A strong windstorm caused havoc in Penang this evening as trees were uprooted and a tower structure fell off the top of the state Umno building. Has Penang just received its first taste of climate change?

Consider this an early warning of climate change. For far too long, climate change has not been at the forefront of the national agenda, and it wasn’t even an election issue. Somehow we think we are immune while we blissfully continue to disregard the effects of our unsustainable model of development.

Take a good look at this photo and see in this a sign of things to come.


Someone also needs to check who was responsible for maintaining the roof-top structure, instead of brushing this off as an act of God.

Strong winds swept across the state this evening as rain fell while fallen leaves danced in the air. The scene was absolutely surreal. Off the coast near the Esplanade, angry, menacing waves crashed against the coastal embankment.

Blog reader Desmond reports:

1) Crazy rain with very strong wind just happened. 6.20pm to 6.45pm. My area Tanjung Tokong just saw personally two houses roofs being ripped off their zinc covering below my apartment at the Ivory project area in Fettes Park.

2) Last two days, morning workers heading to work from 8.00am onwards, travelling to Bayan Baru from Jelutong Highway or Gelugor road to Bayan Baru… crawling and heavy jam… Why..? Any one knows…?

I noticed a tree along Weld Quay had fallen down near the GPO, covering half the road. On the mainland, a tree had fallen down on the main Bagan Luar Road near the Standard Chartered Bank and the entire road was closed.

In Bagan Ajam in Butterworth, the roofs of sheds near Taman Tun Dr Awang were blown off as a pasar malam was called off.

On the channel, ferries swayed from side to side, even after the winds had subsided.

Our hearts go out to those who perished in this storm.

And we still want to clear-cut our hill-land for property development above 76 metres?

tunglang reminds us of what some people have done in the name of ‘development’ and what we have lost:

Chin Farm@Batu Ferringhi with multiple waterfalls & cool water rivers was among the first victims of ‘privatized’ public recreation access. The beach @ Jubilee Camp, Teluk Bahang almost suffered similar fate. Next could be Muka Head beach with an emerald cove. (Some developer) may want to turn it into an exclusive billionaires’ hideaway by the sea from prying eyes.

Soon there will be no beaches, no hill tracks, no jungles, no clear water rivers, not even monkeys for Penangites to enjoy.

Trespassers Warning Sign: No Money, No Walk Here.

How greedy can some people get?

Well, Nature is making its presence felt.