Live – Hulu Selangor by-election eve


Live discussion in the final hours before the Hulu Selangor by-election.

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  1. Big shot go around giving out rakyat’s money left and right… to folks who have been waiting for years and years for an end to theirproblems, problems which likely had their roots in the previous BN administration.

    And tag on stingers like “if you want bigger ang-pow, make sure BN captures Selangor ah”.

    Thick-skinned big-shot tak malu ke?

    Who was MB when that Sg.Buaya FELDA project gave rise to the prolonged suffering of so many settlers? …

    big-shot come and give out RM1,000, proclaiming “an end to their problems”, and at the same time, saying that the balance of the RM50,000 must wait… till BN wins Selangor come GE13.

    … Macam ni ke pemimpin berjiwa rakyat?

  2. BN, without multi racial support is just like DAP or PKR of yesteryear, is doomed to be defeated. The whole strategy of BN will back fire especially with Muhyiddin Yassin leading the campaign. Muhyiddin Yassin is seem to be sabotaging Najib’s 1Malaysia. The MIC candidate is worst than his predecessor …. He is just a puppet to majority of the voters. Without the support of Malay, Indian, Chinese and other minority groups, BN’s defeat is a foregone conclusion. BN is swallowing the bitter pill that it used to prescribe for the opposition.

  3. Najib has written open letter to all voters of Hulu Selangor, apologizing for their mistake and telling them that BN will change. How laughable? Now they realized that indeed the march to Putrajaya is on, win or lose HS.

    Nothing beats peoples power, and Mahathir, lol, has told people 2 party system is not good for the country. This is one thing he fears most in his life. Divide and rule and those UMNO cronies will rule forever, 2 party system, UMNO’s fall is impending and Mukhriz chance to be PM is nil.

    At least now we can make the UMNO guys sit up!

    Salam reformasi!

  4. The Malaysian Insider’s straw poll gave 40% to BN and 49% to PKR with 11% undecided. This is quite close to the Zentrum Studies Centre, UM’s 46% to BN and 54% to PKR. I will celeberate heavy tomorrow night should PR win. But no liquor and beer please!

    • Oh I had to disable it as there were too many comments, and I wanted to call it a night early for the big day tomorrow.

  5. May the people of HS give Pakatan a big win tomorrow. May their victory be an inspiration to the next by-election in Sibu, Sarawak, and Parliament elections thereafter.

    HS, you are watched around the nation, and beyond.


  6. I hope Tian Chua is rushing from stadium to stadium by bicycle or zorbing it – with his luck he could do us all a favour and take up video-conferencing.

  7. Fat Mama said, ““My husband is not going to waste his time, he has other work to do, and he has no time for a debate ….”
    Fat Mama, you should replace your “mommy’s darling” husband and debate Anwar. …
    You be a sure winner for UMNO…..

  8. Najib says he has check Kamalanathan underwear. I wonder whether he has also check Chua Soi Lek, Palanivel, Samy Veloo, Kayveas & KTK etc underwear. The next time MIC, MCA Gerakan, PPP and all coalition partners under wears must be checked by Najib before they can stand for election. And they must make sure it is clean. Chua Soi Lek must really double check it before opening it to Najib.

  9. I think Najib has violated the law ! A blatant violation of the law !!

    Najib went to a Chinese village in Hulu Selangor and (reportedly) promised the people there that he will deposit RM 3 Million (but of course, Rakyat’s money la !) into the account of the local Chinese school’s Board of Directors, if the BN wins.

    This is vote buying, isn’t it, Anil?

    I mean, if he deposits the RM 3 Million into the account regardless of the result of this by-election, no one can say that it’s vote buying since it could be translate as a “fund allocation”.

    But what Najib did is something else, Anil.

    His condition of “BN MUST WIN” is so blatant I hope some PR lawyers will sue Najib for (allegedly) violating the law !

    • Anil,

      It’s not “reported”, Najib did say it.

      “Najib went to a Chinese village in Hulu Selangor and (reportedly) promised the people there that he will deposit RM 3 Million (but of course, Rakyat’s money la !) into the account of the local Chinese school’s Board of Directors, if the BN wins.”

      The whole thing was aired on the tee vee, Anil !

      The promised came out of Najib’s mouth !!!

      The whole thing was videotaped and then aired on Malaysian Television.

      Please la, Anil – wanna censor pon please make sure you censor the right thing la, Anil.

      Najib said that and the tee vee aired it but you add the word “reportedly” pulak.

  10. Ignore all the accusations, allegations and nonsense spewing out all the time. Ignore all the promises of cash and kind. Ignore all the noise – from both sides. Just focus on the 2 candidates. One candidate stands for democracy, equality, human rights. One candidate gave up his ministerial post to stand up against the ISA. One candidate has concrete ideas for the economy of Hulu Selangor. One candidate is a giant who can stand on his own. One candidate is fully supported by 3 parties. That candidate is Zaid Ibrahim.

  11. Dear Anil,

    New discovery !!

    Here are the steps:

    * Go to

    * At the box for “Sila Masukkan NOMBOR KAD PENGENALAN” enter this —> “651018106495

    * Click the “SEMAK” button.

    See for yourself that P.KAMALANATHAN A/L P.PANCHANATHAN is registered NOT in Rawang, Selangor but Sungai Siput, Perak !

    Try it now, Anil !

    But just in case you don’t feel like doing the above, it’s okay. Just look at this picture —>

    I got the info from

  12. Kaum Rakyat of Hulu Selangor

    Best to vote wisely tomorrow. BN candidate is only small fry. Even if u let him win I don’t think he has enough weight or say in BN to demand all election promises made during the campaigning be fulfilled by the big shot bosses. Don’t be fooled into thinking the promises will be kept.

  13. What about e outstation voters? Anybody has any idea as to whether they are coming back in droves to vote for PR? Is e high turnout at last night ceramah raksasa any indication? Tonight at KKB Stadium could b larger.

  14. In order to reduce the turnout rate of young voters who are said to be in favour of Pakatan Rakyat, some political observers believe that (road blocks could be) set up all over the main roads heading towards Hulu Selangor.

  15. BN candidate was a wrong choice. If they fielded Mugilan or Palanivel…sure, Zaid got some hard time.


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