PPS and Malaysia’s centralised federal system


Behind the controversy over the PPS lies another aspect that should be considered. Ours is a highly centralised federal system that has grown even more centralised in the decades after Merdeka.

Since Merdeka, more and more powers that used to be fall under local or state governments have been centralised in the hands of the federal government. Think of sewerage services which previously came under the local councils. The federal government has also taken over the management of water assets.

Almost every essential service now comes under the federal government: education, water, health care, police, airports, ports, etc. Even toll collection along the Penang Bridge eventually ends up in federal coffers when the first bridge has been repaid many times over.

This leaves the state government with very little powers, apart from land matters, collection of quit rent, etc.

More than that, it is not just that power is centralised in the federal government. Power has also been heavily centralised in the hands of the Executive, especially the office of the Prime Minister. That is partly why you have the Prime Minister’s Department, with a whole array of departments below it, now with a budget of billions of ringgit, dwarfing all other ministries. Does this have to be the case, does it make sense, under a federal system?

To compound matters, elections to local government were suspended in the mid-1960s, under the pretext of the Confrontation with Indonesia.

If we look at other nations, we can see how a decentralised federal system can work, perhaps even more effectively and with even greater accountability and with greater participation in the decision-making process. In countries like Australia and India, for instance, apart from the federal or national police force, each state has its own state police force. The state police in India, for example, is responsible for maintaining law and order in townships of the state and the rural areas (see Wikipedia).

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So I would look at the controversy over the PPS in this light: I believe it is also question of how much power a state or local government should have over local and community policing in a federal system like ours, which I think should be more decentralised.

Perhaps it is time to look more closely and dispassionately at how a federal system like ours can operate more effectively, democratically and with greater accountability and participatory decision-making at all levels – local, state and federal.

Anyway, here is the Chief Minister’s response to the PPS issue, in case it is not carried in the mainstream media:

The Inspector-General of Police(IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar should get down from his arrogant pedestal and remember that he is not sacrosanct or a “sacred cow” who can not be criticized, but a mere public servant paid by the people to perform his statutory duty to fight crime. If Khalid puts as much effort in fighting crime and criminals as fighting to defend himself and against those expressing their opinions, then Malaysia would be a much safer place.

Khalid should not be misusing the country’s criminal or punitive laws against criticism against himself but instead rely on defamation laws to clear his name. Using criminal laws against his detractors when Khalid has full resources at his disposal as the IGP, would place his critics in an unfair and unequal position. Will Khalid fight fair by resorting to civil courts of defamation against those who he alleged had defamed him?

The Penang state government wishes to verify claims by Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi that eleven of the 156 Penang Voluntary Patrol or Pasukan Peronda Sukarela (PPS) unit members detained, have criminal records involving theft, robbery, drugs, triad-related offences and even homicide. Similarly, those whose urine tests were tested positive could be due to medication taken for illnesses.

The Penang state government would also seek to verify whether there had been any police reports or allegations against these 11 whilst they were performing their voluntary role in the PPS. Otherwise it would be unfair to tar the entire PPS comprising of 9,000 people with purported information of the background of a few members. Should the 120,000 police personnel also be similarly treated just because of the actions of the few policemen who were involved in cold-blooded murder by C4 explosives, caused custodial deaths, commited crimes like robbery or abused their powers by being involved in corruption?

The Penang state government had stressed that no PPS member would be protected if they commit any offences or break the law but will be subjected to the full force of punishment. The people of Penang can attest to the good work the PPS had done, in particular helping the public and police to carry out voluntary community policing.

Unfortunately the BN controlled media, including some in the Chinese press, has adopted the BN position of being anti-PPS. The Penang state government wishes to reiterate that the PPS has never received any written complaints by the police against the PPS as a whole. If there were any such complaints, these would have been communicated by the police to Penang State EXCO member Phee Boon Poh or myself.

It is regrettable that the same BN controlled media has twisted the PPS into a political issue to fix up the Penang PR state government. The Penang state government had established PPS to provide emergency relief in accidents, emergency and rescue services and also in response to the call by police to strengthen community policing to fight crime. The state government has inherent powers to set up such a body in the same manner that Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamaan Kampung(JKKK) or JKKK(P) was established by the Federal government.

Followng the arrests of the 156 and whilst awaiting the pronouncement in courts of their arrests, the Penang state government had announced that all PPS members would be “rested” from carrying their voluntary work and not be wearing their uniform vests. This shows that the Penang state government respects the rule of law and the decisions by the courts.

In the meantime we hope that the police would address the public concerns of the absence of community policing, accidents and emergency rescue services without the voluntary work of the 9,002 PPS participants. The Penang state government remains committed to a safer Penang and to maintain Penang’s status as the safest state in Malaysia.


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  1. Al Jazeera recently reported “Malaysia’s gang menace”

    marginalised groups turned to gangterism.

  2. Carry out a survey in Penang to find out if the people there want PPS. If the majority say ‘no’, disband it; if the answer is ‘yes’, then the authorities should know what to do. The PPS can avert a repeat of the breach of Penang state assembly by UMNO thugs. Zahid would do well to lead by example to first disband Tiga Line then come back to Penang and talk to LGE. Do not threaten like a thug…

  3. For those who are ignorant of PPS read this and it show that the CM is just (misleading) about PPS. Yes he must come clear. A few important extracts

    How can drug addicts and those with serious criminal records be part of PPS?

    6. The leaders must show the public audited accounts of PPS and how it is part of the Penang Budget. Live up to the CAT principle of competency, accountability and transparency. Failure to do so means CAT is a mockery of values and ethics as espoused by the Chief Minister.

    7. The Penang state government must show the dates and minutes of meetings/state assemblies where the decision for the formation of PPS was made.

    8. With the revelation that amongst the 154 who were detained, 11 have dubious criminal records, how can the state government pay out RM200 to each person for each day of detention?

    9. If investigations reveal procedures were never in place or not followed, the leaders in PPS must step down and pay from their own pockets the money that was used to fund PPS activities from day one.

