Penang Botanic Garden: Another concrete structure emerges (updated)


Update (29 January 2014): It is confirmed that this new structure at the corner of the Formal Garden is for new toilets to replace the old toilets located nearby, which are apparently in bad shape and will be demolished. Climbing plants will be used on the stone walls so that the new structure blends with the rest of the landscape. (But why such a tall structure for toilets?) Meanwhile it is heartening to hear that approval has been given for all buildings that have no apparent use to be demolished. One wonders why they were built in the first place.

Original post on 25 January 2014:

Sigh! Another concrete structure is sprouting at the Penang Botanic Garden.

Structure at Penang Botanic Garden
What on earth are they building in our precious Garden?!

Been told that this structure is supposed to be for toilets. Not sure if this is true, but if so, surely it could have been scaled down and built a bit more discreetly.

They still can’t resist the urge to build such concrete structures in our precious and limited green spaces, can they?

Some people are just allergic to green spaces in Malaysia – though these same people know how to admire and enjoy the open green spaces when they travel abroad!

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  1. Speaking at the 2014 National Day Rally, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announces the development of Jurong Lake District into Jurong Lake Gardens which will serve as a space for Singaporeans to live, work and play. PM Lee details the possibilities of connecting the Gardens to the Islandwide Park Connector network and the Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waters Programme along Jurong River. A crowning jewel to the Jurong Lake Gradens will be a newly built Science Centre .

    Something the Penang government should look into for ideas to improve the Botanical Garden.

  2. Just ask those former idiots who give all these ideas. Having clean toilet is a must anywhere. Just look at the toilets in China and you will know what I mean. Stupid idiots always complaing for no reason. Old toilets you complain, New toilets you complain. No toilets no compalin.

  3. Any public or private construction should have a board at its edge, visible to the public, that explains the change. If it is missing in this case, perhaps we can assume that it is a matter of national security, and trust the infinite wisdom of the “relevant authority.”

  4. Penang botanic garden is really in BAD shape.. Dying plants.. Dry branches etc.. Take a look at the cactus area! Lalang lalang took over all the cactus… Real shame.. At least the Youth park is very well maintained…

  5. Yes, it’s not the best but there is NO REASON why they should built a new one. It would probably cost less to renovate the existing facility.

    As for peeing in the plants, I have seen kids and old pak ciks doing that when I used to jog there. I love Penang!

  6. Lawatan sambil belajar at Singapore will be an eye opener for many Malaysian civil servants. But they would prefer to make trips to Switzerland or even Antartica, as sponsorhip from rakyat money has never been seen as wastage even with AG Report.

  7. There is already a toilet nearby. If you can’t walk 10 mins to the toilet then you shouldn’t be at the gardens and go and hang out at your shopping centres, or stay at home. Its not a theme park so deal with it. You’d think a grown adult can sort out when they need to pee pee and either go before they arrive or go when they arrive.

    Can anyone enlighten us as to who is actually in charge? Surely the state government’s CAT policy can extend to us know who this person is and is held accountable for decisions made on his / her watch. Frankly with the list of poor decisions and the general state of the gardens, we should know if this person is responsible. And if so, why are they still there.

    We need to oppose any development on Penang Hill. We constantly see signs of how this government (and neither the state opposition for that matter) can be trusted with these things. They are NOT capable of doing something tasteful and with proper thought. And add that to the Malaysian lack of maintenance culture, its going to be an eyesore in the sky.

    • CAT won’t touch Fed’s Satu Lagi Projek (SLP) but let the public ‘outcry’ to stop insanity of development ‘at a cost’. Like the tilting arches at a cost of public safety, CAT was toothless, the same with the annual sick-leave Speedy Gonzales Fridge Trains of Penang Hill, another SLP.
      Now we already know CAT madness & freeze-framed principles for all kinds of $$$$$$-funded projects, whether from swap deals or Fed’s SLP.
      This Botanic Garden eyesore is one that CAT won’t bother for fear of no future development projects ‘at all cost’ for Penang Botanic Gardens.

  8. Guess that such planning and designs are done by urban folks sitting in plush office rather than naturist and eco lovers.
    Slotting in a city design into a jungle is really an eye sore.or as they would translate to as ” sharp to the eyes or cucok mata”

  9. Employ green technology and camouflage the building with greenery. Post clear signage to indicate use of the building.

  10. When God (or ‘Yahweh’ with peace of mind permission from the Jews) created the Garden of Eden, he put in Adam & Eve & wonderful species of flora & fauna in sustainable fashion for the long run (until the Devil came to destroy what was perfect).

    When the British created the Penang Botanic Gardens, they put in the Asian tropical & African exotic plants for research & recreational purposes for future generations to enjoy (until the Devil v2 came to destroy the quaint & quiet ambience of a heavenly garden with incongruous tilting arches & dying water lilies (under scorching sun).

    People come to Pg Botanic Gardens to enjoy Nature in a true garden setting, to smell flowers, to escape from Penang cosmopolitan frenzies of concrete madness & stressful bin chui lifestyle pursuit of MercS300L & million ringgit condos.

    As Nature lovers, a public toilet is the furthest structural disharmony we would want to see or smell right from the start of a promising garden walk.

    Tis Satu Lagi Projek tak masuk akal (another project without green brain).

    • USA is repatriating the fund back to Uncle Sam now that US dollars are gaining strength.
      Casuaties are emerging markets like Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand etc.
      Our immediate neighbour (except Spore) already severely impacted.
      The Property Gurus on “en-bloc” scheme are now re-strategising.
      In the meantime, we just enjoy our field day at Botanic Garden awaiting for property bubbles to burst for sure now with so many whammies happening now (escalating price hikes everywhere for example).
      Save your bin chui in 2014 as many smart ones are gathering at Botanic Garden to seize the opportunities when the bubbles are busting fast……..

      • You mean people are rushing to make a booking/reservation to buy that concrete structure in Botanic Garden? 😉

      • ho ho ho !
        Come to think of that, i might buy the apartment nearby Botanic Garden when the bubbles finally is bursting. I bet some willing to offer affordable prices later 🙂
        Easy walk to the garden every morning and sunset.

      • The metal kiosk in front of Botanic garden is the info centre ?
        If not, i might bid (direct negotiation with chief cronie: to set up Penang Chendol there.
        Sure beat the heat and earn extra income when pocket is snrinking in size …..

      • henson : good idea but sure you (may not get) it without connection from the tokong


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