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Revealing Google Earth compilation of hill cuttings reported by Penang Hills Watch


Penang Hills Watch, an initiative of Penang Forum, has submitted three reports to the Penang state government containing a total of 56 cases of hill clearing.

The first report, submitted to the state government in January 2017, contained 29 cases.

An unknown group, Tentera Troll Kebangsaan Malaysia, which claims to be a group of youths who are neutral and non-partisan and who troll all sides, has come up with this video based on Google Earth visuals to depict the 29 reported cases in a rather clever and creative way. See what you make of it.

Remember, these are only half (cases 1-29) of the 56 reported cases that Penang Forum has submitted to the Penang state government.

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  1. The ammonia pollution in the Johor River near Kota Tinggi on Oct 28 was caused by an illegal chicken droppings processing factory close to the river, causing 1-day water disruption to 160,000 users living in Johor Baru, Kulai and Kota Tinggi.

    It is the third incident of ammonia pollution and based on Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) investigation, was caused by the same party. The Department of Environment (DOE) previously did not support the approval in the Preliminary Assessment Site (PAT) to proceed with the project in the area and the local Land Office and Veterinary Department did not take stern action over the matter.


    Penang Government was heavily criticized for approving Tanjung Bungah affordable housing project despite DOE’s disapproval. Penang State Government has explained that it was because it received the approval from the Department of Minerals and Geoscience (DMG), the agency responsible for mining activities as well as slope and soil stability and DOE has no objection to the Tunku Abdul Rahman College project, which located adjacent to the accident site and just as close if not nearer to the quarry in question.

    So now, can Johor State Government be as transparent as Penang State Government and provide reasons why the chicken droppings processing factory project was allowed despite DOE’s disapproval?

    In Penang, an Exco was detained by MACC in illegal factory probe. Therefore, will Johor State Government also be subject to the same degree of scrutiny by MACC like Penang State Government? Is Johor State Government prepared to be as open and transparent as Penang State Government when dealing with public outrage on the issue?

    • @ Eric Kuek

      “In Penang, an Exco was detained by MACC in illegal factory probe. Therefore, will Johor State Government also be subject to the same degree of scrutiny by MACC like Penang State Government? ”

      Yes. The Johor state government should be subject to the same standards as the Penang state government. So should other state governments and local governments such as the Kuala Lumpur City Hall over incidents such as flash floods in Kuala Lumpur, especially due to development, as well as the developers and concessionaires which fail to comply.


      That said of course, just because double standards are being practiced across Malaysia does not mean that the parties responsible for floods and landslides in Penang should not be scrutinised and held accountable.

      Anils’s website here is primarily focused on Penang so it will be primarily be about issues in Penang.

      Are you saying that two wrongs make a right and that the Penang state government should not be criticised for its failings in Penang by mostly Penangites.

      One thing, I must say that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall has acted quickly with regards teh developers over the recent flash floods on the Federal Highway.

      KUALA LUMPUR: A stop-work order warning has been issued to the developers of the construction site near Bangsar South City, if they fail to upgrade the drainage system according to stipulated standards.

      Stating this, Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor told the Dewan Rakyat that the Kuala Lumpur City Hall has warned the project developers of the Setiawangsa-Pantai Expressway and Bangsar South City projects to keep up with the standards.

      “An investigation has been carried out on the flash floods. The investigation found that nearby development had blocked the drainage, as well as heavy rain had caused the flooding,” he said.

      Tengku Adnan said the 86.55mm of rainfall on Oct 30 was a one-off occurrence, as Kuala Lumpur usually experiences rainfall between 50mm and 60mm per day.

      He said among the instructions given to the developers were to upgrade the existing drainage, maintaining retention ponds and increasing debris traps, failing which they will be given a stop-work order from the City Hall.

      “We will monitor. If they do not follow our orders, we will issue stop work order,” he said.

      Tengku Adnan said the developers are required to prepare an environmental impact assessment (EIA) report for slope projects to prevent any future occurrences of flood, landslides and erosion.

      He added that developers are also required to build their own drainage system and retention pond to trap rainwater.

