As Gurney Drive changes forever, a nostalgic 1970s video goes viral


This photo was sent to me a couple of days ago showing the outline of the massive land reclamation taking shape off Gurney Drive (131 acres) and in the distance, the first phase (253 acres) of a 760-acre artificial island off Tanjung Tokong.

The 131-acre strip along Gurney Drive will accommodate a 50-acre ‘Wellness City’ property development project (a joint venture between Ewein and tunnel developer Zenith), the 60-acre Gurney Wharf project and an ill-conceived eight-lane highway covering 18 acres (this at a time when more progressive cities around the world are trying to reduce the cars in their cities to curb emissions and hence, global warming).

Obviously, the planners and developers believe Penang will be immune to rising sea levels due to climate change or their land reclamation will be high enough to keep those rising waters at bay. (You can listen to an Australian podcast raising this issue with a Penang state executive committee member here.)

As the face of much-loved Gurney Drive changes before our eyes, a 1970s video (below) has gone viral on Facebook and Whatsapp, capturing a sense of a simpler, more carefree and unpretentious lifestyle that is going to be lost.

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  1. KWAP investing in E&O’s Seri Tanning Pinang project is dose of confidence to property market?

    Anyway, Oriental Daily yesterday advised against investing in stocks of local property developers, as slump is ahead.

    • Or could be due to lack of funds to undertake such a large project without an outsider with huge funds stepping in.

    • The ominous signs are already there. Invest at your own perils.
      As for renting option, it’s better & wise to rent (for the time being) until one can be sure of financially standing (to take a home loan) @ a price going down to realistic level.
      Pls don’t listen to property gurus or mainstream ads or any rainy horn (cajoling for [email protected] Property Stampede).
      Be patient like Warren Buffet.

      • Plenty of vacant units. Make sure you bargain to get good rental since the owners are desperate because
        1) many newly built units have entered the market.
        2) need money to service the housing loan.

  2. 2 Housing scenario:
    Bubble burst > home loan defaults > lelong or banks convert them to longer term tenures @ lower instalments
    No bubble burst but retrenchments > home loan defaults > banks refrain from lelong as it incurs some loss or banks convert them to longer term tenures @ lower instalments
    Whichever, it means a new lending practice of 2-Generations Home Loan in the pipeline.

    Can Anil bring this on for comments as it is ominous in this economic climate?

  3. The person who took this video from a Mercedes (must be a rich guy) is more humane & has concern for his / her beloved Penang to preserve it in memory for all. Many thanks.
    Much, much better than that entity which switched from a Perdana to a MercS300Lansi.

    • More likely this Mercedes guy is concerned that his existing Gurney property could not get good value in sale or rental with the new ones coming up.

  4. Special unit needed to control house prices, say surveyors

    PETALING JAYA: The Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM) has proposed that a special surveillance unit be set up under the state housing and real estate board to tackle the issue of exorbitant pricing of residential properties.
    RISM vice-president Brigadier General (Rtd) Mohd Amin Din said the state and federal governments were unable to ensure the provision of affordable housing for those in need because the developers were asking for too-high prices.
    Amin hoped the establishment of a special unit, inspired by the now-defunct Scottish Special Housing Association, would enable ideas such as the Bangsa Johor Dream Homes project in Johor to catch on and be brought to life in all the states.
    “With the special unit, the government can monitor and control (the housing sector) and make a survey of the number of buyers, according to race, and analyse the data collected and check the possibility of fraud and dishonesty.
    “They can also focus on the type of housing that is affordable to the middle-income groups,” he told FMT.
    Scottish Special Housing Association was established in 1937 to provide good-quality public housing. Responsible for the construction of many public housing estates, it employed a large team of architects, engineers and quantity surveyors and was one of the first to adopt Computer Aided Architectural Design.
    It was disbanded in 1989 and some of its functions transferred to Scottish Homes.
    In slamming the practice of pricing homes beyond the reach of low- and middle-income earners, Amin hoped the government and the developers would take a leaf from the Bangsa Johor Dream Homes project which had been warmly received by the people.
    “Most developers are motivated by profit, while the majority of people can only stand by and watch. Ultimately, the rich will continue to get richer and the poor, who cannot help themselves, must be protected.
    “Those earning a fixed income are unable to afford a home because of the unreasonable prices.”
    The Bangsa Johor Dream Homes project is the brainchild of Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.
    The project offers bungalows and semi-detached houses at below RM100,000 each.
    Three-bedroom units, with a built-up space of 103 sq m each, are reserved for Johoreans who cannot afford or have not bought a home, or who are in the low-income group. These are priced at RM80,000 upwards.
    The Sultan has said that for a start, 1,840 homes would be built in three locations – Bandar Dato Onn, Bandar Baru and Bukit Saujana Majidee – in Johor. The homes would be equipped with basic appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators.
    More than 265,000 interested buyers have made their pre-applications online since the project was launched.

