Global oil price drops but pump prices up 10-20 sen


The wonders of our float system as our pump prices go up even as the global oil price in an oversupplied market hits a three-week low. How is this possible?

It would appear that public coffers badly need the extra money.

What’s the matter? GST not enough?

So who is subsidising whom?

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    • If Anil truly believes in all these make-believe stuff, the mighty river of justice may just be polluted with weak minds & vengeance-seeking minions of a kind of cat-cult worshipping that’s beyond redemption.
      Anil is merely ho bin (giving face) to these trolls to truly practice freedom of expressions here.
      Don’t get provoked but reply to them with a sense of perspective without emo.

      Some have no experience of the metaphysics but want to ke-ke gau-gau like a pro.
      One example of a personal metaphysic manifestation:
      my hunting knife placed in my studio got blood stain. And a stream of black thick blood was found on the wall above my studio door & next to the crucifix. Consulting an expert, I was told a careless wandering spirit got cut by my hunting knife. In this age, some metaphysical manifestations are beyond our understanding but we are not to fear them blindly like feng shui. It’s how you make your stand that matters.

      • You are easily provoked and responded with long-winded message.
        I think the readers purposely poke you into such knee-jerk reaction?
        Keep cool as weather is getting hotter, drink 100plus.
        You started the feng shui talk and now feel guilty to your pastor?

    • Fortune telling, a kind of guess work of a personal predestination to somewhere for self-reassuring & shiok-sendiri in times of great stress & uncertainties?
      To say that Feng Shui is fortune telling will depend on what you are looking for:
      a reassurance of a better life fortune awaiting you or knowing what elements you are born of to deal with life’s uncertainties in one’s life stages.

      Will it make any common sense that a mere reading of one’s birth date, time & period of day can set one for life, either to riches, poverty or mediocrity? Feng Shui or an offspring of Tung Shu Almanac deals with the day to day calculation for each person, country or empire. It may or may not happen according to prescribed readings but the chance of fulfilling is as random as a toss of a coin. The feeble minded will not only buy wholesale such destined life reading of Bazi without question but will also make proclaimed senses of it. The shackled intellectual or lack of it bordering on the slavery to set of figures for life readings shows how dependent our psyche is on the unpredictables, which are made predictable by the practitioners for absolute believers. And it is highly profitable to read a person’s destiny without any question from the seekers of a better life reading.
      Then why are we taught to learn & better one self from life experiences when we can easily ‘fall for’ such occult readings which some feeble minds claim to make sense? Is it not a better common sense of survival for one to be strong rather than to be fearful & be slaved by a set of readings?

      In a fight for survival or a quest for a better future, let us not be si-bah (dead-senses) to our strength, weakness & opportunities. Only You Can Create Your Future. Not A Set Of Wonderful Bazi Readings.

  1. Cost of living is already shooting up, and If Ringgit continue to weaken and KLCI continue to fall unabetted, the temperature will surely rise to boiling point … cannot blame the people …. it is people’s power … and the King will have to do something to save the nation from going burst.

  2. According to Joey Yap:

    Ba Zi (Eight Characters ) or Four Pillars as it is popular known in the West, is a sophisticated art of Chinese fortune-telling based largely on the Chinese five-element theory, allowing us to investigate the potential and mysterious of our lives using our birth data. BaZi calculation enable us to explore the cyclical influence of our ‘destiny’ in terms important areas such as family, friends, relationships, wealth, fame, recognition, career, studies, partnership, business and the almost every other important aspect of our lives. BaZi can be used to evaluate relationships and to forecast the life path of each individual.

    BaZi translates our birth data – Year , Month , Day and Hour of birth into four pairs of distinct Chinese Characters (called Jia Zi ). Four pairs make Eight Characters (or BaZi). Each pair is also known as a pillar, hence the term Four Pillars. The eight characters are made up of the yin and yang variations of the Five Elements . By analyzing the structure, compatibility, clashes, combinations and inter-relations of these eight characters, we can learn much about our nature and our life path. An individual can make use of this information to accelerate his performance in work, strengthen his or her relationships with others, improve weaknesses, maximize talents and potentials, and make informed decisions based on forecasts of his or her upcoming cycle of luck.

    Understanding our BaZi (our Eight Characters) helps us deal with uncertainties and allows us to understand our strengths and weaknesses in life. Factors such as luck are often indomitable and not within our grasp. BaZi analysis is designed to help us understand the cycles of luck and possibly understand how it influences our lives.