  4. Some time ago, Malaysia Today had an article on how municipal elections were scrapped. This contributed to undermining the legiticmacy of states. The undermining and subversion of schooling (especially English) helped.

    Might is right. Money controls all. Look at the proxy wars in West Asia and the militarised police in USA. The problem of global capitalism just keeps getting worse.

    PPS seems to have been mooted after another illegal body of “volunteers” (allegedly) personally roughed up the CM during a walkabout.

  5. If those think that the establishment is biased and not fair to the opposition, its also all the same inside here.

  6. Michael,
    Singapore targeted everybody including UMNOites. That is why UMNO (finished) in singapore

  7. I Like this statement very much and it makes a lot of sense which some people just purposely does not want to understand;
    “”Why is JKKK and RELA and others like it setup by the Federal Government when there is already a police force? Why are the taxpayers footing the bill for RELA when the police is supposed to do it’s job? How many time have we seen the police escorting and providing traffic control for ceramahs and other events for the Federal Government at the party level, and in certain cases, acting as thugs even though they are supposed to work for the people?””
    After reading the list of comments, those are without any points but just LGE bashing. Looks like these people are jealous of the success of LGE’s government.

    • LimBC, You talk as if you are so well verse but yet so ignorant. Rela and JKKK was formed during the emergency to counter the Communist. For every function whether its ko tai (Chinese opera show), ceramah or any public function, security and control should be borne by the parties concern who are organizing the function and not to use the police which is tax payer money for their security and traffic control.. LGE has done a big disservice to the people of Penang by (allegedly) using tax payer money to form PPS to be used for most of their party ceramah and function.

      LGE success. What has LGE (admin) done beside hijacking Penang valuable land for fast track development. How many affordable houses has he built, how many new jobs have he created, FDI have been dropping since he take over the state, he boast of lowering Penang debts from 630 millions to 30 millions but do you know that 600 million PBA asset were sold to the Federal govt to contra the debts. what about destroying our beloved environment and seafront. And worse of all he milk the poor with affordable houses of 72k that were sold for more than 200k. Do you call these success. List me the success that he has done and I could list you more of his extravaganza and deception that he has given us.

      • Yang know it very well as bn must be paying polus security, outriders, related government expenses in political functions

    • The government is having all kinds of groups. Dont forget there is the police volunteer force too. what we get? More illegals, snatch thieves, even inside cars are unsafe. What happen to the royal (commission) report. Ministers with guards have their houses broken in….

  8. This current PPS issue has certainly generated much interest among the blog followers basing on the number of responses, commenters and participations in the rating for the comments.

    • Lets hope this is not a venue to curry favor for Kang Tao from CAT.

      • While declaring that you do not harbour any intention to curry favour (in your pseudonym), on what grounds do you thick or suspect that commenters who support the Penang state government are having ulterior motives?

      • Then don’t (use) the word kang tau at those with differences of opinion.
        No all Penang lang depend on kang tau to succeed nor to polish b. to stay relevant in this blog.
        The same advice to that kassim (always saying the silent majority) who think it is alright to play the machai game behind the façade of self-righteous silent type.

  9. The sad thing is everything is centrally controlled from the PM Office: PRDM, AG, MCCA, EC, Hakim…to keep BN in power and clamping down opposition.

  10. Tokong is laughing heee heee heee….heeee heeee heeee now…He stole enough limelight for this battle between state and federal…

    • 6th Malaysia Twa Pek Kong festival is currently in progress in Penang. A tourist attraction event just like Hari raya, Xmas, Deepavali to forein tourists.

  11. Kiki ; You are spot on right.
    Rela members who participated or assist in any event or function such as being guard in an apartment or controlling of traffic during a function must submit the names of the person involved to the police before 24 hours before they start. Did the PPS do that. They are infringing the law right top to bottom from being an illegal entity to not reporting their activities to the police

    • For DAP and Tokong, the law is only for their opponents. If it is used against them, then it is unjust and cruel. In DAP, there are no laws – only directives from Tokong and Bapa Tokong.

      • Can’t help but read the irony of the statement if the word for the party is replaced with other parties or organizations, or individuals – including me.

        I am sure that the silent readers have a wild imagination to do it without me naming individuals, organizations, parties, or governments.

        (PS: Just finished reading the blog guidelines Anil. Forgive me if I have violated it earlier.)

      • You are spot on right. And if your chose to support another other than the Tokong their supporter will label you as bodoh. As a tokong and Pakatoon supporter you have no choice either with Pakatoon and Tokong as smart or join the others and be bodoh. This is surely not wild imagination. And be careful with words or the Tokong may sue you but he has not guts to do that to PAS and the IGP or UMNO. What he is good at is to capitalize on the situation

      • Of course eating curry and free lodging being charged for sedition by bn is any time better than being sued by tokong

      • “Just finished reading the blog guidelines Anil. Forgive me if I have violated it earlier.”

        Mr. Troll. Don’t try to self justify your insincere acts.

      • cwf; You keep talking without sense and blah blah blah. As I have said many times “`Legal“ & “`Illegal““ . Do you understand this !!!!!

        PPS is not a registered body. Rukun Tettangga is formed under the Emergency Ordinance Act 1969.

        Wake up …….

      • Ying n yang telling saying legal and illefal, blaring and blaring. The point rt is legal but procedures are not according to rules. You have the leader of the paack set his procedures. By not following the sop, they break the rules. Yang support a governmental appointed whete sop can be broken.

  12. These formal tit-for-tat between the police and Penang govt/PPS is merely that political tit-4-tat. The fact is if you are a senior person in any branch of govt, particularly the enforcement agencies, you are an UMNO politician whether registered member or not. What this is about is UMNO, and particularly Khalid, feeling threatened and hence they needed to flex their muscle. The substance in them is really soft in reality.

    I say again, the biggest mistake made by LGE and PPS is to make it about them – they still have not ask why Hamidi and Khalid have not acted on PAS Unit Amal. Making it about LGE and PPS turns it racial and you are not going to get far with Malay voters that matter pleading non-Malay persecution like it or not..

