Tg Bunga hill-slope project problems unresolved


Tanjung Bunga residents have been urging the MPPP to closely monitor what is going on in the Surin property development project on the steep hill-slopes facing Chee Seng Gardens.

Photos by Tanjung Bunga residents – Click icon on bottom right to expand to full-screen slideshow

After much effort by the residents in highlighting the issue of uncovered hill-slopes, the MPPP has taken some action and the contractor has now partially covered the slopes, more so on the higher slopes. But many patches remain uncovered.

The residents have also complained that work is being carried out at night, sometimes past 8.00pm. They want the Council to confirm if the developer is allowed to carry on work beyond 6.00pm.

The residents are also upset about a host of other project-related issues:

  • floods
  • blasting outside permitted times
  • blasting within five seconds of sounding the siren
  • flying rocks
  • failure to stop passing vehicles when the blasting siren goes off
  • absence of police, geotech and MPPP officials during blasting
  • extraction of rocks and earth without monitoring the lorries leaving the premises
  • incessant noise and nauseating diesel fumes
  • unmaintained retention ponds which may cause malaria
  • improperly maintained drains
  • overflowing retention ponds and mud and soil erosion into the sea whenever it rains

They are thus asking the Council to ensure that the developer follows all requirements to the letter.

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  1. In Malaysia we see black and white colour only? So many project build on the high hill slope in the world. The biggest and tallest Jesus statue in Rio De Janeiro is on the hill slope.

    So, enforcement in the past is always talking about “favours”. But PR government is not giving any “favour” as what my friend told me.

    It is time to improve enforecement by “stringent engineering” practice. CAT is not against development, but with sound engineering practises applied in Building Industry.

  2. The likes of Andrew and TBRA should have the decency to seek an accountability from KTK given that you lot had repeated voted him in as your assemblyman in pre March 2008 and by extension Penang’s CM.

    He is after all, still an active politician aspiring to recapture Penang.

    Don’t expect the rest of Penangites to cough up the dole when the developers sue should LGE revokes their projects which were approved by KTK.

  3. Yang, thks.

    Penang is definitely in a better hand under Lim Guan Eng/DAP/Pakatan, so was Perak under Nizar/PAS/Pakatan.

    The developer paid off their bridging loan pretty quick, and I also note that their loan is not huge.

    Yes, the developer put the blame on the new administration, that is DAP, as a result of which they have to compensate the purchasers. It comes out to be quite a big chunk of money.

    During construction, I went to have a look and I noticed that the drains were very deep, I suppose they have no choice but to adhere to the rules and regulations…

    I dare say, under Gerakan/BN, developers cheat a lot in their work, in particular, drainage system, not properly done, (3 inches deep of drains) that is why so much of floodings in Penang these days.

    I remember i read Anil’s report, hillside flooded… can you imagine that?

  4. To: Yang
    I don’t live in Tg. Bungah but it doesn’t mean that I or anyone who does not live there should care less about the plight of the residents there. How would you feel if your house was flooded everytime there is rain? How would you feel if stone and rocks are flying around and endangering your property and family? How would you feel if the noise is disturbing your peace? I don’t live there but I feel the pain that these residents are going through. I hope that I won’t ever have to be in that situation. I care and everyone should care. It is not that I am against development but development done with proper care and thought for the environment and for the people who live around there. Things like this bother me and many other people and things like this can topple a government. LGE must do something more positive for the people coz they are the voters.

    • Well said, malgal123.
      I like this sentence:
      LGE must do something more positive for the people coz they are the voters

      LGE, be warned that put your priority for us, the ordinary people instead of bosses of big business. I think YANG is possibly a cybertrooper from LGE/DAP/PR. He support everything for LGE administration.

    • Malgal

      Everyone has its own interest. Sometimes, things are small but writers love to hydrogen bomb them blowing them out of proportion. Like George saying trees are out of line. That is natural but houses maybe distances away and out of harm.

      On the other hand, there are many still living in slums and without proper housing. So you prefer them to continue to live in such sqalor conditions without opportunity.

      If the developer wanted to built, let him spend/invest his money. On one want to buy, then it is his problem just like you do not want to buy Hokkien mee from this shop.

