Pakatan manifesto’s ‘people’s well being’ pledges: Your thoughts?


This is the section on the people’s well being. What do you make of it?

The following have been highlighted in a leaflet:

  • Lower oil prices
  • Lower electricity charges
  • Lower water charges
  • Abolish tolls
  • Abolish monopolies
  • Lower car prices
  • 150,000 affordable and comfortable housing
  • National Housing Corporation: investing RM5 billion in the first year and RM2 billion a year after to build affordable and comfortable housing
  • Free education for all, abolishing PTPTN
  • Eliminate AES, revoking AES summonses
  • Justice for FELDA settlers
  • Increase police capabilities to solving crime
  • Free ward service to all citizens in all government hospitals for class 2 and 3 wards
  • Social Welfare Assistance increased to RM550 a month

Free education and health care and affordable housing is good. We definitely need to move away from property-centric development.

I think key pledges that need to be highlighted, given more prominence or introduced under this section would be:

  • reduce dependency on private motor vehicles. In this respect, car duties/taxes and highway tolls should not be completely abolished but should be used to improve public transport across the country.
  • explore and work on renewable energy options. Need to think ahead to dangers posed by climate change etc.
  • protect the environment and live in harmony with Nature. Think of a more holistic concept of sustainable ‘human development’ – that would also encompass spiritual reverence for the natural environment and one another.
  • reduce income inequality and prevent a two-tier system from emerging especially in health care and education.
  • ensure food prices – especially fruit and vegetable prices – remain affordable. Related to this: sustainable, organic farming should be expanded.
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    • Do you think UMNO will not entice PAS and dump the pornstar.
      The Cheap have done it now. Words has it he will dump the pornstar guy for Pandan and put in OTK. Ah Cheap UMNO will surely entice PAS for hudud for all but the pornstar say please please don’t divorce me …
      And too bad for UMNO Ah Cheap, PAS just like PKR and DAP have principle. A consensus no hudud and no objection to use Allah by non muslim. And its a CONSENSUS.
      There is still no consensus from BN parties on the Allah issue and hudud for all. They are all dumb just like the cheap BN

  1. The main issue in healthcare should be financial
    protection for citizens against huge bills from major medical procedures,
    extended hospitalisation and from long term care of elderly, or seriously disabled loved ones.

    Also need to look at these from the supply side and demand side.

    And important matters like how to raise sufficient funds for the above,
    pool financial risks, manage these funds, prevent waste/fraud/abuse, control costs.

  2. The most effective way to improve the lives of the masses is to fight corruption and other crime. The most effcient use of resources is to go after the really big thieves. To recover such loot, we must (a) stop the scandalous, easy transfer of wealth out of the country now in the form of “money changers”, electronic transfer, etc. (b) pursue the repatriation of illicit wealth in “offshore” banks. This will have the salutary effect of making plunder (corruption and other crime) less attactive. However, as we see in India and Pakistan, governments will dig in their heels and give all sorts of excuses despite a massive outcry against corruption.

    The “best” economies and “most demoratic” countries are the source of the problem. They host the offshore banks directly or indirectly, and the funds ultimately flow to them. Britain is resisting the efforts of Egypt to recover Mubarak’s loot, and it also shamelessly retains much of the wealth of Libya. Even in such cases, we can hit the thieves to some extent by (a) repeatedly raising the issue at the relevant multi-lateral agencies, some of which have been subverted (b) confiscating the loot when it is brought back to Malaysia.

  3. give it a try, then we can see if money save from corruption and cronies can really help rakyat. if not, can vote them out in ge14.

  4. The manifesto look great but very expensive. If PR can fulfilled 30% of what they pledge in the manifesto, it would be great.

    Please be realistic. I do support the manifesto from PR. But where do we get all the money to support all the goodies that PR promise to people?

    Anyhow, I am happy for the “Rakyat” related manifesto.

    Keep it up PR…

    • Straight off, even an MCA leader admitted the country could save over RM20bn if corruption was wiped out.

  5. what do you mean by affordable home? R300,000 and above? Then you can make a pledge to build 30million home. Majority of us still unable to buy, you can still call it affordable home. May be you think that we are a fool. Why not buy up all the existing properties below R300,000 to make you super rich since no one can build anything less than R300,000. Our so called low cost home also cost more than RM70,000. Why don’t go to auction houses to buy up all the ridiculously cheap homes and make yourself the biggest property tycoon in town? After 308 we are treated like a fool unable to think rationally anymore. What a shame!

