Penang landslides, floods: Unusual weather phenomena a sign of things to come


Aliran is holding a talk on Climate change: Global challenges, local solutions on 21 November in Penang. You might like to register here.

Meanwhile, Penang Forum has just released a statement:

Penang Forum deeply empathises with the suffering that many Penangites and Kedahans have had to endure over the unprecedented flash flood and landslide mishaps that happened over the weekend of 4-5 November 2017.

We also greatly appreciate the very prompt and concerted efforts by the state, local and federal governments, the emergency response teams, community groups and NGOs who have so valiantly stepped forward to respond to the crisis and to alleviate the difficulties faced by flood victims.

The weather phenomenon that affected Penang and southern parts of Kedah on 4-5 November 2017 was very unusual. From the ‘Intellicast’ wind pattern map on the afternoon of 4 November (, two separate storm systems are clearly visible in South East Asia: one over Vietnam (Typhoon Damrey) and another one in the northern Malacca Straits over Penang (Figure 1 above).

Figure 2: Infrared satellite imagery showing cloud cover over northern peninsular Malaysia for 4 November 2017

This second vortex was created by the cold North East wind from the Gulf of Thailand meeting the warmer wind and rain clouds from the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea, thereon creating a violent swirling storm system (as shown in Figure 2).

It would seem that the direct cause of the storm and heavy rains experienced on 4-5 November is this vortex over Penang, although the side effects of Typhoon Damrey cannot be ruled out.

It is important to take cognisance of this unusual phenomenon because it has not been known or reported to have occurred before and may portend more such phenomena to happen in the future, which will bode more difficult times for Penang and its surroundings.

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While we may not be able to prevent storms and inclement weather from occurring in the future, we can however work to prevent them from resulting in flash floods and landslide disasters. In this regard, it is crucial that development and land use is carried out with due consideration given to changing weather patterns and Penang’s fragile natural environment.

The chief minister of Penang, in announcing the 2018 budget recently, had stated that the state would take more pro-active measures to prevent landslides, and not just crisis management.

In this spirit, and in view of new risks posed by climate change, we urge the Penang state government:

  • in the short term, to place a moratorium on all development projects that involve hill cutting while carrying out inspection and monitoring on hill slope developments that are currently ongoing to ensure that safety measures are adequate; and
  • in the long term, to broaden the scope of developmental planning so as to take into account the full range of factors—both natural and man-made—that lead to landslides and flash floods.

Penang Forum steering committee
7 November 2017

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  1. 1- Clogged rivers and drainage
    Malaysians have a terrible habit of littering the ponds, drains & rivers.(on roads too)
    2- Over development
    Maybe unless it is well planned (but no guarantee)
    3- Diminishing hill slopes
    Refer to number 2
    4- “Allah’s wrath plus all those impossible claims
    (Some) fantasize the supernatural
    5- Overwhelming rainfall and high wind
    Yes, this is proven by data & weather modelling computer.

    In typhoon areas such as Taiwan,Macao,Hong Kong,Manila,Shenzhen and in Japan.
    They all gets flooded, trees uprooted,signboards flown-off,land slide and people died.
    Now,the weather changes as well as the climate.
    Each decade, each century and each millennium are not the same.
    Can only come out with best plan , minimise pollution .
    Can i add that it is the MO1 holding Penang’s lang to further ransom and aggravating the situation by not releasing the 1 billion after losing the state of Penang?
    Thank you

    • What guarantee 1 billion if released would not be used to pay for wasteful and useless study reports in the name of flood mitigation in the future? The state has been proved to be imprudent in the way it recklessly spent 305 million of rakyat money for a nonsensical study report.

      • Pay 1 billion first and then talk later. No pay and yet talk so much. Your central gomen did not give a cent. Only to release the money overdue for mitigation. Central pokai but state now raise to $700. You pass go and collect the $700!. Where do you expect the state gomen to give the $700? From your Amno? You better ask central why pg gets nothing. You did not pay GST and tax to Amno?