  5. Then you should be checking with Kanda or DID for your concerns before posting this half truth situation. When one read it, it really reflects very bad either on the state government or the federal government who sponsor the project. Is it fair to both parties?
    I hope you realise the situation base on the reply of your posting. Or you purposely want to heat up the situation?

  6. That’s the problem with some people here, they do complaint and at the same time, they have given the explaination etc, etc. But the problem with these people is that they do not except the government explaination, they just want the government to do it their ways. Like I said before, some of Anil’s posting are only half truth and this has lead all those silly and stupid accusations all over the place. Here are a few examples.
    1) Another public space lost? – what a misleading statement. Anil should check with the authourity first to see what are they going to this bigger space?
    2) Mess in Botanic Garden raise concerned? – I believe Anil was also there with Kanda Kumar, please refer to today Star newspaper, every thing has been explain on that day regarding the concerns but Anil only post the concerns without posting the explaination gien by the authority.

    Like the KBP and Tanjung Tokong squatter issue, there are people who like to sensationalize it.
    Like KSK, he is not stupid, when he approved all these hill slope project, he must have follow some rules before he approved it. Also the same for LGE, do you think he is so stupid that he just want to be a one term CM? Actually all these people already got their answer from the authority, but is just that they want the government to follow thier way.
    Safety is a cncerned, there is no doubt about it. You should complain to the MPPP if there is a concern or raise some fund and take MPPP to court like our Mr. Ong going to do for converting the shore to freehold.

  7. Kee,

    The readers here are not blind, far from it. Some of them are just Gerakan / BN cronies who are finding it hard to adjust to life having now fallen off the gravy train.

    We must have pity on these poor souls. Imagine no more access to cheap prime state land at RM 10 psf ala Buah Pala.

    …..and you are so right. We never saw the pots and pans demonstrations during the umpteen years of that political eunuch KTK’s rule and he was their assemblyman and neighbour, no less !!!

  8. I find it so funny, i didnt see any complaints or sorts during the 18 years of Gerakan or BN’s rule of Penang…

    However, since DAP/Pakatan took over Penang, suddenly, Pakatan is told, Cheap Minister LimGuanEng, you cant do this and you cant do that, the best is, Mr Cheap Minister, LImGuanEng, go back to Melaka because you are not a Penangnite.

    I was thinking, truly, stupid people give stupid remarks…

    Dont know why most of our politicians when they open their mouths, you cant hear anything actually but piles and piles of rubbish just roll out…

    To be fair to Cheap Minister, Lim Guan Eng, i have to tell my story, I bought a property in 2006, that is, before the GREAT 308,ok and i have been waiting for OC since but i have been told by the developer the following:

    “Since DAP took over Penang, we have been stopped work a few times because each time when a resident made a complaint, an order of STOP Work was issued, so, we need to rectify our work, only then we can resume, hence the delay of completion…

    We have to adhere to all the rules, one by one, before OC can be issued… ”

    Therefore, folk, judge it yourself, do yourself a favour and make a comparison whether BN sucks or Cheap Minister, Lim Guan Eng?

    I strongly believe and i have been telling my friends, if today Penang is still under Gerakan/BN, I would have had my OC ON TIME.
    Why? Anil should know the answer.

    Those who have eyes should be able to discern and see, otherwise, it is as good as blind.

    Some of the readers here are definitely blind, sad to say.

    • Kee,
      Your developer is lying when he tried to pin the blame on the DAP. His projects must have some financial problem and that it must fulfilled certain conditions and criteria such as completion of the drain, road and other amenities before the OC is issued. I brought an apartment in May 2007 and the project which was started in 2006 was completed in Dec 2007. The OC was issued in March 2009. If until now the OC has not come out, you better check out his financial status and whether certain things that need to be done has been done.

  9. If LGE can not ensure that MPPP enforce the MSMA requirement, he should just forget about hill slope development. Why until now, LGE still refuse to enforce the MSMA requirement? All we ask is just be a law abiding state government. Follow the law. You want DEVELOPMENT. Fine. Just follow the law, implement whatever measures as required by the MSMA to prove that you are different from BN. You are not from BN why try to compete to be BN or another KTK?

