Live – Tens of thousands see red over GST in massive street protest

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  1. Norman Fernandez may be right: The DAP leadership is indeed a THREE-HEADED MONSTER!

    Full article:

    To those who keep calling the 47% bodoh, wonder who is the real bodoh.

    Anyway 47% or 53 % the game is lost just like Gerakan K gave an example of the badminton game. 15-3, 14-15, 14-15 does not mean you win the match although you win the overall points.

  2. GST – not good who those low income people and retired people who are not paying income tax.
    It is going to increase the rich-poor divide and make worst the Ginni Coefficient.

  3. As far as BN politicians are concerned, GST or not their pockets are always full to the brim, accounts overflowing…

    Vote la beramai ramai 47% si bodoh and pawn your children’s future away…

    The most stupid people on earth can be found in this kangkong land.

    1wonderfool malaysia !!!

    • Its not kangkung but bendi and potato land if one is so idiotic to make it that way. Anyway the American are also very stupid for making Bush Jr the President despite Al Gore winning the popularity votes. And I wonder how one can be so smart that they could not form the govt despite winning the popular votes. On another note how do one who is aligned to DAP can deemed himself as smart when their very own PR partner PAS have betrayed them now by going for the implementation of hudud. Or these smart DFAP … have been betrayed by DAP leaders asking us to vote PAS telling us there is a consensus there is no hudud or either DAP and PR leaders are just plain bodoh to believe in PAS..

  4. Bila RTM & TV3 berita tidak tayang protest bermaksud perhimpunan ini adalah Yang berjaya sekali !

  5. What is happening is consistent with Najib’s ENTIRE CAREER – everytime he gets a new job – and he gets promoted whether he deserve it or not because of his father, he starts out in a flash – and its always a flash more than substance – eventually when his job catches up with his mediocrity, it just get worst and worst for him – usually he gets promoted even before it gets really bad. The problem is this time, there is no promotion for him or another job to escape to.

    If Najib has half the brain his father says he does not have, he would quit soon. Otherwise it is just going to keep piling up for him. Mahathir already indicating he is up to his neck with his c…

  6. Make your own eye-popping calculation of the consumer-end prices of goods you will buy:
    Manufacturing – purchase raw materials (add 6%)
    pay for energy sources (add 6%)
    pay for admin services (add 6%)
    external warehousing + transporting to distribution points (add 6%)
    marketing + advertising + selling (add 6%)
    ‘1st Level’ Middlemen or Agents / Sales Distributors – selling (add 6%)
    Other downstream selling levels of ‘Change Hands’ Sellers – selling (add 6%)

    Note: The more ‘Change Hands’ of selling, the more pricier it gets.
    If you are a collector of antiques or paintings, God save your hard earned savings!
    Advice: If you want to get a home or any big ticket priced goods, nego + buy direct from owner.
    Prediction: Sellers, middlemen, distributors & agents will have a difficult time selling or no buyers.

    Wah Lao! Tis ‘duit-not-enough’ gomen knows what cumulative effect of 6% it will
    have ‘contributed massively’ to its tax coffer to which we will have to cough out
    with blood, sweat & tears daily.
    But it doesn’t care what cumulative ‘kangkung effect’ it will have on our low-salaried take home pay.

  7. These Umno schmucks are now saying that regardless of the protest the GST will be implemented, this is a typical example of the Umno schmucks’ attitude. Once they have decided on any issue it is going to be implemented regardless of the reasons the people are able to come with.

    On the questions of the number of countries in the world that are on GST given by the deputy minister as the reasons for the introduction of HST in Malaysia. Please answer these two questions, just because so many other countries have GST do that also mean Malaysia must also have GST ? Also by the same token these countries are having policies like less taxes, unemployment benefits and many others, why is Malaysia not having the same policies ? Above all do they have the same level of corruptions like that in Malaysia ?
    And are you saying that hundreds of wrongs will make one right ? It is an accepted fact that due to the country budget’s deficit Malaysia is compelled to bring in the GST ? But are you able to answer why is the budget in deficit if the total taxes collected are actually spent on the expenditures are in sufficient, thus the need to introduce the GST. Remember the tax payers are already paying for lots of their daily needs themselves like roll tolls, world class medical treatments, that should have being the responsibility of the government. And now you are saying the people have to pay these themselves once again ? How many of the countries you gave have black gold coming out of the grounds and oceans ? Where are all these revenues going to ?
    Finally remember you have a limited number of years left in Putrajaya to do what you want and there is nothing you think, the people can do to change your mind think again, you Umno schmucks, your days in Putrajaya are numbered !

  8. When the PM Najib said that price of goods go up and down depending on supply and demand he was indeed correct. When he gave a reference to kangkung as an example it truly show that he is telling the truth of an example. Recently price of vegetable have been going down quite substantially. Tomatoes and ladies fingers are 2 examples. From a high of RM9-10 per kilo it has gone down to RM1.90 per kilo at the Econsave. At market and others supermarket its an average of RM3-4. Tomatoes from a high of RM4.00 it has gone down to 79cents per kilo. So we should not oppose GST as it has been implemented in more than 146 countries and its good for the country economy. It affect some but not all

    • off topic, Polls and sentiments shows that DAP will lose Teluk Intan this by election. Majorities in Bukit Gelugor will be slashed by 15-20 k votes

      • Whether 3% or 6%, the rate will rise in future years, if the trend in many other countries is followed. The low starting % is just to lull the population into thinking GST is only a small tax.


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