  2. It does not take any genius to understand the following points:
    – One month’s worth of rain in a few hours is to be expected in a major storm.
    – More development (roofs, concrete and tarmac) means more runoff.
    – The capacity of drainage necessary at any particular point depends on the slope, proportion of immediate surrounding area covered by development, etc. This information is available and computable.
    – Without enforcement, drains will get clogged.
    – Without desilting, streams will lose their capacity.
    – Capitalism is in psychotic denial of nature, sustainability and climate change, e.g. intending to conquer land from a stream – or even the sea.

  3. Today, I saw mattresses + pillows being given out (free) to Penangites at Jalan Trengganu Malay food court near to Jalan Air Itam junction. A few days ago, I saw soldiers gave out food & supplies to Penangites at Surau Taman Free School, Jalan Trengganu. Both for the recent flood victims.
    On both occasions, I didn’t see a single Chinese or Indian at the line up except for one Chinese who got free pillows & a bag of rice at the Jalan Trengganu Malay food court today.
    What happened to spirit of Muhibbah? or is it miscommunication (of aids delivery)?

  4. If pg has highest rainfall, Hong Kong has highest mean temp in Oct. 26.3 compare to 25.5 as reported in South China morning post. Also first time in 4 years, typhoon in Nov. Why people not blame hk gomen?

  5. Penang CM: Najib didn’t announce new funds for flood mitigation

    Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak did not announce any new allocation for flood mitigation projects in Penang, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.
    Lim clarified that Najib only said that he will seriously consider the RM1 billion of flood mitigation projects still not released under the previous five-year Malaysia Development Plans.

    The prime minister visited three hot spots in Penang yesterday.

    “The RM150 million mentioned by the PM was a previously approved announcement made last year on Nov 8, 2016 by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar,” Lim said in a statement today.

    Nevertheless, he thanked Najib for his visit and his willingness to seriously consider disbursing the RM1 billion…

    Big Q: Dear PM. Why are you still considering the RM1 billion of flood mitigation projects still not released (for whatever reasons you may know in your heart)? You have visited ground zero (3 sites) to see, to feel, to empathise & are you still considering? You have also seen the plight & massive loss of victims of flooding, why still considering?
    People have donated a whopping RM5,132,320.87 for the state’s flood victims since Penang DAP donation drive started at 10am on Nov 5. So, are you still considering on your part???
    Or are you waiting for the next wave of flooding to make another considering?

    • If the source of the problem is not addressed properly by the state, the flood mitigation will only be a temporary solution to a permanent problem, in the end rakyat money got waste in a failed attempt to control the unstopable flooding.

      The state must realize it’s mistake first , the source of the problem must be looked into first

      • Source of problem is 370mm of rain fall occurs 1 in 1000 years. Built longkang for 1 in 1000 years. The design life is 5 times longer than penang bridge. So mostly likely to wait for 1000 years to see the longkang is flowing at the brim

      • The massive flooding that occured in sept and nov in penang coincide with the typhoon in vietnam . Whenever typhoon strikes phillipines, vietnam or laos , and it happens every year ok, heavy rains will occur continously for hours on end in the northern region of malaysia bringing hundreds of inches of rainfall with strong wind , so it’s not 1 in 1000 years event, but it’s a yearly event .

        The rain in kedah was just as heavy as the rain in penang at the time, so kedah also got the highest rainfall in history . But why did penang got massive flooding but not kedah? Some new areas in sg petani got flooded apart from the same low lying areas that usually got flooded but no massive flooding like penang island, why?

        The new areas got flooded in sg petani due to the development of many new housing projects in recent years there .

      • Typhoon in Vietnam and Philippines can suddenly jump to North Malaya or South Thailand ? No rain or storm in Cambodia, Thailand, Sabah, sarawak? IS loves Typhoon loves to be in penang only?
        Then if typhoon in China hokkien, Hong Kong or Vietnam may rain heavily?
        Please learn geography. Kedah is a vast area, a rice bowl. Pg. is different small compare to kedah and flow of water to the sea is hindered by old houses in early development.

