As Malaysians concerned about the environment march from Kuantan to Parliament, the World Bank has warned that all nations will suffer the effects of climate change.

Earth, we have a problem. Forget the scientists; you know it is a serious problem when a pro-business neoliberal institution like the World Bank feels compelled to warn about the danger of climate change. The good thing is the World Bank is now led by a scientist who sees the “unequivocal” scientific evidence for climate change caused by human beings.

But will our political parties address the issue of climate change – or will they emulate the US presidential election and sweep the issue under the debating podiums? What are we doing the prevent food shortages, for instance? Do we even have a strong food self-sufficiency policy – and I don’t mean agro-business? Or are we going to keep relying on food imports?

Think we won’t be affected? What are we going to do about rising sea levels, especially now that there is massive land reclamation going on. How high is our reclaimed land above sea level?

Already some rice farmers are saying the changing weather patterns have resulted in a blurring of the traditional wet and dry season for planting and harvesting.

Why are we even talking about 4 degrees Celcius? The world will have a tough time handling even a 2 degree rise. Still think it can be business as usual as we burn fossil fuels, mass produce more cars, build more highways, cut more hills and chop more forests? We say we love our children; but our actions speak otherwise. Don’t we even stop to think what kind of world we are going to hand over to them? Will they thank us or curse us?

At least, more and more Malaysians are standing up – and now walking – to make their voice heard.

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