Felda Global Ventures’ share price plummets


It’s a far cry from its initial public offering price of RM4.55 in 2012. At that time, the IPO for Felda Global Ventures was the second largest in the world after Facebook’s.

After the IPO, the share price of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd opened at RM5.39. One banking research unit reportedly even had “Outperform” on FGVH and a fair value of RM5.44.

Look at it today. How the mighty have fallen.

In recent weeks, the EPF, one of FGV’s substantial sharesholders, has been steadily disposing shares. Do they know something we don’t?

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  1. 1MDB has US$74 billion in loans and with the ringgit going further downhill (RM3.5 for a US Dollar), its dollar-denominated debts are expected to swell by RM3.96 billion to approximately RM25.7 billion. Petronas and TNB, meanwhile, have approximately 70% and 12% of their debts in dollar terms.

  2. Since super-coli has so much confidence in FGH, he should put his money where his mouth is. Then when the price of the shares is worth lee than the paper it is printed on, he can laugh all the way to the asylum.

  3. In 1998, Tun Mahathir blames George Soros for Malaysia,s economic problems.
    2014/2016, whom will UMNO/BN will blame?

  4. It is no secret that Felda has been purchasing FGVH stocks from the open market in an apparent bid to shore up share prices.

  5. When economy is not doing right in Msia the catalyst will soon be fed up with rise in prices. Anil can testify that Sg 2 USM Koop o now raised 20 sen, today raised to rm1.40 also up 20 sen. USM students suffer !

    • Now the world is grappling with prices increase especially food and essential materials. Indonesia newly elected President Jokowi increase petrol prices by 30% although it is a net exporter. Japan is also struggling with price increase so is most of Asia, Europe and the Americas (North & South). Don`t just put the blame on the govt. This is a worldwide phnomenon.

      • You should ask why Ringgit cannot be as strong as SingDollar, so that we could have higher purchasing power.

  6. No such report on Utusan or BH,
    Even the student massacre by Taliban in Peshawar was given little or insignificant coverage by the Umno media.

    • BeeEnd cybertroppers trying very hard to defend the indefeasible using such a lame example. Facebook initial IPO offering was USD39 per share. The share price did drop after the IPO on 18th May 2012 but the share is currently traded at USD76 (if you had taken the time to Google it you will have found this). So a simple calculation will show that the price has INCREASED by 94.9% from the initial price. On the other hand the price IPO price of FGVH (28th June 2012) was RM4.55 and is currently traded at RM2.32, DROPPING 49%. I am no stock investor or trader but it seems to me that anyone who bought Facebook shares is laughing all the way to the bank while those who bought FGVH shares are now crying in their beer. Ironic you chose to highlight Facebook share price since both of these shares started trading almost a month apart with different price trajectories.

      • Why didn`t you said the price did dropped to almost 22 dollars. There is up and down. Soon investors in Feld Global will also be laughing to the bank

  7. There is a rumour on the cyberspace that there is (allegedly) a tiff going on between Felda Chairman Isa Samad (who is not a businessman) and the latest Felda CEO (earlier CEO was replaced). Presently almost half the market capitalisation of FGVH has been wiped out as its share price plummeted.

    Palm oil prices are down but not all oil palm companies are suffering such a beating in their share prices like FGV. It was clueless Najib’s idea to list Felda Global Ventures. Meantime Felda is still shopping for buildings overseas! The Malaysian Ringgit is now at RM2.67 to the Singapore Dollar. And it is at RM3.50 to the US Dollar.

  8. Ah Jib Kor’s pet projects like 1MDB and now Felda Global Venture now in doubtful $ituation.
    The mood of rakyat may not be forgiving especially now that Msia is trailing Thailand in Suzuki football finale.
    The Corridor of Power is shifting ???


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