    • Najib can approve, but that does not mean the RM1 billion fund will be released in the near future.

      Just like funding for Chinese schools, approve but take long time to release, only once every few years.

      Same trick. Deja vu.

      • Han Chiang University Promise. What happened?
        Dah lupa janji slepas kalah pilihanraya?
        The more promises, the more votes go to DAP!

    • I hope PM doesn’t dish out those money. Penang lang has not supported BN for the past two terms so federal government lead by BN/UMNO has zero obligation here. And you Tunglang and most DAPsters have been calling PM M01 and other horrible names, so why should he help? Ask your Cheap Minister to settle the flood mitigation lah. The state gomen could afford to pay RM350 million for the Penang tunnel studies but no money for flood mitigation??? What stupidity is that?

      • When pokai, engineer and those in Bee End are class and top in threatening and black mail rakyat. Try harder. World class performance in threatening when pg lang are struggling to pay tax and GST.
        Pg lang and all tax payers know what to do in coming GE when someone takes all the taxes and give to people like engineer

      • What the heck we Penangites pay so much taxes to be kept away from developing Penang infrastructures & other needs.
        Might as well we Penangites pay directly to CAT Gomen.
        Now, we see who are the leeches that try to play the fool with Penangites!

      • Who cares how much Penang lang paid in taxes. Are they even a significant tax contributor to gomen’s coffer? I doubt it.

        Paying tax to federal gomen is every citizen’s obligation. You can contribute your money to DAP’s Milo tin if you want but don’t expect to get tax relief, OK.

        As I said Penang lang deserve no money from federal, go ask your CAT gomen since they made so much money by selling so many state lands and approving so many luxury property developments. After all, Abdul Rahman Dahlan has said before that property developers have been funding DAP and DAP has never deny it.

        And what about the Penang tunnel studies report that cost RM305 million? Why you never question this? CAT gomen has money to burn for that stupid report but “boh looi” for flood mitigation? You guys bodoh or what?

      • Everybody in malaysia pay taxes, not just penangites, so infrastructures in all areas in malaysia need to be developed properly and adequately in a well balance manner.

        To just focus on one state to develop extensively in a short amount of time will result in overdevelopment, overcrowding and overpopulation in one small area which can cause all kind of problems such as traffic jams, pollutions, not just floodings.

      • Tak malu ambil orang punya duit.
        If one fine day, all Penangites are educated of taxation & will employ tax avoidance which is legal & channel all monies to Penang state gomen, the Feds will have less to spend like nobody business.
        The more Fed discriminates against Penang state & its people, the more votes of willpower will go to the present state gomen (DAP) & not to opposition like Barisan N & its co-horts of taking malu, take buat janji.
        Anyway, Gerakan + MCA pls try harder by genuine effort instead of taking the filthy opportunity of flood disaster to attack Penang state gomen without substance or tangible alternatives. Pls try harder with your engineers who claim the downfall of DAP just to shiok your ego.
        You MCA + Gerakan + shiok-shiok engineers are the ones who truly have to WAKE UP from ostrich holes. Not Penangites.

      • Gerakan needs to wake up before the party goes extinct. Sleeping with partners with no moral values and compass is a sin. Secondly both Gerakan and MCA are in denial, and apologetic over behaviours of their UMNO boss. Unprincipled rather than pragmatic… are main reasons. Money and fame are not everything….

  6. The star paper just mention a number of areas in johor bharu also flood. Why no finger pointing and also overdevelopment and drains and rivers clogged with mud?

    • Potential buyers will avoid buying properties in an area where frequent flooding occur so it’s good the star highlight the issue regardless of where it happens . Who in their right mind would want to live in a flood prone area where not only belongings can get destroyed by the floods but also the mind can be traumatized with panic attacks everytime heavy rains occur .