    • A very good post from gk ong.
      Just curios, have Joey ever further elucidated in Bazi that the “day master日主” depicts one’s actual life and the month stem月柱- his brotherhoods/friends/environments later in his life. The year stem depicts depicts his ancestor as well as ” inheritances”?
      The time stem is meant for posterity ?

      • Mere occult parrot-gurgled from somewhere by someone can make sense to you?
        Or an opportunity to attack others out of desperation without substance?
        That shows a lot of what stuff you are made of in this age.
        Prove to me Feng Shui has done to your life that I may believe in your make-believe destiny.

        You ain’t see nothing of the unseen, encounter the disembodied & other metaphysic manifestations.
        So don’t simply pang phui to shiok sendiri like a stooge.

        I can show you what ‘stuffs’ that can make your soul call for your mama (if you dare).

  3. The crude oil price is currently about US$64 per barrel, down by about half from the US$115 in June last year.

    Could you imagine how much we have to pay for non-subsidised Ron95 under the ‘float system’ should crude oil hit US$100?

    • Yes, any idea how much would we need to pay for 1 litre of RON95 if the crude oil returns to US100/barrel, if we follow the float system by BN?

      Better know this before you commit to your car purchase.

  4. While what is fundamentall causing the rise is the MYR falling but the truth is Rafizi charge that the price mechanism is not completely transparent AND there are room for bias.. Truth is the only truly transparent mechanism is to completely deregulate it entirely and not fix prices at all.. Any other way, there is room for bias and its likely this administration and subsequent UMNO/BN administration will also be, can only raise taxes as a means to catch up with their problem, the bias on small changes in price is against the consumer and to increase the govt coffers.. Rafizi charges the govt is taxing oil for their budget need to be answered.

    • Last year Rafizi and Pua were jumping up and down calling for the price of petrol to be floated according to world oil prices. There you have it and now there should not be any complaint at all. Go check the average price for the month of June. It is about US65.00 per 44 gallon barrel. You can easily do an approximate calculation and know how much after including transportation, refinery cost and petrol station commision. When oil come back to US80 and the price go above RM3.00, don`t blame the govt. Blame PKR, DAP Rafizi,Pua and their leaders. They wanted it to be floated so be it.. When that time come, you bet these duo will definitely deny what they have said.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mr/Ms Lim.
      My view is that all pro-regime propagandists should be debated, especially those
      who twist and turn and are clearly intellectually dishonest. But no need to descend to their
      level by indulging in verbal abuse and childish name-calling 🙂

      As John Stuart Mill said, freedom of thought and the
      clash of ideas (through serious and high quality debate) is ultimately to the benefit of the larger society.
      larger society.

      • Phua, you are right but then you have to understand that some commentator here and Pakatan leaders like the defacto also call others names or stupid. Go and see the videos of Nga Kor Ming and you will understand. For every action there is always a reaction. Whenever we write against the opposition DAP or PKR, these opposition reader will immediately jump up and paid cybertrooper and so on. This is the norm of the opposition readers through out most of many other blogs like FT, Malaysiakin, etc.
        I think I did not really called you name in anyway but then if I did my apologies.

        But then sometime commentator here like to cucuk others when they cannot debate. Whatever I write, it does matter whether you agree or not, whether you want to debate or not. Its for the readers to see and reason out. If they deemed stupid or hilarious so be it. After all I am telling from my heart and what I think is right or wrong. But then I may not be that wrong !!!!

      • Yes, civilised and reasoned debate, and not name-calling — this should be the practice if Malaysia
        wants to go forward as a society.

        I like to think that civilised debate has influenced and persuaded
        Dr Hsu Dar Ren to quit the Central Committee of the Gerakan and
        Datuk Ariff Sabri (“Sak Mongkol AK47”) to join the DAP and become
        a strong critic of Najib.
        More Malay-Malaysian progressives and young professionals are
        leaving PAS and joining the DAP. This is a wonderful development.
        It will make the DAP more multi-ethnic and push
        the DAP’s Manifestos to better reflect the concerns of our Malay
        fellow citizens. Social Democracy on the march in Malaysia! 🙂

    • Lim or is it Kee, Whether you or anybody want to debate me or not, it does not matter. After all being an obsessive lackey you would not want to digest the truth. Fitch an international well known agency has upgraded our country to STABLE. if it is positive then you say the govt must have bribe them, if it is negative hohoho then you will say, you see DAP and Pakatoon were right and Fitch is a good agency. Is this your norm due to a chronic obsession

