Another majestic tree chopped down in Penang


On a weekend this time. This tree along Jalan Lembah Permai is the latest to be chopped down.

This is what it looked like before:


Was MBPP permission given for this tree to be cut down? How many more trees are at stake along Jalan Lembah Permai and surrounding areas?

How many more trees will have to be chopped down for the pan island highway and more road widening?

Does climate change not mean anything to us? You know, the two degree extra warming threshold. Is this the kind of world we want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren? Or are we only selfishly thinking of ourselves?

Whither cleaner, greener Penang…

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  1. Roy, please dont talk stupid la, most irritating to hear that unless you are in the kindy – didnt you have a penang lang ruled penang for decades n what happened ???

  2. penang lang knows how to complain. thais are well verse. hot month is in april. thais enjoy with water splashing. happy songkran which is the hottest month.

  3. Another minus for the ‘C’ (competent to truly enforce Greener & Cleaner Penang) in CAT Ho Chhio!
    Anyway, I don’t see a cat taking a bath, not even in this very humid & hot weather in Penang.

  4. Depleting greenery the cause of temperature rise in Penang?
    Obviously Science is a neglected subject in school as many fail to understand the El Niño effect.
    They should instead blame LGE for El Niño, right?

    • why not blame 1pm afterall he is the chief of the country? worker, supervisor, head of sect councillor no responsibility. you worker to boss no responsibility?

    • Cuaca panas luar biasa sejak beberapa hari lalu menyebabkan penggunaan elektrik di Semenanjung Malaysia meningkat ke paras 17,175 megawat pada Rabu iaitu paras tertinggi dalam sejarah.

    • Moreover, he alleged the state government had allowed foreigners or foreign consortiums to bulk-purchase properties in the state and remarked, “This is good for the investors and the developers, but what about the poor people, especially youngsters who desire to own their first homes?”
      This is true scenario in Penang as what I have heard from the horses’ mouths of housing agents.
      Don’t believe? Try ask an honest housing agent.

      • Many youngsters in Penang now appear to lose faith in owning their desired own homes; and if Anil is willing to do live interviews with students at local colleges e.g. INTI, Segi, Disted etc he will find out most prefer to work overseas upon graduation, with plans to settle in overseas bring the ultimate plan.
        No wonder Zahid just published high number migrated out of Bolehland to flourish elsewhere.
        Future talents going abroad while Penang may see more foreign import to service the concretised structures.
        Time for my Sailor

      • Knowing that they cannot afford to buy houses, they spend their money on their cars, complete with all the accessories like boom box.

  5. I never understand why companies building anything have the rights to disregard and then destroy the environment that surround ones so important to another inhabitant. And then we have the council and the state government who will then issue statement that nothing can be done.
    If let say an individual who rent a saw and chop it down, he will be reprimanded and sentenced to jail for violating rules. Shows how double standard exist and how it can be manipulated by the very people and council.

  6. We can learn to do more for planting new trees. Of cos must careful is throw out old trees. Sometime is like old in Old Age home. Need plan to solve it. Always must have compassion. Not greed. If for 1 tree cut down – condition replant 10 new trees at close location.

  7. Kumpulan Sahabat Alam environmentalist Mohmad Afandi Ahmad said the higher the humidity, the hotter it would feel. Afandi said another reason it felt hotter than the temperature recorded was because Penang was surrounded by sea.
    “When the sea water is hot, the water particles that evaporate and the wind that blows will be hot, too, increasing the heat felt by those by the sea,” he said.
    The environmentalist also stressed that even with the high temperature and the heat from the sea breeze, the impact on people can be reduced if there were more trees.
    “Trees play an important role in absorbing heat from the surroundings,” he said.
    Read: Hot sea breeze spikes heat for Penangites

    • Some of the dislike of humidity is due to Western influence. Without trying to adapt, we are mindlessly trying to respond with consumption such as more cooling devices. One guy was quoted recently as saying he was now bathing 4 or 5 times a day.

      Except in Equatorial forest areas, the air on most of the planet is not humid, and many places are short of water. Here, it is the vegetation that generates humidity and conserves water in the soil (by creating humus). This humidity protects us through the shielding of clouds and the cooling of rain.

      Yet, many only see the immediate money value of trees. What is going on is a sort of urban logging. This also explains the long intervals between trimming, followed by the cutting of large branches.

    • But no proper footpath, bicycle Lane and bus stop shelter? If tree is 100 years old the road is designed to Bullock cart standard in 1916. It should be a heritage road, then there should be limited useage eg trucks, lorries and 4wd are banned.

      • SP Setia latest landscaping of its SPICE project has overlooked to cater for at least 2 public bus stops at its exterior boundary. Why MPPP has also overlooked this? Chief Minister holds his annual CNY open house, and as he travels by car, he is not aware that many rely on buses to shuttle so I hereby alert him and his staff to be sure that SP Setia in its CSR to create bus stands outside SPICE.