      • Heavy rain because of too much change in climate due to air conditioning, driving and excessive use of electricity and we are using coal power plant

      • But settlers built cities in flood prone and migrants flock there. Where is your history if nile, indus, emphases civilisation. Without Chinese civilisation along Yangtse, Pearl and yellow river, you will not be here. Ah loy founded KL at lumpur.
        Even first world nation like Australia has Brisbane city flooded couple of times. Canton is beside the river and same with quanzhou and fuzhou. Same with ipoh and kuala kangsar town.
        Flood protection is costly and if not serious, people take it. They build bunds but after 5 or more years without serious flood, the bund looks like high ground and some start farming.

  7. I can see the effort is there by the current gov, and I know that the forum is asking for more effort, which is very difficult for them, lack of support especially financially, what they are bringing to the table is way better than the average already, of course they will need to improve and constructive and well researched criticisms are good but sometimes it’s sickening to hear a lot of loose cannons releasing half baked truth and self imagined theories to condemn those in the office, the gov needs to get better and at the same time, ngo such as the forum must get better too.
    and btw, it’s not flash flood that happened, ok?

    • The effort of the state gov. is clearly worsening the condition of the floods , the effort obviously is neither effective nor adequate .

      • please enlighten us with your “clearly worsening the condition”, which effort worsening what? anything to back up your accusation? I am all ears.

    • After Dap took over penang from gerakan :-

      1. Has the flood situation in penang getting worse or getting better?

      2. What about hill slope developments and high density projects in penang?
      More and more hillside clearings done now with the density raised to unapproriate level for such a tiny island, resulting in the drastic increase of populations. But the drainage and sewer system never got improved efficiently or sufficiently to be able to support the burden of liquid and solid waste produced by such massive housing projects and populations, creating great amount of waste sediment in the drains, rivers, and sea, resulting in the worsening of the floodings in the state . There’s the proof of the worsening impact of the effort made by dap, easy to see what.

      • During Gilakan time, ah pek malaysians can visit hokkien. Very few China hokkien can come here. Now China hokkien just fly to pg just to eat durian. Also many China hokkien and Hong kongers they are no more ah chans. They bring cash and buy properties. Look at the man made island in johor straits? Times have changed. Or you want pg like Kelantan?

      • Massive flooding in kelantan due to low lying areas , massive flooding in penang due to overdevelopment, the destructive impact of massive flooding is still the same regardless of where it happens so whether you want it or not penang is like kelantan in that sense.

      • Please study geography and ask China, Nile, Amazon, mississippi river. Are you saying they will never flood as there is no development in the past. But in the past Chinese have been battling the flood. Low lying areas, are wet lands or swamps. Who stay there? Do you mean, small rainfall, low lying areas will get flood? Any land will get flooded if the rainfall gets intense. Evening high ground will get flood if more rainfall fell. Simple.

  8. Anil, in Australia eastern seaboard it did not rain for 3-4 months in a stretch but with the advent of La Nina it rained continuously for past two weeks. Not surprising Penang is also facing the same climatic effects from La Nina like most countries in this part of the world.

    • The overnight rain which has caused damages to Penang is the highest on record at 315mm – 45 mm more than the previous record of 270mm recorded on Sept 15, this year.

      I doubt any drain in Penang is designed to handle such intense rainfall during high tide.

      • It doesnt help if the rivers and drains are filled with mud or sedimentation from hill-slope surface run-off and erosion.

      • Massive flooding that has paralysed the entire state need less than 315 mm to happen again the next time around due to the severely clogged muddy drains and rivers.

        If the state is so helpless to do anything to solve the flooding woes without the help from the federal, then why did the state make matters worse by allowing hill cutting and coastal reclamation resulting in more sediment to clogged the rivers and drains ?

      • Has Penang Forum suggested ways to remove the mud or sedimentation in the river and drain?

        Maybe Penang Forum can organise Gotong Royong sessions?