  5. As promised by the NEP policy have spoon feed the bumis… Or else no votes from UMNO ..Now you know why so many increases

  6. Fiscal policy and other economic policy in 1Malaysia:

    1. More taxes — indirect taxes and hidden taxes (e.g. credit card ownership tax, passport fees) are preferred
    2. More subsidy reductions — petrol, electricity are the easiest to carry out
    3. Freeze hiring of civil servants (but not across the board, see comment below)
    4. Freeze budgets of government departments. Even better, carry out cuts in government budgets (especially for capital budgets, don’t touch the operating budgets for the moment). Remember to exempt particular arms of the civil service (see comment below)
    5. Liberate the resources locked up in EPF, government pension schemes etc. Try to do this by stealth.
    6. Borrow from our rich Arab and Middle Eastern friends.
    7. Rework the formula for calculating inflation in Malaysia. Put more price-controlled items into the formula.
    8. Have public relations staff and pro-regime economists scrutinise all official policy documents such as the Malaysian Plan for any material that may cast a negative light. Omit/downplay/rewrite accordingly.
    9. Come up with more government contracts and schemes that can be created and awarded to regime loyalists and supporters such as high political and high level civil service figures. Do not forget private sector business people linked to BN component parties such as the MCA and SUPP too. Make very sure that contracts are not given to people in the
    Mahathir camp.

    Comments: 3 & 4 are not applicable to the police or security services or for the Ministry of (Dis)information
    If 1 & 2 upset the population, step up the BR1M programme. There will be a bit of revenue loss, but the benefits of 1 & 2 will greatly exceed the costs of stepping up BR1M.

    Najibonomics in one easy lesson ! QED 🙂

    • Phua .No matter how much you.write it’s. an undeniable fact that Fitch has upgraded our country on the long term as stable. Just like Rafizi,.Tony & the Pakatoon, all your allegation and analysis are fit for rubbish bin

      • tunglang 9:39 am explains why, my friend.

        GST, petrol price increases and EPF (as a source of
        funds to be raided by Najib and his regime) lah !
        Fitch likes these. The vast majority of Malaysians don’t.

  7. And I wonder yet again, just when will Consumerism Minister Hasan Malek deliver on his “formula to calculate Ron 95 and Diesel prices will be revealed to the public soon”?

    It has been 7 months since he issued his statement in early December 2014. Janji ditepati? Hah!

    • Most of the world major currency has fallen to new low with the exception of 1 or 2. One good example is the Japanese Yen which slide even further than us.

      • Abe purposely downgraded yen to revive Japan export.

        Ringgit devalued not by government e.g. Bank Negara intervention. Simply because traders have less confidence and prefer other currencies. WHY? Read and not being sidetracked by comments yang sweet talk.

      • Ringgit goes down because investors have little confidence in BN government. Brunei is an oil producing country but it’s dollar does not go down with lower oil price. So BN has been not truthful to us.

    • Timely or last minute submission to increase fuel prices (to further erode fuel subsidies) to please Fitch Ratings of New York?

      While it’s a benchmark to guide global investors, should we be at the mercy of American Kwei Lou (U-S-ucks Ang Moh Devils)?
      Why can’t Najib be as brave as Mahathir, just snub these financial delinquents in suits who can ruin countries with a mere overnight fancied rating unsubstantiated by a country’s GDP & fundamentals.
      Or I should be more precise for Najib – learn the ropes from China. Since these Kwei Lou can ruin many Asian currencies, they can do anything to stop Asian Tigers at all costs.

      Read these excerpts to understand the mindset of Fitch, a reckless mindset of advisors with a penchant to dig into national coffers (like EPF) instead of creating economic growth:
      Fitch maintained Malaysia’s long-term foreign currency issuer default rating (IDR) at A- and local currency at A, with the outlook revised to stable from negative previously.

      Fitch said in a statement that Malaysia’s fiscal finances have improved and views progress on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and fuel subsidy reform as supportive of the fiscal finances. (Note this fuel subsidy reform)

      It added that while the share of non-resident holdings of government securities was high and the sovereign’s debt profile was weak, “local agencies such as (the) Employee Provident Fund (state pension fund) can provide funding to support the sovereign in the event of a sell-off by non-residents”. (Note this eyeing of EPF fund as rescue money. This is absolute ill-advice from a global financial clown claiming the right to rate countries but attach with its own ill-advices).