  13. Recently, the Inspector-General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar declared Pasukan Peronda Sukarela (PPS) to be an illegal organisation because it was not registered with the Registrar of Societies.

    Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said attacks on the PPS were politically motivated. He even said the state government would stand together with the PPS unit to face those attacks.

    Such a response from a state leader is most worrying as it smacks of a rebellion against enforcement by government agencies.

    While CM Lim has rubbished the IGP’s statement, will he do the same in response to the Deputy Home Minister’s revelation that “State governments have no jurisdiction over security matters” as national security was under the jurisdiction of the powers and regulations of the central government.”

    Or will Lim run helter-skelter to cover his tracks on PPS?

    A quick look at various websites show how some statements made on Sept 15, 2011 about PPS are no longer there. Getting things in order, CM Lim?

    As concerned citizens who are well aware of the Penang state’s many blunders, you owe it to us to explain the following:

    1. How could you, a state leader, not be aware that security matters are under the central government?

    2. How could you lump PPS together with JKKK (Village Security and Development Committees) knowing (unless you really do not know) that JKKK is under the umbrella of the federal government?

    3. How can it be that you continue to befuddle citizens with your arrogant and superficial statements about the legitimacy of PPS without revealing:

    How the decision for the establishment of PPS came about, including where, when and by whom?
    Explain why your earlier statement about PPS clearly says the Penang state government ‘supports PPS’ yet does not say the state government set up PPS?
    Why is it that Phee Boon Poh seems to be the ONLY office-bearer of PPS?
    If indeed PPS is under the patronage of the Penang state government, please tell us why there is no information/links/pages on PPS in the official website of the Penang state government?
    Why isn’t there an official web page that belongs solely to PPS?
    Why isn’t there any information on PPS’s constitution, activities, rules and regulations as well as organisation chart?
    How can it be that you can give out ranks to PPS as reported in Bulletin Mutiara?

    4. As CM of Penang, you have preached about your infamous CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) policy. Therefore, this is the best time to walk the talk. Show us audited accounts of PPS and how it is part of the Penang budget.

    5. Phee Boon Poh said that the members’ list has been given to the police. If so, please reveal to whom, when and at which police station.

    6. Where is the Exco paper for the approval of PPS as a state agency? Make this public to show concrete evidence that the decision-making process was legitimate. Failure to do so or silence on your part is confirmation that PPS is a clandestine organisation with insidious motives.

    If at all, it is proven by police investigations that PPS has links to undesirable elements, you and all your ADUNs who have had a hand in PPS’s activities directly or indirectly must step down and pay back to the state every single sen that you and your cohorts spent on PPS.

    You have a moral responsibility to uphold the law and if you see it fit to go against the laws of this country, you and your PPS cohorts such as Phee Boon Poh should step down from the Penang state legislature.

    Penangites do not need such unwholesome activities or societies that divide and intimidate the people rather than unite and build the country.

    Penangites do not want rebels without a cause!

    Enough theatrics and rhetoric! The truth please, Mr. Chief Minister!

    • I can bet BN will not touch Umit Ammal of PAS, as they do not want to jeopardise the opportunity for ‘malay unity’.

      • Calvin : Like I said their mind have been tuned like the robot to think the CATs way

      • PDRM should take swift action against Jemaah ISIS Malaysia .. re: Sabah and Sarawak…

        We have ISIS offshoot here in Malaysia and the Home Ministry is concentrating on the uncles and aunties of PPS?

    • Tokong’s second name is … He demands debate with IGP on the legality of PPS and proof of the criminal activities of the PPS members. Perhaps someone should tell him that the whole point of charging them so that they will face trial in which such matters can be debated. This is not PKR where people are charged and sentenced based on mere accusations and heresays.

    • Interesting comment.

      I am afraid that you don’t speak for all Penangites. I live and stay in Penang. Admittedly, I am a no one, struggling to make ends meet, living in a crowded block of flats.

      I don’t speak for everyone. Only a few silent readers might agree with my comments.

      The truth is – subjective as it may be – I, and my family, friends and relatives, and those in the wet market and coffeeshops we frequent that gossips, trust the current state government, and it’s policies, polarizing as it may be to the federal government, and others who are critics of the current state government.

      Perhaps it is long term distrust of the media which is generally pro-federal government. Perhaps it is the constant feeding of critical news and comments towards the state government. The end result is the constant feeling that perhaps we are the ‘rebels’ because we abstained in voting for the federal government and it’s component parties in the 2008 and 2013 elections.

      And so, in reply to selected points in your comments:

      – Perhaps those that vote in and support the state government ARE ‘rebels’ in not following the ‘status quo’ : such as it is, as defined by the federal government.

      – In that case, the “cause” we are “rebelling” for, is for a better state : free of constant federal interference and apathy in terms of policing, and policies – the “cause” is for the state to make it’s own decision and destiny without the shackles defined by the Federal Government, or ignorance by the Federal Government to the needs of the state despite numerous appeals to the Federal Government.

      – Has the state made any blunders? Oh yes indeed it has. But when compared to the Federal Government and other states….. well. I need not say more.

      – Does the PPS intimidate people? That is a blanket statement. Have you met with actual PPS members and talk to them? I did – some are working hand to mouth and worst off compared to me; some are quite rough ex-gangsters; some are average nerds out of high school; some are volunteering as they believe they are contributing something. Why PPS, and not RELA, JKKK etc? Perhaps because some people trust PPS which is a state level institution instead of a federal institution?

      – Ranking: Interesting. So an organization should not have ranks? It can’t be avoided. Schools, employment, societies, charities, even family – there is always ranks. Someone has to be the leader of a group of people, and someone has to assist that leader, and delegation is always needed.

      – Items 1, to 6: Interesting points in all and valid criticism. Interestingly, the same level of criticism in the points mentioned can be applied to any policy and decisions made by the Federal Government. The difference though is that while we would have imperfect answers from the state government, there will be no answers at all from the federal government.