  10. This message is for TBRA and the organisers of the protest of the Solok Tan Jit Seng development.

    1. 60 protestors in not enough to get the state government to listen. Make it 600 or better 6000 people.
    2. TBRA must cast the net wider and invite more people from Hillside, especially those in Jln Marie Pitchat, Haji Rafaie, Loh Poh Heng, Bunga Okid, Tan Jit Seng, Cheah Phee Cheok….ie those living at the foot of the Pearl Hill in their multi-million dollar homes.
    3. Those rich people in their multi-million dollar homes at Hillside are influential and have the money and means to support the protests especially knowing that any collapse of the hill would affect their beautiful houses if not their life.

    With these, we can then have a strong group of people voicing their concerns which the state government cannot afford to ignore.

  11. Dear All,

    Do look at the tree line in the 1st Photograph. That was where the hill slope was. It has since been cut and moved into what you see in the current photographs.

    NO one denies the fact that development must happen. However, residents in Chee Seng are against Dangerous Hill Slope development that put us residents in danger of possible future land slides.

    We are also against any developer coming & developing and causing the many hazards as listed out in Anil’s article.

    Finally we are appalled at MPPP’s lack of monitoring, control and enforcement of the requirements in place to ensure safe and harmonious developmentt in the area.

    Thank you


  12. People, talk is free.

    What you want the present gomen to do, stop the project pay compensation to the developer? You and I (as Penangites) will bear the costs, of course the environmental costs too. I am not supporting PAKATAN here or BN, but, fact is fact, it was approved by who? You know better.


    38.4.1 Minimising Soil Erosion

    1. Before development begins, preventative measures shall be put in place to minimise erosion through the preparation of:

    (i) a preliminary Site Evaluation (PSE)

    (ii) an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP)

    Erosion and Sediment Control Plans are discussed in detail in Chapter 41.

    2. Reducing the working area:

    The working area for various facilities within a development site should be kept to less than twice the plan area of the building.

    3. Regulate phases of development:

    The development schedule must be clearly defined. The completion date for each phase of development shall be indicated and all clearing, grading, and stabilisation operations shall be completed before moving onto the next phase.

    4. Timing of the development activities shall, wherever possible, be spread evenly over the development time-

    38-7 Actions to Control Erosion and Sediment

    scale to ensure that the deleterious effects arising from development activities are minimised.

    5. Development activities shall take into consideration the hydrological and climatic conditions experienced in the area, in particular, the rainfall and runoff patterns.

    6. Existing vegetation shall be maintained as filters along contours to reduce velocity and improve water quality. When retained in development sites, they break up the length of long slopes and act as buffers to minimise erosion.

    7. Stream buffers shall be retained. For rivers, the width of the buffers shall follow DID regulations. For small streams within a development site, the following could be used as a guide:
    Watercourse Type

    Average Grade (15°)

    Intermittent Permanent 10 m 20 m 20 m 30 m

    Source: SCA of Victoria, 1979, Guidelines for Minimising Soil Erosion from Development Sites in Victoria.

    Show us the following docs:-
    1) the preliminary Site Evaluation (PSE)
    2) the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP)
    3) the development schedule

    LGE is so keen of hillslope development, show us the required docs as demanded by MSMA to prove he is serious about hillslope development and the safety of the people nearby. Where is the stream buffer as required? Just answer me all those basic question first before I drill in into more detail. Keep your stupid mouth shut up, all you LGE apologists!

    • Ong

      You put Aussie Football Rules into malaysian context. We watch FIFA football and not Australian football. So why use Victoria Rules heree. You are totally bankrupt.

      • If were to follow Vic, then DID fail in all respecrt. The drainoff quality, DID never implement. So what is the big MSM if they never look in the discharge water qaulity.

  14. (b) Land Clearing Measures

    1. Logs should be removed in such a manner as to reduce erosion.

    2. Only relatively small areas should be cleared at any one time.

    3. Clearing should be scheduled to avoid likely periods of heavy rainfall.

    4. Buffer strips should be left along all waterways.

    5. All stream crossings should be protected.

    6. Steep slopes should be monitored regularly for any sign of erosion or mass movement and remedial measures implemented immediately if required.

    All of you the LGE apologists please tell us did any of the above mentioned land clearing measures involving hill slope development have being observed. LGE is stupid so were all of you!

