Look what’s happening in and around the Penang Turf Club


More cutting of hill slopes… above photo taken yesterday.

And do you know what else is happening over at the Turf Club? Penangites saved the greenery from the horrendous Penang Global City Centre project in 2007-2008 – only to end up with this:

“Desired by Many, Possessed by Few”… “A Landmark of Luxury”:

From another angle:

One estate agent told me the highrise (affordable?) blocks could block the view of the Batu Gantung cemetery/crematorium from the rest of the “desired” project.

Photos taken last year.

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  1. “Those with socialist thinking no doubt cannot adhere or subscribe to such approaches.” I find this statement very odd because DAP is a socialist ideology party or used to be one..

  2. Plunder and destruction in a relatively urban state. It is not surprising that Kedah engaged in logging in remote, water catchment areas, affecting water supply to the entire region. BTW, that subject seems to have been put to rest, but will soon resurface with the coming dry spell.

  3. This – plunder and destruction – is happening in a relatively urban state on a large scale. We can yhardly blame Kedah which was caught with its pants down for large-scale logging in water catchments, affecting the entire region. BTW, that matter has officially died down, but will resurface with the coming dry spell.

  4. Another dedak who loves to spin with copy and paste and not following local plans. Anil put up hill cutting and you spin to heritage buildings. You yourself do not practise local plan put up by anil.

  5. Penang Heritage Trust vice-president Khoo Salma Nasution asked:

    “Is it a living heritage city or a tourist city?

    “A place owned and inhabited by locals or a place owned by foreigners and inhabited by whoever pays the most?”

    Read: Heritage properties are ‘good investments with high returns’

    GEORGE TOWN: Foreigners are snapping up prewar properties in Penang as they are good investments with guaranteed returns.

    A foreign landlord, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the
    New Straits Times that he and his friends had bought properties along several main lanes within the heritage zone, including Love Lane, a few years ago as they believed they were good investments.

    He said he and two friends were looking at investment options when another friend told them that there was a good market for Penang prewar buildings.

    “We took a weekend trip to Penang with our families to see the city.

    “After seeing the growth potential, we decided to hire a property agent to look for properties along the stretch, which we could rent out or turn into boutique hotels.”

    He said they had first purchased two properties and, subsequently, purchased more.

    “We have seven properties now.”

    He said they did not evict the original tenants, but raised the rentals recently in line with the property prices in George Town.

    It was learnt that the rental was initially RM1,800 but was raised to RM5,000.

    “For us, this is an investment and a business,” the landlord added.

    “We are not here to destroy the heritage enclave, but to get a good return for our investment.

    “I believe local landlords also see it that way and had raised their rentals.”

    Penang Heritage Trust vice-president Khoo Salma Nasution said foreigners or foreign companies purchasing heritage properties was not necessarily a bad thing but it posed a problem if it was rampant and there was bulk buying.

    “This tips the scale when there are more foreigners than locals.

    “Penang heritage is touted as a living heritage.

    “This status comes from the fact that Penang folks inhabit the cities.”

    Khoo said in the past, generations of families lived in the heritage enclave, turning it into a bustling city.

    “These days, however, the enclave is a ghost city at night as most of the families had been driven out by high rentals.

    “Foreign buyers are driving up property prices and rental rates.

    “Many families are cannot afford the rentals and are forced to move out.”

    Khoo said the foreign owners would renovate the place, changing it entirely.

    “Of course, they must comply with the guidelines such as using lime paint instead of regular paint and such.

    “However, they can paint the property in any colour they want.

    “In some streets, you can see colourful buildings, which do not reflect the heritage of the city.

    “In other places, they build around the heritage building, completely obscuring the heritage building.”

    Khoo said the main issue was the identity of Penang and its heritage enclave.

    “Is it a living heritage city or a tourist city?

    “A place owned and inhabited by locals or a place owned by foreigners and inhabited by whoever pays the most?”

    © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

    Dear Khoo Salma. Penang heritage properties are now opportunistic gambling chips for the rich to gamble away our hard-earned heritage status.
    Who cares whether the UNESCO status will last or if it eventually dies soul-less.

    Who would believe an outdated claim by CAT? (42 properties within the world heritage site had been sold from 2008 to date.
    The figures on the location and year of purchase provided by LGE, however, only dated up to May 2014)
    Read: Heritage buildings in foreign hands

    • Stop rampant sale, increase minimum purchase price to RM5m, group tells Penang govt

      George Town Heritage Action (GTHA) co-founder Mark Lay said a change in the mindset of the state government was needed for any real change to take place.

      “If the state government wants it to stop, it can do it.

      “They can impose laws on the change of use of the properties so that if a property is residential, it must remain residential.

      “They can also introduce rent control and limit the number of purchases by one company as it is not good for some 200 plus prewar houses to be owned by one single company,” he said.

      Lay, however, said for these measures to work, there must be a political will from the state government.

      “Otherwise, all the studies and laws are doomed to fail.”

      • Dedak, why people find it hard to maintain vintage cars? Prewar shops and houses are like vintage cars. Tell us how to get spare cars dating to Charlie Chaplin or Elvis era for bone shaker Ford T model? Prewar houses and shops do not need maintenance or our engineer here can do FOC? If one repair prewar houses and shops, you turn it into a frenkenstien. Lang puti lang kui puti kui or either is human or devil in look. Olden in forms but with aluminum frame windows and doors prewar shops and houses?

