‘George Town looked as if someone had poured teh tarik over it’


That’s what a visiting friend of mine, a former Penang resident, remarked when he saw images of the flood in George Town.

Check out the difference in water quality of the flood waters that swamped George Town and mainland Penang last weekend:

The clip below shows aerial views of the flooding in Sungai Dua in Province Wellesley. The water doesn’t look so muddy to me.

Another video of the Sungai Dua floods:

There could have been some muddy spots on the mainland. But on the whole, which side do you think had more mud in the floods? Which side looked more like teh tarik? Mainland Penang or Penang Island?

And this is George Town after the floods:

Notice the difference in colour?

So where did all that mud come from? It is important to trace the sources.

Finally, what do you make of this (below)? Apparently, this was at Paya Terubong yesterday. Mud flows from the hill slopes. Where do you think the muddy water from this and other scarred hill slopes ends up?

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  1. CM: Penang received least financial aid for flood victims
    Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/402355#ktoUVLvRQzQHWTFu.99

    Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has asked Putrajaya to explain why it has provided the least financial aid to flood victims in Penang, compared to other states in the country.

    Lim said Putrajaya approved only RM35,500 for Penang, while Kelantan received the most at RM90.34 million.

    The data was provided by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim in a written parliamentary reply to Lim on Nov 6…

    My Observation: Dirty Politics of Aid, nothing less. You call this 1Malaysia? Nyiamak!!!
    My advice to Lim Guan Eng – forget about pursuing aid from Putrajaya. Rally Penangites & developers for help.
    Dia punya orang tak malu ambil duit (tax money) dari Pulau Pinang tapi kedekut + kecil hati sampai main-main politik tak buat janji sebenar 1Malaysia. Malu punya orang.

  2. Penang will seek the expertise of meteorological authorities from other countries to help it develop a comprehensive early weather warning system.

    CM Lim Guan Eng said the state Green Council, who has been entrusted with this task, plans to engage other meteorological authorities in the region so that it can come out with its module on how best to provide an early warning system.

    During the recent devastating floods, Lim had singled out the Malaysian Meteorological Services Department for their alleged lateness in issuing warnings to the people here about the impending torrential rainstorm.

    Lim mentioned this after China had offered its expertise to Penang for the early warning system, saying that nation has a system in place to warn people about typhoons.


  3. Fmt again reported flood in new areas in changlun, kedah. Must be hillslope development and building highrises?
    Strange fmt also report a 5.4 magnitude in South Korea. How can it happen when s. Korea is never a earthquake zone

    • Anything happens in penang can happen in other state and other country, and vice versa , be it good or bad, we all know that already, so what’s your point by keep bringing up other state and other country in this issue ? How’s that related to the issue at hand?

      • Other parts of Malaysia also got flooding, not just Penang.
        KL got flood despite having smart tunnel.
        But easy for BN to blame Penang development.
        So I do not trust local mass media.

    • See, I told pg forum so just like pg forum told hillslope development. Old houses and especially heritage houses are fire trap. Now we bring in many inflammable, combustible and smokey material into our dwellings. Further, we look and cage our doors and windows unlike in past they are not lock as we do not have bangla, Nepali or guest workers or interstate coming in and going out.
      So when investors renovate, they have to upgrade the fire protection requirements.
      Why not pg forum like hillside development cry put to the state to upgrade or provide means of escape? Rather to have heritage hse destroyed than old and young lost their life uncessary.

      • Those old ‘cluster houses’ each has only one exit/entrance, no back door thus easily a fire trap like that burned tahfiz school? Old wiring may be fire hazard too. Penang Forum must engage Bomba to raise the alarm before more innocent lives are lost in the fire.

  4. Fmt reported flash flood in HULU Langat a kampong in the ulu place and no development. Those give comments, please tell why flood can occur? HULU Langat is not low lying, near main range and no development.

