Tanjung Bunga residents have been urging the MPPP to closely monitor what is going on in the Surin property development project on the steep hill-slopes facing Chee Seng Gardens.

Photos by Tanjung Bunga residents – Click icon on bottom right to expand to full-screen slideshow

After much effort by the residents in highlighting the issue of uncovered hill-slopes, the MPPP has taken some action and the contractor has now partially covered the slopes, more so on the higher slopes. But many patches remain uncovered.

The residents have also complained that work is being carried out at night, sometimes past 8.00pm. They want the Council to confirm if the developer is allowed to carry on work beyond 6.00pm.

The residents are also upset about a host of other project-related issues:

  • floods
  • blasting outside permitted times
  • blasting within five seconds of sounding the siren
  • flying rocks
  • failure to stop passing vehicles when the blasting siren goes off
  • absence of police, geotech and MPPP officials during blasting
  • extraction of rocks and earth without monitoring the lorries leaving the premises
  • incessant noise and nauseating diesel fumes
  • unmaintained retention ponds which may cause malaria
  • improperly maintained drains
  • overflowing retention ponds and mud and soil erosion into the sea whenever it rains

They are thus asking the Council to ensure that the developer follows all requirements to the letter.

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  1. In Malaysia we see black and white colour only? So many project build on the high hill slope in the world. The biggest and tallest Jesus statue in Rio De Janeiro is on the hill slope.

    So, enforcement in the past is always talking about “favours”. But PR government is not giving any “favour” as what my friend told me.

    It is time to improve enforecement by “stringent engineering” practice. CAT is not against development, but with sound engineering practises applied in Building Industry.

  2. The likes of Andrew and TBRA should have the decency to seek an accountability from KTK given that you lot had repeated voted him in as your assemblyman in pre March 2008 and by extension Penang’s CM.

    He is after all, still an active politician aspiring to recapture Penang.

    Don’t expect the rest of Penangites to cough up the dole when the developers sue should LGE revokes their projects which were approved by KTK.

  3. Yang, thks.

    Penang is definitely in a better hand under Lim Guan Eng/DAP/Pakatan, so was Perak under Nizar/PAS/Pakatan.

    The developer paid off their bridging loan pretty quick, and I also note that their loan is not huge.

    Yes, the developer put the blame on the new administration, that is DAP, as a result of which they have to compensate the purchasers. It comes out to be quite a big chunk of money.

    During construction, I went to have a look and I noticed that the drains were very deep, I suppose they have no choice but to adhere to the rules and regulations…

    I dare say, under Gerakan/BN, developers cheat a lot in their work, in particular, drainage system, not properly done, (3 inches deep of drains) that is why so much of floodings in Penang these days.

    I remember i read Anil’s report, hillside flooded… can you imagine that?

  4. To: Yang
    I don’t live in Tg. Bungah but it doesn’t mean that I or anyone who does not live there should care less about the plight of the residents there. How would you feel if your house was flooded everytime there is rain? How would you feel if stone and rocks are flying around and endangering your property and family? How would you feel if the noise is disturbing your peace? I don’t live there but I feel the pain that these residents are going through. I hope that I won’t ever have to be in that situation. I care and everyone should care. It is not that I am against development but development done with proper care and thought for the environment and for the people who live around there. Things like this bother me and many other people and things like this can topple a government. LGE must do something more positive for the people coz they are the voters.

    • Well said, malgal123.
      I like this sentence:
      LGE must do something more positive for the people coz they are the voters

      LGE, be warned that put your priority for us, the ordinary people instead of bosses of big business. I think YANG is possibly a cybertrooper from LGE/DAP/PR. He support everything for LGE administration.

    • Malgal

      Everyone has its own interest. Sometimes, things are small but writers love to hydrogen bomb them blowing them out of proportion. Like George saying trees are out of line. That is natural but houses maybe distances away and out of harm.

      On the other hand, there are many still living in slums and without proper housing. So you prefer them to continue to live in such sqalor conditions without opportunity.

      If the developer wanted to built, let him spend/invest his money. On one want to buy, then it is his problem just like you do not want to buy Hokkien mee from this shop.

  5. Then you should be checking with Kanda or DID for your concerns before posting this half truth situation. When one read it, it really reflects very bad either on the state government or the federal government who sponsor the project. Is it fair to both parties?
    I hope you realise the situation base on the reply of your posting. Or you purposely want to heat up the situation?

  6. That’s the problem with some people here, they do complaint and at the same time, they have given the explaination etc, etc. But the problem with these people is that they do not except the government explaination, they just want the government to do it their ways. Like I said before, some of Anil’s posting are only half truth and this has lead all those silly and stupid accusations all over the place. Here are a few examples.
    1) Another public space lost? – what a misleading statement. Anil should check with the authourity first to see what are they going to this bigger space?
    2) Mess in Botanic Garden raise concerned? – I believe Anil was also there with Kanda Kumar, please refer to today Star newspaper, every thing has been explain on that day regarding the concerns but Anil only post the concerns without posting the explaination gien by the authority.

    Like the KBP and Tanjung Tokong squatter issue, there are people who like to sensationalize it.
    Like KSK, he is not stupid, when he approved all these hill slope project, he must have follow some rules before he approved it. Also the same for LGE, do you think he is so stupid that he just want to be a one term CM? Actually all these people already got their answer from the authority, but is just that they want the government to follow thier way.
    Safety is a cncerned, there is no doubt about it. You should complain to the MPPP if there is a concern or raise some fund and take MPPP to court like our Mr. Ong going to do for converting the shore to freehold.

  7. Kee,

    The readers here are not blind, far from it. Some of them are just Gerakan / BN cronies who are finding it hard to adjust to life having now fallen off the gravy train.

    We must have pity on these poor souls. Imagine no more access to cheap prime state land at RM 10 psf ala Buah Pala.

    …..and you are so right. We never saw the pots and pans demonstrations during the umpteen years of that political eunuch KTK’s rule and he was their assemblyman and neighbour, no less !!!


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