      • Is it a legal entity. If not should it be allowed to carry on. If the answer is no then good, PPS better cease operation and apply for license. If no, then shall we open an outlet or operation without licesne. So this moron is condoning the people to operate without license or more precise ““ illegally“““

      • Does the PPS intimidate people? ……The right question is “““Is PPS Legal““` Another c * b story.

    • RE : smacks of a rebellion against enforcement

      if RTM complaints about the comments in TV3 or vice versa, is it smacks of rebellion ?

    • But you got to be careful with the comments from those regular readers who are out to discredit the Penang government in every way, primarily because they could not get ‘favour’ under the CAT administration and are venting their frustration here.

      • anilnetto.com is a place to express individual opinions, subjective as it may be.
        Not a place to polish CAT’s b… all the way to the alleys.
        Get real, The CAT is getting more & more arrogant.
        It should be reminded, otherwise CAT is no different from BN.

        Another thing, if you can cari-makan on your own initiative + sweat + tears rather than cari-tongkat from Cat, I would salute you.
        Otherwise, you are no different (but useless species) from the tongkat-baru-boleh-hidup.

        Enough of your addiction to cari-makan tapi bukan jantan rumah tangga.

      • And I would add another piece of friendly advice to look out for comments from DAP fan boys and gals who roam here with the sole purpose of defending the idols – especiall the Dear Leader and his regime.

      • At the risk of sounding polarizing (Can’t be avoided though – it ‘is’ a touchy subject), I may disagree with the commenter that will be out to discredit the opposition governments and their policies, but I will fight for their rights to be vocal with their opinions.

        It will be up to the vast majority of silent readers in Anilnetto (Including me – been reading for 5 years. Just signed up since it seems that the amount of comments discrediting the opposition policies is kinda one sided) to make up their own minds and decision as to what is right or wrong, and avoid being swayed blindly.

        There is enough censorship and ‘political correctness’ in this country as it is. It has to stop somewhere.

      • some CAT-phobia folks forbid their children to carry Hello Kitty toys.

        Now that it has been announced that Hello Kitty is not a cat afterall, so to those CAT-phobia readers do let your children enjoy Hello Kitty, ok ?

      • Untuk mereka yang curi tulang waktu kerja buat komen komen tak suka CAT :

        Go flood Penang One Stop Centre with your comments to improve Penang. The One Stop Centre is the body that approves applications to undertake land development.

      • Herman ; You are right. Every one who vote for a party expect the party or govt to fulfill their promises but when they broke their promise and lied to the people we must stand up and protest and if protest fail and when the leader continue not to listen then we must move on to either another side to make sure that such promises are fulfilled.

        Do we want to be a robot or be a bodoh. Well I rather be a bodoh. Remember Anwar could not get what he want to fulfill his ambition as PM he would have to discredit his very own party UMNO at all cost and to call the Chinese stupid who vote BN. You and another commentator is so happy. And now at all cost he want his wife to be the MB. Is your mind robotic or a free thinking mind. One blogger here sure has a robotic mind just like the CAT father who want to be Robocop. Remember that !!!!

        Yes some do have frustration and is well off and they will need to see which sides will benefits them just like the big developers and businessman. But some are so frustrated in the small flat they will continue and whine for the opposition with using their brain.

        Like the Chinese saying, Lang si euat, ng si see (human are always alive not dead) If we move with the water, it will be smooth running for the country and people. Going against the current is just plain stupidity that will being the country into disarray and chaos as happen in many countries. And let me tell you, there is no such thing as total freedom and democracy like those brainless activist in Hong Kong kept thinking.

      • This is in reply to Yang’s comment.

        Interesting. If all your comments were in this tone and style without name calling, I would be happy to have a discussion with you.

        On the first paragraph, I fully agree that votes go to the party and leader who fullfill promises : Hence my vote to the current state government despite being a Gerakan voter in earlier elections.

        I can’t comment on Anwar – I am pretty much state focused instead on the federal level. Can’t say I agree with his methods.

        Now on this comment : “…Yes some do have frustration and is well off and they will need to see which sides will benefits them just like the big developers and businessman. But some are so frustrated in the small flat they will continue and whine for the opposition with using their brain. …. ” . Hmmm….. Yang… Yang…. *Sigh*. Maybe it was too early to have hopes that you would be more civil in your tone and words.

        And to be honest, I am staying in a low cost flat. I, and those of my floor, and my block are envious of those who are well off. We wish we can enjoy the same life those businessmen and well off individuals. But for my parents, my generation, and the next, we can only wish.

        Since the federal administration is not taking any action to help people of our “low class”, and “whining” and “frustrated” group, is it any wonder that we ended up voting against the Federal Government? Didn’t you state earlier that “…if protest fail and when the leader continue not to listen then we must move on to either another side to make sure that such promises are fulfilled….” ?

        In this case, we are exercising our rights.

        Staying stagnant without change is a plan for failure – change is constant : Ignoring the wishes and hopes of those without a voice increases resentment….. and should the resentment lead to an explosion, it makes the final violence worst off. This is repeated in history, and in the “many countries” that you mentioned. Constant repression, and final inevitable violence and chaos.

        Even a slight change in the ground, will change the flow of the river. Better a “small” change to cater to the needs of people, instead of a dam collapsing and flooding the river.

        No one wants that.

        Again, to each, their own views – I respect what you mean. Respect mine and those that have different views.

      • kasim or is it the Kee…….My advice to you. Go out and get a life.

        You whine because you are a failure. You keep on supporting the opposition DAP not because they are good but because you are a failure. You failed because you keep thinking that Gerakan and BN is not fair to you but you did not think how to fare up with the world.

        Now I will follow your style a little. Almost every day I walk up the dam up to Telekom Tower and to the other side facing Balik Pulau. I met some hikers and they told me politics are dirty. Whoever give me the benefits I vote him. Actually he was right. You voted DAP hoping to get it right for you. Just like you I vote DAP for so many year hoping to get it every righter although I have got it right under Gerakan BN. Now I feel that DAP is not right, so its my conscience and mind to make it right again and so I oppose DAP and support Gerakan which I feel is now righter or brighter than DAP.