  6. Good comments to the manifesto. The comments highlight its weaknesses … which really means that PR must engage the Rakyat before implementing these resolutions. I agree that deisel prices should come down. Maintain petrol prices, abolish road tax. The tax on petrol can actually be used as an equitable means of distributing the cost of infrastructure etc. The bigger the car, the more you use the roads, the higher you will be contributing to the maintenance, infra etc because you will automatically be using more petrol. Free education? Hmmm …. what about the quality of education? Crime busting – what about police powers and its gross abuse??

    Still a long way to go for PR … but they are more likely to get there then BN.

  7. My thought ???

    Hmmm, look at previous manifesto. All talks but no actions. Kg Buah Pala ??? Local election ??? Pas for all ??? Lower assessment fee for Selangorians ??? And a lot more.

    You can cheat one time but not the second time. With 1Malaysia PM Najib as Selangor election chief, hmmm, almost sure win for BN in Selangor.

    I just witness a lot of BR1M functions (as volunteer there). From the quick survey at the recipients, they mostly BE GRATEFUL to the cash assistance. I think most of them will support BN. Also, PAS hurtful statement to BR1M recipients also made them TERHINA[1][2] !!!

    Regardless of those empty promises, I think we should teach PAS a GREAT lesson. We should collectively say NO to Pas hudud.

    [1]PM, TPM dakwa Nik Aziz hina penerima BR1M (

    [2]BR1M: Nik Aziz menghina rakyat, amat keterlaluan – PM(–PM)

    • A promise no other can deliver. Kg Buah Pala 750k double storey house, a promise so good only a jerk will be still in denial until they got kick over the mainland. Local election a promise delivered if not for the sabotage by jealous Chepa and EC. PAS for all so is AMMO that tried to seduce and entice but fail cos their partner rather cheat and adulterous…. And the cheat and cheap say the Brim can last you 1 years with rice, groceries and other essentials that will cost only RM40 per month. It make us so sad that we can laugh until when the taxes come in to kill you. That is what Brim will do to you and PAS was correct to say we are just stupid just like the many in rural areas that are still in abject poverty.

      Wake up UMNO hudud is for all and PAS hudud is for Muslim

    • What about Kg Buah Pala? If you want to complain, you should be more specific…like Deepak.

      Anyway, people will be taking the handouts which is too little too late and their money and voting pakatan.

      C ya.

  8. Just my opinion. I do see some PR pledges as off the marks as well as unrealistic.
    But still look much better than what the BN trying to sell to me.

    1-Lower Diesel price is a better option . As lowering petrol price is encouraging wastage.
    To reduce cost of goods distribution we need to look at Diesel fuel price.
    2-Those who uses more electricity must be made to pay more.
    3-Same for water.
    4-Reduce road tolls , as still need to pay for maintenance.
    5-Abolish monopolies- Which sector is PR referring to?
    6-Lower prices for small cars. Higher duties on luxury cars
    7&8-Affordable public housing – agreeable
    9-Free education is questionable here. Free for primary and secondary school level.
    Only a certain % goes to tertiary . The PTPTN ought to be interest free up to a certain year.
    10- AES is a good way to enforce traffic.It must be under govt jurisdiction instead of private companies.
    11- Justice for Felda . Refer to court
    12- Police capabilities? Not a mention of IPCMC?
    13-&14 – Agreeable to free hospitalization and higher welfare payout.

  9. 80 billions of Petronas monies is good enough rather than use it to bail out cronies company such as bank bumiputra etc

  10. Back to basic economics — efficient allocation of scarce resources. Prioritise the needs of the people. I wholly agree that we shld reduce the dependency on car ownership by creating better alternative of public transport.

  11. Good to note that PR is trying to soften the burden faced by many Malaysians. What about their fiscal policies? Money won’t drop from the sky,isn’t it? We need to be inform on how the government intend to attract more FDIs,create more better paying jobs and what immediate measures to be taken to increase the nation’s coffer. More importantly they must invest immediately in human capital to ensure Malaysians are better equip in knowledge and skills to be on par or even better than those from the developed countries.

  12. Lots of free things and subsidies… good points=education, health care, housing are basic needs for people. So should be affordable and available to all. I’m not sure how PR is going to find the funds and also the timeframe needed. I’m sure it won’t happen overnight. As much as I support the above… Somehow I have my doubts…

  13. The 5 states (one which was hijacked) under PR are well managed and show a sign of less corruptibility and more transparency and competency. Its not perfect but better than the 54 years of decadence. Let us continue and give the thumb up and votes to PR to continue so that we may see the fruits instead of the lies and deceits perpetuated by the current UMNO Najib and their sycophants


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