    • Ong
      There are rules and regulations with regards to hill slope development. An example is hill development can be approved on slope for a certain gradient only and trees chop down have to be replaced. You have alreday mentioned some. If you should find any lacking then its either the enforcement officer are sleeping or they are on the take. In that case shouldn`t you as a responsible Penangite make a complaint to MPPP,the Occupational & Safety Department or to any proper authorities for action.

      SAMG : There is a meet the people session with the MPPP every month or so. Check it out. You can also forward your complaint there.

      • TBRA did that many times. Complaint after complaint to MPPP, what is the action? Shouldn’t LGE make sure that the developer comply to MSMA? Why until now he still refuse to implement the MSMA?

  15. Below is an except from MSMA (Manual Saliran Alam Mesra)
    38.3.7 Hillslope Development

    (a) Planning Guidelines

    1. For extensive developments, soil and geological surveys should be undertaken.

    2. The development of slopes with high potential for landslides should be avoided.

    3. All cut and fill slopes should be stabilised immediately after construction by means of appropriate drainage and vegetative cover.

    4. Road construction should be kept to a minimum.

    From the pix, pls tell us whether the project violate any of the guidelines or not?

    “The development of slopes with high potential for landslides should be avoided.” This project site is at a class 4 hillslope i.e. > 35 degrees. Why LGE must violate the MSMA guidelines? Blame it on KTK! Fine!

    “All cut and fill slopes should be stabilised immediately after construction by means of appropriate drainage and vegetative cover.”
    Look at the pix, the slopes are covered only by broken plastic sheet. Can you see any proper stabilisation mechanism or any proper drainage in place? Shouldn’t LGE take action to make sure the correct measures are in place to ensure the safety of the nearby residents?

    • Ong

      Again you insult the professional – the Engineers this time. The Engineers have a Board just like the Doctors. The Engineers and Doctors are both regulated by our UMNO/Gerakan Government for 50 years. If they deviate, you can lodge the complain to the Board that they are not acting professionally. Either you are in total ignornant or trying to score points.

      • I am an Engineer by profession! What are you talking about. On my free time, I am an ancient oriental medicine man. When your LGE refuse to enforce the MSMA, you blame the engineers for what?

      • If you are a Engineer your licence must be kopi o. You so takut if the Geotech has done his design using Plaxis 3D. The Engineer not only design but also supervise the construction.

        About MSMA they are rubbish. They cannot different between a silt trap and sedmentation pond. They did not account for different type of soil. Imagine Malajis approve silt trap.

        Again you insult the profeesional Engineer. What is your reg No, I report to the Engr Board for your imcomepency.

  16. No thanks for your support Gerakan K, we are definitely impartial citizens of Malaysia and we work towards the betterment of Malaysians at large. We do not need the support of people who spews half truth and mostly lies, like you.

    To work towards a better Malaysia, everyone must sacrifice and the Rakyat had started since 308 and are prepared for the worst. If not for the bad management and the total screw up of the State administration led by Gerakan and BN, our children will not be looking to work outside Penang, unless of course if they can get good positions in MNCs like Intel which are far and few.

    Gerakan K, we do not need to have support from narrow minded people like you. Thanks but no thanks, we would rather stay our distance….

    We give credit where it is due and we criticise when it is necessary, and that too, constructively. Not criticizing multi lingual signboards and half truths demo of USD3billion investments. Do not treat Penangnites as fools, we have had enough of lies and half truths.

    Please fight for your President in Parliament, he is being screwed left, right and centre by UMNO parliamentarians, and that too in the most impolite manners! Still haven’t found the guts to tell your political master off?

    As Malaysians we fight as one and as equals and not what Gerakan and its president is going through in the Government today. Even with his perfect record in attendance, he need not plead his innocence to those racialists! He is a Minister and those are just backbenchers, do not tell me he cannot differentiate between the forest and the woods? Enough is enough, move out and stand on your own two feet supported with your own back bones Gerakan! Then you may have a chance of a resurrection, otherwise it is as good as gone.