        Do you understand ???????? No blah blah blah Straight to the point. Anil was willing to be stupid for Azmi why should not I be for something that I think is right and will benefit me. !!!!!!!

      • Cat certain is no difference to bn to those can count millions but not billion ringgits wastage.

      • Q: “There is enough censorship and ‘political correctness’ in this country as it is. It has to stop somewhere”.

        You sound no different from SA in your defence of CAT opposition but coated with an angel’s voice of faux concern.

        Is real concern for environmental degradation in Penang also a political taboo when it is apparently commercial interest approved & done via questionable swap deals by an opposition gomen?

        Q: “It will be up to the vast majority of silent readers in Anilnetto”
        So, you are an expert mind reader & representative voice of the silent majority, who in your reverent mind must inevitably think & perceive like you?

        Don’t accuse others of one sidedness to the extent of non-tenable in your skewed thinking paraded as Batu Lancang’s all-knowing socio-political analyst. Better to share & discourse agreed or disagreed in good spirit rather than tarnish others with your apparent emo-sentimentalism mixed with double talk.
        And btw, Mr. Anil knows enough of us to break rules at times & no need to apologise like an angel after the fact.

        Oh yeah, based on silent majority?, I have to change my perception of Penang’s CAT Deity or should ‘it’ be politically correctness-ess to called it YB (Yang Ber-arrogant).

        Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to heighten my hearing senses for all-timeless political correctness from the so-called silent majority. Am I crazy or not?

    • Stephen Oon should note that the views of tunglang, Yang and ananars only represent the very few minority of Penangites. They are frustrated that they do not get easy Kang Tao after the fall of Gerakan!

      • To be fair, it is not so much about kang tao from the CAT gomen.
        People have voices to speak out their concerns.
        Opinions vary however, let it be the spices of anilnetto.com
        As tunglang said, if you prefer to curry favor CAT for Kang Tao, you are no different from those on perrenial crutches. And forget about trying hard to emulate Singapore.
        I would rather call it Bo Kut Tao (no back bone).
        Grow up.

      • Michael Chee, I feel very sorry for your state of pathetic dependency on CAT Deity for daily kang tau. Not only you do not qualify for BN’s bumiputra preferential treatment, you now desperately crawl on all four weak limbs to the altar of CAT Diety & kowtow for kang tau to sustain your lifestyle in Cosmopolitan Penang. Very pathetic indeed.
        The next time, pls comment with your brain & have a closer look at pathetic yourself in the mirror.

        I surmise if ever the CAT Deity should vanquish to be replaced by a new CM, you will do the same pathetic crawl without any principle left in your pathetic & desperate soul.

        Q: Are you very sure we are the minority? …

      • Proverbs 30:10

        Do not slander a slave to his master, Or he will curse you and you will be found guilty.

      • In defense of Micheal Chee – even though it may be uninvited – I have to say that the uncalled verbal insults or provocations by tunglang to other commenters is quite uncalled for, especially in the spirit of proper discourse to the post made by Anilnetto.

        While there is nothing to stop you from ignoring the original commenting guidelines as stated by Anil (And reporting you won’t be much help in your unfortunate case), it is sad that you have not provided much in the way of intellectual and constructive feedback in all the previous posts that you have commented on.

        Except for ‘cat calling’ that is, which with reference to what you have commented thus far on CAT, is humorously ironic.

        Having said that, you are quite possibly expressing the “extremely vocal” minority views for now. While this is subjective since I am living in a hotbed (Okay, a block of low cost flats in Batu Lanchang) of resentfully passive and silent majority who don’t speak English all that well (Ha. Neither do I!), if at all, we have our views and opinions. You have yours.

        And I just have to ignore you, as most of the silent readers – like I once was, until I read on of your comments – do on the blog.

        Pity – I was hoping to learn something constructive from those with dissenting views.

      • Like Christian and kuantan sim, forgive him 77 times for his uncouthness. He grumble and like orange clockwork goes over the cat. either a cat or anjing lover? How does penang moves forward when the world is now using drones and dome?

  14. Why are they so averse to working within existing constructs eg rela and rukun tetangga? Why must there be a DAP volunteer group, an Islamic volunteer group(unit amal), etc? As grownups you have to sometimes work with people not like you. Cant just sit in your own silo. Cant go to school together, cant eat together, cant play same sports, etc. Sigh.

    • Exactly. The real issue is not whether centralization or decentralization but what makes sense and what does’t in terms of cost/ economics and service. This is an issue that even concerns to big MNCs.

      The Federal constituition is very clear on the juridiction of the state and Federal govt. Just because we have an Opposition party in charge in a state, we cannot start to question. Here the issue is not because a lack of clarity or gaps in coverage but a lust for power. DAP clearly wants to control as much as possible including the areas within the Federal juridiction such as law enforcement,trade, etc.

      There are already organizations exist for the stated purposes and why don’t the state use it ? Why create another body and pump in millions without adequate legal framework, oversight and proper guidelines.

      That PPS has been created for political purposes is as clear as the daylight. It is basically performs the work of Unit Amal plus supposedly anti-crime patrol. How many times we have seen PPS is basically functioning as DAP’s Security Unit by providing bodyguards, traffic control for cermahs and other events, etc. Why should we as taxpayers foot the bill to fund DAP ? How many times we have seen the Purple-vested thugs riding in cars and bikes carrying DAP and Pakatan flags ?

      Anil – did you miss seeing the elephant in the room or just ignoring the obvious ?

      • With full and all due respect to your statements, the federal constitution does write about the jurisdiction of the state and Federal government, but if you read the document, it can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the context and political situations of the times – hence the need for lawyers to interpret it, judges to provide a written decision, and amendments to be made if needed.

        The federal constitution is not a “fixed” document : It is a “living” document. Changes can be made. As the federal government has done so since independence based on the politics at different time, era, and conflicts.

        And it has to be questioned if any improvements can be made.

        In answer to “power” and “control”, politics are always involved when it comes to setting up any organizations.