      • Need to tackle the problem at source.. minimise surface run off, especially from hill slopes.

      • Pg island only place flooded? Please show evidence that reclamation clogged rivers and drains? Then singland, Japan and Hong Kong with massive reclamation gives rise to flooding?

      • Anil, the mud + sands + debris are still on the roads of flood sites. Not cleared by MBPP.
        If the next heavy rain should happen, these mud + sands + debris will be washed off & deposited in rivers & drains, further compounding the clogging. Is this what MBPP is waiting for the washing off by heavy rain in order to save time, money & hard labor work?
        If the next wave should come, the floods will be worse than last Saturday with the clogging not solved.

      • Why not all the developers in penang that have garnered so much big profits from property boom in penang gotong royong to come up with enough fund for the state to dredge the rivers to prevent massive floods from occuring frequently in the future , in order to avoid the property market in penang from crashing down, it’s for their own good.

      • Want evidence of great amount of sedimentation brought about by coastal reclamation that can clog greatly ?
        Just look at what happened to gurney drive ( used to be known as padang kota baru). Now smelly and stinky mudflats no one can swim in which used to be beautiful white sandy beach with clean water and clean air.

        The whole beach has gone , vanish, kapoof, turning into stinky sediment of mud ! If that can happen to a full strech of beach at the coastal area, even more so to rivers and drains.

        When lots of sediment exists coupled with the onslought of moving water, especially at reclamation sites where there are great amount of sedimentation with strong waves during hightide, erosion can occur that can change a landscape forever.

      • Where the sediment comes from? If during Gilakan days, then pg must have a lot of development.

      • Please go and find out why singland built a barrage at sing river. Why London has Thames flood gates. If sea reclamation result in flood, Hong Kong, singland still proceed in reclamation. Pg is first class and more advanced than Hong Kong and Singland which are international cities. Pg even cannot compare to Amoy.

      • Anil, don’t you know According to DID drainage manual, a sedimentation pond design for 5 to 20 years has to be built? This has been for about 20 years.since the first MASM published? There is a second revision not long ago. Why pg forum as DID?

    • Maybe the “commission” from desilting is too low. Now, they want “foreign” consultants. Mad Hatter would agree.

    • Don’t go and patronise hawkers and those in gurney drive. Where do they dump their washing of plates and scrap food? They are as guilty as developers. Worst are diners. Could be even members of pg forum. After meeting, they adjourn to another round beside the hawker stalls for their food.
      So diners of hawker food, it is for their own good.dont be cheapskate. Being cheap will cause flooding to the state. Eat in class area and pay GST to central.

      • Not just gurney drive coastal area has stinky odour during low tide , but also queensbay, jelutong and sungai pinang coastal areas suffer the same fate which either sit on reclamation area or got reclamation sites nearby.

  9. I think be are just beginning to see the consequences of the reckless and irresponsible development and scant respect for environment shown by the current regime. The rape of the environment and flattening of the hills and increased density and concretization of the state in the name of the development and internalization has gone too far.

    It is not that the state govt didn’t know as NGOs and other concerned citizens have been highlighting this for the last several years. The scary thing is the situation is will getting a lot worse in the coming years for the future generation as the rate of development is accelerating.

    DAP and the Cheap Minister tend to point out to HK and SG as example of development without mentioning how these nation-states have been at the same time taken pains and not to mention a lot of money to ensure developments are balanced by mitigation efforts (green lungs, extensive drainage system, stringent guidelines for hills slopes, etc. However the state govt has completely neglected these aspects and spent time on blaming others and even getting confrontational when NGOs highlighted concerns.

    We see no remorse from the CM in the face of recent tragedies and he keeps pointing finger at the others for these issues without addressing the root cause – over development and the prioritization of developers’ interest over people. DAP indeed has lived up to the motto of Developers Above People.