      A flash flood near the Bangsar South area along the Federal Highway caused a long standstill, reducing the six lane traffic to a single lane heading towards Petaling Jaya between 4pm – 6.30pm.


      • Fair enough. Subject to criticism. Critics is so easy. No need to think. What is your solution than? Pg island is small and all penang forum wants to live in island. With limited land, they opposed increased in density. Why Tarc or usm don’t build on mainland? Cut hills cannot, land reclamation cannot. Increase in density cannot. Build highrise cannot. Build transport centre in sia boey cannot. We vote for you if you have better solution. Gilakan build komtar finger sticking out of low rise houses can and use his relatives in singland to design.

    • This site is primarily on Penang issues, but we ought to be aware of the double standard practices by the BN authorities. So thanks to Eric and PolitiScheiss for highlighting issues in other states.

  2. The Penang state government said today it would not approve any construction plans for the lands of three missionary schools should they be sold to developers.

    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the state government does not agree to the closure of SK Convent Light Street, SMK Convent Light Street (CLS) and SMK Convent Pulau Tikus (CPT).

    Lim said while the state government may not have any say in the matter as it is private land, it would not approve any development for this land should the schools be shut down.

  3. BTW did anyone watch the new Penang budget? What a totally irresponsible and blatantly election budget. The state is using the tax payers money to buy votes for themselves by splashing money around.

    • Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced a RM60 million health programme for households with a total income of RM5,000 and below during the tabling of the 2018 state budget today.
      The programme will benefit around 195,000 households, which is about half of the over 400,000 households in the state.

      “Each year, each eligible household will be given a RM300 credit in an ‘I Love Penang’ card to pay for outpatient medical services and medications capped at RM50 per visit,” he told the state legislative assembly here.
      Unmarried individuals earning less than RM2,500 monthly will get a RM150 credit each year, also capped at RM50 per visit.

      The state will also continue its free mammogram examination programme for women above 35 years.

      “More than 10,000 women have benefited and RM3.2 million has been allocated for next year,” he said.

      A total of 30,000 women are expected to undergo free mammogram by 2020.

      Lim said the health programme is estimated to cost RM60 million a year.

      • Thank you KS for the update. It was not reported on NST and The Star. Look forward to the I Love Penang card, plenty of benefits.

      • Selangor dedicated a significant chunk of the its 2018 budget, some RM187 million, to programmes which can either boost incomes or ease expenses.

        For instance, the state government has taken over the maintenance payments for all low- and medium-cost flats in the state. It has also waived all assessment fees for 2018.

        The scheme is part of the RM1.66 billion Selangor allocated in its budget to development expenditure, which is 53.2% of the RM3.12 billion of its total budget.

        The state budget will increase funds for new and existing schemes to help working-class families deal with cost of living pressures.

    • Our tax money is 12 billions just in pm dept. How many ministers and deputies are there? Money are just for operating. Of course pokai. But how pg lang pays tax to state as compare to umno? How much umno pays cyber in the payroll?

    • I have no issue with the Penang state government doing its duty to alleviate the problems especially of the lower income group in Penang. In fact, this should have been done much earlier, including measures to contain rising property prices and rentals and not shortly before an election.

      Likewise for the state governments in BN and other Pakatan controlled states.

      • When the other party inherited the gomen, how much do they have? Or how much people of penang owe others?
        How much people of Malaysia owe others when gomen borrows now?

  4. @ Calvin Sankaran

    “I think we should refrain from voting DAP and instead either absent from voting or vote BN or better still vote an independent candidate has the interests of people and the state in his/her heart.”

    I am in a parliamentary and a state constituency in Petaling Jaya, both of which are under a PKR MP and a PKR ADUN respectively and since they helped our residents in our opposition to the PJD Link elevated highway through my neighbourhood, I owe it to them to vote for them as individual persons, irrespective of party if they stand in GE14.

    A part of my neighbourhood comes under a DAP held state constituency and the particular ADUN has been very supportive of us, so if I were within his state constituency I would owe it to him to vote for his as a person if he stands.

    However, in GE13, I voted for independent for both parliament and state.