  5. Penangites stands silent while the whole island destroyed due to over-development by the greedy DAP lead state government, bravo Penangites. You guys deserved to be shafted, bottom line, padan muka korang!

    • Leow & Mah & Huan still busy playing Mario Bros computer games, unaware that 355 act to be the actual game Jib n Hadi to be deployed like it or not.

    • It starts with komtar when it built for tun a. Razak. Gilakan uses his relative a singland arch when there are many Malaysians can do a better.

      • Both you and Damien are so typical of a DAP apparatchik who likes to blame MCA or Gerakan for whatever woes in the government but never DAP. This is why most people are getting disgusted with DAP. The more you guys behave like this online, the more disgusted most people is with DAP.

        And this is what Tay Tian Yan of Sin Chew wrote about DAP the other day:

        “As the No 1 opposition party with more than 80% of support from Chinese voters, DAP does not show its prowess nor delivery on national issues affecting the future of Chinese.

        Besides pushing the responsibility to MCA, challenging MCA ministers to resign on the amendment bill of Act 355 (Syariah Court (criminal jurisdiction) 1965 Act), does the party have any better solution?

        DAP does not explain the outcome of its collaboration with PAS, nor offer any apology.

        The number of DAP MPs in the parliament is five time of the MCA. This means that DAP receives more mandate from non-Muslims. It should be shouldering responsibilities and not blaming others. Why does it rely on MCA?

        If MCA ministers were to resign, then do the 36 DAP MPs (except for Sim Tong Him who has left DAP) resign too?”

        Most people are not stupid and will finally wake up and will NOT continue to support DAP if they continue to be arrogant and unable to offer any solution. It’s just like Penang right now. Does DAP do a better job than BN-Gerakan? Flat NO!

      • why you twist and jumps the point. gilakan demolish the great or happy world amusement park a heritage where kids like tun lang enjoys his childhood. he ask his relative arch who is non malaysian to design the drumstick and left it to decay until the gomen takes over and tries to bring life to it.
        why wants to go off topics and wonder like coming out from castle peak hospital??

      • Why you want to spin on Great World Amusement Park demise when you absolutely vodka refuse to support anything old world?
        Are you in desperation mode?
        Lack of substance to comment is bad for your reputation as a Class A Spinner!
        Pls try harder the next time.

      • Snake oil starts work. When great world amusement park makes way for komtar, you also refuse to support the old world. You jUSTbedek gilakan. Call yourself Bruce? It is bruise. Even grown up as grandpa still behaves like bruise.

    • MCA sold it’s soul to Umno.
      That was why the Chinese turned to DAP.
      So simple yet Engineer seems to have lost his thinking skill?

      • Yeah, DAP doesn’t sell souls!
        Doesn’t destroy Penang with the many botak hills, unprecedented before 308-saliva talks.
        Care about the sea environment with unrelentless sea reclamations.
        Have human hearts when many are affected by a social-engineering pursuit under the disguise of Cosmopolitan Penang Frenzied.
        Anymore you want to add to the credentials (good for spinning)?
        Oh yes, honestly speaking. It’s not so simple to challenge the above!

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 I was in my teens then (during 70s b4 circa 1978), pls don’t imagine my youth years ahead!
      If you had seen me in Madras Lane, I looked like a Korean Bruce Lee! And taller than Lee.

      • Tunglang saying he looks like Korean heartthrob (Oppo phone spokesperson) Lee Min Ho, and If so Zoro may look like Antonio Banderas from movie Zorro?