  17. Here we are talking about an environmental issue. Why LGE apologists can not understand the seriousness of the problem. Any landslide occurred in all those areas, who will ultimately bear the responsibility? You want to blame Andrew Aeria or George Aeria or Anil or me for highlighting the issue? You seriously think LGE will be blameless if something bad happen? You guy have no gut to debate the issue in the proper context except surrender your rights as citizen of the state to LGE. Worst all of us are chose to be anonymous, dare not reveal your true identity. You seriously think by being apologist for LGE, you can save him for his downfall? Try your best to twist and turn, look carefully you will realise more commentators are now become more critical of LGE. We voted for Pakatan but decide to reserve our rights as the BOSS for all those politicians. They have to answer to us, we are the BOSS. Look at the pix, can any one dare to tell us, nothing will happen in the future. Try to tell us that landslide are part of the price we need to pay for DEVELOPMENT! Try to tell us that wanton hill cutting is the norm for DEVELOPMENT. Try to tell us that wanton rock blasting is also part of the price we need to pay for DEVELOPMENT.
    Come next GE even if we not going to vote for BN, we will also restrains from voting. Tell us then that Pakatan can win without us!

  18. Hi guys,

    have a look here..

    Quoted from the article as below

    The Penang state government is looking to
    invite proposals for the development of five
    parcels of land on the island and on the
    mainland, according to a CIMB Research report
    on Nov 5.

    Gurney Drive Offshore — proposed reclamation
    of land along Gurney Drive;and Relau/Paya Terubong Hill on a 400-acre plot with an elevation of 250ft to 1,700ft with a good view of Georgetown.


    -Proposed gurney drive reclamation of land? Means PORR is on? What the!!!

    -Relau/Paya Terubong Hill, Majestic Heights/Green Garden are massive failures and you wanna built more?
    Later landslide how?

  19. From where I live, I get a bird’s eye view of the development. When the wind howl and the rain pour like last night, I wonder if the people in those houses at the foothill of the development are able to sleep. I wonder too of those people in the apartments directly beside it.

    And the poor workers who live in that construction site we forget. There are women and children living on that hill, and I see them walking around on the sliced off barren hill slope. They are living in deplorable and dangerous conditions.

    If this is not cruelty, I don’t know what is.

  20. Well said, PR Man. What a impartial view from PR camp. Possibly LGE administration will wait until something happened (lost of life or else) and react then, just because they know that there are plenty blind supporters behind his passive administration. Please wake up LGE or someone please send memo to his assistant. We simply cannot wait until massive landslide occurred.

    • Well look who is talking, its always the BN that waits for something to happen. The highland condominium, the recent bridge mishap where 3 children were killed, highway landslide a few year ago and so many you can think of…….. And if something were to happen to some of the hill slope condo, please don`t blame it on PR or LGE. Its been built in the days of Zero KPI Gerakan KTK unless those built after GE08

  21. dav, that is it, we had been voting PAS since God knows when, even before you are aware of the goodness of a two party system to Malaysia.

    Together we are going to chart the future of a brighter and better Malaysia, rather than listening to the non stop propaganda by the political elites.
    The journey is long and difficult one and many may not see the success of this plan, but, together we can make a difference dav. I am glad and I assume you are with the same team and share the same ideology, that is to see a politcal system that recognises good and not colours and faiths.

    We contribute and we comment hoping to see a better future for the future generations, because Malaysia belongs to us all!

    Thanks dav

  22. Cute dav, I am, and never will be associated with the “dacing”. Had been a PAS man since I started voting!

    I mean I am not condemming or criticising for the sake of doing it, but really, how will you feel if you are staying in Chee Seng Garden.

    If you had been to the site, along the road and further up, you can see the damage done to the environment and the danger it poses. The whole stretch of road is really in danger if further developments are allowed. Just see the condos on those hillslopes and you feel goose pimples building up in your hands when you drive through the area, and that is how bad it is.

    There must be sanity, while we want developments that benefits the rakyat, this kind of development benefits only the developers and endangers the lives of the rakyat! No, we must never compromised as far as safety of the Rakyat is concerned!

    • Frankly, if you look at the dynamics of Penang politics. Nobody would dare to let DAP to lose

      Not if Gerakan could only stand in 13 seats

      Perhaps, we should ask Anil the Great, who to solve the problem practically. It’s great to highlight issues. But like people say, No money No Honey

      Even the Great Deng says To be rich is Glorious.