    At this stage, I’ll vote for a candidate which serves our local needs and addresses our local concerns, irrespective of party, like I think Tanjung Bungah ADUN YB Teh Yee Cheu deserves his constituents’ votes for his stand and efforts even if they were ignored by the Penang State Assembly.

    • I would definitely vote someone like Teh for sure. And I concur with your views and I would do the same. However the situation Penang is different with LGE and DAP having absolute control over the state. LGE runs the state like a dictator thinking that somehow people would still vote for DAP, even if it is not for DAP but rather as a vote against BN. There is only one way to teach him a lesson and make him humble so not to take our votes for granted – that by not voting for DAP. Only a drastic reduction in support for DAP would wake them up. The DAP regime is too strong and there is no check and balance in the state assembly. The state exco and ADUNs climbing over each other to show who is the bigger sycophant. People who disagree with LGE are (allegedly) harassed and pushed aside.

      • However bad DAP is as mentioned by you, we do not want to see the return of Umno-Gerakan. So still Harapan for me.

      • No worries, vote independents, but umno will win. That is your scheme. Teh is only good is making one particular voice and church mouse on other issues. What did he do when DAP was in opposition? What action from him? If not in right time and place, will he be the gomen Adun?

      • Each country or state has different different circumstances and reasons for certain political stances relevant to particular political situations ate particular times, so as one outside Penang, I will not argue with your choice of political stance as one whom I understand is a Penangite within the current context of Penang.

        DAP currently won 19 out of 40 states constituencies in Penang in the 2013 GE,so technically has a minority of seats. PKR won 10 seats,PAS 1 and BN 10.


        By this map below of distribution of state constituencies held by party, DAP’s strengthis concentrated in the urban and sub-urban areas of Penang in and adjacent to George Town or in the north western part of Penang of Penang island. DAP’s also holds seats in urban and sub-urban constituencies on mainland Penang directly across the strait from Georgetown, around Bukit Mertajam and Nibong Tebal.


        We can see that BN’s strength is on the west coast of Penang island whilst PKR’s support is on the south eastern side of Penang island. The bulk of PKR’s strength is in central and southern mainland Penang, BN is strong in the northern part of mainland Penang and in Sungai Acheh on the Perak border. PAS hold Permatang Pasir in the central part of mainland Penang.

        Now given that much has changed in terms of party alliances, relalignments and within respective parties since 2013, coupled with voter dissatisfaction over issues such as the serious flash floods, the landslide in Tanjung Bunga, the polluting factory in Kampung Sungai Lembu, the lack of action by the Penang state government despite complaints by state assemblypersons, concerned citizens and so forth,as well as unhappiness especially within the DAP and PKR over the inclusion of Pribumi into Pakatan, with Mahathir as Pakatan Harapan Chairman, coupled with the split in loyalties between supporters of Amanah and PAS, coupled too with split in loyalties between Mahathir loyalists both outside and within UMNO on the one hand and UMNO loyalists on the other, coupled with non-BN nor Pakatan parties such as Penang Front, PAP,PAS, PRM, PSM and independents; all this gives the political scenario in Penang state and nationwide a very different complexion today compared to 2013.

        I’m sure that those PAS supporters who voted PKR in GE13 will definitely vote PAS in GE14, whilst those PKR supporters who voted PAS in GE13 would vote PKR or Amanah in GE14 and PAS supporters who voted PAS in GE13 will now either vote PAS or Amanah, as they did in the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar byelections.

        If enough voters in those 10 state constituencies currently held by BN were to swing to Pribumi or to Amanah, we could see a redistribution of forces within the next Pakatan state government of Penang, if Paktan holds on to Penang.

        Also, I’m sure that some who voted DAP in GE13 may swing back to BN, especially Geraka, whilst others who cannot stomach voting BN may either abstain or vote independent or one of the smaller parties in protest.

        My gut feeling tells me that some surprises may come out of GE14, including instances where candidates may win seats based upon getting the largest minority of votes, rather than the majority.

        Also, results of past elections have shown that the fortunes of BN and opposition candidates have waxed and waned during elections, even though BN has so far won all elections but with smaller and larger majorities of seats.