        Hence, as a imperfect counterpoint paraphrasing you: Why is JKKK and RELA and others like it setup by the Federal Government when there is already a police force? Why are the taxpayers footing the bill for RELA when the police is supposed to do it’s job? How many time have we seen the police escorting and providing traffic control for ceramahs and other events for the Federal Government at the party level, and in certain cases, acting as thugs even though they are supposed to work for the people?

        It is always a chicken an egg situation. Honestly, I would be laughing at the indignity of the current situation for the PPS, but to end this post, I would like the silent readers to think about this as a thought experiment: Instead of the PPS as mentioned by previous commenter, would the police escort and protect the opposition leaders in ceramahs the same way as the police did for the federal government?

        Ponder upon that.

    • Living and staying in Penang all my life, crowded in residential flats, I have to admit that from my grandparents onwards to my generation, and my relatives and friends, we look at federal institutions with a certain level of distrust.

      Is the fire brigade needed? Yes.

      Is the police needed? Yes, the ‘ma ta’ (‘Eyes’ in hockieen dialect….. which is a local corruption of the Malay word ‘Mata’, and literal meaning: Spies.).

      The fact that the daily vernacular word used by hockieen speakers in Penang to describe the police as ‘eyes’/’spies’ shows the amount of historical context for the distrust. This applies to institutions like the court, MACC, FRU, and others. We can’t avoid them. We don’t have to accept or like it.

      Would we willingly want to join JKKK or RELA, or police force? Most likely, no.

      Would we willingly want to join an alternative state level organization that is not controlled by the Federal government, and is visible to the local people? Highly likely, yes.

      Maybe it is the rebellious streak in those that participate in the PPS in Penang. Maybe it is the idealism in those that did. Maybe it is the belief that they are now part of something greater that is NOT a federal institution.

      Maybe it is just that for some, trusting the PPS is more likely, than other federal institutions.

      While we can’t sit in our silo, the fact still remains that society in Malaysia (Okay, just peninsula : staying in Sabah and Sarawak is very eye opening for me) is hopelessly fractured.

      If you did not noticed, Schools are still ‘siloed’ into (C), (T). Same with friends. Groups. Organizations.

      It is an ugly fact. But it is a fact.

      • Have to remove silos to build trust. Doing good like volunteering seems like a good place to start. Ideally IMO schools are the best place to start but that is another issue for another day.

    • With so many illegals and in parliament, it mention about rising crime. So the government is doing nothing to rela. So what about police volunteer force? No volunteer? Maybe those speak very loud set example.

      • There are those in the police force with (alleged) criminal records as well. There are (dubious characters) in the police force, too! The cop who shot Norizan has not been charged. Those who caused the deaths of people held in custody have not been charged. Recently a drunken cop fire his gun outside a night spot in KL. Then there are the rogue police officers who (allegedly) protect the call girl racket and king pins of the flesh trade in the city. The list … in the police force goes on and on.

  15. Kudos Anil – You have explained one of the key issue in terms of governance State vs Federal powers.

    As I mentioned in earlier comments, the current Federal system in Malaysia limits the state government in what it can really do.

    Police answers to the Federal Government.
    Tax and revenue collection answers to Federal agencies.

    What can the state do actually?

    A devolved system of governance, in which local councils, and states, have more say and control over the governance and management over the territory under jurisdiction might arguably – might – be more effective. Something like the Swiss model of “Cantons” could work, by giving states some autonomy instead of more federal centralization. The Scotland model of devolved powers may also be a good idea.

    There is one problem though : Awareness and action. Most of my friends and relatives don’t know – or care to know – about the difference between state vs federal powers.

    And even if there is awareness, the chances of a Federal executive decision to devolve powers to state and local governance is essentially zero.

    It is a nice idea and something to work towards and struggle for. But for now, it is just an idea.

  16. He must understand that it was the Chinese press that have somehow help the DAP and Pakatan in winning big. It seem that he has no gratitude at all.

    • Not necessarily – while I won’t name the Chinese press, not all of the Chinese daily are supporters of the opposition during the lead up to the 2013, or 2008, elections. Some articles printed in the lead up to the vote are quite critical of the opposition to the point that it was used as a ceramah fodder. I can’t really say that “gratitude” is deserved or needed.

      Like what my grandparents do (And still do today), we still buy (or borrow) and read the chinese papers for the ToTo, and Damacai numbers, obituaries, supermarket offers, and read the headline on happenings in the state, but ignore the findings of the printed contents and opinions of the papers – Instead, we rely on close friends, and market gossip with aunties and verbal chats to get the news on the “other side”.

      Press and media do shape public opinions and ignite discussions, but in the end, it is still down to good old verbal chats and coffeeshop talks to get to the meat of any matter to make up our minds – regardless of sides.

      • “You are either with us or against us” to copycat from President Bush Jr.
        This is plain simple CAT lingo. Understood?
        Chinese press have no menu for cat dishes. Only the Vietnamese do.

      • Chinese Press these days need fund to survive. During election time, only the rich parties you know well can afford to advertise in full page. Gratitude and pay back time via favourable skewed reporting is human nature after all ?

    • Yang, the Chinese press didn’t ‘….’, so how to kow tow to ….?
      The panda-pandai sejauh Sg.Petani has tasted …; turned CAT-cultist overnight since 308.
      “Kam-sia Thi-Kong, gua bo chiah niau kong s… ha jit 308 me”.
      (Thanks to Jade Emperor, I didn’t taste Cocky, Cunning Cat S(sensored) that 308 night).

    • Chinese press got no choice but to be pro-BN these days in order to protect their license? I know the editor of Sin Chew is one.

      • That is the unfortunate reality in our country.

        Idealism, vs realism : In public, it is necessary to voice support for pro-Federal Government policies, actions, and media directives; In private, it is necessary to hide our opinions – especially if pro-opposition – for fear of being singled out and ‘hammered’ down.

      • You are right. Ban is now clamping on press freedom.
        All Chinese editors of Chinese newspapers are (allegedly) warned not to give too much reporting on the opposition, or their license would be revoked under the printing act. I learnt this from my friend who was a reporter with one of the Chinese newspaper.