  6. Unfortunately if it’s below 250 ft it seems nothing much can be done to stop them, is there?
    Maybe we should advocate lowering the threshold to 200 or 150 ft?

    Also, what’s the current status of the zoning of the land? Is it still under mixed development (as was changed during PGCC era)?

  7. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2017/02/06/penang-weve-built-four-times-more-affordable-houses-than-bn/

    Don’t miss out affordable homes when they are available for booking. Not all can afford lifestyle condo. For a start, go car pool to work. Don’t fancy cars or gadgets like smartphones. Don’t indulge in expensive food. Be thrifty set priority right. Stop blaming. Start thinking how to make money, legally and morally right of course.

    Wish you all Heng Ong Huat !!!

  8. Even building less than 250ft below MSL breaking your engineer law? Why don’t curse pommies when they devirgin and start cutting a furnicular line along the hill slope and cut a platform for pg hill?
    Why greenies tell Malaysia airport to locate to kedah and free the flat airport land which occupied 1/6 of the island.
    Dedak also complain if it is less than 250 ft high?

      • The strategy may be to lure rich people to live in Penang Island, as many of them are entrepreneurs with making money vision which in turn create jobs for the locals when government can no more accommodate the graduates job market.
        Those with socialist thinking no doubt cannot adhere or subscribe to such approaches.

    • The hill behind has big boulders (some bigger than a double storey bungalow!) yet this development is approved.
      Waiting for natural disasters to strike when one of these monsters are dislodged from the hillside during a heavy rainfall
      due to exposed soil below & thus weakened earth structure without the trees holding the exposed slope.

  9. “One estate agent told me the highrise (affordable?) blocks will block the view of the Batu Gantung cemetery/crematorium from the rest of the project.”

    Of course, the less bin-chui Penangites who will stay in these affordable? blocks are the guinea pigs for blocking the negative Feng-shui to protect the rich + famous.
    Such is the vile heart of Niao Kong.

    • of course dedak support FT and love Jinjang longhouse. jinjang is temp long built in 80s and supposed relocate them to better housing. until now over 25 years the long house can consider as kl heritage.

  10. Cleaner & Greener Penang slogan is a trickery!
    Cakap tak serupa bikin.
    How apt are these CAT politicians branded as political traders of the highest order.
    Let Karma deals them a big blow comes GE.

    • As I said, just give “telor” to DAP this coming GE. They deserves it. They have squandered whatever chance the Penangites gave them 8 years ago. But if DAP still reign supreme in Penang after next GE, then good luck to Penangites- they deserve to be shafted. Let ’em build that highway on top of Penang Hill ,lol! If not, just let BN take over and make it part of Federal Territory, that’s a good idea too. Or let Kedah take back Penang, so everyone will be Kedahan, but the CM post will be gone, hehehe. Bottom line, Chinese community needs to wake up and not to be mislead by DAP, enough is enough!

      PS: This comment will no doubt get some thumbs down, too many DAP apparatchiks nesting here 🙂

      • I am more tired with Pokemon Go, so pls engineer faster release of Mario Bro games for mobile phone, thanks. Better talking games than NiaoKong or BohHoot lag!!!

      • What does Mario Bros has to do with this blog post about unsustainable development by a DAP government lead by a thick-skinned CM who has been charged with corruption but still holding on to his post? Stick to the topic la, respect Anil’s blog a bit, can or not?

        Who approved this development in the first place?

        Who could afford to buy any of those Jesselton Hills units? “Desired by Many, Possessed by Few”- what an apt description! I guess only for those who have millions in their account, poor Average Joes… would have to move elsewhere.

        “Priced from RM3.2mil onwards, the place is great for living and ideal for investment.”


        Yeah, it’s a great place for “investment”- that’s what it is folks, it’s a form of “investment”. If you’re average (not even poor), you won’t be afford to “invest” in it and certainly don’t deserve to live in Penang. As I said, Penangites deserve the government they voted in, pat yourself on your back, well done! Hey why not flatten out the whole hills so that more “investment” houses can be built!

      • another dedak and call yourself ingeniur? ingenious? what dont call your gilakan gomen just sell perdua kancil cars as who can afford mercedes or even toyota. you should follow up nibby to buy and eat kangkong like 7/11…

      • Every reason to hate BN and Ueno for all the 1MDB corruption bringing down the value of ringgit causing hardship to us with little purchasing power. Brother Selva is right.

      • To take advantage of a devalued Ringgit, every reason for Niao Kong to turn a blind eye to massive en-bloc purchases of heritage houses in George Town by foreigners esp. SingLanders (so no one can argue against indifference of CAT Gomen).

      • Why dedak does not questioned the seller? The sellers are laughing all to the bank and dedak crow…

      • Dedak just one eyed jack to sellers. With singland offer better deals, dedak cannot see sellers are laughing all the way to the bank. Dedak tries to have a good crow… See sellers are very happy and same with buyers. Both win win for the 2 parties. Why dedak wants to Kay PO chee?…


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