in Sarawak. Nothing new there. Just check out Lukas Strauuman’s book Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia. (Taib Mahmud’s lawyers are reportedly trying to block the book from being distributed.) Would theSun care to put some images of the deforestation in Sarawak on its front page?

Alarmed by the vanishing forests, environmentalists and the natives have been shouting themselves hoarse for donkeys years. But their voices have been drowned out by the roar of bulldozers and chainsaws mercilessly mowing down entire forests while politicians looked the other way.

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The timber tycoons, the plantation bosses, the middlemen, the proxies and their partners reaped fat profits while the poor flood victims have now lost almost everything.

This is not going to help Malaysia’s wide income inequality.

Now the chickens have come home to roost, haven’t they? And the nation pays the price through huge amounts of flood relief and rebuilding at a time when federal government finances can least afford it. The GST is then imposed and subsidies removed – but even that may not be enough to save the day.

In the end, the ordinary people pay the price while a small minority laugh their way to the bank, stashing away their timber profits. Some people have grown fabulously wealthy indeed.

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  1. What a joke… It doesn’t matter whether its BN or PKR. It doesn’t matter which side we vote for, both will continue to rape Penang and Malaysia’s recources. What Penangites can look forward to are higher house and apartment prices and an urban concrete hell to live in. Well done Penangites. While the wealthy financial elite families of Malaysia stay hidden and blind you with their BN vs PKR game, you can expect to wake up to a Penang you won’t recognize in a few years time, a concrete s..hole, while Lim Guan Eng wallows … with his … cronies. The only way to make yourself heard is to … show your frustration in front of Dewan Undangan Negeri Pulau Pinang…. But you’re all too dumb, shuffling around like zombies in Gurney Paragon and Straits Quay.
    I guess you thought voting for PKR would change things? Well now you know, neither BN nor PKR gives a s… about you. We’re all just cattle. And they’re the elite. If Penang turns into a concrete urban hell, you’ll still too blind to see it. Still thinking voting will make a difference? What joke! The real power in Malaysia resides in Bank Negara Malaysia….

    • Six days, they destroyed Mother Earth & all the original living things of the sacred land.
      Ravaged the helpless, enslaved the innocent souls, bled whatever left in their precious lives.
      Drank intoxicating wines, fornicated with their idols & vowed with black canine blood,
      Their elitism shall prevail over righteousness & justice & earth, wind & fire.

      But on the 7th day, Mother Earth resurrected with unimaginable fury.
      It was time for retribution.
      (The above is my short verbal inspiration from the Nature spirits after reading SixDays writings).

      In 1995, Michael Jackson foresaw & warned of what was happening to Mother Earth.
      He was absolutely right. See for yourself this video & reflect on what is happening worldwide.
      But let not your numb conscience allow the lame excuse of “but this is happening everywhere from JB to Penang to Sarawak”.
      Michael Jackson – Earth Song

      • Talk is cheap. Are you leading a hunger strike at Dewan Negeri? Park your 4WD at the entrance gate for added drama?

      • How can tham chiak Liu @ rangerbelum @ suabuoypek on hunger strike? They talk big then drink chendol mixed Kopi kau kau to quench thirst then expects Penang back to the future riding his 4WD like Michael J Fox? Come on, show your guys gather supporters to make realistic friendly protest then we join in!

      • Many heroes struggled for decades to bring the doom of capitalism to our attention. Today’s international charade on climate change is the minimum that politicians think they have to do while protecting their capitalist friends. You could start the modern era with Rachel Carson on chemicals in 1962.

  2. Off topic ; CAT promise no increase in water tariff and broke that promise. Latest from PBA. If you pay at Pos Office be prepared to fork out 90 cents. Household usually between RM5.00 – RM20.00. That will be an extra 5% to 15%. Thank you Mr. Kee for your competent CAT.

  3. 1. Money grows on trees.
    2. After we “fully utilise the resources” (clear everthing), we will call for a contract to cover the countryside with concrete, or better still tiles.

  4. What is Deforestation?

    Jungle/Rainforest Deforestation Animation

    The Negative Effects of Deforestation – Making a Difference

  5. ambalan
    imagine being paid well for just posting no matter how inane. thats the laziest job u can ever get. my late grandma would have disown me.

  6. isupercally and annars
    bet both are the same.
    i just did some research. sarawak didnt have any forest in the first place. so, what is deforestation, good for both of you.

      • Ananars/iSupercally vs Ambalan?

        Please do not engage your grudge match here. We want civilised writings. Anil please facilitate it like your workshop.

      • We don’t need blogger’s PPS here. Faham kah?
        When you spit skyward, expect the same sputum to fall back on thy face.

        a mixture of saliva and mucus coughed up from the respiratory tract, typically as a result of ‘infection’ or other ‘disease’ and often examined microscopically to aid medical diagnosis.