    • Spin doc. Spin doc Working in Hong Kong and please tell us where are the green lungs in Hong Kong? Green lungs in Hong Kong are painted green in concrete paving. Green lungs in Hong Kong can be a size of single terrace house. Hong Kong footballers play in concrete paved field. Certain areas can subject to flooding and mini bus can be trap. Professional please don’t spin. Hong Kong is not environmental friendly. Everything is paved and no Rainharvesting and discharged into the sea.

      • I recognize your language and you used the name zoro before, didn’t you? You are caught red-handed and it is clear that the DAP’s cyberwarriors are all out to spin and defend the name of the party and its leaders.

        As for your asinine comments on Hong Kong, I can only laugh. While the Penang govt is attempting a green wash, the HK govt on the other hand is dead serious about the environmental protection and sustainability. This is not just for environment but also sustainable transportation. There is simply no comparison. Read the below link and be informed.

    • Umno leaders visited Prai victims hoping to gain votes in GE14. Azmin Ali worried for PKR thus commit monetary donations.

      Meanwhile see the funny picture of MCA Wee KS holding water hose with a bunch of MCA members for publicity shot.

    • This will be the beginning of the end of Penang. It is the first failed state in Malaysia, governed by a party that place importance to … property developers rather than its own people.

      Firstly, more floods will be coming, soon the UNESCO heritage status will be gone as well.

      With that, more people will be leaving Penang in droves for good (imagine 119 flash floods happened in Penang since 2013, so who wants to live in Penang anymore?), tourists no longer want to visit Penang (they rather take a detour to Hadyai or Songkla) making Penang the ultimate place to avoid in future.

      No longer Penang will be “Pearl of Orient”, but “Dud of Orient”. Good luck Penang lang, you guys need it.

      “119 flash floods in Penang since 2013, says exco”

      “‘Mafia developers’ control Penang”

      • The state is in denial , never want to admit mistake and likes to play the victim all the time…..a recipe for disaster since no improvement can ever take place when one thinks one always right one will not make the neccesary effort or take the necessary steps to rectify it, making matters worse and worse.

      • Fail state better. Ah pek tunglang had less complain but still has more to chat just like lim kopi and less char keow toew.
        Pg forum will close shop as there is no issues.

      • Actually it is Gerakan that is in the continuous state of denial.

        Penangites gave up on Gerakan the day that small Umno fry tore up CM Koh’s portrait and witnessed no resistance from boh-hood Gerakan.

      • IS also in state of denial. Excess rainfall contribute to flooding. If the rainfall is more, high ground will be covered. You denied you what pg to be backwards. Whether is building houses, as long as there is LAND change, the previous runoff will change. Land has been change to planting durian trees or growing vegetables. The runoff will INCREASE. You need a bigger longkang or water will overflow.

    • Is the ‘Intellicast’ analysis consistent with the findings by Malaysian Meteorological Department? So far we hear many ‘expert opinion’ but unfortunately none is conclusive.


  10. Surprised Penang Forum and Aliran until now not directly attribute weather change to carbon emission as prime culprit. Should address less private car driving in Penang instead keep blaming development.
    Next year free RapidPenang rides during peak hours and Anil does not emphasize this?

    • It’s a small step in the right direction, in the city centre. This should be extended quickly and dedicated bus lanes introduced.

      • Fuel prices see a hike for the coming week, with the steepest increase being for RON97 at 7 sen, making it RM2.61 per litre.

        RON95 is up by 6 sen, costing RM2.30 per litre.

      • Since central is operating the rapid bus, why pg forum scared to ask federal for contribute to building the bus lanes. State already pay millions to have free shuttle. Wants more state to pay everything? Then what happen to hardcore poor? Pg forum just talk about problems middle class encountered.

    • The European Commission has published proposals aimed at reducing vehicles’ carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2030.

      The move is designed to put further pressure on manufacturers to develop more hybrid and electric cars.

      The Commission also wants to introduce an incentive scheme to encourage companies to produce more zero and low-emission cars.