  5. Why water is of different colours? Even a child knows pg is mainly hilly in the interior. Excessive rainfall on steep slopes will flow very fast. Faster than horses and fastest man on earth and washes things down.
    Where on mainland,the land is gentler and man can walk faster than water flowing down and hence less wash down. See the flood in Pasang and sg klang and sg perak

  6. Penang exco questions Kelab Putera 1Malaysia’s funding sources

    GEORGE TOWN, Nov 13 — A Penang state executive councillor questioned today the funding sources of Kelab Putera 1Malaysia (KP1M) that came with trailer loads of disaster relief supplies three days after floods hit Penang.

    Dr Afif Bahardin, who is the state health, agriculture and agro-based industry committee chairman, said the non-governmental organisation (NGO) arrived with 10 large trailers of supplies such as mattresses and pillows emblazoned with pictures of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    “While I am not questioning their good intention in providing the supplies to the flood victims, I want to know where their funding came from,” he said in his winding-up speech at the legislative assembly today.

    The Seberang Jaya assemblyman from PKR claimed that the federal Welfare Department had run out of stock and could not provide any basic supplies to flood victims.

    “Then three days after the floods, this club went all around the state, to Balik Pulau, to Seberang Perai, to distribute supplies. So why is it that the federal government agency, the Welfare Department, has no allocation for supplies, and yet this so-called NGO has ample supplies?” he demanded.

    This prompted Muhamad Farid Saad (BN-Pulau Betong) to state that KP1M was an “NGO kerajaan” (government NGO) that had come out to provide assistance to the victims.

    “They are like the Tzu Chi Foundation, who came out to help. Please don’t make baseless accusations like this. KP1M is a ‘NGO kerajaan’,” he said.

    Muhamad Farid also said the Welfare Department is under both the state and federal government so if the agency runs out of stock, the state government should provide allocations to the agency to replenish their stock.

    Dr Afif responded by pointing out that Tzu Chi was an NGO that was not led by an MP and that it was also a non-profit international humanitarian organisation.

    “At least Tzu Chi did not put my face or Guan Eng’s face on their pillows and mattresses,” he said in jest.

    KP1M is headed by Baling MP Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

    Later, in a press conference, Dr Afif clarified that he was not criticising KP1M for its relief efforts but only where it’s funding came from.

    “We only want a straight answer. What happened to the allocation for the Welfare Department? And where did KP1M gets its funding? If they are getting public donations, they should be transparent to show their accounts,” he said.

    He said the NGO should make it clear if its funds came from the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government, public donations or some private donation from Saudi Arabia.

    “How can an NGO come with trailers of supplies while the Welfare Department does not bring even one trailer? I want to question, are they taking over the job of the Welfare Department?” he asked.

    He pointed out that November and December are monsoon periods when floods and storms are more frequent, so the Welfare Department should have been well-prepared for it.

    • The word Putra already tells you who are the targeted recipients.

      May be Gelakan Jason Loo should also stage a protest?

      • Penang CM Lim Guan Eng wants the federal government to explain why it can provide a financial aid of RM500 to Kelantan flood victims but not Penangites.

        “How come Penang does not receive such assistance?

        “We hope PM Najib Abdul Razak will sympathise with the problems and the suffering of the flood victims, as he had witnessed the situation himself on Nov 7, during his visit to Seberang Perai, Penang,” Lim said while wrapping up his speech on budget 2018 at the State Legislative Assembly today.


      • Where is the sincerity of PM who sells 1Malaysia?
        Or is it ‘1’ only for Malays??? One Bangsa???
        Deeds in whatever showmanship indeed show the true colors of a person!

      • 1Malaysia is merely a logo and slogan, but in practice things are different.
        So never trust Najib. What moderate Islam he is preaching when we are seeing extreme Islam…, and recognising Zakir and Zamihan!

    • Penang received only RM35,500 flood relief aid since 2013

      Among states hit by serious floods, Penang has received the least in cash aid from Putrajaya from 2013 to 2017.

      Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said out almost RM235 million spent in that period, Penang received only RM35,500 from the federal government following the September 15 flash floods.

      “The federal government spent RM234.9 million in cash aid to assist disaster victims. Penang (received) the least from that amount.

      “Either it was because Penang rarely had floods, or Penang is not given due attention by the federal government. It is up to Putrajaya to tell us which,” he told reporters at a press conference in Komtar today.

  7. DAP-led government in denial of Federal help on flood victims

    GEORGE TOWN: The DAP-led Penang government in a state of denial, State opposition leader Datuk Jahara Hamid said. The Teluk Ayer Tawar assemblyman slammed the state government for ignoring the fact that the Federal government has been assisting victims since the major floods struck on Nov 4. “A number of trailer lorries came in for the past week, supplying food, clothings and even mattresses. “This is their (Penang government) politics…they are in denial about all the assistance given to the people by the Barisan Nasional led federal government.

    My Observation: What I saw at Jalan Trengganu last Saturday was distribution of mattresses, pillows & rice bags to flood-victim Penangites, but what I witnessed was recipients of aid were mostly Malays. What about the Chinese & Indians who stayed nearby? Were they not informed of Federal gomen aids via Kelab Putera 1Malaysia direct roles??? I asked a Chinese car washer (a victim fo flood) whether he heard of such aid distribution @ a Malay foodcourt nearby & he said no.
    Was this kind hearted initiative by Kelab Putera 1Malaysia informed of Penang state gomen???
    My Observation #2: What I saw on the mattresses given out on Saturday @ Jalan Trengganu was a banner print attached to each mattress with a picture of PM Najib. Was this money-wise to print such announcement when money is so scarce in a GST-ed country???
    Or was it more of a political stunt to get positive impression among Malay victims of recent flood???

    All I can say is this: slick + slippery politicians are as good as snake-oil salesmen out to sooth the pains of people seeking relief.

    • Penang CM Lim Guan Eng today announced an increase in financial aid to victims of the recent floods which killed seven and displaced thousands, in the state.

      He said the aid of RM700 – up RM200 from the previous RM500 – will benefit 100,000 flood victims, who are registered with the state government.

      As of yesterday, the state received RM9.6 million in donations from various parties, and the amount was boosted with an RM350,000 donation from the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (Penang branch) today.

      • Developers in Penang should chip in.
        They are the ones whose deeds have caused an increase in mud during the recent floods.
        With so many foreign workers under them, why not form a collaboration of developers’ CSR effort & choose a Sunday to help clean up areas flooded recently?
        Go to Jalan Trengganu, go to the backlanes & see for yourself the muddied walls & lorongs which to date are still not cleaned up by MBPP.

      • MBPP guys came to clean up the mud in the drains & lorongs of Jalan Trengganu but put these mud in plastic bags & left them in the lorongs. So, when will the trucks come to collect them before these mud bags turn smelly???

    • Flood-damaged non-Islamic places of worship (Ribi) in Penang can apply for repair funding up to RM50,000 each from the state government.

      Penang executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo announced today, adding that the fund currently has a balance of RM4.84 million.

      “Ribi places damaged by the floods will be given priority under the state government’s Ribi Fund,” Jagdeep who also chairs the state Ribi fund told reporters after joining in a prayer session at the Sri Ayappan Siva Semajam Temple.

  8. BN must take the opportunity that God has sent in the form of floods to return to power in Penang, DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today at the opening of the 46th Gerakan National Conference in Cheras.

    “God has sent down his wrath upon those who have boasted that Penang is free of floods; but what has happened is that God is showing us that this is the best for us to take back Penang,” he said.

    • A classical example of a politician making an unscientific claim .
      A claim that cannot be proven coming from a Deputy Prime Minister.
      Good read during the morning breakfast time.
      Good to know that Malaysians are well taken care of by a government (and Gerakan) which have zero knowledge of science.
      It does NOT help victims at all.

