Could this be the lifeline that could save Kampong Buah Pala from demolition on 2 Aug? This adds to the uncertainty faced by the developer. Check out this excerpt from a Sun report:

The Kampung Buah Pala saga took a twist today when the state government revealed a trump card in its bid to protect villagers from an impending demolition after the Aug 2 eviction deadline.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng showed reporters a provision under section 116 of the National Land Code that stipulates a building on alienated land cannot be demolished, altered or extended without prior consent in writing of the appropriate authority.

Lim said although a writ of possession had been served on the villagers, the developer still needed local government approval to conduct demolition of the houses.

“I am directing the land and mines office to refer this matter to the courts,” Lim said at a press conference in his office.

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  1. K
    I like the way you are.

    You making more peoples getting more angry on BN.

    Thanks for your ‘enlighten’. 😉

  2. Mr Derrick Fernadez, a lawyer, PJ City Councillor and Legal Adviser to Selangor Pakatan Government and Menteri Besar of Selangor have issued a Press Statement on 29/7/09 that Penang State Government can save Kg Buah Pala and will only cost nominal refund of the Premium paid by the Cooperative.

    He said that the Title issued on 27/3/2008 by Pakatan Government have restriction of interest which bars any dealings on the Land without express consent from the State, and as such without Pakatan State Consent, the Land shall cannot be developed for any commercial purpose and therefore does not have commercial value,

    He further said that the State can acquire the Land using the Acqusition Act and refund the nominal premium paid by the Cooperative.

  3. Kampung Buah Pala resident is a bunch of …
    200k offered but still want more.

    Kampung Buah Pala offered 200k still reject.
    Jalan Perak offered how much?
    Lorong Perak offered how much?
    West Jelutong offered how much?

    If these 20 remaining … can hold up state development, imagine what will happen when others do the same thing. From air itam to batu feringi , there will be lots of “illegal”/TOL houses going to be torn down in next 5 years.

    LGE / Pakatan said they are pro rakyat.
    What happen to the rakyat that have purchase the developement unit?
    Are these rakyat less important than Kampung Buah Pala rakyat?
    Anymore delay will only cause unnecessary monetary loses on all parties. The only one benefit is the bank and lawyer buruk.

    Lets put it straight.

    If Kampung Buah Pala resident win the ransom game, DAP and Pakatan can kiss good bye to Penang.
    We don’t need leader that is weak. Just look at Koh Tsu Koon, all Penang people say that he is a CM with NO power, always kowtow to UMNO…

    We don’t want Lim Guan Eng to kowtow to anyone… especially MIC/Hindaf….

    Lim Guan Eng was given the mandate to be Penang leader. Show us you can lead us forward.
    Be a leader and start working. Stop blaming others when you have a problem. You are chosen to lead and NOT to be a blaming chicken.

  4. there are too many s— developer at penang, they delay your house and doen not want to pay accordingly to s&p. they will offer this much take it or leave it!!! can´t even cover the bank interest!!!

  5. What to do when your house is burning down:

    1. Call the Fire Brigade ASAP.
    The Fire Brigade (FB) to respond ASAP. This is even so if you dislike the FB’s Head of Operations and he/she dislikes you. The FB is a professional service which is set up by citizens for their benefit and which is funded by all citizens and taxpayers, which includes you.

    2. The Fire Brigade’s main priority/role is to put out the fire ASAP and save lives and the burning property.
    The FB to focus on your burning house and use whatever available means and water supplies as needed to put out the fire. So it is not the right time or proper priority for the FB to work out at that crucial time details such as how to pay for water used if that water has to be taken from private/payable sources.

    3. After the fire has been put out, the FB to get to work on finding out what caused the fire. This requires investigative forensic skills and also good communication skills.

    4. At the same time, the FB to also work out costs of putting out the fire and to determine any compensation payable to anyone for support in putting out the fire.

    5. Once procedure (3) has been concluded, then the FB to adjust any compensation payable to anyone as determined in (4) if it is determined that they were directly/indirectly responsible for causing the fire.