      • To deem them as pro BN is a very irresponsible statement. The press and the media must be responsible in their reporting and not be like adun that never brush their mouth but blurt out sensitivities from their foul and stinking mouth that can create tension and disharmony among the various races.

      • The press have been very responsible. The pay the penalties and publish apologies often in deframation cases.

  17. I wonder whether the CM is talking to himself. You must talk and act good to the CM or he may demonize you for the truth. Previously how he praise the Press, well now how he demonize them for telling the truth.

    Beware of this Tokong, he is shifting his tongue. Its not about the 11 with records or the 4 that were tested positive for drug. Neither is it a political issue. ““` Its about the illegality of PPS“““ and the police is doing its job in curbing these illegality due to the many abuses and complaints received. And in doing so they apprehended 156 that were found to defy the law and the police as in normal procedures are just taking down the details and from the details there were found 11 and 4 with criminal records and tested positive for drug.

    Its just so simple, a normal operation to weed out the undesirable and bad hat. Of course sometime it did affect some good hat that have been misled. As usual in any operation around the world those with records and tested positive for drugs must be hauled up to be dealt with in accordance to the law. “““Is that not right ????. “““““

    If they have previous record and have served their sentence then I believed the police would free them but if their record is still outstanding, the police must take the necessary action as in accordance to the law. Now for the 4 tested positive, why is the CAT so certain that they are on medication. Can`t he just wait a little while. the results will be out. Is he trying to protect drug addicts I wonder. ????

    Now is he trying to ugut the people that if there is no PPS then crime will be in disarray. As I see it most of PPS service are during DAP Pakatan ceramah and function….

    • With all due respect towards you, and to paraphrase : To each, their own opinion.

      A few points that I would like to highlight:
      1) The number of major police reports against the PPS started at “1” due to the alleged abuse towards an individual by the PPS and , prior to the highlight in the press. After the highlight, it snowballed rather quickly. Noticed the date from the initial report, to the action taken by the police? Quite efficient.

      2) The PPS file 2 counter reports ‘against’ the individual, citing alleged incitement and verbal abuse prior to alleged abuse mentioned by the individual. Not sure if anyone noticed, but this is only highlighted in alternative media, but not in official media.

      3) Allegedly (And unconfirmed), the concept of the PPS started as a suggestion from the Yang-di Pertua Negeri Pulau Pinang (God Bless his Excellency, and his good health, regardless of the validity of the allegations) around 2009. PPS was then set up allegedly as a State level agency/organization of the Penang State administration in 2011. So since the legality of this state level agency/organization is still debatable pending an actual court decision (Which there isn’t since this is kinda new : Does the Federal government have jurisdiction over state created agencies?), labeling it as “illegal” and taking drastic police action without a court order and judgement is kinda unfair.

      4) Stating that the PPS is just intended for ceramah and functions is an unfair generalization. Where I am staying in the low cost flats, having the PPS members patrolling at night makes a difference to me – makes me feel safer. Since this is my personal opinion, Is it psychological? Maybe. But as of the current news and opinions floating around at the effort and contributions of the PPS, I trust the PPS members more than the police…. and that is honestly just sad.

      • 1) The number of major police reports against the PPS started at “1″ due to the alleged abuse
        Like I said you lied like the Tokong without blinking an eye. The report official as I know is no 2 with many unreported cases. Are you blind about the Guang Ming reporter who was assaulted by the PPS guy and who was later fine RM3,000/. And he was again found to be in the group again.

        Another fairy tales of the Yang Di Pertua. Please leave that out without substantial evidence. Did the Tokong tell you that personally. Simple moronic

        So since the legality of the organization is still debatable and pending on court decision does the Fedral govt have jurisdiction over state agency.

        With this statement, you are either ignorant or just simply a liar. Since when is the legality of PPS pending court decision. The legality of PPS has been confirmed by ROS “`officially““to be not registered. An organization not registered is deemed “`illegal““ Understood. OOp all of a sudden the CAT say it is a State Agency. Wow a state agency must also be legally and officially endorsed, is it not. The CAT is just opening his big mouth without thinking as if we are all stupid.

        More over names of every members of any voluntary group performing any activities such as patrol and guard duty must be submitted to the police before and after every event. In the case of group like Rela doing apartment service, the name of the Rela members must be submitted to the police everyday. Did PPS do that. ????. Wake up before you open your big mouth without thinking.!!!!!!

        Teluk Au, Taman Free School, Batu Lanchang, Jelutong & Perak Lane the place I am most familiar with and where hooligans, drugs addicts, gangster and outcast have been slowly flushed out by the development started by the Gerakan govt since the 1990. And now they are making a come back with these people handing around as if it their own. See many of the big bin where the undesirable hand out. Need I need to say more.

      • The only state has such volunteer and community group is penang. Happy to know penangites do not want it. They want outside and centralised power to control the community group

      • This is in reply to Yang. I would appreciate “constructive” criticism, instead of abrasive name calling (Who is Tokong?) and vague insults or bullying. And like a normal human, I would appreciate not being labeled a liar. Would you like it if I name you a liar?

        If this is how ‘extremist’ commenters on Anilnetto behave by drowning out the moderate voice with this kind of lashing out, is it any wonder that there are no other commenters willing to voice out, and instead just stay silent as I once did on this blog?

        Then again, it does not matter one way or another. Let me continue with the points:

        1) It started at “1” major police report before the focus blew it up into the situation that has already occurred. On the Guang Ming reporter, do you have a source, or is it just “Alleged”?

        2) Regarding the Yang Di Pertua Negeri (God Bless his Excellency.), this is my understanding as well as that from all the coffeeshop and market talk around Batu Lanchang. Since I could not get any confirmation, hence my word of “Allegedly” until a first hand account can be confirmed, and is relevant to the discussion as it brings another angle to the origins and reasons to the setting up of the PPS.

