Prolonged kangkung laughter an outlet for dissent over economy


The prolonged laughter over kangkung may be a sign of something deeper. Just as the Bersih yellow was the symbol of dissent over the unfairness of the present electoral system, the humble kangkung has become a symbol of the economic difficulties facing ordinary Malaysians.

Given that outward expressions of dissent (e.g. street protests) are strictly curtailed, the laughter over kangkung provides a ‘safe’ outlet for the pent-up frustrations of many people who are feeling the burden of rising prices, low incomes and the impact of corruption and cronyism.

For the BN, whether it is the yellow of Bersih or the green kangkung, the effect is just as embarrassing.

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  1. The nation perish because we have rakyat like ananars. Vietnam is surpassing us soon and this guy is still sleeping in his tempurung, asking the readers to compare us with myammar, etc. My my my unbelieaveable! How stupid can we be ?

    Didnt even get out of penang and see the house prices in KL and Johore !?

    500 sq ft apartment costs 2m ringgit in singapore !

    A single storey terrace in Taman Tun, KL selling for 1.1m rgt.

    OneKangkongRakyat !!!

  2. On the serious side, if you notice, Najib & UMNO have came back with their worst threats, excuses and attacks AND FAILING.. The opposition and the masses … stand tall …

    Things have fundamentally changed because of Najib’s incompetence. It marks the beginning of the end for at least Najib but perhaps more..

  3. Saw this on my Facebook:


    “Ba! ba! Black sheep have you any wool?
    Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!”

    Ba! ba! Najib, have you any shame?
    No, sir, no sir, none to my name!
    Just cows for my cronies, condos for the same
    And many tons of kangkung to keep the rakyat tame.

  4. While the nation is hot up with Kangkung, Penang’s “7th Road” celebrated (sad to many readers like me) another near extinct giant Grouper of weight 175kg length 6 feet auctioned off at RM8K !

  5. ‘Kangkong’ will drive you crazy, especially when namibia promotes it…. That belongs on the cover of ‘Mad /Gila-Gila’…….Yes, BigJoe99, the middle and lower middle class will be the ones stuck eating “kangkong’ in the rice bowl!!

  6. true bro stylo Logan. Foreign workers near FIZ penang do pick them up from nearby company drains and sell it among them and to other residence nearby. I did ask them if you wonder how I know this matter.Next time if you wanna buy from foreigners, watch out!!!

  7. Please lah don`t just blame Najib. Even if PR DAP Anwar Lim Guan Eng come to power there will still be an increase in prices. Look how houses in Penang have gone beyond the means of the Penang lang.

  8. Price hike is one thing, depreciating value of Rinngit is another thing.
    So our purchasing power is going down.

    • Perhaps kangkung (national vegetable of Maaysia?) could be used to barter trade for other food items soon?

      tunglang can use it to trade for kopi kau kau?

  9. After a binge of global easy money, the expected result is actually stagnation – no growth. The unease is more emotionally intelligent than you think.. Growth will slow painfully as govt struggles with their finances and those of the low and middle income gets stuck for the longest time..

  10. Najib is very good at not opening his mouth on a subject he has no answer for… Just take the case of the late mongolian woman, after all these years he has not said anything on the death of this mongolian woman. This is only one example of his silence … why ? It must be the advice of his team of Consultants but the Consultants and himself forgot that silence is admission !

    In case this leader of the warlords thinks I have forgotten about the promise he made to the people of Malaysia before the GE that he will build one million affordable houses if he remains the tenant of Putrajaya. Well it is now more than 8 months since the GE and even though through gerrymandering he manages to remain at Putrajaya but not a ingle one of the one million affordable houses has yet being built. When is he going to fulfill his promise ? Please remember at best he has only less than 52 months hold on Putrajaya it will be a miracle if he can even build half a million of the one million affordable houses in his full term at Putrajaya.

    This is to show the kind of promises or should I say empty promises he has made, therefore one can only draw the conclusion at the end of his tenure nothing will be built and so will none of the promises he has made will be fulfilled ! He knows that he time at Putrajaya will end at the of this term and that is why he is jetting around without any care or concern for the people, it is called making hay while the sun shines !

    • Must be careful, Sharon, lest one of Namibia’s troopers reminds you who you must thank for your iPad…like one did because Anil owned a laptop.

  11. Just went to nearby hypermarket (name withheld no advertising)
    fyi Today’s Kangkung price is RM2.48/kg.
    However, most people buy Broacoli at RM4.89/kg better nutrients and don’t want to buy Kangkung be associated with you know what.

    Plenty of creative pics posting at facebooks with Kangkung theme. go check out.

    • Najib should not assume that poor people only eat Kangkung. Many now can appreciate broccoli.
      Anyway, many felt insulted by his remark as price drop in Kangkung does not really solve their barang naik problems. By the way, I used to see people collect free Kangkung that grows near longkang.

      • What Najib is trying to attribute is that the hike in price of the goods is not due to the govt but to supply and demand. Take for example, prices of fish and vegetable not just kangkung are also down. Many of us are still living in the tempurung swayed by the emotion outburst of Anwar, LGE DAP & PR not understanding that the opposition is fueling fire after fire not just in the hike of prices but racism and religious sentiments. Price hike are not just confine to Malaysia alone but throughout the world. Don`t be swayed but live positively and that is what the govt want you to be. Despite all these, is the people lives lives any harder than those compared to many of our neighbours and the world from Myanmar Phillipine to Africa & latin America. Don`t keep comparing us to the Western countries or Singapore. Remember Singapore is just a small city state that can be managed easily. But looking back at Penang overall compared to Malaysia, it has become a mess.

      • Skuad pemantau harga by Umno should not find fault with petty traders who are facing higher cost due to petrol/electricitytoll hike They should after IPPs and Toll operators.

      • Ananars
        Ya dont compare to developed countries for improvement and compare to countris on par with us in terms of wealth management (leakages etc) ?
        OK Malaysia football ranking #150+ still one behind minnows like Laos despite spending millions – supply vs demand issue ? More like middlemen cronies making profits (eg players transfer crony agent made money – not middlemen ???)
        Nasib baik kita ada the best DPM in the world, the moment he walks at pasar & hypermarket, harga barang naik jadi turun seta merta – he got magic lah to tell suppliers (eg Mydin) to lower prices for the demands of rakyat – BOLEH !

      • yesterady DPM walk the talk memantau harga barangan di hypermarket dan pasar, hari ini dia akan melawat IPP dan toll operators untuk turun harga sewajarnya !


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