Floods, landslide, partial road collapse after latest downpour in Penang


After a heavy downpour in Penang, more havoc. This road collaspse is around 50 metres from the back door of the Tropical Spice Garden in northern Penang Island. Stress marks were spotted in 2015 along other stretches of the road further north in nearby Batu Ferringhi.

A landslide also struck the area at 5.30am.


In the south of the island, homes and apartment blocks were affected by flash floods as water levels began rising at around 2am. The flooding before dawn also coincided with high tide at 4.10am.

The NST reported yesterday:

GEORGE TOWN: A university environment specialist has dismissed the Penang government’s claim that extensive development in the state was not the cause of flash floods that happened three times in a week here.

On the contrary, said Professor Chan Ngai Weng from Universiti Sains Malaysia’s (USM) School of Humanities, it was rapid development and unscrupulous hillslope cutting that contributed to environmental degradation.

Chan, who specialises in environment hazard management, told the New Sunday Times that development in Penang was moving at a swift rate and flood mitigation measures were not prioritised.

“It is unwise to dismiss rapid development and hillslope cutting as the cause of flash floods.

“In fact, changing land use from green areas to urban built-up areas reduces permeable surfaces,” he said, taking the DAP-led state government and even the previous administration in Penang to task for “not doing enough”.

“Cutting hillslopes weakens soil structure and leads to erosion, forcing sediments to flow into rivers.

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“These are certainly part of the reasons behind the slew of floods statewide.”

River encroachment also posed another problem, he said.

“Development happens very close to rivers, leaving river water no room to manoeuvre,” he said.

Chan said low-lying areas close to rivers were also undergoing rapid development, causing high rates of surface run-off that was not being absorbed into the ground.

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  1. I’ve just heard from a resident in Mt Pleasure area that there is another new cracking line along that area and looks like widening. Hopefully it won’t develop into a fatal disaster!

  2. Penang flash floods due to UNCONTROLLED expansion in the state

    PUTRAJAYA: The recent flash floods in Penang are a result of uncontrollable development in the state, said Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.

    The Natural Resources and Envi­ronment Minister said that rapid development, especially along river banks, caused problems to the drainage system, which should have been looked into by the state government and local council.

    He said mitigation plans would not be adequate to prevent floods if development projects, along the banks in particular, were not controlled.

    “Instead of thinking about profit, the state government should have considered sustainable development.

    “It could have also used the profit it got from developers to implement its own flood mitigation plan, rather than pointing fingers at the Federal Government,” Dr Wan Junaidi said at a press conference after the ministry’s monthly assembly yesterday.

    The minister said a study found that the present size of the Sungai Pinang river could not sustain heavy flows of water when there was heavy rain.

    The river should be upgraded by deepening, widening and stabilising its banks so that it can accommodate such water flows for at least 100 years, he said.

    On Tuesday, Dr Wan Junaidi announced in the Dewan Rakyat that RM150mil would be allocated for flood mitigation in Penang although the state had asked for RM350mil.

    Penang had seen a deluge of flash floods and landslides four times in recent days, the latest being on Monday when the main road connecting the city and Teluk Bahang had to be closed to traffic due to a landslide along Jalan Ujung Batu.

  3. Flood mitigation Penang govt’s responsibility too, BN says

    A look at the Federal Constitution however showed that drainage and irrigation matters were listed under concurrent legislation, which meant that both state and federal authorities were jointly responsible.
    Under Article 81 of the Constitution, financing of expenses (under the concurrent list) depended on the Federal Government agreeing to pay for it or the state government choosing to shoulder the burden.
    It read: “Financing of expenditure relating to matters on Concurrent List:
    82. Where any law or executive action relating to any of the matters enumerated in the Concurrent List involves expenditure, such action shall be taken under this Constitution as will ensure that, unless otherwise agreed, the burden of that expenditure is borne —
    (a) by the Federation, if the expenditure results either from federal commitments or from State commitments undertaken in accordance with federal policy and with the specific approval of the federal government;
    (b) by the State or States concerned, if the expenditure results from State commitments undertaken by the State or States on its or their own authority.”

    • the giver can give peanuts or kfc finger licking good. one can meow or bark. one can always blame mt komtar

  4. Q: Will the relevant authorities allow heavy vehicles to use the hill road starting from Sg. Pinang town to reach Teluk Bahang + Batu Ferringhi?
    That winding hill road is more narrower than the affected Jalan Ujung Batu & more ‘sensitive’ to heavy vehicles like 10 tonnes lorries.
    All it takes is one accident to render that hill road impassable to all traffic. Or worst, another road collapse.