    6. If the cause of the fire was due to deliberate arson or if it resulted from reckless negligence, then the FB to report the criminal offence to the AG/police for the suspected criminals to be charged and brought to face a fair trial in a court of law. (Competent police and judges are assumed to be a given.)

    One could say that the same professional problem-solving process/methodology and skills required could be used to solve any urgent problem/crisis situation.

    Furthermore – and sorry, this might be stating the bleeding obvious here – a fire/crisis or how you deal with a fire/crisis situation has nothing whatsoever to do with anybody’s nationality or race or religion or ethnicity or sexual orientation or any other such pointless irrelevances.

    However, good COMMUNICATIONS* is vital in the fire-fighting/problem-solving process as it cements the whole process together and leads to its success or failure. It also ensures that the right learning is gained from the exercise to prevent such future fires/crises from re-occurring.

    *Beyond mere spelling, grammar or other prowess in language or linguistic abilities.

    “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

  6. this issue is very simple,is being manupulate by some outsider who is trying to be hero like they are god who can save the village….media side,ofcoz tau sama taula,they will make the story even more interestingloh….then dont follow blindly!!!!

  7. K,

    We know what BN can do and is worst than PR. So K, U think ISA, Sedition acts, using mata2 to stop peaceful gatherings, UMNO and MCA leaders have been taking kitty for their use all committed by BN is Okay. What else can PR goes beyond that. U and and bull and cock story.

  8. Lucia / CS

    We are talking about solving problems here and NOT about who is to blame.

    KTK is no longer the CM… LGE and Anwar had made a promise to the residents of the Kg Buah Pala to protect their village.

    It is shocking that some of the people here have turned on Anil for daring to be critical of LGE.

    This is really worrying to see that leaders and supporters of a party that stands for democracy, free speech and human rights so violently intolerant to such mild and justified criticisms.

    It makes one shudder that what will happen if Pakatan rules the nation.

    Looking at the propaganda efforts by Pakatan (based on numerous press releases and blogs) to present their views on the issue, scares the hell out of me. It merely shows how far the Pakatan leaders would go to bury the truth and crack down on dissent.

    Some of the language that LGE and DCM2 Prof Rama used were shocking really. They have practically turned the victims into the accused.

  9. If the documents are legal enough for the decendents to claim rights to their land this will save everybody from hearing all kind of accusations and insults. Lets hope some smart lawyers from Hindraf or Pakatan can follow up so everyone can get on with their lives!

  10. JC,
    That’s why I have been saying….Even if LGE would caveat the land, I would prefer that LGE & his team build public housing instead. Frankly, Kampung Buah Pala is a ramshackle village. It resembles a slum just like the one in Calcultta. It’s equally cruel to see such village is preserved so that they can be gawked at…
    Well, my question to some villagers in High Chapparal. Do you wanna be gawked at? If LGE is manhandled into acquiring the land costing more money. That too another issue when LGE govenrment is having 50 million deficit. We have yet to factor in the additional money set aside for the quarry issue, courtesy of Koh Tsu Koon
    Anil is fighting for People’s welfare. Anil’s insistence that economy should serve the welfare of people. How does spending millions on the a piece of land beneficial for 30 families can advance the betterment of all Penangites. Preserving heritage is one thing but it must back with common sense.
    Everybody knew Darshan’s agenda & objective. Never mind talking about Darshan’s ulterior agenda. Lets focus on his objective…His proposal of using certain legal terms or even loopholes to counter the developers would back fire especially when everybody knew the courts…
    You just have to look at how the Appelate Court pronounce judgement on Nizar’s case……What are the chances that Darshan’s proposal would help High Chapparal without having all Penangites to cough up the money. Hey…..touching PDC would not solve the problem…….What about others????
    I can agree the argument that the villagers have the right to appoint their own lawyers to discussing the issues……However, everybody knew what’s the objective of Suga or Darshan? They are not out to have a win win situation…..It’s I win or you lose……

    Lets all legal possibilities of annulling the agreement with developer……However, my suggestion that Kampung Buah pala got to go…..Turn it into a brand new Public Housing estate with the High Chapparal element….Lets turn it into a mini Toa Payoh……With free housing for villagers & adequate compensations…….Socialism at best….


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