        3) On the legality, I would like to quote the honorable Steven Sim, Member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam: “….The Penang state executive council (EXCO), chaired by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had on 8 April 2009 approved the formation of the Pasukan Peronda Sukarela (PPS). EXCO members include ex officios such as the State Legal Advisor, appointed by the Attorney-General’s Office, who advises the Chief Minister on the legality of state actions. No question on the legality of PPS was raised from the time of its establishment until now……” . Having said that, and since it has been stated that this will be brought to the courts for a final judgement, the PPS is in the ironic state of being in a ‘grey’ situation, with the state government stating that it is legal as it is an agency of the state government, and the federal government stating it is illegal since it is an organization under the ROS. And since it is set up as a state agency, it is in a conflicting status. Thus, my statement of “pending court decision”. Not-registered does not mean illegal. It is a funny paradox actually, if you think about it.

        4) On the registration of names, that is interesting. While walking pass one of the guards for the flat just an hour ago, I asked if he needs to register his name to the police since he is guarding a public location. He wasn’t aware of such a requirement. But for safety, he will ask. Point being, the goal post appears to be shifting with each comment you made regarding the legality of the PPS.

        5) I take offense to having my area (Batu Lanchang and Jelutong) labeled an area where gangsters and hooligans are now coming back and hanging out, and object to your sentence “… been slowly flushed out by the development started by the Gerakan govt since the 1990….” . I am staying around the area – where was the Gerakan state government at the time to take action? It was complete “benign neglect”. After the PPS started patrolling, it is indeed safer from my perspective. And it helped that members in the PPS that I had the opportunity to talk to, appears know the ground they are patrolling – I rarely had to worry about seedy people around when they were patrolling. Again, it is subjective, since my views is limited to my area.

        In the end, Yang, I have my beliefs – you have yours. I will respect your comments and your beliefs which appears to be vocally critical towards the present state government – respect mine and those that do not match your views, and tone down your name calling and bullying methods if you wish to change our opinions to your view point.

      • Trying to be smart … comparing apple and orange. Rela is offshoot of home guard wearing military uniform and they once carry guns. Blind eyes cannot see hiw penang community like. The vest remind the school children the lollipop man at road crossing. Pps hit people can be charge but police like Jane bone is licensed. they are always right. Very well known during police question time. Papers are very responsible as it was published death in custody.

      • 1. I take offense to having my area (Batu Lanchang and Jelutong) labeled an area where gangsters and hooligans are now coming back and hanging out,

        This is a fact and the truth. If without the development during the Gerakan period it is even worse. This is also the fact and truth.

        And the truth and fact is you have confirm it with your statement that you have talk to these people and they were rough and gangster like and I rebutted you that this is not the period of Shanghai Tang. Remember, You seem to have short memory ?????? or in a state of denial.

        2….. Stating that the PPS is just intended for ceramah and functions is an unfair generalization. That is the truth and fact that in every ceramah and DAP function, you see them. There is no denying.!!!!!!!!!

        3….. It started at “1″ major police report before the focus blew it up into the situation that has already occurred. On the Guang Ming reporter, do you have a source, or is it just “Alleged”?

        That is the second report. As for the Guang Ming you are either ignorant or blind or trying to cover up. If you do not have the facts then like Gerakan K said Google and check or check with the newspaper. Its a facts and truth the the guy who assaulted the Guang Ming was fined RM3,000/=. You can call me a big liar which the CAT always like to do if I lie but just wake before you blurt out without any reasoning and got stomp and then don`t cry mama mia.

        4…. On the legality, I would like to quote the honorable Steven Sim, Member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam: “….The Penang state executive council (EXCO), chaired by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had on 8 April 2009 approved the formation of the Pasukan Peronda Sukarela

        Rela and Rukun Tetangga was set up under the Emergency Ordinance Act. Under what act and law was PPS set up. Wake up, EXCO or govt cannot simply approved and set up any organization without going through the proper enactment and act.

        5 ……On the registration of names, that is interesting. While walking pass one of the guards for the flat just an hour ago, I asked if he needs to register his name to the police since he is guarding a public location. He wasn’t aware of such a requirement

        Sure many guards was not aware and you are so ignorant as well but you keep coming and blah blah balh. Guard are employed by the company concern. The company concern must submit the name of guards doing guard duties to the police everyday and the company must also submit the names of new applicants to the police for vetting and checking of records but many did not do so and as such they have committed an offence.

        Just simply wasting my time talking to you. Check out the facts before you rebut

    • PPS was only formed in 2011 under LGE’s administration. Before its formation, is the situation of Penang that bad?

      • There were a lot of snatch thieves cases around penang town area let alone batu lanchang area where i reside before that. There was even mugging around komtar bus station during night time when public transportation services ended for the day. Such issues have lessen after the community patrols.

      • Have to agree with stteh here – while my opinion is subjective and localized around the high density low cost flats of Batu Lancang/Jelutong, it does feel safer with the community patrols : While it did not ‘permanently’ (Oh, how I wish that would happen!) prevent car/motorbike/flat thefts/break-ins, it did reduce the number of occurrence that I perceive or hear in the morning market gossip.

        Overall, if the police were ‘very’ visible at night, and ‘very’ visibly patrolling as a deterrent, and most importantly, ‘trustworthy’ and ‘approachable’, the PPS won’t be needed in the first place.

        Can’t believe I said that.

    • Too much centralised control is another form of dictatorship?
      BN is tightening their control in everything, knowing that the voters are now smarter and want transparency and efficiciency.
      Sadly BN is refusing the face the reality and is stubborn in its old way.

      ps: DPM said passing English would be mandatory at IPTA. He did not tell us what level of English, perhaps ‘Oh My English’ standard?

      • DPM just realized that most Malay graduates cannot speak good English? I have conducted many job interviews and most of the local graduates cannot speak proper English.

      • The other day Public Bank insurance division called me. First spoken in basic English, then asked me if she can continue speakin in Bahasa. So I think many of our young graduates still have no confidence in speaking English.

        If passin Enlish is mandatory to get the certificate, I hope the passin threshold not adjusted otherwise whole intention is simply “syiok sendiri”.

      • Isn’t there already a compulsory English exam called MUET in place for STPM candidates, matriculation students, diploma and pre-university students who wish to pursue a first degree programme in local universities?


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