        Pakatan has had a good run for two terms in Penang and the rest of the country, even though Pakatan did not win the federal government.

        So it looks like the DAP’s and Pakatan’s bull run in Penang may be set for a pullback in GE14, even if Pakatan still holds on to Penang.

        So given that we could see many more three or more cornered fights especially in Peninsular Malaysia and within Penang, how do you see the balance of forces within Penang post GE14?

      • On another note, I know that “if you are not with us, then you are against us” mentality amongst opposition supporters.

        I was in a WhatsApp discussion group where most of the members were either strongly pro-DAP or pro-PKR and strongly anti-BN and just because I did not blindly go along with them, I found myself treated like an outcast in that group, so I eventually left.

        That group had less than a 100 members and was more or less an echo chamber of the converted preaching to the converted and are not necessarily representative of the wider world beyond.

        That said, even the forum we are in here is an echo chamber of sorts,where the number of regular participants can be counted on 10 fingers.

        Social media tends to allow for birds of a feather to flock together and ultimately come to believe that all birds are of their same feather.

    • So no principle? Worse than pasar mlm buyer. Pasar mlm trader service you very well and very happy with his service and yet would not buy from him the next time. Your principle is which party first? As long they are not from BN or Rocket?

      • Calvin has different principles than mine. His are more focused on what he sees as the bigger picture, whilst mine are more on the micro level of actions by representatives at the local level.

        If the current MP and ADUN in my federal and state constituencies do not stand or stand somewhere else in GE14, then my options would be different, though I would not vote BN.

        Quite frankly, I feel Penang could do with a Penang-based and Penang-oriented party which contests state and federal seats within Penang, just as they do in Sabah and Sarawak.

        How about the Penang Forum Party?

  5. Penang Hills Watch could do with a photo/video-drone

    The land clearance and the ‘development’ is shocking

  6. In order for readers to appreciate the damage, slow down the images. It is too fast. It’s visual effect is dramatisation not reflection. Nonetheless a great and meaningful effort.

  7. Wow…cool compilation and at the same time highly damning for the DAP regime. Shocking rape and destruction of the state captured clearly. Anyone watching this with an open mind would not vote for DAP in Penang again. In just 9 years the Cheap Minister and his minions have wrought irreversible damage to the state.

    • Problem is will such people vote BN instead or when it comes to the elections, they will vote Pakatan as the ‘lesser of two evils’.

      If there are other candidates other than DAP or BN,perhaps they may vote another party as a protest vote but in a one-on-fight between BN and DAP how?

      • Selangor also bring raped. People who are half siamese used to stay along the border now moves into KL neighbourhood where land are raped and developed in order to accommodate these people.

      • I think we should refrain from voting DAP and instead either absent from voting or vote BN or better still vote an independent candidate has the interests of people and the state in his/her heart.

      • BTW, Calvin. That long post above was in response to you.

    • 87% of the original Ulu Muda water catchment in Kedah has officially been reclassified for logging. When you run out of warer you can drink timber, money or development.

    • Aiyah, no need to care who the Penangites will vote lah. Let the Developers Action Party continue to screw them kaw kaw for another 5 years lah. They are born to be screwed and like to be screwed … lol. Both Penang lang and DAP …. deserved each other and it’s called Mutualism, hahaha.

      • Don’t you know how they screwed you all along?
        They screwed you with GST.
        Screwed you with One Mega Debt Bills (1MDB).
        Screwed you with Fake News (all’s well) until you feel no pain.
        Screwed you with Budget Big-Talk But No Delivery (here’s exactly how you get shioked overtime).
        And they screwed you front, back, left & right. Top & bottom.
        And you are rightly soooo shiok for more!!!
        I can’t imagine in sanity how to feel shiok without pains from the multiple screwing 24/7/365.
        I am no engineer to play with screws, neither want to get screwed high time!

