So what is the petrol pump price going to be at end-July?

Nymex oil price 22 July 2015 - Source: Nasdaq

The last time around, at the end of June 2015, petrol pump prices rose by 10-20 sen per litre under our ‘wonderful’ monthly float system even though the global oil price fell during the month. So what will the price be at the end of July given that the oil price has dropped even more in July (so far)?

Will the government just reduce it by say 10-20 sen so that it goes back to where it was before the hike at the end of June? Or will it drop even more, as it should, and help ease the GST pain a little?


  1. At Penang Road/Keng Kwee Lane kopitiam :
    Chendol RM2.30
    Laksa RM3.50
    already RM5.80
    Left with 20 sen may be ais kosong ?

    How to survive with RM6/day, Anil ?

    • You can survive, just barely, henson. But it won’t be a healthy diet – you are unlikely to get a balanced diet of fruit, veggie and protein.

      That is why we need food security policies to keep a check on food prices and ensure we are self-sufficient in food supplies as a nation.

      • Eating food to survive is different from savouring gourmet cuisines.
        Penang street food is quite pricey given the small ration from the hawkers. To get nutrients not found on street food, best advice is to take multi-vitamins supplements, each tablet would cost about 40sen.

  2. Anil,
    Are you taking up the Suaram’s challenge to survive on RM6 a day for one week?

    Perhaps readers can share how they could survive on RM6/day in Penang.
    Nasi Kandar kosong (rice with gravy only)???

  3. Unlikely for price to go down since Ah Jib still need a lot of money now that Ringgit is very low in value. This time Lim Kok Wing will not be able to advise them how to spin stories around the float system.

  4. Husni, Ahmad Maslan or Chua Jr. will come up with new excuses, as it is time to impress Master Jib to get favorable post in the coming cabinet reshuffle?



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