      • Gk Ong : Read carefully all comments. I have never rebut to Ambalan at all. See who is trying to pit him against me. This is one low down tactic

    • The biggest patch of ‘shocking concretisation’ in mainland is Sungei Petani!
      Much bigger than George Town! It took more than 100 years to concretise George Town. How many years for SP? Ask Mr. Kee.

  7. What you are seeing the deforestation is from the top of sections of our fragile rainforest.
    What I have seen 12 years ago was up close & on the mud trails with feelings from the wounded rainforest.

    From Sungei Rui (Perak) to Gua Musang (Kelantan) my 4WD kakis witnessed endless deforestations uprooted God knows how many ancient trees & forest covers, the homes of millions of flora & fauna. We seen botak-ed forests for miles at estimated 3000ft above sea level ‘bleeding’ orange-red mud & white misty clouds that looked like first-aid kit bandaging the wounded weeping forests.
    In 2006, I went back to the same camp site of Sungei Rui & I was shocked to see the once shady camp site almost botak-ed beyond recognition, not even sparing the undergrowth, saved for the diminishing salt lick nearby where tiger paw prints could still be seen.
    This was the site where I saw (suspected) Mawas footprints (of more than 16 inch long) traversing along the river bank less than 20 feet from our snoozing camps.

    For those with misconception of & without the real experience of expedition by 4WD into our rainforest, let me tell you this.
    We go in not like Mat Rempit or Sahara Desert Rally cars kicking up dust or smashing trail stones or revving like Formula One. We treat the sanctity of rainforest with respect. We asked the forest spirits for permission of safe passage. We don’t bring anything pork or ham. We don’t cakap banyak or boast like Boy Scouts. If we did ‘see’ things, we whisper or pretend not to see anything. No gawking. No “wow”.

    And we drive at speed not even more than 15km per hr on average cos the trails are not straight & wide like cosmopolitan streets but winding with sharp turns, uneven, muddy & slippery, ascending & descending (some 35 – 40 degree), crossing rivers or elephant mud holes, & can change from sandy to muddy to rocky. So where got chance to revving noise that may disturb the peace of Bunians?

    And for the uninitiated, there are the trails with a deep longkang in the middle to avoid by ‘buka-kaki’ style driving i.e. 4 wheels traversing on either sides of the longkang. Sorry, you will be disappointed to find no kangkung in longkang for freebies.

    So, for those with wet-in-the-ears-or-nose misconception, 4WD do less harm to the rainforest than Mat Rempit & developers’ lorries do to our slippery cosmopolitan streets. Some forest trails may only see 4WD once in a week or more. And they recover in a matter of months.

    Anyway, I like the above video’s melancholic music. It sounds like Secret Garden’s (Swedish duo) rendition.

    • Bila Orang Bunian pergi Sia Buoy, … biar dia pakai cara Belum menembak burong “crows” yang meleluasa disitu. Habuan boleh minta sama MPPP mungkin dapat rasa Chendul sedap sedap !

  8. Penang’s hills to face the same fate?
    Just Google Earth to see for yourself today and then compare after 3 years.
    One good example is Bukit Kukus in Paya Terubung opposite Hokkien Cemetery.

  9. Rich cronies get joy from timber while poor rakyat get misery from flood. Yet these Sarawakians still wish to be treated as fixed deposit in exchange for BR1M. Only Ubah can change their fate.

    • Look at the photo carefully. Its not deforestion. After the flood it leave lots of brownish mud residues which is what you see. Its just like what happen to the states in the town and villagers in the flooded areas. After some time when the mud is cleared you will see the greenery again. But Botak hill and greenery in Penang is different. The brownish patch are caused by development and clearing by the developers.

      • Exactly your retarded brother really see it right and concurred in Supercally comment that botak hill and greenery in Penang is indeed caused by development and clearing by the deveopers. And I concurred with it and its very clear that it is being done by cronies.. How else would the chief of a commerce chamber (try and) gave the property committee post to this chief wife when she is not a member of the chamber…… You are lucky that your retarded brother is smart not stupid like so many others. Learn from him please

      • iSupercally must have read too much NST or watching too much 8pm TV3, thus unable to analyse properly.

      • Ambalan : Frankly speaking for much of my life I have never read NST or see TV3 news for much of my life. You said I am unable to analyse. Ok let me ask you, is botak hill come about because of natural deforestation or is it being due to one of the developer. As for the flooded areas, hopefully Anil will provide another photo of the supposed deforestation areas 3 week from now and we shall see who is correct.

    • Ubah what? Penangites are slowly being herded into concrete slums while million-dollar condos are being left empty, bought over by foreigners because they are out of reach of most common people. You … drone. You are just as bad as the mindless BN supporters. I hope and pray that Allah in His Righteous Divine Punishment, destroys both BN and PKR…. The only Ubah that will come is when the financial elite, BN, PKR et al. and people like you have their backs against the wall… You obviously don’t spend time with the downtrodden and disenfranchised. Well I do, and the popular feeling among them is that both BN and PKR sold them out…


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