Tanjung Bunga residents have been urging the MPPP to closely monitor what is going on in the Surin property development project on the steep hill-slopes facing Chee Seng Gardens.

Photos by Tanjung Bunga residents – Click icon on bottom right to expand to full-screen slideshow

After much effort by the residents in highlighting the issue of uncovered hill-slopes, the MPPP has taken some action and the contractor has now partially covered the slopes, more so on the higher slopes. But many patches remain uncovered.

The residents have also complained that work is being carried out at night, sometimes past 8.00pm. They want the Council to confirm if the developer is allowed to carry on work beyond 6.00pm.

The residents are also upset about a host of other project-related issues:

  • floods
  • blasting outside permitted times
  • blasting within five seconds of sounding the siren
  • flying rocks
  • failure to stop passing vehicles when the blasting siren goes off
  • absence of police, geotech and MPPP officials during blasting
  • extraction of rocks and earth without monitoring the lorries leaving the premises
  • incessant noise and nauseating diesel fumes
  • unmaintained retention ponds which may cause malaria
  • improperly maintained drains
  • overflowing retention ponds and mud and soil erosion into the sea whenever it rains

They are thus asking the Council to ensure that the developer follows all requirements to the letter.