Living in harmony with Nature


Over the years, as industrialisation and the ‘knowledge economy’ intensifies, we have lost the ability to live in harmony with the environment.

We have grown alienated from ourselves, from our fellow human beings and from Nature. As we focus relentlessly on GDP growth, we have poured concrete on green spaces, slashed hills, raped rainforests, polluted the air, depleted natural resources and dumped toxic waste into rivers and seas.

Nature has responded in an attempt to preserve itself from the gathering destruction. Weather patterns are changing, glaciers are melting, and closer to us, flood waters are rising in Bangkok.

Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from the spirituality of the forests monks (The Star.)

The Bodhi Heart Sanctuary along Mount Erskine is holding a photo exhibition by Ajahn Cagino, a Malaysian monk of the Thai Forest tradition, from 14-20 November.

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  1. Anil
    Nature also needs to be sustainable although human may have no direct control eg earthquake.
    I suggest your motto should read “Let Sustainable Justice Flows Liek A Mighty River” as we move towards challenging 2012. What say you ?

  2. Hindus venerate (not worship) the cow because the cow is a source of sustenance. Hindus by religious belief, culture and tradition, do not kill or eat the meat of cows. All Malaysians know that.

    It would be highly insensitive for cows to be killed in the premises of schools where Hindu children are present. This should not be a point of controversy.

  3. Intense logging has strip bare the buffer zone that hep[s to retain rainwater thus causing floods. Thailand is a good example.
    The rich Bangkok businessmen cut down trees in Northern Thailand, now rainwater from the north enters Bangkok city!

    Malaysia must take note.
    Lots of illegal logging around!
    Kedah Pedu area is an example.

  4. Anil, what a beautiful video about simplicity of thoughts, needs and existence, the characteristic lifestyle of these forest monks. Without the ‘noises’ and competitive instincts of modern urban cultures, their life of shared communal living and serenity give them ample moments to contemplate on Nature, to walk the earth barefoot feeling the rhythm of each living step, to take on Nature’s challenges to climb across cliff, and to eat only what’s necessary for a healthy mind, body and spirit.
    Compared to our modern harried lifestyle of reliance on technology and gadgets to make life ‘fast’, convenient, enjoyable and safe, these monks make full use of natural endowed bio-technology built in them to tackle everyday challenges and risks, experiencing moment by moment. And without paying a cent, neither insuring with hefty premiums nor committing toxic carbon footprints. Theirs is an environment of freedom nearing Utopia, which brings to mind the monks living in harmony with tigers in Thailand.
    One fine day, when the GaGa world finally collapses under its own weight of bling-bling excesses will humanity understand the true meaning of simple existence in harmony with Nature, without the EGO.

  5. Man and Nature are naturally intertwined to live in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony and reciprocating in balance of positive and negative energies in the absence of money, technology and greed (ego or desires). It is our destiny to live, procreate and ‘progress’ with knowledge, wisdom and truth about who we are, why we are here and where are we going. In the best of Utopia, Man is supposed to lead, nurture and master over God’s creations.
    It was the moment of temptation and greed for more than what Man was entitled to that Man stepped beyond the boundaries set in the beginning of Man’s time.
    We are all now confronted with this age-old vanity (ego) for our own selfish desires to enjoy physical sensations, to have more (materialistic), to be more powerful (than your fellow beings) and to control more (power, influence and even creation of Nature) than is desirable in the eyes of the universe or God. For Man is acknowledging himself as god of the universe in scientific terms. And money is one of his gods to achieve his many vanities.
    One can see around us the speed at which we seemed to ‘advance’ in human terms but short in lasting and values. Even Steve Jobs with his many creative ingenuity to help ‘advance’ lifestyles of technology, entertainment and creative efficiencies, could not escape death, a simple part and parcel of Nature. Now is he still worshipped like a god?
    We should back track and ask ourselves why we are moving in this direction of excessive materialism and environmental destruction goaded by EGO and consumerism. The best place to ‘see’ the difference between our present nature of things vis-a-vis an Utopia of harmonious, contented existence is Nature. Go to the forest with good intention, non-prejudices, meditate in calmness and you will receive answers to your questions flowing from Nature’s sources, its existence beyond our mortal understanding. This is called connectedness with Nature.
    BTW, orbs are spiritual manifestations not to be afraid but waried. They are energies just like us as individuals but disembodied. Just magnified one of them in the photos and you can see a ‘face’. Call them souls, spirits or higher inter-dimensional beings.
    I saw thousands of such orbs in old photos of Tien Kong Than’s feng shui ceremony which was performed during the day. The before prayer and during prayer photos saw a deluge of orbs in the vicinity! According to reliable sources, such beings from the surrounding forest, rocks and trees were attracted to the prayers, chantings and ringing of bells.


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