      • “What happened is a sign from God that this is the best time for us to retake the Penang government,” DPM said in his opening speech at the 46th Gerakan National Delegates’ Conference recently.

        This is the most childish thing a senior minister could have said…more so a DPM. Are these people intelligent enough to say logical things. Common Mr. DPM please come out of this… mentality….

        Going by the DPM’s theory, there are floods in Kedah, Perlis and Kelantan. So, is this a signal from god to Pakatan Harapan to take over these states???

  9. The recent floods (2 that I can count) have taught us a lesson to live simple & less cluttered.
    When the floods came, many of the belongings (in use, abandoned, forgotten, in excess) were rendered useless, so you see why there were many thrashes on the roadsides.
    Things like sofas, TVs, racks, clothings, etc which were once a statement of our individualistic lifestyle or bin-chui to showcase became thrash & valueless. What a waste of money which could have been spent on more meaningful purposes.
    Ponder on this: if we have lived in simplicity with few clutters of things, comes any flood, life could still be manageable. Except for the mud, cleaning up a house may take just a day without the angst of losing so many belongings upon water receding. As for a car, try to live without one without the headache of cleaning up & replacing the motherboard, alternator, motor oil, gear oil, cushion, carpets, etc.
    And one may save up to enjoy a hot meal while riding thro’ the cold howling winds + rain + flood water with mud.

    • tunglang please “imagine no possesions”.

      A sharing economy is an economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. The sharing economy model is most likely to be used when the price of a particular asset is high and the asset is not fully utilized all the time.

      No need to own a car, use Uber or Grab.
      No need to buy CDs, use Spotify.

  10. The state doesn’t see hillslope developments, coastal reclamations and high density housing projects as a problem that can cause flooding in penang, so it is unrealistic to expect such projects to stop no matter how much the public demand it . No amount of flood mitigation is going to help ease the floodings when the elements that have caused the floods are ignored by those in power.

    Just buy a boat , and prepare to face more floodings in the future.

    • Why not just build boat or raft houses instead in penang and kelantan, park on land during dry season and only float during rainy seasons when floodings occur.

      • Are more high rise buildings on par with the 70’s style drainage system in the state right now? Boat houses are more suitable which are less density meaning less waste produced, more suited with the shallowness of the drains and the rivers in the state .

      • Then live on tree tops. What is wrong with high rise. China with vast land mass, still building highrise. You want single storey houses? Then more land is required. In many places, dead ashes are also in multi highrise pigeon holes. Many places no more burial. Burial means more land needed and more development into yards.

    • As long as there is a climate, rainfall will be excess. The excess rainfall will result in overflow of water in the longkang and overflow of water into surrounding land. If flow of water is slow, erosion will not occur. If the flow of water is fast, soil erosion will occurs. This is not rocket science.

      • Current school curriculum lacks Geography lessons. Last time we learned via Ilmu Alam, but now focus is on Ilmu Agama, so certain people tend to attribute flooding to the Act of God.

    • Stop driving, use less electricity, no air conditioning at homes, instead of going to belum or blow water and lim kopi gotong royong and plant more trees, grass or shrubs

      • Stupidity of comment!
        Pls try harder, zoro!!!
        Shrieking don’t work except for Pontianak!!!

  11. OTOH the “teh tarek” is Malaysia’s public fav drink.
    While “Kopi-O” refers to another meaning.
    There were reports that a water dam broke .
    However, it was scantly reported .
    Or did the feds tried to hush the news of it?
    … unfair to blame this flood on Lim .And it is not even a full 2 term since Pakatan took over.
    Everyday we gets to read various statements by really low IQ ministers/politicians who tried to blame others.
    It is even more silly to blame alcohol , gambling , mini skirts etc. (or “maksiat” as they called it ).
    It’s even more sillier when someone claimed that an island cannot be flooded.
    The world’s weather pattern never stops changing .That is a fact.
    It is all part and parcel of evolution.
    Penang Forum should discuss on how to deal with hurricanes or a Super Monsoon
    Make Penang as the 1st. province that is hurricane ready.