      Under its plan cars and vans will have to emit 15% less CO2 by 2025 compared with 2021 and 30% less by 2030.

  11. The rivers and the drains in penang have become shallow too, not just the sea…the thick mud on the roads after the flood receded can also be found in the drains and the rivers , making it even more prone to worsening flooding every rainy season .Who’s going to dig up all the thick mud in the drains and the rivers?

    • No money how to dig? Why pg kia don’t gotong royo get? KL has central to dredge, straighten and deepen the 2 rivers from upstream all the way to klang. If flood on shah alam, federal will dredge that stretch

      • No money from the federal yet managed to reclaim the coastal area and still wanna build the undersea tunnel somemore , lots of money involved what… So how come to dredge the rivers the state cannot think of a way except to solely depend on the federal help alone?

        Why did the state prioritize the coastal reclamation and the undersea tunnel more than the dredging of rivers ?

      • You mean pg always get over 370mm of rain fall? You want to pay longkangs built for very heavy duty rain which occurs one in 5000 or 10000 years event.
        You give money to state to dredge the rivers? Tell us how much you pay the state?
        State gets money from selling land to developers just like hong Kong and sing government. Since you did not give money to state, state still sell sea land and the developer has to find its own funding as state is not as rich as hk or sing gomen.
        You think pg is very big place? Everyone wants to live there. Very class? Tell us where you can find land to be reserve for your children and grandchildren in the island? There are pg land on mainland. Please go and stay there.

    • Why you don’t study geography? Formation of nile river delta. You sleep again why don’t you ask why port klang is built near klang river and the port has to dredge often? Why don’t you tell central why dredge for ships and not for human living in pg?

    • Tunglang noted that army came and just distributed food and drinks. What happen to the heavy equipment in the army or why IS don’t ask where the tax paid goes?

    • Why ask the rakyat to pay when the developers are the ones who let the silt and mud from their construction sites to pollute the sea, the rivers and the drains?
      The state need to ask the developers to pay because they were the ones who caused the problems in the first place .

      • You live in comfort zone. Air conditioning and giving out Co and co2 and create global warming. No wonder pg has 375mm of rainfall. Go to site and under the sun. If contractor does not keep the site clean, they get fined. Of not dump properly they get fine. Like some house, they secretly dump the rubbish. Now can you tell the developer which mud belongs to his site so he can take his portion away? You only talk as if all the mud are contributed by contractor. You mean there is no loose material in private undeveloped land. Tree are so strong that they are not blown down. What about pg lang dumping their rubbish? Pg lang are not all angel. Why don’t you tell they to dredge their rubbish too?

      • One foundation of capitalism – to be more specific, fascism – is public risk for private profit.

  12. Local reasons for the massive flood.
    1. Overdevelopment with pavement everywhere and loss of hill which act as sponge to soak up rain water.
    2. Hawkers, restaurants and many others using the drain and river as dumping ground.
    3. Shallower river because of sedimentation. When the rain comes, the surface run off will wash the soil from exposed ground in construction area into the drain and river.

    HIgh tide can contribute to coastal flooding but not higher ground like Air Itaim town. The reason higher ground is flooded is due to poor dispersement of rain water, eg clogged drain and river. There was so much mud coming down from Kek Lok Si / Air Itam dam area. Why? The answer is very obvious.

    State gov can call it once in a century flood but it wont be anymore. Just look that the depth of all the rivers. Penangites have to brace for more and worse floods from now on.

    • Normal days, you see muddy water flowing down from kek look si? Then, one call it so lumpur. But muddy water only during extraodinary down. Please go and study fluvial mechanics. When velocity of water exceed 6m per second, the velocity of water will start to erode bed of the channel. Velocity can reach 6 m oer second or more when vast amount of water flush down. Like in mouth of sg Selangor, sand and mud banks block the mouth of the river. But during flood, the sand and mud bank disappear as it is wash away by the vast amount of flow

  13. The sea has become shallow due to the coastal reclaimation works being carried out near queensbay and gurney drive . So the surging sea water during high tide and stormy weather will end up in the rivers and on the land , filling up the roads with muddy water from the reclaimation sites .