      • Damien, have you seen Bruce Lee.
        Penang Free School Headmaster (1975) had an irrepressible urge to hunt down (a monthly hunting affair) & force-cut my Bruce Lee hairstyle in the name of proper school grooming.
        Sometimes, I think he had too much time just to corner (stealthily creeping from the back of classroom) Bruce Lee with a Korean look!
        If only he had seen Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (which should have been created in the 70s)

      • Bruce Lee’s haircut not that flamboyant for Free School headmaster to freak out! In 1975 The Wynners of Hong Kong spotted worse hairstyle. Probably that headmaster idolized Japanese culture hence his intolerance towards Bruce Lee.

        The free schoolers should dedicate Queen’s song Another One Bites The Dust to the headmaster.

        The FreeSchoolers must be the fans of Nora Miao?

      • Did you rebel against your school teachers according to “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd?

      • Honestly, creeds don’t understand the music video “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd.
        The old British uptight lips of goody-2-shoes culture was not relevant since the late 60s Flower Power of California against the irrelevant White House establishment of McCarthyism (no different from our Malaya village fears of orang minyak).
        Pink Floyd band was not the only one to bravely show the middle finger at the brick wall establishments. John Lennon (of The Beatles), Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin & other ‘rebels’ did what the uptight lips feared for their own brick-walled future.
        Honestly, education should not be like a hot-dog meat grinder with fixated ingredients for churning out stereotypes with no iota of individualistic creativity, which is an essential element of healthy rebel of sort against outdated concepts, dead ideas & zombied thinking culturel Much less to “Hail Headmasters or Hail Teachers” in unison march (of regimented behaviour no different to the brainwashed Nazis).
        Who want to live defunct of creative thinking + expressions but eternally beholden to ideological, socio-political beliefs of the uptight lips!
        British Tea or Beer+Fruit Punch?

        Enjoy & understand the rebels here:
        Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (HQ)

      • May I add further:
        Don’t rebel the CAT, for whatever their recalcitrants. This applies to DAP members & Adun of Tanjung Bungah.
        Don’t cross the line of unspoken loyalty to idolatry.
        And never mention the limited 2 terms for Penang CM post.
        Diety is forever to be worshipped at the high-altar of Komtar!!!

  6. Big deal. No matter what, it would go away sooner or later. You are going to have burkhas and Jawi offices arresting people in Penang under Najib-Hadi Pas partnership and overpriced properties is your concern????

  7. Conceptually sounds like the Forest City of Johor…both creating insular enclaves (reclaimed land) with luxury condominiums for high-end overseas retirees and promoting wellness, tourism, and leisure. Both have traded development in other sectors for the right to develop the project (in Johor a massive sports stadium-arena complex, in Penang a tunnel). Both a rushing ahead without scientific EID studies from independent sources.

    • Some like / fall head over heel for “I Love Penang” of this Arrogance of a CAT Deity.
      And feel rightly to blame others for not having the wealth (so must work to death, then to leave a legacy of a home loan, not fully settled to next generation) to match this Deity’s voracious insidious appetite for Cosmopolitan Penang Frenzied, though as the ill-expense of majority Penangites.
      And feel rightfully to advise others: “ship out of Penang island if you can’t own a piece of Cosmo-Penang, developed for the rich + famous.
      Well, these idiots continue to feel rightly so. Then again, think is it rightly?
      As I said, “Greed Knows no Bound”
      Note: I am not miserable as I write this. Just a feeling of it’s not right as it is for the majority 99%.

  8. Anil, land on Penang island is more scarce than in Singapore. Given a choice of whether to develop Penang Hill or reclaim the sea, I would elect the latter. Besides, it is not like we are destroying corals. The sea bed is polluted anyway.

    • But the Penang population is barely increasing. Total fertility rate has plunged and many condos and mall outlets are empty.

      • Anil
        They are weekend homes for rich Msians from other states, and on weekdays they can be rented out via airbnb.

    • Tim, how many children do you have?
      Penang needs to top-up its population, otherwise DAP will never be around, developers cannot sell their high-priced properties.
      So, have a heart for them – they need you to survive!

    • yes we need to top up the population. chinese food are getting.less. the cooks are in thr 50~60 years range. soon there is no more kopi and char kuey teow or they are mass make by bangla in a mass production factory like coca cola. but coca is the real thing


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