This is the section on the people’s well being. What do you make of it?

The following have been highlighted in a leaflet:

  • Lower oil prices
  • Lower electricity charges
  • Lower water charges
  • Abolish tolls
  • Abolish monopolies
  • Lower car prices
  • 150,000 affordable and comfortable housing
  • National Housing Corporation: investing RM5 billion in the first year and RM2 billion a year after to build affordable and comfortable housing
  • Free education for all, abolishing PTPTN
  • Eliminate AES, revoking AES summonses
  • Justice for FELDA settlers
  • Increase police capabilities to solving crime
  • Free ward service to all citizens in all government hospitals for class 2 and 3 wards
  • Social Welfare Assistance increased to RM550 a month

Free education and health care and affordable housing is good. We definitely need to move away from property-centric development.

I think key pledges that need to be highlighted, given more prominence or introduced under this section would be:

  • reduce dependency on private motor vehicles. In this respect, car duties/taxes and highway tolls should not be completely abolished but should be used to improve public transport across the country.
  • explore and work on renewable energy options. Need to think ahead to dangers posed by climate change etc.
  • protect the environment and live in harmony with Nature. Think of a more holistic concept of sustainable ‘human development’ – that would also encompass spiritual reverence for the natural environment and one another.
  • reduce income inequality and prevent a two-tier system from emerging especially in health care and education.
  • ensure food prices – especially fruit and vegetable prices – remain affordable. Related to this: sustainable, organic farming should be expanded.