Purported ‘suicide note’ that went viral reveals pressure, despair felt by some


This suicide at the second Penang bridge startled many not least due to the reported message purportedly left behind by the victim on Facebook. This statement by Parit Buntar MP Mujahid Yusof is worth pondering on.

Pengajaran bunuh diri Sukri Saad

Bunuh diri adalah penyakit psycho-social yang berlaku atas kekecewaan hidup. Lazimnya mangsa bunuh diri akan memberitahu kenapa dia mengambil tindakan supaya yang tinggal akan tahu kenapa dia bertindak demikian. Bunuh diri ini bersifat peribadi.

Ada juga yang membunuh diri kerana kecewa pada tindakan kerajaan. Tindakan ini bukan atas kepentingan diri tetapi kecewa dengan sistem yang mencengkam. Gambar seorang sami buddha pada tahun 1963 di Vietnam membakar dirinya kerana menentang kezaliman dan penindasan regim. Beliau adalah Sami Mahayana Buddhist, Thích Quang Duck membakar dirinya di simpang sibuk Saigon. Para pengkaji menamakan bunuh diri ini sebagai self immulation atau korban diri untuk tujuan lebih besar.

Tariq Mohamed Bouazizi membakar dirinya di pekan Buaizi Tunisia membantah tindakan penguatkuasa mendenda dan merampas buahan jajaannya di tepi jalan. Bouazizi menjadi ikon kepada kebangkitan arab spring bermula di Tunisia. Perbuatan bakar diri Bouazizi tenggelam, yang menjadi perbualan ialah kezaliman regim menindas usaha rakyat mencari sesuap nasi dan membiarkan pemimpin menyamun duit rakyat berleluasa. Revolusi rakyat bermula, Bouazizi menjadi wira.

Kita dikejutkan perbuatan terjun dari jambatan kedua Pulau Pinang oleh suami muda bernama Sukri Saad 38 tahun. Perbuatan bunuh dirinya tidak banyak mendapat liputan tetapi tujuan perbuatannya melalui nota di FB yang diposkan membawa kepada satu rumusan bahawa simangsa kecewa dengan sistem yang ada menindas si miskin dan membiarkan yang kaya terus melahap.

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Sukri Saad adalah mangsa sistem, ia bukan cara terbaik untuk melahirkan kekecewaan tetapi ia adalah cara melambangkan sistem yang menghukum rakyat marhaen demi sesuap nasi dan membiarkan yang berkuasa dan kroninya terus merompak. Nabi s.a.w pernah bersabda:

” ….sesungguhnya hancur mereka sebelum kamu apabila si bangsawan merompak dilepaskan dari hukuman dan apabila yang miskin mencuri dikenakan ke atasnya hukuman..”

Pemimpin kerajaan hari ini belum menjawab skandal 1MDB, 2.6bn dll skandal angkara kelompok elitis politik. Rakyat di bawah hidup susah, jurang ketaksamaan semakin meluas. Allahyarhan Sukri Saad hanya sebahagian mangsa kefasadan politik dan rasuah yang membengkak. Jangan ada lagi Sukri Saad kedua, cukuplah kita bangun dari mimpi kita yang panjang, bairlah mesej Sukri Saad mengingatkan kita satu perkara, Selamatkan Negara!

Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa ialah ahli parlimen Parit Buntar.

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  1. “Our Dreams Are Over” Feeling of Despair by entrepreneurs in guesthouses and lodgings within the inner city George Town.
    (Another example of how state gomen squeezes the small life out of decent entrepreneurs by ‘don’t make sense’ legislations)

    “When you do business in George Town, you will know how the government squeezes you.

    “It was my dream to run a quaint lodging that is more soulful for guests than a plain budget hotel.

    “I charge so cheap to be attractive. Only RM18 a night for a dorm bed, RM60 for the small room and RM140 for the family room. But the government is squeezing me like I’m a big businessman,” said Menu Cafe and Lodge owner Jack Ong, who used to be the Pinang Peranakan Mansion general manager.

    “This is our last-ditch effort to save our business. We have tried to get the licences but failed because the requirements and guidelines are either too expensive or nearly impossible to follow,” said Ong.

    He spent RM100,000 setting up his four-room lodge that comes with a 16-bed dormitory in late 2014 and had joined the Penang Island City Council’s hotel legalisation programme.

    “But the authorities want me to pay RM105,000 in car and motorycle parking space contribution, spend about RM50,000 on terracotta roof shingles and more money on fire retardant flooring plus a back entrance. They even want me to turn my staircase around to face the front.

    “Some of these requirements don’t make sense. Most of my guests are backpackers and travellers who come by bus or plane. Why should I have to pay the parking contribution,” Ong said when met yesterday.

    “There are about 200 guesthouse operators. We invested so much to make the heritage hospitality in George Town unique and they want to close us down.”

    Read: Sleepless in inner city

    “Our dreams are over. It’s impossible to follow the government’s ruling,” said Menu Cafe and Lodge owner Jack Ong.

    Clockwise Place hostel owner Teresa Hii, who closed her business yesterday, called the temporary licence a “disillusionment”.

    “If I never had a chance to get a permanent licence in the first place, the government should not have given me false hope with a temporary one.

    “They should have told me and my partner before we spent over RM200,000 on renovations,” she said tearfully.

    Read: Many Penang guesthouses to close for good

  2. Related: Voluntary euthanasia for the terminally ill. A few countries have successfully implemented this for a decade or two. It is administered by willing doctors. Australia TV just aired a 1-hour program promoting its legalisation, and highlighting the terrible, current suffering of the ill and their relatives.

    Bolehland is of course completely delusional on this topic. Actually, it cannot even prevent fires, floods, rats and mosquitoes even inside hospitals. Hypocrisy rules in ethics, rights (e.g. “war on drugs” and migration), development, maintenance, etc.

  3. Committing suicide is a bad idea. Why?

    For your loved ones & family members, the loss of one life from committing suicide is distressing &may leave a bad influence on weaker minds (to copy-cat in times of problems & depression).
    For the self, when one dies from committing suicide, the soul is condemned regardless of purpose to die b’cos we are forbidden to commit suicide by our Creator. We are expected to seek recourse to overcome problems instead of falling for the idea of dying. The same for suicide bombers led by false teachings.

    And while you die, what can you do? RIP?
    Until we live in a God ruled world of absolute justice, we (not solely the self fighting for society) at least can do our part collectively to make this a better world now run by the so-called rule of laws but crafted by infallible entities such as corrupt men, greedy corporations & evil minds.

    Don’t look at thy self as one responsible soul to fight the corrupt, unjust world.
    You may see committing suicide as a faster way out. And while you die, what can you do?

    My friend’s wife committed suicide last night b’cos she couldn’t bear any more of a finger pain 24/7/365.
    My distress for the moment.

  4. My despatch pakcik commented…
    Saya pun susah tapi tak jual rokok contraband sekali pun… Anak 5. Yang kecil darjah 1. Umiur saya sekarang 55 tahun. Gaji Rm950. Bini kerja pembantu hospital…

  5. It was particularly sad when one considers that the ‘crime’ was so trivial and yet those involved in huge financial swindles and so on seem to go largely unpunished.


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