      • 1. Be realistic la. GST is the way to go. Even India has implemented GST. NZ has a flat rate of 15% across the board (yup, 15%). Singapore’s GST is 7%. Even Pakatan won’t get rid of it if they ever get into power (note that they said they will reduce the GST rate to 0%, but that does not mean they are removing GST totally. It merely gives them leeway in future to increase it if they need $$$). On top of that they are also re-introducing SST.
        2. 1MDB, please explain how we are screwed by 1MDB. My bet is you don’t even know what is going on in 1MDB other than reading bunch of fake news by DAP.
        3. Budget big talk no delivery- please explain how Pakatan or DAP could do it better, don’t just complain.

        The problem with you guys is you keep opposing without an iota of solution.
        There’s no shadow cabinet, no PM designate, no policies, nothing, nada, zilch, zero ideas!
        Is Pakatan going to implement some bold ideas? Don’t think they dare to even consider doing the following:-
        Is Pakatan going to get rid of NEP that is universally despised by Chinese? Nope.
        Are they going to remove Bumiputera discount for property? Nope.
        Are they going to re-introduce English schools? Nope.

        Bottom line DAP is actually very boh hood and freaking useless!
        Despise BN all you want but at least they have policies all out in open and actually RUNNING THE COUNTRY despite the flaws.

      • Be very realistic. DAP will still reign in Penang for as long as Penangites ‘see it better’ than BeeEnd.
        Only engineering folks of multiple-screwed up by BeeEnd will not accept this fact of life.
        Go on throwing the screws of your screwed up life (in self-denial).
        Wake up to the fact that a political realignment is happening to get rid of the curse of Screwing Up Kleptocracy. Don’t like the fact? Continue getting multiple-screwed up.
        GST is a blessing to you b’cos the gomen is NOT near to bankruptcy due to One Mega Debt Bills. Next comes all sorts of taxes suspected to shore up the deficit of collections just to pay interests + principles on One Mega Debt Bills. Just keep on getting multiple-screwed up sky high b’cos you love it!
        1MDB is already world news & prosecutions of those in complicit in several countries are not concocted news. Coming close to the heels after a dirty revelation was an Arab Donation Aha, the identity of donor is still in desperate engineering room of ‘what next’. Big time thieves & money laundering offshores are verified investigation cases & still on-going. But the suspected culprits stay away in foreign havens not daring to come back. Sooooo obvious but getting multiple-screwed up engineers believed otherwise. No pains? Boleh tahan mah!
        And why our Ringgit has fallen in value after the ‘faked news’ as labelled by cry-wolf of BeeEnd? Unprecedented since the days of 1997 but will still be claimed otherwise in the name of global currency adjustment! We are now facing high costs of living (due to imported inflation) which is like getting screwed but some getting multiple-screwed up engineers believe not. Keep on the painless multiple-screwed up!
        There are many examples of getting multiple-screwed up in Malaysia but I will not waste anilnetto.com spaces otherwise I will be acused of trolling the getting multiple-screwed up engineers.

        Want a better future for all Malaysians?
        First get rid of getting multiple-screwed up, be one an engineer or otherwise.

      • I want a Lim second decade please. Will vote DAP since we hate UMNO. Itis better we all die in a landslide or drown in a flood than UMNO rule

    • What talking you? Vote pg forum, but they just want to talk and not do. Vote chinta Malaysia, they want to be umno friendly like you in the end they help umno to return to power ranger.

      • Don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

        But I do know how freaking arrogant P. Ramasamy is.

        Dey Ramasamy thamby, if you are reading this, let me remind you .

        Penang lang voted for you in Batu Kawan and Perai. Is this what the shameless Cheap Minister taught you? Responded in a cocky and arrogant way when an NGO raised issues on Tanjung Bungah landslide? Who’s the boss here, huh?


      • Of course only cheap skate and chow kit road people do not understand. Call yourself engineer. Do not know the difference between hillslopes and flat land. Do not know Doe looks after pollution and environment and not geotechnical. The slide happen when the contractor do a temporary slope.
        Go and tell your paymaster to reform the construction regulations

    • MO1 can blame the Chinese for everything and make them a scapegoat. MO1 can threaten the Chinese by removing all the ministers from MCA and they also know DAP can’t take Putrajaya but one thing is for sure they won’t be a fool for another 60 years by supporting BN.


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