  5. To play the blame game (again) – now blaming lorries for carrying over max. loads that could have caused the deterioration of Batu Ferringhi Road is Absolute Vodka irresponsible. Why?
    1) It shows a lack of comprehensive study (in the 1st place) before allowing massive development in the area with a narrow coastal road to begin with.
    2) It shows zero monitoring & apprehension of lorries (breaking the law) & lorry hantu but indifferently allowing such dangerous precedents in spite of the fact.
    3) It shows “Got Money Can Talk” takes priority over local Penangites’ welfare, regardless of social, financial status.

    Now, even the rich in Batu Ferringhi gets a taste of what is inconvenience – having to face massive traffic jams & detours via round-island-trips to work!

    Is CAT & Niao Kong learning the hard (Karmic) lessons of recent environmental disasters – both to locals as well as to state gomen? No need to pray for it!

  6. As reported on NST today:

    Tropical Island Resort Sdn Bhd (TIRSB) has entered into a joint-venture agreement with Q Islands Development Sdn Bhd (QID), a subsidiary of Ideal Property Group, to redevelop the Jerejak Rainforest Resort & Spa and the 80 acres of land owned by TIRSB on the island.

    TIRSB said in a statement today that the redevelopment master plan, which will consist of a bridge linking Pulau Jerejak to the main island, has been approved by the Penang state government.

    The redevelopment will comprise 1,200 units of residential development, a marina, four- and five-star hotels, theme park, an 11.5km round island cycling track and related infrastructure to promote tourism in the state.


  7. KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 — Penang lawmakers have been requesting for RM350 million to carry out flood mitigation projects but the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry says it can only give RM150 million next year.

    Its minister, Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, said many states also requested funds, including Kelantan, Terengganu and Sabah, from the federal government for the same purpose and none had received 100 per cent of what they asked.

    “So, if we give RM150 million next year. It’s still not a loss since the implementation of the project will not be immediate, like any other project, because they need to do studies, do the drawings and sort out the technical details,” he told reporters at the Dewan Rakyat lobby.

    “It may take a while, so come 2018, they can ask for more.”

  8. Swimming lessons should be made compulsory in Penang schools to equip the kids with survival skills in times of flooding, and to unearth future swimming champions along the way.

  9. How come Italy is struck by earthquake recently and not San Fransisco? Italy must have bad karma and San Fransisco very good karma. Scientists said a san fransusco’s big earthquake waiting to happened. Overdue more than 60 years inspire city famous for hippies and gays.

  10. lucky pinang. plenty rainfall. no rationing like selangor shut down wtp. further down south linggiu dam will be like dead sea. good karma and fungshui. plenty of water or prosperiy coming in.

  11. Developers should jointly form task force as CSR to rescue before an imminent landslide happening again!

  12. There is only one very narrow road in Batu Ferringhi and it has been over 50 years old mann !
    Luckily no untowards happening this very early morning or else…ask who to 滚蛋? BUCG?

    • a crack happen many moond ago. so not surprise the road will fail onw day that was the day when water seeo through. lucky at odd hours. again by chance

  13. The Nagas of the Hills, Seas & Skies have finally dealt Karmic blows after blows of relentless rains on Penang.
    For the price of Absolut Vodka CAT Arrogant is more than any innocent + patient flood victim can bear with loss of properties (4 times?) & loss of a good night sleep, 4 weeks in a row.

    As if anilnetto.com is foreboding Nature’s wrath on deaf ears + Cosmo-cement brains in the past months since last year, the arrogant minds at 28th Flr Komtar continued their recalcitrant behaviour preoccupied with more slippery development plans & tangoing to wealthy-not-enough-developers’ dreams with no cause for alarm but armed themselves with an eternal slimy excuse of “stopped flood mitigation funding from the Feds since 308”. No Fed Money, No Continuation of Flood Mitigation!
    This is Absolut Vodka Indifference + Irresponsibility of a state gomen that promised blue moons ago to solve perennial flooding problems but had the gambling minds to take chances (of not doing anything) against the odds of should erratic weather decided to change mood. Or did they engage a Deity / Tokong to halt the rains (to come) till receiving Fed Money?
    In the next few weeks to come, stop praying to CAT Deity (an entity that cannot stop the rains) & ask Nature’s Nagas for some relief. Don’t buy the excuse that there’s no hill development that points to the landslide @ Jalan Batu Ferringhi-Jalan Teluk Bahang, so to exclusively blame Nature.

    I would not be surprised should Skies Naga contemplates taking a tail-swipe at Komtar Tower.

  14. Penangites deal with 4th flash flood since Oct 29, many are “fed up”

    Time for CAT worshippers to pray every morning @3am with 3 red joss sticks facing Komtar Tower for less rain storms in the coming days! Definitely a nightmare comes 3am rain for Niao Kong.
    Chow Chow, ye better learn to swim / float when ye visit P. Ramlee Flood Ground Zero!
    What else to blame?

    This is the Karmic price to pay for being Absolute Vodka Arrogant!


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