      • Actually there is a bus station behind sPICE, between Arena Curve and Olive Tree Hotel. That station is also connected to sPICE via a pedestrian bridge. So it is possible that all buses to sPICE would be using that station for drop-off/hop-on

      • James K
        There are 2 way traffic for every RapidPenamg bus.
        Indeed there is bus stop opposite sPICE outside Arena/Olive Tree for those travel towards BJ or QBayMall or downtown.
        BUT there is no sheltered bus stand if want to wait for bus moving towards Sunshine Square, Airport or Balik Pulau direction.
        Furthermore, a sheltered bus stand is useful for those a lighting passengers taking shelter on rainy moment.
        CM LGE or YB Chow have come to witness the progress if sPICE with SPSetia mgmt, and can’t blame them overlooking this simple matter as they are now chauffeured driven forgetting the basic needs if folks voted them in in 1998.
        YBs pls kindly take action…

      • Bus stop has nothing to do with with mppp. It has to do with Rapid which belongs to ah jib. Rapid has to decide where as they are running the service. Mppp ensures they comply with the by law.

      • Developers must realise that some of their home buyers might not be able to afford buying cars after paying so much for the properties. So thy should at least provide proper walkway leading to proper sheltered bus stands.

      • One housing agent told me that many residents of new housing in Batu Maung prefer to stay at home, eat at home & not spend even in shopping malls or restaurants. Don’t have to wonder why no major shopping malls or fusion restaurants in Batu Maung. The only the famous seafood restaurant thrives as most of its customers are not from the area.
        After serving a hefty home loan, what’s left to power spending???
        Is this getting a life?

      • Tunglang,
        Many stay at home nowadays to avoid spending money once outside. Times are bad as more retrenchment is imminent. Stay indoor to escape the heat outside too.

      • This is not a recent ‘phenomena’ like what you assume.
        Hear from the horses mouths & business investors.
        Don’t assume to mislead. OK???

    • A Banyan Tree – very shady & home to birds & spiritual beings.
      Can outlive humans by hundreds of years & growing in stature by adding layers of trunks.
      A favourite rendezvous of Kuntilanak (local banshees) in the Malaysian rainforests.

    • Use less cars, electricity, washing, cooking and plant more grass and trees. Less paving. So less utilities beside the road are required.

  8. Good comment by blog vistor Kelvin saying The LIVING trees along the road are very stressed from dust and traffic noise pollution. Some plant lovers used to talk to the plant. They have difficulties in photosynthesis.

    Also the trees have to share with longkangs and utilities. Better don’t use electricity and pave the gardens to avoid laying new drains and utilities as trees will be affected.

  9. The contractor removing the giant tree ought to seek the permission of the “spiritual dweller” there otherwise unpleasant event may happen there. Also there is likely a new lifestyle residence for the “Datuk” there by BSG developer with nasi kunyit offering.

    • Why build another Latuk Kong shrine (after cutting down a tree) when leaving the tree ‘home’ alone is suffice?
      Doing so with nasi kunyit offerings ( along term servitude) is against God’s Commandment of no worshipping of spiritual idols or unclean spirits or what have you in the name of dizzy political worshipping (of Niao Kong).

      In SingLand with decreased forests & less trees, it is said that every tree left standing is home to not one spirit, but many! Don’t you see a similarity of the disembodied to the flesh & blood residents in their high density housing?

      Paranormal: Beware of a row of 5 slim trees like placed joss sticks (150 metres off trail from the circular road around Air Itam Dam). When hiking up, do not think or say anything discriminative or disrespectful against these trees & their unseen dwellers at the right side of the trail. You may slip & fall after trekking downhill past these trees, notwithstanding whether you walk gingerly on the slippery trail or on the side grass! I fell twice on 2 different trips just b’cos I thought we humans can treat them without respect like what a scripture supposed to say. There is a difference between fear & respect. And these spiritual entities (also creations of God) were already here hundreds – million of years before us.

      • Book of Datok at least 5 thousand years old, longer than hallelujah scriptures so don’t play play especially if one is not heaven bound upon passing.
        Lets be serious.

  10. Such a huge old tree in Lemba Permai. Why can’t they work around these fine old trees? These trees are what gives charm to Penang!

  11. Death to CAT’s Greener, Cleaner Penang.
    When they have … excuses to remove trees & replant them elsewhere, they do it.
    When they cannot replant any big tree, they just chop it down.
    CAT now stands for: CUT ANY TREE.
    This big tree was surely home to the spirits of the vicinity. By cutting it down, they have unknowingly destroy a home. This site will soon be ‘keras’ to cause future accidents…. Woe be to the contractor.

  12. Unforgiveable, did BoonSiew development get a permission to do that ??? How many trees they are re planting after the project done ???

    • Boon Siew owns many lands in Langkawi.
      Do the same unforgivable & the curse of Mahsuri will surely befall on their developers.


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