      You won’t be surprised that people like George Aurea & Sugumaran are singing those tunes too

      Anyway, me like the Benjamins in the Animal Farm would look wryly on this. That’s even the Great Anil becomes CM, things would always be the same

  23. oops sorry wrong link. that link links to CJ.MY without pictures. if wanna see pictures, please go direct to my reflections blog.

    • I believed you do like and support Obama. “`Change we can believe in. and see what he is saying now…..“`CHANGE IS HARD“` This is an empty slogan from him right from the start…

      And the LGE government did not say that but continue to do their best for that change …… despite BN UMNO and Najib trying hard to derail it.

  24. Anil,
    I propose we have a group that will meet the State Govt and MPPP/MPSP officials on a regular basis. Bring up all the relevant issues and ask for explanation and clarification. That is more effective. We can also make sure do write regular official complaints. The problem is, when one writes a complaint, sweeping statements are made. In the Government service no action will be taken unless a time, a place and the exact nature of the problem is highlighted. Whether it is PR or BN Govt that is the practice of the civil services. Also you have to make clear what is the expectations.
    Don’t leave hanging statements or requests.
    I have written many a petitions and complaints and I have seen results, whether BN or PR Govt

  25. Penang is yours to lose LGE! If the Penang State Government falls, it is because of the inaction or the failure of the State Government to listen to the views and the grieviances of the rakyat!

    Such developments are unwanted in any state, LGE, Wake up to the calls and the needs of the Rakyat!

    Can;t bear the thought that PR is going to lose because of your insensivity to the voices of the Rakyat.

    Best Wishes

  26. I think the State Government of Penang should thank Anil for always highlighting issues that concern the Rakyat in Peang.

    These are small issues that touches the heart of many, and Anil had done well to highlight the issues to the PR Govt.

    Please understand that the issues mentioned above is not a small one. The blatant cutting of hills and building of high rise buildings in this area, had seriously compromised the safety not only of the residents, but to those using the hillside road as well. Any disaster, you can just imagine the consequences. While we agree that all the projects were approved by the previous state Government, it is now your turn to correct the wrong doings of the Gerakan led Government. There is a need to say no to those developers, and the Rakyats safety should never be compromised! It takes political will to say no and to put your foot down on all these dangerous developments. The picture posted by Anil is unsightly, and it speaks volumes of the danger such developments posed.

    Come on PR, show us your mettle. Money is secondary in this case, but the safety of the Rakyat and those living in and around the development area is priority number one!

  27. Dear Lim Guan Eng,

    What are you and your business-friendly government going do about these blatant transgressions?

    Or does big business have more influence over you and your government than us the voters who gave you your current job as Chief Minister?

    Why is it that you are more friendly to big business than to us, the voters? Is it because big business and big money motivates you and your government to struggle for their profiteering interests more than public service does?

    What will it take before you listen to the residents who are paying local council taxes to support your state government and the MPPP? An electoral defeat?

    The first and most important rule of any incumbent new government is to ensure re-election for a second term. At the rate you are going Lim Guan Eng, your DAP is headed for the exit.

    Pride and arrogance come before a fall Lim Guan Eng. Pride and arrogance come before a fall. It’s just a matter of time.

    Best wishes

    • Andrew Aeria,
      The way you talk I believe you must be living in the Tg Bungah area. Mind you we cannot stop hill development just because you feel that your back yard is threatened and by using it to hold the government or PR to ransom. If everybody do that be it hill development, acquiring of land for project,Tg Tokong, Kg Buah Pala, Botanical garden etc then there will be no end to it. What should be done by the government or LGE should be for the general interest of the people and state. Hill development cannot just be stopped for a disgruntle few but then it must be controlled to ensure safety or any adverse effects to the environment.

    • Andrew,
      As much as I agree with you on this plus certain issues that I can’t help but to agree with Anil, bottom line is


      Bagan Pinang residents voted BN because economic. Everybody is into economics these days. Including those residents who complain about development in Telok Bungah

      Yet, nobody seems to bother about the real sludge in Penang coast or the river. Of course, Anil, the naturalist would jump into it


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