      Dictionary: FITCH – a weasel-like Eurasian mammal with mainly dark brown fur and a darker mask across the eyes, noted for its fetid smell.

      • You should not blame Najib and BN for eroding subsidies. Remember last year how DAP & PKR were so vociferously calling on the govt to let oil prices float. Najib did it and petrol price go down to 1.70 when world market price is about US50. Last month average is about 65 so it roughly translated into about RM2.10. If price there is a further increase when world market price go up, don`t blame BN. Blame it on PKR & DAP and the duo Rafizi and Tony Pua

      • Yang, try to understand the American / Kwei Lou political+economic agenda – to make us “pok khai” so we will forever kowtow once again to its cowboy boots.
        It has happened during the Opium War in China. It has happened during the Vietnam War. And it has happened in the Iraqi + Afghanistan Wars.
        And lest we forget, it has Georgie Sorrowful played the Angle of Death to Asian Currencies in 1997. Any economic illiterate can sense the obvious of why Asian currencies like the Thai Baht could collapse virtually overnight. Did the Thais burnt their Baht to create a party bonfire?
        In times of peace, let us prepare for war – The Art of War. Paham kah?

    • Phua, why you did not blame the Pakatoons, Rafizi and Pua that wanted petrol prices to be floated in accordance to world market price. Don`t be just an obsessive lackey.

      • Aiyah, still continue to indulge in name-calling and verbal abuse ?

        Your job as a propagandist here on Anil’s blog is to persuade the
        fence-sitters about the virtues of our wonderful
        Prime Minister-cum-Finance Minister and compassionate
        UMNO-BN regime lah!

        You won’t be able to win the battle of ideas by indulging in name calling.
        As I mentioned earlier, the blog readers are intelligent and educated.
        And they are certainly not gullible adolescents 🙂

      • Phuas, just following of the Pakatoon that call others the same way

  8. Cut down driving, take public transport (Rapid Pass = Rm75 per month), stop buying new cars for many years.
    If driving 4WD for offroading, leave it in the kampung & no need to waste on road tax + insurance.
    With less of taxing revenue, these reckless fellas will appreciate tax money & not waste it like tap water.
    This government thinks we all are perennially flowing water taps flushed with “水 Sui”.

    • “水 Sui” in Chinese means water which metaphorically means money.
      Collectively, the 10-20 sen increase in oil price burden on us will be huge & flushing like Air Itam Dam’s overflowing vault water. In the hands of this financial-reckless gomen, it will be like another day’s toilet flushing to clear all “s…” of mismanagement of national coffer (taxes, oil money, Tabung, etc).
      But the majority 99% of us are not rich (upper middle class) or wealthy (millionaires).
      This tax regime is heartless & blind & taxes every soul regardless.
      The rich & famous won’t feel a thing as for them lives go on spending spree.

      Time to again squeeze every sen to live another day of self-accounting management regardless of whether we are loaded, flushed with cash or just live by every sen. Why should we carry the burden of recklessness of financial fools?

      • You have little understanding of feng shui, yet still want to show off?
        Not all shui is good, it depends on other factors.
        Check your Bazi(八字)first, you may need more fire instead!

      • Pang. To the Chinese laymen or businessmen, “sui” exactly means money. Nothing about feng shui unless one is too dependent on such occult to drive businesses. Blame on yourself for such little understanding. Tunglang is merely explaining. Why not first ask him politely whether he practices feng shui?

      • Doesn’t 水(water) would be a very important matter in deciding a Fengshui environment ? Without which one just cannot attain wealth at all !
        The Chinese norm of 山管人丁水管财 contruely depicts all that ?
        Which means the (form of) hill-form dictates fine human character(s) and correct surrounding flow of water(s) creates wealth.
        Just my 2cents.

      • Te leng-leng, thi leng-leng, luan luan kong, lu e chhui uai.
        Hong leng-leng, hoe leng-leng, luan luan Pang phui, lu chhiah sai.
        Summon up Earth, Sky, Wind & Fire.
        Don’t simply gossip or else you get a twisted mouth
        Don’t simply ‘fart’ rubbish lest you get a mouthful of ‘said’

        Ting, ting-ting-ting, ting, ting, ting.

      • Don’t simply comment or else Lilian Too will slap your face north, south, east & west!


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