    • If kedah dam were broken that day, why was it no massive flooding in kedah since the dam is located in kedah so the water cannot simply fly over kedah to land solely in penang to cause massive flooding there and not in kedah .

      Not yet two term already massive flooding due to overdevelopment, imagine what more term will do to the tiny island in the future .

      • Why not you study hydrology and flood modelling? If so easy, uncle Sam will not required Corp of engineers to control flooding in mississippi river. Every rain data is collected and statistic are used to compute the probabilies. Otherwise any ah tan, amir and mutu can comment

    • From https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/11/07/bulging-rivers-add-to-flood-misery-two-more-warnings-issued-as-penangites-struggle-to-cope/

      ” Lim also showed, from his handphone, videos of the broken bunds where rivers were flowing out and stressed that they were not broken dams or reservoirs.
      Since Sunday, such videos have been making their rounds with claims that a reservoir on the Penang mainland had broken.
      “Don’t scare people. If a reservoir broke, the floods will be much worse,” Lim said.”

      At first , a Federal Minister from BN claimed something else.
      And now the Chief Minister have to make clarifications.
      And btw, the popular claim that over development lead to flooding.
      How to explain the annual floods of Kota Bahru?
      Which is a sleepy cowboy town with hardly any development.
      I think that the answer should be good unhindered drainage, retention ponds and usage of water pumps. However if it occur during high tide or full lunar phase then we can only hope for the best.
      People should consider buying flood insurance.
      Sea level risen over the decades and oceans are getting warmer are certainly bad news .

      • http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2015/01/04/shahidan-says-uncontrolled-logging-in-kelantan-the-cause-of-flooding/
        Uncontrolled logging is the main cause of the massive flooding in Kelantan, according to Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.
        He called for urgent large-scale replanting of trees in deforested areas. “At the moment, flood-mitigation projects cannot solve the problem but we need to carry out reforestation in the areas involved,” he said.
        “In Kelantan, the way they’re cutting down the forest trees, it is as though the state has no law, while the department which should be looking after the forests, has not taken action.”

        Rapid deforestration in kelantan and rapid development in penang has led to massive flooding , and both states never bother to upgrade the drainage systems , instead spend time politicking much so don’t expect the massive flooding in both states to stop anytime soon if the states refuse to acknowledge their mistakes.

      • People want jobs, factories, commercial shops, food court, pasar malam, hyper market, farmers want more land to grow, rearers want to rear chooks, efficient system to bring down price and more people have a chance to eat. Pg lang chop trees plant durian. People want a better life style. Or show yourself a monk?

      • To get to the point, the non Malays are where we are now because MCA, MIC, PPP etc leaders have FAILED to stand up against UMNO bullying for 50 years. That is why we are discriminated against in this legalised apartheid country where all the efforts and contribution of our ancestors have been totally ignored, and the taxes we are paying today are being wasted on BTN, JAKIM, etc so UMNO can remain in power.

        Mdm Tan Lian Hoe of Gerakan, pity that you are calling DAP “running …” without understanding it’s meaning, making a fool of yourself! “Running …” is akin to lackey running the errands/agenda for the powerful boss. DAP, in fact it’s DAP’s supporters & the public tag MCA/Gerakan as “running …” and it’s not without a reason because Gerakan & MCA are perceived by the people as lackey/errand boy for UMNO, UMNO’s objective instead of the public’s greater interest eg you dare not utter a word about 1MDB and other scandals, never raise questions on it, singing the same tune with your Umno master despite the people not ready to come to terms with GST, never dare to etc etc etc. Now, please tell the people, DAP is runnng the agenda/interests for who? At best it is the public ie the hapless public is DAP’s boss, at worst DAP’s own objective ie it is it’s own boss.


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