    • You are referring to gurney drive happen during Gilakan BN time. Now design are based on coastal modelling based on data collect over some time. Of course the design will go wrong if 370mm rain comes. Design for 370mm but next time 500mm of rain comes? Go and blame the state again?

    • The floods in Penang should serve as a lesson to the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) to provide an early warning in future.

      Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said, by doing so, this would enable the necessary preparations to be made.

      “If MMD had shared its findings, then early preparations can be made and the people can be evacuated prior to the floods.

      “I am not pointing any fingers but in Penang’s case, the information was not provided early,”

      • Similar to not detecting MH370 turn and new path over peninsula: till today, no civil aviation or air force authority has been punished. The latter supposedly had “canggih” radar.

      • Radar could be missing just like the jet fighter engine, so cannot detect?

        AG may need to audit the equipment at MET.

  14. Wake up, blame the hills or the sky?? The sky drop rain due to low depression. It is not just pg island but northern Malaya. Why ah pek don’t blame logging in ulu mudah and kedahans. Maybe belum Valley muss the 4was?
    Pg forum orso good in blaming. Now it reveals weather is the cause.
    Ask central to spend money on climate and global warming affecting Malaya. We have been logging until now Malaya can hardly export logs. We have clear jungles and forests and plant oil palm.we have clear land for national highways, high speed train, free trade zones and for hypermarkets and housing estates to cater lower density. Lower housing density as mentioned by ah pek and ah soon koh means larger clearing area is required.
    Have pg forum asked central to make a study for what have change Malaya in 60 years since Merdeka?

    • Why are you DAP apologists/Red Beaners keep blaming others for your own mistakes? When are you ever going to own up to your mistakes and change your ways? DAP supposed to provide a superior and more people-centric government, yet all we see is the same old model of governance and pathetic excuses. Whenever there is a crisis, all these Red Beaners like will emerge out of woodwork to spread misinformation, dish out excuses and divert the issue.

      • Profession like you knowing the facts keep pointing the others mistakes when nature plays havoc. Even ah pek like tunglang have not seen a 370mm rain. Further blue saga seed afraid to point out BN areas are even worst affected. Too afraid and requested by your paymaster to divert the issue?

      • DAP apologists or overt-worshippers can’t take criticism, that’s the plain bad truth.
        People criticise (in whatever form, style or manner) for a reason. Mainly to wake up CAT Gomen for the excesses of environmental degradation + danger to lives + properties brought about by excessive hill slope development AOK-ed to greedy developers. That is a bad, bad plain truth.
        Being overtly-arrogant over the years has brought about this bad, bad state of affair for CAT & Tokong. Will apologists + worshippers blame CAT’s Achilles heel on unreasonable critics despite the undeniable fact that tells a lot about hill slope cuttings which have brought about recent undeniable landslides + muddy floods + death?
        Keep on the Arrogance stance & never learn from critics because of CAT superiority complex & feel how painful the Archilles heel can be comes GE14.
        Hey, DAP apologists or overt-worshippers. You all should share the pain & cry with Tokong!

    • Why blue saga seed always blame opposition? The other party did worse and yet never see you giving any adverse comments. GE coming and now is your job otherwise no income from your paymaster.
      If you have better model tell us rather your same old model pointing fingers. But professional like you will not admit and who can do or advert rainfall over 370mm. Flood also happen in BN places but lucky as goats, dogs and chicken are affected.

    • Hantem also must have reasons and be fair. Quite a number of times, ah pek orso Hantem BN. But he is not fair. He can’t be fair as he is (allegedly) under payroll unlike ah pek. Ah pek very naive. He BN propagandist. When rainfall is 375mm… Tell us, which hydraulic structure is designed for 375mm? Ask DID Federal that now pg longkang to designed for 375mm rainfall?


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