Right on cue with the dissolution of the Sarawak state assembly, a sex video has surfaced involving a top opposition leader.

And according to Tian Chua in a tweet: “Our response to the fake video is definite & unequivocal: NO, AnwarIbrahim was not involved. This is nothing but another smear!” Later Chua added, “The smear video was a good job but not free from vital flaws. People told me the character in video looked similar except a big tummy.”

What I found most peculiar was that journalists who were invited to view the tape had to surrender all electronic gadgets such as handphones and cameras as well as their pens and notebooks. Why bother calling journalists then?

According to Malaysiakini, they were also made to wear “an ankle-length brown robe over their clothes before they were allowed into the screening room”. A robe? ‘allo, allo, what’s going on here? Oh, maybe they want to cover up any pinhole cameras the journalists might have been carrying?

First the organiser wants to invite the media and then he wants to make it difficult for them to report by asking them to surrender all their tools?

The mysterious Datuk T’s version in The Star of how he discovered the video raises many questions about his credibility:

Datuk T claimed he had stumbled upon the video after he was asked by the politician to search for his watch in the room where the sexual encounter had taken place.

“As I could not find the watch on the table, I searched for it behind the dresser. I was shocked to find many strands of wires behind the dresser.

“On close inspection, I found four well-hidden CCTV cameras, I tried to open the two dresser drawers and found one was locked.

“I prised open the locked drawer using a sharp object. I found an active CCTV recorder. I disconnected the wiring and took the recorder out of the hotel,’’ he said, adding that no one had the recording except him.

Anyway, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who was/is being targeted here. Anwar, for his part, has categorically denied that the man in the video is him, pointing out that the man in the video had a much bigger stomach.

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Is this another attempt to divert our attention from all the serious issues confronting our nation especially after the explosive revelations in Sarawak Report? Sodomy, DNA, now prostitute in sex video – sudah bosanlah.

Meanwhile, funds are being splashed out ahead of the Sarawak election. According to Bernama:

He (Muhyiddin near Sri Aman, Sarawak) announced allocations for SMK Lingga, RM18.5mil for the 15km Stumbin/Tanjung-Bijat/Sti­rau Road, RM50mil to upgrade the Sembau-Stumbin Road, RM1mil for flood mitigation projects at five Malay villages and RM600,000 for several longhouses.

Muhyiddin also announced government development grants of RM580 for each of the 1,022 families from 51 longhouses in the area.

In ENGKILILI, Muhyiddin said the people should not be taken in by the Opposition’s promises.

“They cannot fulfil the promises they make in their ‘orange book’,” he said when visiting the Joshua Lipa Engkilili home in Lubok Antu here.

Muhyiddin announced allocations of RM1.7mil for residents of 172 longhouses in Engkilili and Batang Ai to repair their homes and RM2.57mil for projects to improve the infrastructure in the two areas.

He said that an additional RM2mil would be set aside to overcome the problem of flash floods in Engkilili and Batang Ai.

Amazing, it’s raining money! But don’t expect the Election Commission to say anything. Maybe the next video could be about all that money pouring into the Sarawak election campaign?

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  1. That’s about it, anil ! It touches greater issues but it’s not the time to stretch it. Although it can be stretched thin in the SARAWAK ELECTIONS!

    The attention of Malaysia should be on Sarawak NOW !

    IF YOU CAN AND WANNA HELP MALAYSIA, help Sarawak NOW! Anyway little way YOU CAN!

    Polling date is 16 April as announced hours ago!

  2. Hi everyone,

    This character assasination ‘crusade’ has been going on and on for far too long, in the perpetrators’ belief that as more and more dirt is thrown at certain personality, the public perception and doubt of the suitability of that person to lead the nation would stick. After all, public perception is a MAJOR factor in politics! I sincerely hope that Malaysians are wise to this deception.

    Is the current sex video the secret weapon that (one politician) so bravely proclaimed last week? If not, what a convenient coincidence that on the day the Sarawak Assembly was dissolved, the video tape was shown to the mass media!! The timing of the release of the tape (is suspicious)!

    I hope that Malaysians, particularly Sarawakians, would be so revolted by such gutter politics of the perpetrators to just throw out the outrageously wealthy ‘pek moh’ and his collabrators!!


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